Greater agenda behind leaked Supreme Court document

May 5, 2022

Much speculation has surrounded the recent news of what has been called the Roe v. Wade leaker, a person — likely a law clerk — with a left-wing agenda, who calculatingly made public a draft copy of Justice Samuel Alito’s opinion that has resulted in wild protests across the United States.

This is less about abortion than it is about diverting attention from the dismal Biden presidency marked by unparallel inflation and a calamitous illegal invasion to which the dems turn a blind eye, viewing those who disregard our national border as a bolstered democrat voting bloc.

Democrats have been despondent over Biden’s plunging poll numbers. His weakness on the economy, energy, the violent crime surge, foreign policy, the border crisis, COVID-19 mandates and referring to parents who protest Critical Race Theory and transgenderism being taught to their children as “domestic terrorists,” none of which carry majority support.

This diversion scheme is intended to ward off what increasingly appear to be major losses in the upcoming elections. Real Clear Politics aggregated polling numbers are the worst ever, with 62.8% of Americans stating the country is headed in the wrong direction. Only 29.4% of respondents said we are heading in the right direction.

Now the focus has shiftily shifted to the issue of abortion with rioting mobs assembling across the breadth of the nation, declaring the right to murder pre-born human babies at any time before birth is a justifiable right. The left preposterously calls it “health care.”

This intentionally constructed mob-related frenzy threatening the justice’s safety resulted in a “non-scalable” security fence being erected around the Supreme Court building as the Department of Justice and the FBI are in pursuit of the leaker who put this calamity in motion to provoke the radical base to fend off a likely dem disaster in the November midterm elections.

Read this explanatory May 3, 2022 press release from the office of Chief Justice John Roberts.

The purposeful leak is consistent with the leftist assault on the Supreme Court that has increasingly intensified. Democrats have been enraged ever since former presidents George W. Bush and especially Donald Trump’s appointees solidified a conservative majority. Bush appointed Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito. Donald Trump appointed Justices Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett to the nine-member Court.

Unlike Biden, neither of them announced that only applicants of a particular gender and ethnicity need apply.

Local reporter’s conflict doesn’t rate a blip on dem’s integrity meter

April 28, 2022

The biased, blatantly leftist, Hillary-endorsing, local newspaper, is clearly on its last legs, going downhill faster than any of these U.S. Olympic skiers.

Following a rash of contract buyouts, severe staff cutbacks, even unceremoniously firing its longtime Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist due to a cash squeeze, losing the newspaper‘s building and parking garage, and culminating in the ghostlike entity being sold. Its two mundane columnists were pressed into service as bombastic political flame throwers. Their intended victims are, of course, Republicans, who are routinely hammered.

Arizona’s GOP members of congress are consistently defamed as are state-and-county-wide elected Republicans.

Ethics are thrown to the wind as demonizing Republicans is the sole purpose for the disreputable rag’s bleak existence. However, in a rare flicker of honesty, former sob-story columnist turned flame thrower-Laurie Roberts wrote: “Add Secretary of State Katie Hobbs to the ever-lengthening list of Democrats who have figured out that President Joe Biden is about to deal a body blow to the party’s November prospects.”

She also chastens dem Hobbs for expediently changing her stance on Title 42, the public health policy initiated by Pres. Trump, to more appropriately address the guidelines intended to restrict illegal aliens — Roberts warmly refers to them “asylum seekers“— from blatantly breaching our sovereign border. The problem is exacerbated during the deadly Covid pandemic, which appears to be resurging, as they arrive untested and are transported to points unknown, across the United States by the Biden administration. This irrational scheme, courtesy of frail Joe Biden‘s surrogates, uses our tax dollars to facilitate the reconstructing of America into a reliably expanded left-wing, third world country.

As Roberts uncharacteristically vents her ire at dem Secretary of State Hobbs, she stands unsteadily on a very thin line in doing so. The Secretary of State oversees statewide elections. Roberts’ sister, Ann Timmer, sits on the Arizona Supreme Court and appears on the retention ballot. Another complication is the spouse of a female Republican candidate challenging Hobbs for Secretary of State, also sits on the high court. Odds are, she is unlikely to win the GOP Primary Election, against Trump-endorsed former state legislator Mark Finchem, but the appearance of impropriety is problematic.

In the unlikely event Roberts doesn’t know the parameters. It’s a good bet her black-robed sister and her identically garbed colleague do.

Impartial judiciary? Not when it comes to Pres. Trump

March 31, 2022

AZ Republic headline blasts, “Judge: Trump’s efforts after vote likely criminal.”

The contemptible comment comes straight from the ruling of U.S. District Court Judge David O. Carter. He was nominated to the federal bench Oct. 21, 1998 by Pres. Bill Clinton and quickly confirmed the next day by a voice vote, making it impossible to know what the actual pro and con vote total was, since no senators were identified. This cagey policy is not the norm.

What we know in the intervening years is that Judge Carter is not an unbiased trier of facts, but a robed partisan who referred to President Donald Trump as engaged in a “conspiracy to defraud the United States.” (page 36.) This March 28, 2022 legal disposition by Judge Carter leaves no room for confusion where he stands in regard to mischaracterizing the events of January 6, 2021. On page 39 of this court filing, he describes “Overt acts in furtherance of the conspiracy.” 

As much as we’d like to believe judges are impartial and apolitical, the reality is they are appointed by politically aligned governors and presidents. Under some circumstances they have to defend their careers and character to selection panels. None in recent memory had his integrity impugned by desperate partisans during the nomination process as we witnessed with President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh. Though he had honorably served for over a decade as judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, he was deceitfully vilified, in a desperate effort to deny President Trump another SCOTUS nominee. Justice Kavanaugh was sworn in on October 6, 2018. Following his nomination but prior to his confirmation, he wrote this moving commentary in the WSJ:

I Am an Independent, Impartial JudgeYes, I was emotional last Thursday. I hope everyone can understand I was there as a son, husband and dad.

It provides an insight to the abominable techniques democrats employ as they attempt to vilify the character of an exemplary man. They revealed themselves as soulless.

Women’s History Month: A leftist contrivance

March 30, 2022

There is no male equivalence

Women’s History Month is coming to an end…and not a moment too soon. Taking up the entire month of March, it joins this list of other overly-long celebrations, the majority of which are acknowledged in the United States. Some even rate presidential proclamations.

That there are agendas being played out is not even in question.  Facilitating month-long observations for a wide range of topics is an industry in itself, necessitating offices, public relations staff and media contacts to perpetrate itself. This year the theme is “Hear Our Voices,” symbolized by a torch held aloft in hands representing various races. It is oddly topped by a clenched fist, identical to the Black Lives Matter stylized emblem used to demonstrate resistance. It is identified, however, as representing the Women’s March on Washington, January 21, 2017.

We all remember the hatred-laced speeches directed at President Donald Trump, with Madonna publicly proclaiming she’d thought of blowing up the White House and Ashley Judd comparing the president to mass murderer Nazi Adolph Hitler.

Somehow national organizations as diverse as The Library of Congress, National Archives and Records Administration, National Endowment for the Humanities, National Gallery of Art, National Park Service and the Smithsonian Institution join in commemorating and encouraging the study, observance and celebration of the vital role of women in American history. Read the first paragraph of the K-12 grade Teachers Guide to fully comprehend what their focus is.

Not that long ago, card shops were filled with Mother’s Day images of flowers and words of gratitude to mothers. Florists did their most brisk business on that day. Department stores held pre-Mother’s Day sales. Families celebrated together at Mother’s Day brunches. That passé vision has been replaced by angry female celebrities, reciting raunchy “poems,” and indoctrinating their impressionable fans with far-left politics.

Being a mother is ranked lower than dirt. Being an adherent of “climate change” and not having children, is a far more noble pursuit.

Trickery on display as WH seeks to reconfigure SCOTUS

March 28, 2022

There is no denying the push is on to remove conservative Justice Clarence Thomas, 73, from the U.S. Supreme Court.  Democrats, undeniably energized by their successful push for the resignation of democrat Justice Stephen Breyer — allowing Biden to make a “historic” appointment of a radical black female to replace him.

Emboldened by their easy victory, there is now a smear campaign being waged against Justice Thomas’s wife, Ginni, which is sure to quickly proceed from the smoldering stage to requiring four alarm fire hoses.

Breyer, 83, a Bill Clinton appointee, acquiesced to the pressure in order for a younger, leftist justice with an agenda to have the ability to influence the court for decades and provide Biden with the notable appointee that they hope will resonate in the upcoming midterm elections.

As a black conservative, Justice Thomas is an anomaly, who rankles the left’s desire to pigeonhole people based on immutable characteristics, which take precedence over principles. 

Currently the longest serving justice, Thomas has been on the court since 1991, after being nominated by President George H. W. Bush to succeed Justice Thurgood Marshall. Justice Thomas, was recently hospitalized for “flu-like” symptoms.

To the left, the current overarching issue is to effect a way to provide Biden’s handlers with another vacancy, which would alter the political makeup of the court — after President Trump successfully nominated Neil M. Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett. They were all finally confirmed by the U.S. Senate following a despicable and ultimately unsuccessful campaign to defame Brett Kavanaugh.

Their latest trickery is to call into disrepute the integrity of Justice Thomas’ wife, Ginni, for her personal activities at the Jan. 6, capitol rally, which has been redefined as an “insurrection,” by the rabid media. Mrs. Thomas is an unabashed Trump supporter, which last we heard is not illegal.

Ginni Thomas’ attendance at the rally and emails exchanges with friend and former Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) are now being called into question, though she is a private citizen and he is no longer an elected official. It’s all part of a scheme to attempt to force Justice Thomas to retire.

We’re banking on courageous Justice Thomas to clearly advise them to stuff it. If you’ve read his autobiography, “My Grandfather’s Son: A Memoir,” you’ll know he has endured and overcome far worse than a swarm of vile democrats. Remember his confirmation hearings?

RINOcrats AZ AG Brnovich, MC Recorder Richer & their few friends

March 19, 2022

Not everyone with an “R” following their name on the ballot is the real deal

Gateway Pundit has done it again. Previously exposing AZ Attorney General Mark Brnovich, pictured demonstrating his use of nunchucks prior to growing his Rasputin-like beard, in an odd effort to obscure his identity since he’s now a candidate for the U.S. Senate.

The more recent March 18, 2022 GP exposé is a stunner. Headlined, EXCLUSIVE: Teneo Network, FDD, Koch, And Bill Kristol – AZ Attorney General Mark Brnovich Caught Hanging Out With #NeverTrumpers at Secret AZ Gathering.” It comes complete with a photo of Brnovich and Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer at a backyard gathering no conservative candidate or voter would ever attend. The pair drew a scant crowd (embarrassing photo included) of a baker’s dozen, pathetic for two elective officials, both scheduled to appear on the upcoming election ballot.

This is important information since Republican voters rarely get such a photo evidence detailing how they are being conned by two pretenders. Read the March 18, “Exclusive” report. Knowledge is power and in these duplicitous times, we need all the facts we can get. Richer was openly hostile to President Donald Trump.

Previously a democrat, Richer flew under the radar for his initial election, barely squeaking into office by 50.1 to 49.8.  We can’t let that happen a second time. There is too much at stake.  Election integrity needs to be paramount.

Richer, who campaigned as a Republican, later appeared on the front page of the Hillary-endorsing local newspaper standing shoulder-to-shoulder with democrat Paul Penzone, the Maricopa County sheriff funded by an over $2 million donation from socialist billionaire George Soros. Richer, who called President Trump “unhinged” and a “liar,” must be angling for a Soros infusion of cash, in view of the fact that no conservatives will be taken in by him a second time. He needs a conservative challenger. As it is, we’re stuck with him until Jan. 1, 2025.

But just in case Soros doesn’t come to his aid, Richer has taken the questionable step of launching the Pro-Democracy Republicans of Arizona PAC.  He claims it will help bankroll specific GOP candidates for the state Senate and House with the stipulation they acknowledge that the 2020 election was fair and condemn the Jan. 6 “insurrection” at the U.S. Capitol as a “terrible result of the lies told about” the election. Notice Richer uses the exact terminology as the leftist media.

We already have a Republican Party and democracy. What Richer is promising is financial campaign assistance requiring candidates to repudiate any alliance to the Maricopa County ballot audit.

There is an odd overlap between the Maricopa County Recorder and Elections Department that makes it difficult to inspire confidence. Not only does the office file deeds, it maintains the election files and oversees the county’s elections.

Pirate “Captain” Morgan challenges US Rep. Paul Gosar, DDS

March 7, 2022

It’s a given that the leftist local newspaper routinely defames incumbent conservatives. On the congressional level it’s the red meat that feeds what can only be described as its insatiable Trump-despising, Hillary-endorsing, Biden-supporting free fall. Voters know a less than subtle kick in the teeth when they feel it, but that is inconsequential when it comes to the relentless attempts to maneuver Arizona’s delegation to deep blue.

The newspaper discontinued its longstanding habit of printing endorsements following the Hillary upset, claiming it received death threats and countless subscription cancellations. It now relies on biased news reports, editorials, and its radical columnists in a vain effort to exert influence. This Congressional District 6 race is a prime example of the lengths to which it will go, as it promotes inexperienced newcomers who, if elected, will gratefully do the bidding of the print extremists.

The latest in this attempted political annihilation is aimed at Congressman Paul Gosar, a reliable, six-term, conservative possessing a stellar resume. The desperate newspaper has even gone to the extreme of attempting to tie Gosar to “white nationalists,” in a concerted effort to marginalize him.  Arizona voters are not fooled. In 2020, Paul Gosar was reelected by a margin of 69.24% over his democrat challenger.

Adam Morgan, Gosar’s inexperienced 2022 primary challenger being promoted by the newspaper, uses campaign advisor constructed bullet points of “Protecting the Constitution,” “Economic Prosperity,” “Protecting Our Border,” and “Economy Security,” with one sentence explanations that begin with “Adam believes” or “Adam supports.” Most telling of his inability to comprehend the importance of the position he desires, is a stark black and white cartoon Skull and Crossbones with crossed swords and the words identifying this not-ready-for-primetime-player as criminal pirate “Captain Morgan.” Vaguely describing his background as “having worked in the tech industry,” Morgan also sports several days of facial stubble in a failed effort to illustrate his coolness.

U.S. Rep. Gosar deserves to be retained. Voters in the district he represents are fortunate to have a man of his experience and integrity serving their interests in Washington, D.C. Arizonans outside his district are also grateful beneficiaries of his representation.

U.S. Rep. Schweikert’s credentials vs. wannabe’s ambition

March 3, 2022

AZ carpetbagging newcomer Elijah Norton contemptibly resorts to deceit attempting to promote himself 

It’s election time again, which brings out the oversized egos and the newbie kooks seeking a way to aggrandize themselves.

First we’ll get the obvious out of the way. The declining local newspaper has established itself as reliably Trump-despising, Hillary-endorsing and Biden-supporting.  Anything it has to say about Republicans is hostility-laced and part of a multi-pronged attack, engaging its two remaining columnists and an open-border editorialist as toxin-infused dart throwers. Conservatives are front and center for annihilation, facts be damned.

On Wednesday many Republican voters received a vicious, oversized mailer featuring six-term, CD-6 Congressman David Schweikert, (read his impressive bio) in stark black and white photos with strategically placed touches of red added for negative emphasis and denigrating quotes from what is coyly referred to as “azcentral”— which is none other than the conservative abhorring newspaper.

It took some searching to find the required “paid for by” notice, printed in paler ink. Lobbing the hits is an inexperienced 31-year-old novice challenger, Elijah Norton, who moved to Arizona from Missouri just five years ago. Norton’s business is an auto insurance company based in California, Florida, and Washington state. Arizona doesn’t qualify as worthy enough for Norton to headquarter his business, yet it’s the state he wants to represent in congress.

The logical manner of announcing a congressional candidacy is to promote one’s own credentials that make the case for election as the most experienced, best qualified candidate. Since Norton is unable to do that, he resorts to deceitful smear tactics that render him offensively unacceptable. The nondescript Scottsdale office building listed as his campaign address provides even more information about Elijah Norton’s style. The suite number he uses is self-described as a “virtual office” that rents for $99 a month and cleverly offers services to make it appear to be a fully staffed office. That might be an ideal solution for businesses that don’t require a staffed, brick and mortar location. It doesn’t work for a congressional wannabe.

Don’t be conned by a slick pretender, who cites the leftwing newspaper as a corroborating colluder in its quest to purge the state of Republican office holders.

Seeing Red AZ enthusiastically endorses Congressman David Schweikert for reelection. He is a trusted conservative and has credentials ego-driven Norton could only hope to possess.

AZ’s GOP SOS candidate Rep. Mark Finchem rates Nat’l coverage

February 18, 2022

Arizona is unique in that we are one of only five states* that do not have a lieutenant governor. Should a vacancy occur in the governor’s office, which has happened several times, (read the bold print history) The next in line of succession, according to Article V, Section 6 of the Arizona Constitution, is the secretary of state. Currently there are six candidates who have announced for the office — four Republicans and two democrats.  Only one, Arizona State Representative Mark Finchem, has won the endorsement of President Donald Trump, based on his strong conservative credentials.

Incumbent Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs a Soros-aligned democrat, who deceitfully alleged the Trump administration attempted to “sabotage” the United States Postal Service ahead of Election Day and then deceptively claimed to be non-partisan, is now running for governor.

Arizonans who are paying attention are unlikely to grant her wish.

The New American, an on-line magazine, presents a video featuring Rep. Mark Finchem as he is interviewed on the topic of “sex slavery at our southern border.”  The interview is headlined, “At US-Mexico Border, Rep. Mark Finchem Stands Up for the Defenseless.”

* Arizona, Maine, New Hampshire, Oregon and West Virginia

REMINDER TO OUR READERS: In accordance with our 2020 established policy, the word “democrat” or its derivatives will no longer be capitalized on this site. The exception is when the word is capitalized in quotes or beginning a sentence.

Who “owns” our children?

February 15, 2022

Parents haven’t abdicated their rights, but schools attempt to usurp them

Using the newly trendy pronoun “they” rather than “he” and “she,” the local newspaper displays its hipness with a prominently featured, lengthy report headlined, “Advocates warn Arizona bill could hurt LGBTQ students.”

Written by Endia Fontanez, a leftist ASU Cronkite Journalism School graduate, who interned last year with OUTvoices Phoenix, her niche at the vacuous and hemorrhaging subscriptions Arizona Republic, is ostensibly covering health but actually focuses on the promotion of what is now being mainstreamed as LGBTQ — an acronym for “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (or questioning).”

The headlined article focuses on House Bill 2161, which defines the rights of parents over their own children and clarifies existing parental rights laws by stating that a parent has access to a minor child’s medical and educational records, whether written or electronic. It ensures that public and charter schools that intend to survey students, must first provide the survey language to parents to properly obtain written informed consent. The bill also allows parents to sue the government, including public schools, for violations of their rights.

This is a bill that would never previously have been regarded as necessary, but times have unfortunately, changed, as homosexuality has relentlessly been promoted in every phase of entertainment and now has its long tentacles reaching into taxpayer-funded schools that intend to seize and obliterate parental authority over their own children. Teacher’s unions are generous supporters of democrat candidates.*

This alarming concept, now gaining momentum, is not new. Nearly a decade ago, CNSNews exposed a 30-second promo for MSNBC’s Lean Forward campaign, featuring educrat Melissa Harris-Perry, advocating that society end the “private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families,” and instead institute a “collective notion” that kids “are our children,” they belong to the community.

While U.S. schools focus on sexualizing our children and mandating masks, U.S. News and World Reports presented this distressing report, U.S. Students Show No Improvement in Math, Reading, Science on International Exam in Dec. 2019, coinciding with the onset of the COVID pandemic. The situation worsened as unionized teachers stopped teaching and schools closed.

Center for Arizona Policy (CAP), a non-profit advocacy group whose mission is to promote and defend the foundational values of life, marriage, family and religious freedom, does an exceptional job of summarizing and following the progress of HB 2161.

* H/T Open Secrets