The Bidenization of America brilliantly explained:

May 15, 2022

Victor Davis Hanson’s most recent column posted on Townhall is titled, “Imagine the Unimaginable.”  The words “must read” are often tossed about casually. They hold genuine significance when applied to the writings of Prof. Hanson. He issues a warning we must heed before it’s too late.

Read his bio here.

“Nowhere Man’ Elijah Norton with zero credentials bashes conservative incumbent U.S. Rep. David Schweikert

May 13, 2022

Asking what newly reconfigured 1st Congressional District candidate Elijah Norton has in common with The Beatles is not as strange as it might appear. In 1963, John Lennon, exhibiting an extraordinary sense of predictive insight wrote the song “Nowhere Man,” that ideally describes candidate Elijah Norton, though Norton wasn’t born until 1990.

In this March 3, 2022 post, “U.S. Rep. Schweikert’s credentials vs. wannabe’s ambition,“ Seeing Red AZ exposed the deplorable tactics Norton has used in an attempt to diminish conservative Congressman David Schweikert, who has consistently worked on behalf his constituents. Now Norton, a well-heeled, recent transplant from Missouri and mostly self-funded candidate, has engaged in unfounded and escalating attacks, actually aiding democrat challengers.

It’s worth remembering that Congressman Schweikert has emerged victorious from other political challengers, including Ben Quayle a.k.a Brock Landers the son of former Vice President Dan Quayle as well as Hiral Tipirneni, formerly a Valley doctor, disallowed to practiced medicine since losing a medical malpractice lawsuit in 2007 resulting in the needless death of a former patient. That fact didn’t stop her from deceptively running campaign ads wearing scrubs with a stethoscope around her neck at a fake patient‘s bedside. During the Obama administration, dedicated leftist Tipirneni made $millions promoting Obamacare.

Both Quayle and Tippernini carpet-bagged into the district to challenge Schweikert. His effectiveness aided his success in those two needless challenges. Now Elijah Norton is resorting to contrived hit pieces against Congressman David Schweikert. A second one was in yesterday’s mail. Norton is unable to point to any personal political successes due to the fact that he has none. Take time to read the linked exposé. Then disregard the fallacious flyers and commit to reelecting Congressman David Schweikert…a proven conservative who consistently delivers on behalf of Arizonans.  We are fortunate to have him representing Arizona.

The Primary Election will take place August 2.

Radical leftist L.A. District Attorney George Gascon facing recall

May 9, 2022

Arizonans will not soon forget notorious George Gascon, the Cuban-born, former Mesa Police Chief with a token law degree, who advocated limp enforcement policies for illegals. In 2009, he left Mesa for San Francisco where he was appointed police chief.

Within less than a year-and-a half, then-Mayor Gavin Newsom selected Gascon as the interim District Attorney when Kamala Harris — yes, that one — was elected Attorney General. Despite never trying a case, let alone prosecuting any, Gascon’s statement on his lack of qualification to be the District Attorney was telling. He said, “Running a D.A.’s office is not the same as prosecuting cases on the floor. They’re different skill sets. I believe I have the organizational skills, and I have an understanding of the criminal justice system not only today, but where we need to be in the future.”

Gascon’s vision of the future is lowering the standards for prosecution — allowing more criminals to go free — and giving free rein to illegal aliens entering the United States.

Finally, Californians have had their fill of laxity as brazen smash-and-grab thefts routinely occur everywhere from upscale department and jewelry stores to neighborhood Walgreen’s, causing many of the pharmacies to close. The Police Tribune reports homicide rates have skyrocketed 94 percent In Los Angeles County.

Breitbart News’ Joel B. Pollak, Senior Editor-at-Large, reports the campaign to Recall Soros-backed George Gascon has 400,000 Signatures, more than two-thirds the number necessary, That fact provides hope that even Californians have had their fill of the man known as “Gascan” while in Arizona.

Seeing Red AZ has frequently written exposed him. This is a sampling:

June 25, 2009: Sanctuary City San Francisco: A perfect fit for George Gascon

Oct. 11, 2020: Amiable bedfellows: Kamala Harris, George Gascon…George Soros

Dec. 9, 2020:  LA D.A. George Gascon honed radical leftist career in Mesa, AZ

Dec 31, 2020: L.A. County prosecutors rebel against DA George Gascon

June 5,. 2021: L.A. D.A. George Gascon protects criminals, disregards law abiding citizens

Nov.13, 2021: LA DA George Gascon releases murderer after only 6 yrs. of 50 yr. sentence

Dec.11, 2018: Fmr Mesa Police Chief George Gascon: Arrogance personified

To qualify for the ballot, a total of 566,857 signatures, or 10 percent of total Los Angeles County registered voters, must be submitted to the LA County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk’s Office by July 6.

On February 22, 2022, the LA Association of Deputy District Attorneys took a vote on whether to support the recall. A total of 83.3% of the prosecutors voted, and 97.9% of them supported the recall.

Trump sways votes in Ohio GOP U.S. Senate primary

May 4, 2022

Victory viewed as a significant bellwether

The closely watched Ohio Republican Senate race was summed up best in this line from Fox News:
“If former President Donald Trump’s continued clout over the Republican Party was on the line in Ohio’s highly contested and contentious GOP Senate primary, the former president easily passed the test.”

The in-depth coverage noting the surge of support for JD Vance following the golden endorsement written by political reporter Paul Steinhauser can be read here.

Vance will face 10-term democrat U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan, who won his three-way primary Tuesday night. But November’s general election to fill the seat being vacated by retiring Republican Sen. Rob Portman is expected to be an uphill climb for Ryan in a state Trump won twice by an 8-point margin and in what is expected to be a brutal election year for democrats struggling to hold their congressional majorities in the most brutal economy in memory. Check out Joe Biden’s seriously plummeting approval rating.

Politico has the updated vote tallies.

Top ranked GOP candidates skipping skewed debates

May 2, 2022

There’s a new phenomenon taking hold as elections heat up across the United States. Republican candidates are choosing to skip debates.

Former football star Herschel Walker, a Trump-endorsed conservative, is running for Georgia’s U.S. Senate seat, currently held by radical democrat Raphael Warnock. Herschel Walker is considered the front-runner.

Their rationale makes perfect sense.  Debates are often hosted and moderated by leftist entities and biased news commentators, as we’ve witnessed here in this two-minute video as election results showed Donald Trump trouncing Hillary Clinton.

In this January 13, 2022 letter to the Co-Chairs of The Commission on Presidential Debates, Ronna McDaniel, chairman of the Republican National Committee documents why the Republican party and GOP voters have lost faith in the debate process, as she proposed commonsense reforms.

This past Thursday the Republican National Committee announced it had unanimously voted to require GOP presidential candidates to abstain from presidential debates sanctioned by the Commission on Presidential Debates.

“Debates are an important part of the democratic process, and the RNC is committed to free and fair debates,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said in a statement. “The Commission on Presidential Debates is biased and has refused to enact simple and commonsense reforms to help ensure fair debates, including hosting debates before voting begins and selecting moderators who have never worked for candidates on the debate stage.” She added that the RNC will “find newer, better debate platforms” for Republican candidates to make their cases.

The RNC announced it is planning a rules change that would require presidential candidates seeking the party’s nomination to sign a pledge saying they will not participate in any debates sponsored by the Commission on Presidential Debates.


Local reporter’s conflict doesn’t rate a blip on dem’s integrity meter

April 28, 2022

The biased, blatantly leftist, Hillary-endorsing, local newspaper, is clearly on its last legs, going downhill faster than any of these U.S. Olympic skiers.

Following a rash of contract buyouts, severe staff cutbacks, even unceremoniously firing its longtime Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist due to a cash squeeze, losing the newspaper‘s building and parking garage, and culminating in the ghostlike entity being sold. Its two mundane columnists were pressed into service as bombastic political flame throwers. Their intended victims are, of course, Republicans, who are routinely hammered.

Arizona’s GOP members of congress are consistently defamed as are state-and-county-wide elected Republicans.

Ethics are thrown to the wind as demonizing Republicans is the sole purpose for the disreputable rag’s bleak existence. However, in a rare flicker of honesty, former sob-story columnist turned flame thrower-Laurie Roberts wrote: “Add Secretary of State Katie Hobbs to the ever-lengthening list of Democrats who have figured out that President Joe Biden is about to deal a body blow to the party’s November prospects.”

She also chastens dem Hobbs for expediently changing her stance on Title 42, the public health policy initiated by Pres. Trump, to more appropriately address the guidelines intended to restrict illegal aliens — Roberts warmly refers to them “asylum seekers“— from blatantly breaching our sovereign border. The problem is exacerbated during the deadly Covid pandemic, which appears to be resurging, as they arrive untested and are transported to points unknown, across the United States by the Biden administration. This irrational scheme, courtesy of frail Joe Biden‘s surrogates, uses our tax dollars to facilitate the reconstructing of America into a reliably expanded left-wing, third world country.

As Roberts uncharacteristically vents her ire at dem Secretary of State Hobbs, she stands unsteadily on a very thin line in doing so. The Secretary of State oversees statewide elections. Roberts’ sister, Ann Timmer, sits on the Arizona Supreme Court and appears on the retention ballot. Another complication is the spouse of a female Republican candidate challenging Hobbs for Secretary of State, also sits on the high court. Odds are, she is unlikely to win the GOP Primary Election, against Trump-endorsed former state legislator Mark Finchem, but the appearance of impropriety is problematic.

In the unlikely event Roberts doesn’t know the parameters. It’s a good bet her black-robed sister and her identically garbed colleague do.

Dems dramatically lose Hispanic voters who want U.S. border enforced

April 18, 2022

As border crisis worsens, Hispanic support for Biden plummets as key voting demographic shifts to GOP

Just the News headlines its recent report, “Hispanic voters deserting Biden in major warning sign for Democrats.”  The well-researched report uses these words:

“Biden comfortably won the Hispanic vote in 2020 with 59% according to the Pew Research Center.

Since then, however, Hispanic support for him has plummeted, reaching the 30s last year and now the 20s. Even polling finding a higher approval rating for Biden among Hispanics today still shows a 20-plus-point drop over the past year.

Hispanics aren’t only disapproving of Biden. They’re also moving away from Democrats in general, according to this recent Quinnipiac University National Poll.”

Not only are assumptions based on ethnicity insulting to members of any specific group, they are incorrect. DNA has nothing to do with intelligence.

Biden-supporting AZ Republic buries dire economic news

April 16, 2022

It’s an undeniable fact. Fewer and fewer Arizonans read the Hillary-endorsing Arizona Republic. From its editorial policy to its reliably left-wing columnists and reporters, the anti-Republican drum beat reaches fever pitch regardless of the individual candidates or issues. This was made all too clear when Phil Boas, the editorial page editor oversaw the take down of his own father-in-law, then-Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the popular Maricopa County Sheriff who was reelected to an unprecedented six four-year terms. Skew reigns over both truth and decency.

Inflation has reached a dramatic tipping point in Arizona, as U.S. Rep. Andy Biggs (R-CD5) points out:

The newspaper’s AP headline, “Retail sales rise 0.5% in March amid soaring prices for basics,” worthy of front page placement was, instead, relegated to Page 13 since the irrefutable facts don’t fit its leftist agenda, as the crucial mid-term elections approach.

The report was based on findings from the U.S. Department of Commerce, which surprisingly provided gloomy information regarding continually escalating prices for “food, housing, gasoline and other basics.”

The back-paged report includes a quote from Neil Saunders, identified as Managing Director at GlobalData Retail, who understates, “There is growing evidence that households are now increasingly nervous about inflation, and this in turn is sapping their confidence.”

This Department of Commerce attempt to put lipstick on a pig press release, included an ominous predication: “This week, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo and Deputy Secretary Don Graves emphasized the dire need to bring back manufacturing jobs, secure our supply chains, and revitalize domestic microchip manufacturing during a virtual media tour across the country.”

The duo are Biden insiders. Raimondo, a virulent anti-Trumper and open border proponent, was previously the governor of Rhode Island, America’s smallest state. To put this in perspective, Rhode Island covers fewer square miles than the city of Sitka, Alaska, which is over twice the state’s size.

Graves’ credentials highlight that he “served as Counselor to President Joe Biden during the 2020 presidential campaign.”

We can rest assured Biden has put the best the democrat party has to offer in charge of the Commerce Department in the worst economy in most American‘s memory. As this list indicates, numerous major stores and restaurants have filed for bankruptcy, displacing hundreds of thousands of workers nationally.

Thank the democrats you know for this economic catastrophe. And if you still read the overpriced leftist local newspaper that routinely insults your intelligence, call 800-332-6733 and cancel. You’ll save your sanity as well as a bunch of money that can be put to better use, under the financial disaster known as Bidinflation.

Trump’s political power surges as Biden irrelevancy hits record low

April 13, 2022

As Joe Biden continues to plunge our economy to unprecedented depths with escalating prices and shortages of food and other stables, former President Donald Trump is increasingly viewed as the GOP standard-bearer, who has the power to extract the U.S. from the current economic catastrophe — much of which has not been seen since the onset of the Great Depression…although we are continually given the number 40 years. Today, jobs are plentiful. The difference is, they are not being filled as lower wage earners  rely on the government dole, which the rest of us pay for with ever-escalating taxation.

With the current 50/50 split in the U.S. Senate, flipping blue seats to red is obviously a priority. Donald Trump is in a pivotal position to effect that change, whether behind the scenes or in a more obvious manner. As frail Biden shows greater signs of an inability to function, and his polling numbers continue to plummet, backup Kamala Harris is ill-equipped to handle the job, even determinedly avoiding the southern border, though Biden appointed her the Border Czar. Her staffers have been stumbling over themselves to be the first to reach the exit, describing a toxic work environment. A dozen, most recently her deputy chief of staff, have already quit.

Unfortunately, the next U.S. Presidential election won’t occur until November 5, 2024.

In the meantime, this shocking Western Journal commentary by Warner Todd Huston provides important reading: “Outrage as Biden Gives Soros Nonprofit $164 Million to Help Criminal Migrants Escape Punishment.”

Biden’s open border madness extends to Russian illegals

April 5, 2022

Catch and Release policy imperils Americans

Today we take the unusual step of making a congressional letter to an inept Biden administration official our post. Arizona’s CD-5 Congressman Andy Biggs sent this letter signed by him and 19 of his House colleagues to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, posing six pertinent questions about Russian nationals illegally entering the United States and being released into the interior of our country by DHS. It was sent just days ago on April 1, 2022, but don’t mistake this for an April Fool’s Day prank. The topic is deadly serious. Arizona is fortunate to have this America First patriot representing us and asking the serious questions that the radical, open border leftists incomprehensibly want to conceal.

Alejandro Mayorkas, a retread from the Clinton and Obama administrations, was endorsed for his current position by none other than former Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano, who resigned to join the Obama administration as head of Homeland [IN]Security. She was noted for her comment, “You show me a 50-foot wall and I’ll show you a 51-foot ladder at the border. That’s the way the border works.”

Mayorkas, an illegal alien himself, is described as fleeing to America from Marxist Castro’s Cuba with his parents and sister as a child. Their story begins to fray when it turns out that the desperate illegals left Florida for California, where they moved to posh Beverly Hills. It’s a odd take on the tear-jerking rags to riches theme we frequently hear. Mayorkas then went to Berkeley for a socialist indoctrination, making a full circle turnaround, ultimately receiving a law degree from Loyola University.

Bigg’s letter is definitely worth your time.