SOS Kerry affirms left’s view: USA is inconsequential

May 8, 2016

National borders are meaningless, we must prepare for “borderless world”

Obama’s Secretary of State John Kerry confirms the left’s position that American sovereignty is inconsequential in the commencement address he gave  at  Boston’s Northeastern University — an institution which emphasizes globalism.

“The future demands from us something more than a nostalgia for some rose-tinted version of the past that did not really exist in any case,” Kerry told the graduates. “You’re about to graduate into a complex and borderless world.”

Kerry also used the occasion of the school’s 114th commencement  to hammer Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump without mentioning him by name, but honing in on Trump’s stated plan to build a wall along the U.S./Mexico border:

“So I think that everything that we’ve lived and learn tells us that we will never come out on top if we accept advice from sound-bite salesmen and carnival barkers who pretend the most powerful country on Earth can remain great by looking inward. And hiding behind walls at a time that technology has made that impossible to do and unwise to even attempt.”

Kerry is known for marrying heiresses but speaking foolishly, as evidenced by these examples. provided by Red Eye. He will also be remembered for his association with Jane Fonda and his deceitful congressional testimony regarding American military personnel serving in Vietnam.

John Kerry: the ultimate  self-promoting liberal hack.

Robotic Rubio: Who’s actually pulling his strings?

February 24, 2016

We’ve been devoting a lot of time to Marco Rubio, and with good reason.  Electing a president of the United States is serious business — all the more so in in these perilous times in our nation’s history.  And after eight years of Barack Obama’s liberal extremism, it’s imperative we get it right in 2016. 

Donald Trump, the popular outsider, has shown himself as a childish bully, hurling schoolyard insults at Sen. Ted Cruz, whom he considers his closest rival. The more he talks — even resorting to repeatedly calling Cruz “a liar” — when in fact, Trump glibly lies about Cruz, the less presidential he appears. Marco Rubio, by contrast, doesn’t engage in bullying. Instead, he concentrates on what appear to be spoon-fed talking points that he regurgitates in rapid fire succession. His inability to respond was clearly on display as New Jersey Gov. Chris Christy pointedly called him out and Rubio reverted four times to the crib notes firmly implanted in his head. Christy was the adult reprimanding little Marco, whose dog, he tried to convince us, ate his homework. Four times.

Here we see another example of Rubio‘s McCain-like abysmal incapacity .to provide a straight answer, giving the identical non-response to a question about his amnesty scheme eight times. Follow the Real Clear Politics text as Bill O’Reilly tried, in vain, to nail Rubio down on his deceptive  policy. Eight times.

Though he claims to be a conservative, Rubio is taking a pass on the upcoming Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Breitbart has a copy of the CPAC statement calling Rubio’s snub a “rookie mistake.” Matthew Boyle writes, “That Rubio is skipping the pre-eminent annual conservative gathering of thousands of activists in a presidential election year is extraordinarily telling about the direction of his campaign as the entire Washington establishment aligns behind him in a last-ditch desperate bid to stop billionaire front-runner Donald Trump.”

It’s clear Marco Rubio, the boy wonder of McCain’s Gang of Eight amnesty deceit is now doing the bidding of the insatiable Chamber of Commerce  and other illegal labor profiteers, who care less about the rule of law and the future of our country than they do the bottom line of their members. Jeb Bush’s deep pocket donors are now flocking to Rubio for the same reason they eagerly put $100 million in amnesty Jeb’s coffers. Jeb spent $2,884 per vote in Iowa and still came in sixth place. The $1150 per vote in New Hampshire bought him a fourth place standing. Jeb called illegal immigration “an act of love.”

Meanwhile, the Washington Free Beacon reports record-breaking numbers of illegal immigrant children are once again expected to surge across the US. / Mexico border, These events don’t happen in a vacuum, but are well choreographed. Marco Rubio, like Jeb Bush, is emulating the policies of Barack Obama, giving lip service to the unenforceable fantasy that the invading hordes will pay a fine, learn English and become exemplary citizens.

It will never happen, and neither should Marco McRubio.

Robert Graham exposed as proxy hypocrite & Update

February 15, 2016

Frosty Taylor provides the lowdown on the shenanigans, skulduggery and deceptive tactics in the Feb. 13 edition of Republican Briefs.

Many conservatives report smelling a McRat.

Former Maricopa County Republican Chairman A.J. LaFaro reveals the hypocrisy and double-dealing of AZ GOP state chairman Robert Graham on the issue of carrying proxy ballots. Graham opposed ballot harvesting Democrats during the 2014 election at the ballot box (Truth Revolt video link), but favors proxy votes at district elections as presidential delegates to the state convention are selected.

For an example of Graham’s stunning duplicity, read this smear aimed directly at A.J. LaFaro.

Then ask yourself why there is a newly imposed $50 fee for elected delegates to participation in the Arizona Republican Presidential Convention. How will the imposition of this fee benefit the McCain establishment syndicate?



Feb. 15, 2016

Today’s edition of Republican Briefs has even more, specifically addressing the ire over AZ GOP Chairman Graham’s imposition of a state convention delegate participation “fee.”  This is too important to miss.

Double talking Marco Rubio: The amnesty changeling

January 18, 2016

When Florida Sen. Marco Rubio signed on with John McCain’s Gang of Eight amnesty-pushing leftists and RINOs, he was merely reverting back to his original position before he expediently changed it, and then conveniently altered it again. The perpetual motion must be dizzying.

Fellow gangsters John McCain and Jeff Flake, each took that useful route as elections neared. Their duplicity on a range of issues earned them this bottom-dragging rating.

John Hawkins’ definitive column “The ugly truth about Marco Rubio and his Gang-of-Eight amnesty bill,” in the Dec. 2015 issue of Townhall provides in-depth insight to slick talking Marco Rubio — who produces waffles better than Eggo on this fundamental issue that undergirds the votes of many Americans.

When Republican Rubio ran for the U.S. Senate against former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist and U. S. Rep. Kendrick Meek in 2010, he was singing this hard-line tune that helped win the election for him:

“I am strongly against amnesty. The most important thing we need to do is enforce our existing laws. We have existing immigration laws that are not being adequately enforced. Nothing will make it harder to enforce the existing laws, if you reward people who broke them. It demoralizes people who are going through the legal process; it’s a very clear signal of why go through the legal process, if you can accomplish the same thing if you go through the illegal process. And number two, it demoralizes the people enforcing the laws. I am not, and I will never support any effort to grant blanket legalization/amnesty to folks who have entered, stayed in this country illegally.”

Juxtapose those unequivocal words against presidential candidate Marco Rubio during his Sunday appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press” with host Chuck Todd. His facile wordplay and glib reversals plainly demonstrate his appeal to John McCain whose own mastery of deceit is a hallmark of his decades in the U.S. Senate. That’s why he was voted back into political oblivion by elected members of his own party on Saturday.

Marco Rubio, unable to differentiate between actual legal immigrants and law breaking illegals, now takes the position that “law-abiding ‘undocumented immigrants’ can stay in America.”

Irrelevancy personified: exposed in a box of collectibles

January 13, 2016

Arizona’s shrunken and failing daily newspaper is a topic we’ve covered from time to time. Its favored themes are steeped in unabashed liberalism and the in-tandem editorials, columnists’ blather  and vicious cartoons are calculated to propagandize those few who still rely on the left-wing medium for information.

Examples are numerous. The recent editorial taking conservative state Sen. John Kavanagh to task for SB 1044, actually exposes a sensible bill he has introduced to exclude illegal aliens from Census population counts. Fiscal appropriations are tied to the head count. Population numbers also determine apportionment of congressional districts, making his proposal even more rational. Monday’s rank editorial refers to him as “Arizona’s immigration bad boy” in a headline.

Sen. Kavanagh didn’t just fall off the turnip truck. His impressive bio would be the envy of the newspaper’s top brass were it not for his political bent. 

This attempt at degradation of a popular Republican is nothing new. The list of conservative office holders — local, statewide and national — who have been routinely disparaged in the newspaper’s pages is lengthy.  With the world in turmoil, the newspaper did, however, devote the entire front page to a mega pic of the crowd at the College Football Playoff National Championship and the death of celebrity rocker/pervert David Bowie. His former wife revealed she and bi-Bowie were late for their own nuptials due to the fact that they were engaged in a ménage a trois. 

Of corollary interest is the box a neighbor bought at a garage sale. The unopened container was sold as a grab bag item for $15. Examining the assorted contents, obviously worth far more than his purchase price was entertaining.  But what was even more eye catching were headlines in the newspapers wrapping the treasures, proof positive that nothing changes at the irrelevant daily:

Fri. Aug. 26, 2005: Arizona gets tough on teacher licensing  (Sexual predators are still teaching.)

Sun. Oct. 23, 2005: An entire Viewpoints section devoted to “immigration,” filled with the words “migration,” “undocumented” and “migrants.”  The report by Richard deUriarte, then on the editorial board, is  titled, “Border fight forgets migrants’ humanity.” Sens. John McCain and Jon Kyl each expounded (blah, blah, blahing) on the need to update laws and for additional resources ($$$) and reform. The favored amnesty term  ‘comprehensive,’ too long for the headline, was tucked inside the report.

Sat. Nov. 12, 2005:  Homeless get their own court. (The article explains that charges will be cleared as an incentive for rehabilitation.)

The one certainty at the daily newspaper? Everything old is new again.

McCain, pimping for Rubio, tries to disqualify Cruz

January 8, 2016

A frazzled John McCain is having trouble grasping reality.  Nothing new there. Without someone whispering in his ear, he often doesn’t know friends from foes.

The new political reality, which McCain is loath to accept is that Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are making wavesbig ones — on the GOP presidential primary landscape. The change of tide finds the political futures of establishment candidates Jeb Bush sagging and Marco Rubio lagging.

Both men, like McCain, are supporters of amnesty for illegal aliens.  Bush actually referred to those invading our country as exhibiting “an act of love,” saying the issue “shouldn’t rile people up.” Rubio eagerly hopped on McCain’s failed ‘Gang of Eight’ amnesty bandwagon, colluding with Chuck Schumer and a faction of other liberals and Republicrats to push this problematic venture. 

On Wednesday, McCain appeared on local KFYI radio’s Chris Merrill Show questioning Sen. Ted Cruz’ eligibility to run for the U.S. Presidency, saying, “I think there is a question. I am not a constitutional scholar on that, but I think it’s worth looking into. I don’t think it’s illegitimate to look into it.” The “it” stems from the fact that Cruz was born in Alberta, Canada, to an American mother and Cuban father.

Cruz, a Harvard Law School honors graduate who served as Texas’ Solicitor General, has responded that it is “settled law” that a child born to a U.S. citizen, even if they are abroad at the time, is a “natural born citizen,” as required by the U.S. Constitution.

This is old news as McCain should well know. McCain, who was born in Panama in 1936, dealt with this issue during his 2008 presidential campaign. Barry Goldwater, who sought the presidency in 1964 was born in 1909 in the Arizona Territory, three years prior to statehood. George Romney, Mitt‘s father, faced these same questions when he ran for president in 1968 since he was born to American parents living in Mexico. None of them were disqualified.

Ted Cruz has previously been denounced and called names by John McCain for staying true to his conservative principles — something McCain is incapable of comprehending.

“There are few Republicans who have betrayed our conservative principles more than John McCain,” is how Senate Conservatives Fund describes John McCain on a page titled, Replace John McCain. Dr. Kelli Ward, a physician and two-term state senator, offers the intelligent alternative.

Now is the time to take action to ensure this much-needed change. U.S. Senate terms are six long years.

WaPo pulls vile toon depicting Cruz’ daughters as monkeys

December 24, 2015


Ted_Cruz_daughters_dancing _monkeys

Desperation of liberal media

 A knuckle dragging cartoon appearing in the left-wing Washington Post, has been removed for its overt display of bad taste. It was replaced by this editor’s note from editorial page editor Fred Hiatt, saying that it had generally been the newspaper’s policy “to leave children out of it.”

“I failed to look at this cartoon before it was published,” he wrote. “I understand why Ann thought an exception to the policy was warranted in this case, but I do not agree.”

Ann Telnaes, the recipient of Planned Parenthood’s 2002 Maggie Award for Media Excellence, for her “editorial cartoons in support of reproductive rights,” depicted pro-life Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz in a Santa suit with an organ-grinder and his young daughters Catherine, 4, and Caroline, 7, as dancing monkeys on leashes. In defending her indefensible actions, she had referred to the Cruz children as “fair game.”

Telnaes’ award is named in honor of Margaret Sanger, the racist, eugenicist and founder of the nation’s largest abortion chain.

Sen. Ted Cruz, who is surging in the recent polls, is the liberal media’s worst nightmare.

Denouncing the tasteless attack Cruz wrote in an email sent late Tuesday, “My daughters are not “FAIR GAME.” I’m sickened … I knew I’d be facing attacks from day one of my campaign, but I never expected anything like this.”

The unwarranted attack is in response to this spoof ad which aired in Iowa on the night of the recent Democrat debate, playing during Saturday Night Live.


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