McLosers featured at Mesa campaign rally

November 27, 2015

McCain’s “surprise special guest” revealed in early desperation move

No doubt the suspense has been unbearable for recipients of John McCain’s emails. They’ve been teased and had their curiosity piqued with notices about a “surprise special guest” coming to Mesa, Dec. 12, to give the recycled candidate, who will be 80 by election day, a boost for another 6-year term. 

Who could such a person be? Maybe Sarah Palin, McCain’s former running mate who was savaged by his 2008 campaign operatives as he fell in the polls. It’s safe to say no Republican with a viable current campaign would want the taint that accompanies the toxic, censured senator, who spitefully retaliated against conservatives by teaming up with Obama donors to oust them as elected precinct committeemen. In another move against conservatives, McCain also colluded with liberal Democrat Carl Levin in pressuring Obama IRS’s Lois Lerner to target tea party groups for scrutiny in an effort to rein in their political influence.

It’s not a surprise that John McCain is Number Six on Roll Call’s roster of the 10 most vulnerable U.S. senators.

The Mesa venue isn’t filling as quickly as McCain’s handlers had hoped, which is another  embarrassment to his already bruised ego. Prior to the censures, while running for president, he barely carried the state of Arizona against Obama, with only a slim 8.5 percent margin.

Since the event momentum stalled, coming nowhere near the Phoenix overflow capacity crowds generated by the appearances of Donald Trump or Ben Carson, the secret guest had to be revealed a couple of weeks early. The email featuring Thanksgiving greetings somberly states that “tickets won’t last, so be sure to tell your friends and family to reserve space today!”

So who is this major draw being brought in to help John McCain? None other than another presidential loser — Mitt Romney.

There is even a plaintive plea, desperately  asking recipients to “share the message with others” and “connect to see which of your Facebook friends are going to join John McCain and Mitt Romney.

If you’re a conservative, the unequivocal answer would be, “Not many!”

Romney might help in bringing in Mesa voters, many of whom are also members of the LDS faith. And though he ultimately lost to Obama, he carried Arizona in 2012 by 10 percent — a better showing than the not-so-favored “favorite son.”  McCain has been in D.C. doing his dirty work (video) over three decades. Seeing Red AZ is supporting Dr. Kelli Ward in the 2016 senate race.  Check out her credentials and issues pages and see why.


Catastrophic consequences of not closing borders

November 22, 2015

This Sunday before Thanksgiving, we are thankful for the wisdom of Dr. Thomas Sowell.

Today we invite you to take a few minutes to read his latest column titled, “Stop the Bleeding.”  As only he can, Dr. Sowell weaves a connective thread between the recent horrific acts of terrorism and the absolute need for nations to close their borders. In fact he goes a step further describing those “pursuing the will-o’-the-wisp called “comprehensive” immigration reform.”

Arizonans, living in a border state abutting Mexico, have more than a passing knowledge of that charade and its persistent perpetrators. John McCain paired on this issue with his then-senate colleague Jon Kyl. They were thwarted by outraged Americans who flooded senate phone and fax lines, causing a D.C. switchboard communications meltdown. 

After Kyl’s retirement, Jeff Flake, who won by the slimmest of margins, was all too happy to jump on-board the amnesty express, uniting with McCain, Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham as the RINO contingent of the Gang of Eight. They were joined by liberal cohorts Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, Robert Menendez, and Michael Bennet. This effort also failed, but it will resurrect again.

Don’t believe the deceit that our immigration system is broken. The only thing that is broken is the will to effectively enforce it.

Today this Reuters news report is headlined, “Authorities missed many ‘red flags’ before Paris shootings.”

Please watch this shocking video* and ask yourself how that could be. It turns out there have been ample warnings throughout Western Europe. This is without a doubt one of the most disturbing videos you will ever see. Be sure to pass it on. Knowledge is power. 

* H/T Buzzpo video brought to our attention by commenter Saguaro Sam

Dissecting the meteoric rise of GOP outsiders

November 4, 2015

Shell shocked Republican establishment gnashing teeth

Longtime readers of Seeing Red AZ know we often run a post known as “Weekend reading guaranteed to make you smarter,” featuring the writings of favorite brainy conservatives such as Dr. Thomas Sowell.

Today we’re breaking tradition and offering you a grand bit of deep thinking midweek. Victor Davis Hanson’s commentary in National Review, couldn’t be more apropos, situated between two Republican debates* and with anointed establishment candidate Jeb Bush failing miserably while outsiders Donald Trump and Ben Carson steamroll ahead, flattening governors and senators in their wake.

Tooth-Gnashing in the Republican Establishment” is enlightening. Consider it a gift. Best of all, it’s one that can be shared.

* The 4th Republican debate is scheduled for Tuesday, November 10 — less than a week away. It will be broadcast on Fox Business Network, and can be seen live on the web. The debate will focus on jobs, taxes, and the general health of the economy, as well as domestic and international policy issues.

McCain’s $$ can’t boost unpopular amnesty stance

October 26, 2015

McCain’s pre-election tough talk always reverts to amnesty after election

Dan Nowicki, John McCain’s operative who collects his paycheck from the daily newspaper, has written another tender missive to the very senior senator — who will be 80 by Election Day. Running for a sixth 6-year term, the deeply entrenched McCain has long been backed by lobbyist and PAC* money, the extent of which the average voter can’t begin to comprehend. And like his close friend Hillary Clinton, McCain has found a lucrative Eden in having a Foundation or Institute for image enhancement.

Nowicki’s article in the Sunday edition extols McCain for “outpacing rivals in 2016 Senate race fundraising.”

The one-note reporter gives a fleeting mention of the fact that McCain has intra-party challengers.  Dr. Kelli Ward, a two-term state senator with conservative credentials is best positioned to take on RINO McCain. Engaging in wishful thinking, Nowicki leaps instead to the General Election and spends inordinate time discussing liberal Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick, an off-again, on-again CD 1 Representative, who was sent packing by voters after her second-rate first term only to resurrect following a two-year hiatus and altered district boundaries.

In elevating the censured and retaliatory McCain to undeserved heights, Dan Nowicki has developed a case of amnesia when it comes to the establishment elite, who have long ago ceased caring about constituents. A luminous example for Nowicki to contemplate is former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, a Virginia Congressman, whose arrogance led him to take his position for granted and presume he was infallible despite his unpopular amnesty stance, which even the left-wing Washington Post acknowledged hurt him.

In 2014 Cantor lost the Republican Primary to conservative economics professor and political newcomer, David Brat, in a stunning upset. Embarrassed in defeat, he resigned his leadership post, following that with his early resignation from Congress. Though Cantor spent $5.4 million compared to Brat’s $122,000, Cantor still lost by a whopping 11 points. Cantor’s amnesty position contributed to his downfall.

After giving a brief concession speech and being whisked out of the hotel, open borders advocates stormed the ballroom to push for so-called “comprehensive reform.” They were too late. Their big-spending advocate was gone, replaced by a winner the media mocked as a “tea party candidate.”  Sound familiar?

Arizona conservatives can brew a cup of Earl Grey, take heart from that David (Brat) triumph over Goliath (Cantor) and gird their loins in preparation. We can do it.

*courtesy Center for Responsive Politics

But, but….it’s for the children

October 20, 2015

Never ending tax increases

A recent editorial in the local newspaper clearly defines the definition of going ballistic. At issue is the Maricopa County Republican Party’s opposition to the nearly thirty school districts across the Valley asking for voters to approve school bonds and overrides.

This is the October 16, 2015 press release that caused the commotion:

Republican Party of Maricopa County Calls For Sweeping Reforms To Override Election Laws

The Maricopa County GOP is calling for sweeping reforms to school district override election laws, in order to ensure that the voting public is no longer misled regarding how the money will be spent should the tax increase be approved.

The overwhelming majority of voters in Arizona are unaware that school districts are only legally obligated to spend override monies on the priorities outlined in the official voter pamphlets and promoted by pro-tax political action committees in the first year. After year one, school districts are free to waste the override dollars on whatever non-essential, non-classroom purposes they choose.

“Legislation to correct the widespread voter confusion as to how override dollars can be spent and the manner in which those expenditures are communicated to the public prior to the election is long overdue,” said Republican Party of Maricopa County Spokesman Jake Hoffman. “As a former elected school board member, I have sat in public meetings where in response to that these very district leaders intend to squander the money on non-classroom expenditures.

County GOP leadership is right. Regardless of the habitual, plaintive pleas from schools and cities for ever more funding, citizens are not golden egg laying geese. Arizona school children and the education they receive are too important to be left to these bait-and-switch tax schemes pushed by public school district administrators under the guise of teacher pay and smaller classes.

In a suspiciously timed August election — when low city voter turnout is guaranteed to be even lower — residents of Phoenix were asked to double the city transit tax over 35 years and spend $31.5 billion on an unaccountable light rail expansion — which is actually used by less than one percent of city residents. Thanks to solid union voting blocs — police, fire fighters, unionized teachers and city employees — this unconscionable monstrosity passed as special interest groups disproportionately skewed the vote to the left.

Now we are being told that a disaster of apocalyptic proportions will be visited upon our children if we don’t loosen up even more cash via higher property taxes. It’s a never-ending saga.  As cash-strapped families are forced to get by on less, school districts think they are exempt from such belt-tightening.

Schools are teaching climate change instead of American history and recycling rather than the U.S. Constitution. Cursive is gone, ensuring the end of handwriting. College students can’t find Japan on a map, and if your math challenged child lands a job at McDonald’s he can push the pictures on the computerized screen in front of him to process the order and dump the correct change in the customer’s hand. Public school grads are unable to count back change. 

We did find some humor in the newspaper’s editorial tantrum. They are still miffed that GOP County Chairman Tyler Bowyer hosted Donald Trump’s Phoenix appearance. They call Trump a “gadfly mogul” whose comments are offensive to the voters the Republican party needs to win elections  — as if the newspaper liberals care whether we win elections. The censure of John McCain in numerous counties and by elected statewide Republican delegates also doesn’t sit well with the editorial board. The editorial says it was because “McCain had the good sense to pursue immigration reform,” code jargon for amnesty. 

The Arizona Republics ranting fools fool no one.

McCain never changes: always blames conservatives

October 15, 2015

Taking a short trip back in time, it’s abundantly clear that nothing changes when it comes to John McCain. He’s always eager to take conservatives to task.

Breitbart’s Tony Lee wrote that McCain blamed conservatives such as Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) for the Obama administration’s mishandling of military death benefits. In the ultimate irony, longtime RINO McCain said conservative Cruz “simply did not represent the GOP.”

McCain has previously insulted conservatives, even calling them wacko birds, an epithet Cruz skillfully embraced in a senate speech.

The televised interview seen here, features Fox News host Martha MacCallum mentioning that Ted Cruz would be visiting Barack Obama at the White House — along with other Republican senators — to discuss the negligence associated with the distribution of military death benefits to grieving yet needy families.

MacCallum asked McCain, “How do you feel about him representing you there?”  In response, McCain smirked before saying, “First of all, Martha, please, he’s not representing us there.” 

In the interview, McCain bizarrely said conservatives were as much to blame for the problem regarding the death benefits as (former) Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, an Obama appointed RINO.

McCain condescendingly told the award-winning Fox News anchor, “We’re in a serious situation, my dear.”

We’ll give McCain this much. A “serious situation” does exist.  It’s one Arizonans know too well. We are not being represented. Fortunately, we have a rare opportunity to remedy that. Senate terms span six long years. The shameless, amnesty-supporting hypocrite and gaffe-prone John McCain will be 80 by Election Day 2016. Physician and State Senator Kelli Ward presents a strong and intelligent conservative alternative.

Currently, Ward leads McCain by nine percentage points, an impressive boost since the earlier May polling, which showed McCain ahead. People are catching on.

“There are few Republicans who have betrayed our conservative principles more than John McCain,” is how Senate Conservatives Fund describes John McCain on a page titled, Replace John McCain.

 It’s time to do it.

AZ U.S. Rep. Schweikert speaks truth about McCain

October 5, 2015

Congressman David Schweikert (R-CD 6) is being excoriated by John McCain’s obedient reporter at the daily newspaper.

Dan Nowicki, who dutifully covers the senior senator as though his career depends on it, hammers Schweikert in the Sunday edition.  And what did the congressman do to warrant such treatment as a headline using the full names of all players: “David Schwiekert’s dismissal of John McCain boosts Ann Kirkpatrick”?

Republican Schweikert stands accused of speaking the truth as it relates to the unpopular and weakened McCain — who will be 80 by Primary Election day and is running for his sixth 6-year senate term.

You do the math.

Incompetent  Ann Kirkpatrick, a union-supported, pro-abortion liberal, mounting a challenge to McCain has used Schweikert’s assessment in a campaign ad as if the facts are news.

Even Nowicki grudgingly acknowledges forces are aligned to take out McCain.

The rise of presidential aspirant outsiders such as Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina, while anointed establishment candidate Jeb Bush sinks to the low single digits, is sure to give McCain heartburn. Stir in the conservative glee over Obama-obliging House Speaker John Boehner’s imminent departure, along with the stunning 2014 Primary defeat of GOP House Majority Leader Eric Cantor by an unknown conservative, and it becomes clear Republicans want  new and conservative faces. Cantor vastly outspent Brat but was unable to shake the assertion that he too willing to compromise on illegal immigration — now a looming issue even in Virginia.

McCain is described as “the ultimate insider” by his own toady Nowicki. The esteemed Conservative Review scores McCain with a bright red “F.”

John McCain is indeed vulnerable. His own party’s elected officials overwhelmingly voted to censure him. He ruthlessly retaliated by colluding with Democrats as he attempted to purge the conservatives activists from elected precinct committeemen posts. McCain colluded with discredited IRS official Lois Lerner in a concerted effort to target conservative advocacy groups.

It will only be due to a glut of candidates that John McCain could hope to win. Of the challengers, there is only one —  physician and constitutional conservative former state senator — Kelli Ward, who is deserving of your vote. Read her impressive bio, check out her stance on the issues that matter to Arizonans, send her a donation, and get out the vote for a woman who will make Arizona proud.

McCain was first elected to the U.S. House in 1982. He’s now running for his sixth six-year senate term.

Haven’t you had enough of his deception?


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