When universities call themselves “Liberal Arts,” they mean it

May 12, 2023

Infanticide masquerading as abortions available to “All/Any Students”

A liberal arts university in Connecticut says it will now cover the costs of “any student” who decides to get an abortion or a Plan B contraceptive, regardless of their insurance status.

Connecticut’s Wesleyan University recently announced, following a pressure campaign from the university’s Young Democratic Socialists of America chapter, the school would now pay for presumably female students to get an abortion or emergency (after conception) contraceptives. The school has also committed to picking up the transportation costs incurred by “such students.”

The decision comes after the Young Democratic Socialists of America chapter at Wesleyan collected over 700 signatures on a petition that urged the school to ensure “all students are able to overcome financial burdens to, and lack of transportation for, abortion procedures.”

The blue state of Connecticut has no restrictions on abortions and encourages those who choose to abort a living, 6-month fully formed, and healthy baby to “Shout your abortion!”

“Politicians should not get between a person and their doctor. As long as I am governor, reproductive rights will be protected in Connecticut, and I will do everything in my power to block laws from being passed that restrict those rights.”

– Governor Ned Lamont

Democrat Lamont gets more enthused over Coca Cola than innocent life:


VP Kamala’s calculated omissions in Roe v. Wade speech

January 24, 2023

In a pro-abortion speech in Florida, actually celebrating the 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade on Monday, the vice president of the United States purposely misquoted the Declaration of Independence, deliberately leaving out the words “life” and “Creator.”

Kamala Harris deviously stated four times, “So we are here together because we collectively believe and know America is a promise. America is a promise. It is a promise of freedom and liberty — not for some, but for all.”  She continues: “A promise we made in the Declaration of Independence that we are each endowed with the right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

The actual words are: “…endowed by [their] Creator with certain unalienable Rights…that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Harris also referred to abortion sites as “clinics,” as though they dispense health care instead of facilities where certain death of pre-born children is the ultimate goal. National Right to Life puts the most recent compilation of deaths at “More than 64 million.”

Democrats are eager to tell us what they stand for

January 22, 2023

Dems unified in desire to defund the police:

…and on the topic of abortion?

Dems all agree: The decision should be made between “the woman and her doctor.” Arizona’s far left Gov. Katie Hobbs (then a candidate) and radical Sen. Mark Kelly both appear in this video, mouthing the same words, that have been hard-wired into democrat‘s heads.

H/T RNC Research

Leftists court illegals to expand voter base

November 4, 2022

Vast differences separate dems from Republicans

The headline blasting across the top of the failing Hillary-endorsing, Trump-despising Arizona Republic newspaper reads: “Poll: Latinos backing dems.” It preposterously relies on polling from the U.S. Spanish-language network — Univision — along with UniosUS and Mi Familia Vota. According to the report printed in Spanish and English, Hispanic voters now make up nearly a quarter of Arizona’s voter bloc.

Unbridled illegal immigration chaos, flooding border states of Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas, is an ever-increasing problem, as detailed in the latest report titled, “Border Patrol Set New Records for Apprehensions of Children, Families in FY 2022,” by Judge Andrew R. Authur of Center for Immigration Studies. 

America, whose resources are not only being stretched, but are reaching the breaking point as millions of  illegal aliens, many with extensive criminal histories, break into our nation as Americans are struggling to stay afloat under Biden‘s astronomical inflation. According to Biden’s now curtailed numbers — released by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection — which absurdly claims on its website, “Our top priority is to keep terrorists and their weapons from entering the United States.” They have an obviously skewed view, since illegal aliens might not be traditional “terrorists,” they are here in violation of the law and access our generous social welfare system, for food, housing, and other benefits, including education as they overfill classrooms and eventually displace American students receiving tuition assistance at state universities. ASU Pres. Michael Crow, the nation’s highest paid public university president who made an astounding base salary of $1,554,058 in 2017 (last available), continually raises tuition and fees in order to subsidize Illegals.

Pew Research Center reports, “Most Latinos Say Democrats Care About Them and Work Hard for Their Vote, Far Fewer Say So of GOP.” It’s clear they don’t regard America as a land of opportunity as previous generations of legal immigrants did. Illegals expect to be on the receiving end of “care.” And though predominantly Catholic, they prioritize abortion, which is now preposterously viewed as “health care,“ and a “right.”

AZ Republic turns Bolin Plaza into a bowling site

October 10, 2022

Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza, adjacent to the Arizona Capitol complex was dedicated in1978, by the Arizona Legislature in honor of Governor Wesley Bolin, Arizona’s 15th governor. Prior to ascending to the office of governor when then-Gov. Raul Castro resigned to take an ambassadorship to Argentina given by Pres. Jimmy Carter to halt the ongoing embarrassment Castro caused, democrat Bolin served as secretary of state for an unprecedented 29 years. Republicans, who knew and respected the longtime political leader, frequently supported him in his elections. The night before his unexpected death, Gov. Bolin attended a dinner honoring Arizona Republican Congressman John J. Rhodes, who was the U.S. House minority leader. Republican former President Gerald Ford was also in attendance. Political collegiality was the rule rather than the exception.

This Arizona history was lost on editor-less Arizona Republic reporters Jose Gonzalez and Lacey Latch, who collaborated on a front page report titled, ‘Hundreds march across Ariz. for right to abortion.’ The first sentence in the news article began by describing a woman who “braved the Phoenix sun on Saturday morning as she waved about a provocative two-sided sign at Wesley Bowling Plaza.“

This inexcusable sloppiness stands as a stark reminder that promoting unrestricted abortions identified as “rights” by the left, remains the primary focus of the failing Hillary-endorsing newspaper, superseding easily located facts. Even Associated Press has acknowledged the dire state of newspapers, dying at the rate of two per week.

Abortion called “health care” by AZ Planned Parenthood

August 30, 2022

“Reproductive Rights advocates” deceptive term used to conceal profitable death industry

In today’s America with Bidinflation destroying our economy, purchasing power, and quality of life, the leftwing Arizona Republic newspaper instead gives front page and jump page placement to the resumption of abortions by Planned Parenthood — which assists in “planning“ your family by butchering some of them. The report whines about the fact that baby killing, which is described as a “service,” will currently resume only in Tucson.

Nevertheless, the proponents have found reason to rejoice. “Our staff, everyone at Planned Parenthood Arizona, we are just so incredibly excited to be able to serve our community again in this way with essential abortion care,” according to a quote from Brittany Fonteno, CEO of Arizona Planned Parenthood. “No matter what happens we’re going to continue fighting for our patients and their ability to access this health care.”

Despite the ambiguous language, “health care,” when referred to by Planned Parenthood, means certain death to the babies the cult of death refuses to refer to as preborn human infants. Fonteno also uses the terms “reproductive rights advocates” to describe those advocating for and profiting from abortion, as well as “pregnant person,” in an apparent effort not to offend transgender people who offend easily.

Abortion is a lucrative business.

Life News headlined its 2021 report, “Planned Parenthood Brought in $1.6 Billion, Made $70 Million Profit From Killing Babies in Abortions.”

Fraidy Katie Hobbs runs from AZ’s governor’s debate

August 24, 2022

Hobbs bobs as she ignores and insults voters

Democrat Katie Hobbs wants to be governor, but refuses to engage in a debate with her Republican counterpart Kari Lake. Arizona voters should be able to hear her repeat her mantra posted on her campaign website, “As governor, I will fearlessly work to increase access to abortion services.” Hobbs also opined, “Let me be clear — the decision to have a child should rest solely between a woman and her doctor.” In Hobbs’ convoluted world, fathers are irrelevant. Describing her previous career as a social worker, Hobbs clumsily referred to herself as “a domestic violence advocate.”

Debates have been prominent features in political campaigns since Nixon and Kennedy debated in 1960.

Hobbs no doubt fears a debate will focus negative attention on her, when as then-senate minority leader she was party to a discrimination lawsuit filed against the senate in Federal Court by Talonya Adams a lawyer/policy advisor for the Arizona Senate democrats. Ms. Adams alleged racial and sexual discrimination based on asking to be paid as much as her white male counterparts.

According to this 12 News report, Hobbs was less than two months into her job as minority leader when Adams was fired. Adams had been in her policy adviser position for three years. The jury awarded Ms. Adams $2.75 million. Katie Hobbs issued an apology…which is more than Arizona voters can expect as she hides from them, refusing to debate for the state’s top job.

The Citizens Clean Elections Commission site lists all upcoming debates which will be televised on “AZ PBS on Arizona Horizon.” The Arizona governor’s debate is scheduled for Oct. 5, at 6 PM. There is even a designated spot to submit debate questions. Democrat Katie Hobbs is the only candidate for statewide office who has not agreed to debate. Will Republican candidate Kari Lake debate an empty chair as Clint Eastwood did at the 2012 Republican National Convention?

Cloutless newspaper toils in vain to influence votes

July 27, 2022

Arizona voters are gearing up for the Aug. 2, 2022 Primary Election, whether voting early or on Election Day. Pertinent information can be found here. Exercising our rights is an integral part of American freedom. So too, is freedom of the press, enshrined by congress in our First Amendment. The fact is, hard copy news has gone the way of the buggy whip as Associated Press recently admitted. The local newspaper, shriveling in size and filled with disreputable content, remarkably relinquished its reins on pre-election endorsements after infuriated subscribers cancelled in the wake of its Hillary Clinton endorsement. In the aftermath, the Arizona Republic whined that it received death threats following that ill-conceived position. The daily’s more recent tactic is to create an echo chamber of anti-conservatism generally, and anti-Trumpism, specifically, as a reliable arm of the democrat party. Journalists left long ago, replaced by Cronkite J school students and reporters who fit these constricted parameters. As examples, the newspaper that brags about hiring based on ethnicity and gender — they call it diversity and inclusion — has a employee who specializes in “people experiencing homelessness” and another who is unable to type the words “illegal alien,” repeatedly using the word “migrant,“ to describe America’s invaders. The brassiest new tactic is coddling incarcerated criminals while ravaging the Arizona prison system.

The upcoming primary and general elections present unique challenges, since Trump-hatred is so virulent, Trump endorsed candidates become pariahs. With staff dwindling, the two remaining columnists who previously specialized in sap have taken on the mantle of hate-mongers and deceit spewers. A recent pro-abortion column by emaciated leftist E.J. Montini was headlined, “GOP’s goal is complete subjugation of women,” which is not only insulting, it’s untrue. Laurie Roberts whose specialty was exposing the plight of children in tenuous situations, has joined Montini in disparaging Republicans while glorifying democrats — advising the remaining readers not to believe the polls if they don’t align with her leftwing wishful thinking. She conveniently forgets it was Republican governors who appointed her Republican sister Ann Timmer to the Court of Appeals and then as a justice on the Arizona Supreme Court. 

Facts are of no consequence. “It’s the agenda stupid.*

*Bill Clinton’s strategist James Carville coined the phrase, “It’s the economy, stupid,” during the 1992 presidential campaign.

AZ Republic leftists seize on death as a midterm lifeline

July 21, 2022

No lie is too flagrant to tell

The failing local newspaper’s front page headline blasts, “Debunked claims on abortion promoted.” In a rational world, there would be a lot to debate about that dishonest statement presented as fact.  We do not live in such a world, rather one where extremist adults believe it is a right to kill innocent pre-born humans.

This time there’s an intriguing component to the matter. An Arizona legislator speaking out against abortion doesn’t fall into the expected category. Walt Blackman is a black man — with the distinction of being the first black Republican ever elected to the Arizona Legislature. He is also pro-life and vocal about his views. Not only that, but he knows history. Rep. Blackman served in the United States Army for 21 years as a front line tank commander. Among other distinctions, he was awarded a Bronze Star for combat action in Iraq, and a Meritorious Service Medal.

Rep. Blackman’s knowledge of history is crucial in this context. The newspaper is brutalizing him for taking on Margaret Sanger, the Planned Parenthood founder who was instrumental in not only bringing abortion centers to the impoverished neighborhoods in New York City, she targeted poor immigrant families and blacks, all of whom Sanger referred to as “human weeds.” The leftists who still work at the dying Arizona Republic are unable to face that fact.

Instead Rep. Walt Blackman, a self-identified constitutional conservative who represents Legislative District 6, is brutalized for not walking in lockstep with the pro-abortion newspaper for the unforgivable sin of telling the truth.

Seeing Red AZ is not a newcomer to the pro-life movement as this sampling of revealing posts illustrate:

April 1, 2015: Ted Cruz is no Barry Goldwater — Thank God! (Describing so-called “Mr. Conservative” Barry Goldwater, supporting an AZ Congressional democrat candidate over a pro-life conservative. She won with his endorsement.)

Jan. 21, 2019: Dems OK barbaric infanticide, Republicans vote for life

July 27, 2020: Planned Parenthood endorsed “conservative” Rodney Glassman

June 26, 2022: Businesses fund abortion related expenses…vote with your feet

This video is not new, but its message remains relevant — substantiating Rep. Blackman’s statements:

Life is a gift: A concept AZ US Dist. Judge Rayes doesn’t comprehend

July 13, 2022

Though you’ve likely never heard his name, Douglas Leroy Rayes, a U.S. district judge for the District of Arizona, can make decisions that have a profound impact on Arizona residents.

On Monday, he blocked a 2021 Arizona law recognizing the personhood of a fetus from the moment of fertilization, siding with the abortion industry which determined the measure “was too vague and exposed them to prosecution.”

The Center for Reproductive Rights, which asserts it “fights for the fundamental human rights of all people in the U.S. and across the globe,” neglects to include preborn human babies as it makes fundraising its mission, highlighting donors and “major gifts,” using death as a fundraising mechanism.

The Arizona Attorney General’s office recently prevailed in disallowing abortions based on the sex or race of the child. The office countered that the provision, which says state law must be interpreted to grant fertilized eggs, embryos and fetuses the same “rights, privileges and immunities available to other persons,” was not intended to create any new abortion-related crime.

U.S. District Judge Douglas Rayes, an Obama appointee, was confirmed by the U.S. Senate in 2014 by a 77 to 19 vote — with 4 senators not voting. Republicrats John McCain and Jeff Flake both voted for this democrat, who replaced Republican Judge Frederick Martone, then assuming senior status.

During the hearing, Rayes expressed concern about a state policy that the provision’s effects be interpreted case by case in court, after abortionists voiced fears they could be prosecuted for child endangerment or other crimes.

In his ruling, Rayes, engaging in classic double-talk, wrote that his motion blocking the law was not just about abortion. “It is about giving people fair notice of what the law means so that they know in advance how to comply.”

The case is one of many disputes over state abortion laws after the U.S. Supreme Court sent the matter back to the individual states, sensibly removing it from under the auspices of the federal government.

Arizona passed the personhood law in April 2021. Abortion providers sued to block it last August, fallaciously arguing that it was unconstitutionally vague because it did not make clear what conduct, if any, it would prohibit. In March, Arizona passed a law banning most abortions after 15 weeks. That measure is set to take effect in September.