Fmr. Pres. Trump announces 2024 reelection bid

November 16, 2022

Announcement ignored by worried leftwing media

Making his highly anticipated announcement from his family’s Florida Mar-a-Lago home, Donald Trump revealed Tuesday that he would again seek the Republican nomination for president in 2024.

“America’s comeback starts right now,” Trump told cheering supporters. “Unlike other presidents, I kept my promises.”

“The world was at peace, America was prospering, and our country was on track for an amazing future— because I made big promises to the American people and, unlike other Presidents, I kept my promises,” he said. “Under our leadership, we were a great and glorious nation, something you haven’t heard for quite a long period of time. We were a strong nation, and importantly we were a free nation. Now, we are a nation in decline. We are a failing nation.”

Following two years of a Biden debacle, marked by record inflation and soaring prices, a wide-open border and escalating crime rates in American cities, frail octogenarian Joe Biden, who misspeaks and falls, while often appearing confused, and ignored, promises us more of the same.

Democrats fearing Trump’s political resurgence hoped their two contrived impeachments would keep him from returning to the political stage. But Donald Trump retains the power to energize his base who will eagerly work on his behalf. Americans have grown weary of paying astronomical prices for basics such as homes, rent, food and fuel and long for a return to businessman Trump’s stellar economy. Biden has spent his entire career — beginning in 1970 as a councilman in Delaware — the nation’s second smallest state, feeding at the government trough. As president, Biden has presided over an economic disaster.


Worried headline: “Hostile Takeover” displays newspaper’s election fear

November 5, 2022

Although Election Day is Tuesday, November 8, many Arizonans have voted early. The radically leftwing Arizona Republic is quaking in its boots over the prospect of significant conservative victories, locally and nationally, in the all-important midterms.

The front page headlines, “Hostile Takeover,” as though exercising the right to vote is a nefarious scheme when engaged in by Republicans. The multi-page article is venomous, as reporter Richard Ruelas unleashes his contemptible bile spew. Watching him on Channel 8’s Horizon, he has a permanent painful expression etched on his face, barely concealed by an occasional forced smile. Above his byline and below the headline are the intended to be defamatory words, “Trump backers, Turning Point control AZ’s GOP.” Hurling the names of the Republican state chair, a physician, and two ranking members of Turning Point, is reminiscent of a side show carnival barker yelling, “Tha show’s about at begin…Git yur popcorn and peanuts here!” Then the lights go out due to an unpaid bill.

Derogatory spew is all the dems have. And the newspaper, losing subscribers faster than a tick-dipped dog loses fleas, is clearly ready to fold.* The increasingly venomous articles are an obvious indicator that it has reached the point where it hurls invectives for the sole purpose of seeing what sticks, as it tries to drive readers to an all digital edition, which would cost far less to deliver than the hard copy.

Though the ongoing effort is to smear President Trump, Americans well remember the soaring economy during the Trump administration — as reported by the Western Journal. It shines all the more when juxtaposed against Biden’s crushing inflation we witness daily at the gas pump, attempting to afford to eat and keep a roof over our heads.

*The newspaper recently announced it is “published 7 days per week, excluding Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.” Apparently it has detected there will be no news to report on those days. Other media sources are committed to keeping a flow of newsworthy information, though the newspaper is closing shop.

AZ Gov candidate Kari Lake’s impact causes fear to explode on left

October 31, 2022

Since its 1987 inception, Media Research Center’s Newsbusters, has billed itself as ‘America’s Media Watchdog.’  It has outdone itself covering Sunday’s NBC’s Meet the Press. Anchor Chuck Todd — whose far left bias was exposed by LifeZette — candidly admitted his fear that runaway inflation will…take a deep breath…“Elect Republicans like Kari Lake nationwide.” Trump-endorsed Kari Lake, a former network news-anchor and Arizona’s Republican candidate for governor, obviously is causing heartburn on the left. Vacuous Katie Hobbs, the democrat running against Kari Lake, refused to debate Lake in the traditional televised Clean Elections forum that has been a staple of statewide Arizona elections for years.

NBC’s Todd is openly distressed over the likely scenario that the pain and suffering felt by Americans emanating from the rampant inflation caused by the Biden regime’s frenzied economic policies will cause voters to sweep Republicans like Kari Lake into office across the nation. Todd expressed his fear to New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu, a Republican, who focused on what should be done in Congress next year to solve the mounting problems in the United States.

Read the complete Newbusters article by Kevin Tober, which provides a crucial insight into the visceral fear that is driving the left as Election Day nears. 

Missing Michelle Malkin already

October 30, 2022

We all gain our inspiration from admired sources. The nine Muses, daughters of ancient Greeks Zeus and Mnemosyne, are credited as personifications of the arts, writing and knowledge. A more recent inspiration was born in Pennsylvania to Filipino legal immigrant parents — a doctor and a teacher. Michelle Malkin, a conservative columnist and blogger, author of seven books, and a frequent Fox News contributor until she was deemed too conservative for the network widely regarded as conservative. She finally quit, joining Newsmax TV. American Thinker’s Peter Barry Chowka’s July 20, 2020 report was headlined, “Michelle Malkin beaten by BLM thugs and prevented from speaking at Denver pro-police rally.”

Never one to mince words, Malkin has been a reliable voice for conservatism. In 2019, she took heat for criticizing the “ghost” of the late Sen. John McCain stating: “Congress has repeatedly mandated a nationwide visa entry-exit system to track legal short-term visa holders. But one has yet to be built—even in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, which were perpetrated in part by several illegal alien visa overstayers. E-verify has been stalled. Sanctuary cities metastasized. And BOTH parties are to blame – yeah I’m looking at you, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, the Bush family, Mitt Romney and the ghost of John McCain.”

Arizona conservatives knew McCain as a marginal man and pro-illegal alien zealot who arrogantly created his own funeral “guest list” pointedly omitting President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, though Barack Obama was tapped to give a eulogy. McCain apparently reached untouchable sainthood status following three funerals in Phoenix, Arizona, Washington, DC, and Annapolis, Maryland.

CNS News delivers the disappointing news that Michelle Malkin is calling it quits — hopefully just for a breather. Read her commentary, Michelle Malkin Signs Off: ‘An Ending, but Not the End.’

To remember what we will be missing, read her exceptional tribute to conservative Tom Tancredo, a former member of congress from her home state of Colorado, correctly identified by Malkin “as one of the three modern leaders standing as the pillars of the America First movement: Pat Buchanan, Tom Tancredo and Donald Trump.”

AZ Gov’s race: Trump-endorsed Kari Lake takes lead over leftist Hobbs

October 28, 2022

Real Clear Politics aggregated polling in the Arizona governor’s race shows Republican Kari Lake leading democrat Katie Hobbs, though by a mere 3.2 percent. Hobbs irreparably damaged herself after refusing to participate in the KAET/PBS Clean Elections debate, a longstanding tradition for statewide candidates. Hobbs put her petulance and fear on full display, not instilling confidence in voters, who want more information — not less — about candidates in general, but especially in those who want to inspire trust in their abilities to lead the state of Arizona and fulfill these Constitutionally enumerated duties.

Fox News has Kari Lake with an 11-point advantage with a 54 to 43 showing, in the nation’s sixth largest state. Take nothing for granted. Each of our votes are crucial in ensuring Arizona remains a red state.

More election fakery from leftwing Arizona newspaper

October 27, 2022

The far-left local newspaper is having a tough time convincing its diminishing reader base that voting democrat is the route to election victory. Featuring headed-for-retirement reporter Mary Jo Pitzl, the iffy front page headline reads, “Some in GOP are backing dems.”

It’s a pathetic ruse dredging up former state legislator (elected in 1997) and gay rights activist Steve May along with disreputable Mesa Mayor John Gileswho was censured by the Arizona Republican Party over his endorsement of Mark Kelly in the 2022 U.S. Senate election — as crossover voters supporting democrats. Its aim is to persuade Arizona voters that voting for Biden backers makes sense. Pitzl fails miserably due to the fact that her message is fatally flawed. To give heft to her view, she consulted with campaign strategists whose views mirror their paying clients. It’s foolishness personified. 

Kelli Ward, chairwoman of the AZ GOP, characterized these Republicrats as RINOs. She correctly identified them as having lost elections, donated to democrats for years and have “sour grapes” about Trump.

There is a reason the newspaper is on its last legs. It has cut itself off at the knees.

Lame duck AZ Gov. Ducey sealing border wall gaps against “migrants”?

October 20, 2022

Illegal aliens are not “migrating.” They are invading.

In a move that should be welcomed by Yuma Mayor Doug Nicholls, 60 double-stacked, 22 feet tall shipping containers, welded shut and topped with four feet of razor wire are ‘filling gaps’ along the border.

In 2019 Nicholls declared a “state of emergency,” saying, “Migrants are being released into the community faster than they are departing, and shelters and the staff to run them are at max capacity.“ Surely the illegal invaders were not “departing” for Mexico, where they had just left to enter Yuma, Arizona. Nicholls was nonchalantly referring to them fanning out across the United States costing American citizens incalculable expense in terms of maintenance and crime. The  Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) estimates the yearly cost at $132 billion, and rising annually.

Fox News has reported that over 200,000 illegal aliens (the news organization also erroneously refers to them as “migrants“) have breached our southern border in each of the last four months. Recent data show that the Yuma Sector has seen a 242% increase in encounters so far this fiscal year compared to last year.

President Donald Trump prioritized the border, understanding it presents a major crisis to our stability. Doug Ducey was a McCain devotee, equivocating on the border, using it only when he needed to gain points. Arizonans will remember him pointedly not answering his cell phone when it played, “Hail to the Chief,” indicating the call was from President Trump as Ducey was certifying the presidential election votes favoring Biden.

Mark Finchem vs. Adrian Fontes for AZ Sec. of State provides clear choice

October 19, 2022

Finchem deserves our votes

The premise behind the old comedic gangster movie, “The gang that couldn’t shoot straight” was that greed and envy are not a pathway to success.  Someone ought to point that truism out to Adrian Fontes. Ousted by voters following a single term as Maricopa County Recorder, in charge of overseeing elections…when his time wasn’t taken up with telling a voter who called the office to “go f–k yourself.”

Fontes lost that post after his obscenity-laced tirade made the news. Now he’s back…outrageously desiring to be in charge of the statewide elections as secretary of state.

“Everything that I’ve done, even some of the controversial stuff,” Fontes boasted, “has been in light of promoting the interest of the voters, not the office.”  Advising voters who pay his salary, to “go f–k yourself,” definitely falls within that lofty parameter.

Fontes claims he supports updating Arizona’s Election Procedures Manual, a new interest intended to provide him relevancy. That change would include Fontes’ newly contrived “cyber security measures.” Fontes also wants all Arizona counties to use a vote center model rather than those organized closer to the voter precincts.

Mark Finchem has a stellar resume, a verifiable commitment to public service, and endorsements most statewide candidates could only hope for. His endorsement by former President Donald Trump provided him a 16.5% primary election victory over his opponents.

VOTE NO on costly Prop. 131, pushed by a failed secretary of state candidate, which would needlessly and expensively create the position of lieutenant governor to succeed the governor in the case of a vacancy. Since our 1912 statehood, that role has seamlessly been filled minus unnecessary costs as the bold type in this 2013 post indicates.

Home Depot co-founder gives Biden a scathing review

October 17, 2022

Writing for Yahoo! Finance, editor-at-large and anchor Brian Sozzi headlines his report, ”Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus on President Biden: ‘What the hell does he know about economics?‘“ Read it and watch the fascinating video interview.

Marcus is also the author of a new book, ‘Kick Up Some Dust: Lessons on Thinking Big, Giving Back, and Doing It Yourself.

Born to Russian Jewish immigrant parents in New Jersey in 1929, he grew up in poverty, working to educate himself and intent on remedying his dire situation. A Republican Trump supporter, megadonor, and philanthropist, Bernie Marcus has some choice words for politicians, the Biden administration, and most notably the occupier of the Oval Office. ’We have a president who never worked a day in his life — never worked a day in his life. What the hell does he know about economics? But he sure spouts about it a lot.”

Democrat Katie Hobbs’ stealth AZ governor’s campaign is embarrassing

October 13, 2022

Trump-endorsed Kari Lake deserves our votes

Arizona has two women as announced candidates for governor. This is nothing new, as four of the last six state governors have been women. What is remarkable is that democrat Katie Hobbs is actually running…away from interviews and debates. Hobbs has refused to debate Republican Kari Lake, preferring to keep the voters as much in the dark about her views as she obviously is. She also doesn’t want to address the topic of Talonya Adams, the black staff attorney and policy advisor then-senate minority leader Hobbs fired for wanting to be paid a salary commensurate with her white, male counterparts. Adams was paid $30,000 less. She sued and won a $multimillion verdict in two separate federal jury trials. Attempting to hide from her bigotry and aiming for low information voters, Hobbs’ now declares, “Katie knows that systemic inequities and racism have long permeated every aspect of our society.” When she loses the governor’s race, she can always return as an Uber driver entertaining her passengers with sarcasm and irony.

James O’Keefe (Bio under link) of Project Veritas shines a bright beam of disinfecting sunlight on Katie Hobbs’ antics, exposing Hobbs as uncertain of the views she claims to hold, and terrified of engaging with either media or voters.

Be sure to watch ‘SEEN BUT NOT HEARD: ‘I Don’t Want to Talk Politics to Anyone Who I Don’t Know’ Says Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Katie Hobbs; Campaign Insiders Keep Her From Debate Stage.’

Hobbs’ pathetic, bigotry-laced past imbues her campaign, waged from under a rock and behind an opaque curtain, is unlike one any of us have previously witnessed and should never be repeated. Katie Hobbs is over her head and has no credentials to prepare her to be governor.

Then read Gateway Pundit’s latest exposé, titled, ‘BREAKING: Arizona PBS To Defy The Arizona Clean Elections Commission, Allow Katie Hobbs One-On-One Interview In Place Of Debate – Kari Lake Releases ‘Statement On PBS’ Betrayal.’

Knowledge is power. Forward this post with these crucial links to those you know who want the facts before casting their ballots. Act while you can. After the ballots are counted, it will be too late.