Is civilization approaching crisis mode?

October 2, 2022

Seeing Red AZ has occasionally shared a particularly enlightening column we’ve encountered with our readers — posting it under the headline, “Weekend Reading Guaranteed to Make you Smarter.”  Today we upgrade our previous description as we bring you the genius of favored columnist, Victor Davis Hanson, and his most recent commentary titled, “The Thinnest Veneer of Civilization.” Appearing on Townhall, it embodies sheer brilliance. Reading it is sure to raise knowledge levels and possibly our IQs. 

Alien Invasion: A shocking documentary on Biden’s border crisis

October 1, 2022

Sec. of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas bent on reconfiguring America

Officially Congressman Andy Biggs represents the people of Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District. But in fact, he represents us all…and how fortunate we are to have this knowledgeable man serving in Washington, D.C. alongside, and partnering with, our state’s GOP U.S. Reps. Paul Gosar, DDS (CD-4), David Schweikert (CD- 6), and Debbie Lesko (CD-8).

U.S. Rep. Biggs — co-chair of the Congressional Border Security Caucus — recently premiered a new border documentary titled, “Alien Invasion,” at The Heritage Foundation. The documentary addresses how Joe Biden’s border crisis began, its consequences, and solutions to address the crisis. SRAZ has included it here for our valued readers.

Biggs introduced H.R.8951 the Ending Catch and Release Act of 2022. This legislation amends the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) to prohibit the Biden Administration from continuing to release illegal aliens into the United States. The Washington Times headlined its coverage, “Biggs renews calls to impeach Mayorkas in new documentary targeting Biden’s border policies.”

Watch Biggs’ newly released, fact-filled documentary. We are presenting it on Saturday when time is not as constricted as on a weekday. This information is crucial.

Alejandro Mayorkas’ 56 – 43 senate confirmation as Secretary of Homeland Security was, with few exceptions, a party line vote. Arizona’s two democrat senators, putting party above their own border state’s security, both supported him.

AZ Republic ups its election deceit, hypes radical Mark Kelly

September 23, 2022

Read about the border disaster in Cochise County Arizona

The local newspaper has long been characterized on these pages as a failing entity, losing subscribers faster than a newly tick-bathed dog loses fleas and ticks. It also has less than a nodding acquaintance with facts, otherwise known as truth. As subscriptions have plummeted and longtime reporters and editors were given their walking papers — replaced by ASU Cronkite Journalism students working for a byline — even basic grammar frequently takes a back seat. Seeing Red AZ recently headlined, “AP report: Hard-copy newspapers dying at breakneck speed,” which detailed that  U.S. newspapers are continuing to die at a rate of 2 each week  Fabricating news to fit an agenda is likely a major contributing factor.

A recent pre-election report was topped by this deceitful headline, “Focusing on independence, Sen. Kelly helps Democratic efforts.” Longtime readers of SRAZ are aware that this site does not capitalize the word democrat and never uses the word “democratic” as a political party description, since Republicans, whose first elected president was Abraham Lincoln, are fervent believers in democracy. It’s an act of desperation for the newspaper to describe radical leftist, first-term senator Mark Kelly inaccurately using the word “independence,” since he is willing tool of the left and a Second Amendment restrictionist. The report quotes Kelly as blaming corporations for driving inflation, when corporations provide jobs and keep the economy rolling. It is Joe Biden who is responsible for what is known as “Bidenflation,” a national calamity made all the worse when juxtaposed against the soaring Trump economy.

Our sovereign national border has become a open pathway for illegal aliens to breach, bringing non-English speakers from numerous nations who need living accommodations, food, schooling for their children and bring crime to our neighborhoods. The astronomical costs of $20.4 billion since Biden took office — falling on American taxpayers — in addition to the $140 billion existing illegal aliens already cost, has been reported by Fox News.

The Center for Immigration Studies’ Andrew R. Arthur covers the disaster in Arizona’s Cochise County. Read his report, “Where ‘the Wall’ Ends in Cochise County, Ariz. — Of cartel spotters and the washed-out roads that you paid tens of millions for.”

Fraidy Katie Hobbs: AZ dem Gov candidate ignoring voters hits new low & UPDATE

September 12, 2022

Hobbs described as presiding over “emotionally abusive” environment by out-of-state newspaper

Primary elections are behind us. Looking ahead, for democrats, Arizona’s governor’s race is worthy of buying stock in Super Strength Tylenol. Although GOP candidate Kari Lake has been willing and able to debate, democrat Katie Hobbs has retreated, hiding behind whatever contrivances she can conjure up.

Katie Hobbs’ campaign manager, Nicole DeMont, attempted to give cover to her dodging client, who is terrified of a debate with Republican Kari Lake. DeMont posted, “For weeks, Arizona was ridiculed as clips of the GOP primary debate circulated on social media. As a candidate and as governor, Sec. Hobbs will never participate in something that will make Arizona the butt of late-night TV jokes and national ridicule. She has too much respect for the people of Arizona.”

“As a candidate and as a governor”? Nice try, Nicole, but no cigar.

The actual butt…of ridicule and myriad other adjectives…is, in fact, Katie Hobbs. As secretary of state now running for governor, she owed it to Arizona voters to make herself accessible and answer questions in the Citizen Clean Elections (CCE) debate forum that’s been used successfully for two decades. Hobbs even stacked the deck in her own favor by appointing CCE Commissioner Mark Kimble, ostensibly an “Independent,” whose bio shows him to have worked as a senior press advisor and communications director for two Arizona democrat members of congress.

Still, Fraidy Katie dashed in the opposite direction until the clock ran out and the debates incorporating her petulant demands never took place. Hobbs, who demeans the very voters she needs to cultivate, is not deserving of the votes of any Arizonans who are paying attention to the juvenile and insulting tactics she used to cover her inabilities and disconnect with Arizona voters. Trump-endorsed Republican Kari Lake doesn’t denigrate us. She makes herself readily accessible.  Don’t be conned by Fraidy Katie. She is the only statewide democrat candidate who refused to debate their Republican opponent. She even refused to debate her democrat Primary opponent.

News of Hobbs’ myriad problems have even reached the Tennessee Star newspaper, which reports Hobbs has faced high campaign staff turnover, and former employees have pointed to an “emotionally abusive” environment.

UPDATE Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2022:

Despite its hard-line leftist stance, the local newspaper has apparently cultivated what could be called a sense of humor, giving front-page, above-the-fold placement, including a lengthy jump-page to a regurgitated headlined report, titled, “Hobbs decides against debate.” Quoting a statement, DeMont now adds, Hobbs “respectfully” declined. Hobbs’ so-called respect does not extend to Arizona’s voters who rightfully expect to hear from the candidates for Arizona’s top job.

Republican candidate Kari Lake, appropriately referred to Hobbs as a “coward.”

When Hobbs was Arizona Senate Minority Leader she admitted her guilt in a case of bigotry against Talonya Adams, a black female lawyer and AZ Senate policy advisor who sued and won a $multimillion judgment in a unanimous verdict. This damming report in the Arizona Republic appeared at the time. The facts have since been suppressed as it promotes this bigot for governor.

JD on the air today 3-6pm 960 AM “The Patriot” radio

September 2, 2022

Tune in today, Friday, Sept. 2…as our former Congressman JD Hayworth guest hosts for Seth Leibsohn on “The Patriot.”  Listen LIVE.

Frantic EJ hurls deceitful slurs, attempts to invalidate popular Republicans

September 1, 2022

Arizona’s failing newspaper employs a pitiful man who obediently carries its polluted water. It’s the ideal job for a wizened toady past retirement age who needs to feel relevant. And how does he accomplish this feat? EJ Montini focuses his bile on people who have had careers in public service; actually accomplishing all that eluded pathetic EJ who uses his keyboard to spew vile hatred.

What distresses this pitiful shell of a man is Republicans. Conservatives drive him to distraction. As General Election Day approaches he has lost all sense of restraint and engages in name-calling like the neighborhood bully who threw rocks and threats, but cowardly kept his distance, as we were walking to school. The difference is, Montini has no heft, either physically or mentally. His stock in trade is derision with contemptible abhorrence thrown into his unsavory brew.

It’s not enough that this characterless character is hate-filled and perpetually enraged at GOP politicians; his stock in trade is smearing them. His latest targets are Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and Mark Finchem, the Republican candidate for Arizona secretary of state.

The thought of them ascending to Arizona’s top two offices is more than Montini can process. He actually calls them “Donald Trump cultists.”

Resorting to venomous tirades, he attempts to link both Republicans and state Senator Wendy Rogers to a state senate candidate in Oklahoma, who Montini has declared to be “homophobic and anti-Semitic,” vicious handles he hopes will somehow stick to the Arizona candidates. 

The only thing that will stick is the stench of Montini‘s boundless hatred of Republicans. He is drenched in the repulsive odor.

A special “Weekend reading guaranteed to make you smarter”

August 27, 2022

Seeing Red AZ has occasionally used the title, “Weekend reading guaranteed to make you smarter,” bringing our readers such nationally acclaimed conservative luminaries as historian Victor Davis Hanson, constitutional law expert Mark Levin or previously, Professors Thomas Sowell (ret. 2016) and Walter Williams (d. 2020).

Today we feature former Arizona Congressman J.D. Hayworth, now a broadcaster and columnist who knows more than a thing or two about Arizona politics. His most recent column, ‘Sinematic’ moment for Arizona’s senior senator, published in the Mesa Tribune is both entertaining and informative.

Take time to read it. You’ll be glad you did.

Biden falls in polls as Trump surges ahead

August 26, 2022

Yahoo! News, known for its far left bias, admits that former President Trump’s favorability rating has increased among voters in general, and Republicans in particular, following the unprecedented Aug. 8 raid on his Mar-a-Lago family home by FBI agents. Donald Trump has also widened his lead over potential challenger Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis by 18 points. Significantly, 57% of Republicans now say Trump would be a stronger candidate in 2024 than he was in 2020 — with only 17% taking the opposite view. Sixty-two (62%) of those polled say he is helping rather than hurting (22%) the GOP.

In an unusual turnabout, substantial majorities of Republicans and 2020 Trump voters — groups that traditionally favor law enforcement — now express negative views about the FBI, the Department of Justice and U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland.

A Yahoo! News poll taken in July had even more dismal results for dems. Only 18% of Americans polled said Joe Biden should run for reelection in 2024 — the lowest number to date. Nearly two-thirds (64%) say he should bow out. They obviously haven’t realized he already has, even while sitting in the White House.

Weekend reading guaranteed to make you smarter

August 21, 2022

Today we gift our readers with the brilliance of Victor Davis Hanson and his most recent column titled, ‘Civil War’ Porn.  Once again he zones in on indisputable truths making us all smarter for having taken the time to read the well-presented facts.

Prof. Hanson, a prolific author, has also written “The Case for Trump.”

Bidding a cheery farewell to lyin’ Liz

August 16, 2022

RINOcrat Liz Cheney faces Trump supporters at the Wyoming polls today as they turn out to vote for Trump-endorsed Attorney Harriet Hageman

When 41 percent of poll respondents indicate they are casting a vote against the incumbent, it demonstrates an astronomical level of grassroot voter dissatisfaction. Wyoming has a single seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, currently occupied by Liz Cheney. Her campaign website encourages democrats to reregister as Republicans to aid her failing primary campaign, providing an insight into her lack of commitment to conservative values and the desire of leftists to keep her in office to continue to do their bidding. Wyoming election laws also allow same-day changes at local polling places.

Although the deep-red state backed Donald Trump by 70 percent in 2020, Cheney notoriously joined with the united democrats and nine other GOP defectors as she voted to impeach the former president. Liz Cheney referred to him as “a threat to democracy.” 

Attorney Harriet Hageman, backed by President Trump and endorsed by numerous other GOP leaders, leads Cheney by double digits, 57% to 28%. Her values are solid, which will give a boost to the voters of Wyoming who voted overwhelmingly for Trump.

Of the other nine GOP representatives who joined Cheney voting for impeachment, four — seeing their dismal future — chose not to seek reelection, while three lost their primaries to Trump-backed challengers. Only two, Dan Newhouse (WA) and David Valadao (CA) will take their chances in the general election. Both states are blue and should regard these Republicrats as their own.

Cheney previously stated she would not launch a “Democrats for Cheney” group attempting to recruit supporters from across the political aisle. “That is not something that I have contemplated, that I have organized or that I will organize,” Cheney deceitfully said at the time.

Polls close at 7:00 PM.  The Secretary of State will post election results as they become available.