“Unity” Pres. Biden is front man for constitutional crisis

January 25, 2021

Dems’’ illegitimate impeachment is against a private citizen. Donald Trump is no longer president. Its intent to demoralize not only Pres. Trump but also his 74 million supporters and will have profound repercussions in future elections

On his Fox news program, “Life, Liberty & Levin,” aired on Sunday, legal authority, constitutional scholar and conservative political pundit Mark Levin succinctly zeroed in on what America is facing with Joe Biden in the Oval Office:

“Joe Biden made much of the word unity. Nothing that Joe Biden has done since his inauguration speech demonstrates any form of unity. It’s conformity. Conformity. He’s there proudly signing one executive order after another. These executive orders do what? Taxpayer-paid-for abortion on demand, even one minute before birth.The Paris climate accords, which ought to be a treaty, and ties our hands, plus his war on American energy. Who benefits from that? Communist China, of course. So, that does more damage to us than communist Chinese could ever hope to do. Open borders. The Iran deal. The World Health Organization that is controlled by communist Chinese and lied to us and caused us grave damage at the beginning of this virus.”

Levin continued, “He’s destroyed women’s sports because now boys who are genetically still boys get to participate in women’s sports, so that will affect the girls for a very, very long time in our high schools, colleges and universities. What else? COVID-19. He comes up with a $1.9 trillion package that has almost nothing to do with COVID-19. Massive payoffs to the teachers’ unions, to blue state mayors, to blue state governors to help them pay off the debt they acquired long before the virus. And he has no real vaccine distribution plan. He says I want 100 million vaccines given in 100 days. Well, guess what. He took office. We were doing a million each day, which means 100 million in 100 days. His only plan in that regard is to trash Trump, to dumb down all those achievements, and to make an absurd claim that he has done some great job. There’s been no unity. In fact, we have a situation now, where I think we are in a constitutional crisis.”

Levin’s monologue continued and can be accessed by clicking on the link in the second paragraph.

You might want to read his words a second time to fully digest what America is up against with emboldened socialists in control of our nation. Trump hatred rages to the extent that all of his accomplishments are being systematically obliterated. Biden signed 17 Executive Orders prepared by his handlers, and which it’s a good bet he never read, his first day in office. This destructive agenda will only worsen after radically leftist Kamala Harris, who as a short term U.S. Senator voted to the left of avowed socialist Bernie Sanders, moves into presidency as Joe Biden’s cognitive decline becomes an unable to be disguised reality. Non-partisan Govtrack ranked Harris the most politically left compared to all senators.

Breaking: AZ GOP state committeemen reelect Trump supported Kelli Ward chairman

January 23, 2021

AZ GOP Chair Kelli Ward’s plan for future successes

Arizona’s statewide Republican elected State Committeemen are assembling today at the Statutory meeting to elect party officers and conduct other official business. Many of our readers are party activists.

This 4 minute video titled “Reckoning is definitely worth your time. Watch it before you cast your vote.

Chairman Dr. Kelli Ward, running for reelection, explains where we’ve been and the future ahead:

“In 2020, Arizona faced a political reckoning. The Mainstream Media, the Left, and the D.C. Pundit Class breathlessly predicted that this would finally be the year that Arizona turned blue. The Democrats and their national allies went all-in to try and flip our state. To put it bluntly, Democrats were aiming for a knockout punch. But once all the dust settled, it was clear that Republicans held the line. Now begins the war for the heart and soul of Arizona.”

Dr. Kelli Ward a former two-term state senator and family practice physician, has capably led our party and done so graciously and with boundless energy. There is no learning curve for this exceptional woman, who has won the endorsement of President Trump as seen in this video. She has earned and deserves your vote.

AZ Republicans have a great Foundation to build upon

January 22, 2021

Dr. Kelli Ward, chairwoman of the Arizona Republican Party is a featured Townhall columnist today. This is an especially important read since she is running for reelection to the state GOP’s top post tomorrow, Saturday, January 23.

Take a few minutes to acquaint yourself with the many accomplishments under her skilled leadership, including the three-pronged approach that focuses on fundraising, candidate support, and activating the grassroots. She reminds us that congressional redistricting is approaching and Arizona Republicans are well-positioned to pick up another seat in the U.S. House of Representatives and regain our majority in Arizona’s congressional delegation. This is of paramount importance as we move forward.

If you are an elected state committeeman, Dr. Kelli Ward deserves your vote. This is not a time for untested leadership. If you are a grassroots activist, Arizona needs your support to accomplish the goals ahead. The backbone of our party are the precinct committeemen.  Become one! (This page will be updated.)

Read Chairman Kelli Ward’s enlightening column HERE.

Pres. Donald J. Trump’s farewell address to the nation

January 20, 2021

First Lady Melania Trump also addressed her fellow Americans with a message of hope and gratitude.


President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania have delivered unparalleled leadership and grace to the United States of America in the most tumultuous of times. We wish them and their family Godspeed as they return to their private lives.

How fortunate we have been to have these two remarkable people leading our great nation.

Donald Trump: One of the most effective presidents in U.S. history

January 10, 2021

Today we are reviving our occasional post, “Weekend reading guaranteed to make you smarter,” that was put to rest while the Trump presidency kept us energized.

The best summation of President Trump’s time at the helm of our country is featured on Townhall today.

It’s titled,Though Inglorious, Trump Remains One of the Most Effective Presidents in U.S. History,” by George Mullen.

Although the word “unconventional” surely would have been a better title choice, Mullen itemizes many of the spectacular accomplishments that have emerged from the Trump presidency, listing “10 significant Trump successes that have benefited America and the global community.” The column explains why President Trump has amassed a loyal following and why the radical left despises him.

It will be worth your time.

Chaos descends on DC as Antifa goons infiltrate Trump supporters

January 7, 2021

Shocking violence rocked the U.S. Capitol as mobs broke windows and pushed their way through Congress, disrupting the certification of Arizona’s electoral votes.  Capitol police, unprepared for the thug-caused pandemonium made 52 arrests as the district imposed a curfew.

A death occurred as the Capitol building was locked down, Vice President Mike Pence was ushered to safety, members of Congress were hurried off the floor and the debate over certifying the election was stopped. There were reports of smashed glass, gunfire and ruffians running around the Senate floor. Capitol police officers were injured.

These were the 6 GOP senators who voted to object to the Electoral College vote: Sen. Josh Hawley (MO), Sen. Ted Cruz (TX), Sen. Tommy Tuberville (AL) Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith (MS), Sen. John Kennedy (LA) and Sen. Roger Marshall (KS). Ninety-three other voted to affirm.

Republicans traveled to D.C. in a show of gratitude for President Trump’s efforts on behalf of the nation we revere. When mobs infiltrated his appreciative supporters, President Trump urged his supporters to “Go home…go home in peace.”  His words were mocked by one of the Antifa mobsters invading the building who was quoted as saying, “He said go home? This is our home!”

An unidentified man said, “Riot police came in and started ushering us out with their sticks and stuff.” Asked how they got in the Capitol, he boasted, “We tore through the scaffolding, through flashbangs and tear gas, and blitzed our way in through all of the chambers.”

Rapidly losing subscribers, the radically left-wing local newspaper, headlines its coverage: PRO-TRUMP MOB INVADES CAPITOL. Every letter to the editor suspiciously denounces President Trump.

As we’ve come to expect, Cindy Hensley McCain, a former drug addict who stole prescription opiates from her own charity, supported Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. She blamed Donald Trump who easily achieved the presidency that repeatedly eluded her Republicrat husband, who was censured by Arizona elected state delegates. Still stung by his rejections, the never-accused-of-being-intelligent beer heiress’ surrogate tweeted, “It exposes for all to see the reckless selfishness of President Trump and the cynicism of elected Republicans, who defended his unconstitutional effort to cling to power. They have shamed our country, and delighted our enemies.”

For a more cogent view of the events read this Gateway Pundit account by a former FBI agent who was on the scene.

Dr. Kelli Ward announces run for 2nd term as AZ GOP Chair

January 6, 2021

A staunch conservative, supportive of and by President Trump, Dr. Kelli Ward deserves the support of elected state committeemen at the statutory January 23 reorganizational meeting

Dems and Republicrat allies unite against Pres. Trump

January 4, 2021

Today’s quiz: What does Utah Republicrat Sen. Mitt Romney have in common with Democrats Joe Manchin (WV), Mark Warner (VA), Jeanne Shaheen (NH), Maggie Hassan (NH), and Dick Durbin ( IL)?

Answer: They, along with fringe Republicans Susan Collins (ME), Bill Cassidy (LA), Lisa Murkowski (AK), and registered Independent Angus King (ME), have all signed onto a statement released Sunday afternoon, just three days before Congress is scheduled to certify the Electoral College vote, declaring, “The election is over.”

“The 2020 election is over. All challenges through recounts and appeals have been exhausted. At this point, further attempts to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election are contrary to the clearly expressed will of the American people and only serve to undermine Americans’ confidence in the already determined election results.

“The voters have spoken, and Congress must now fulfill its responsibility to certify the election results. In two weeks, we will begin working with our colleagues and the new administration on bipartisan, common sense solutions to the enormous challenges facing our country. It is time to move forward.”

Romney’s harsh rebuke of Republican senators came just hours after Texas Sen. Ted Cruz called for the immediate creation of a special commission to audit the election over 10 days prior to Joe Biden’s Jan. 20 planned inauguration.

“Once completed, individual states would evaluate the Commission’s findings and could convene a special legislative session to certify a change in their vote, if needed,” Sen. Cruz wrote. Twelve stalwart Republicans have joined with Pres. Trump in rejecting the election results.

Romney’s rage at being trounced by Trump and not gaining a prominent position in the administration has never abated. He responded by taking direct aim at Cruz, and his GOP cohorts, calling their effort an “ill-conceived endeavor.”

Chiming in, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney’s 2012 VP nominee, issued a statement declaring, “Biden’s victory is entirely legitimate” and efforts to sow doubt about the election “strike at the foundation of our republic.”

In 2019, Ryan was brought on as a member of the board of the reconfigured and no longer conservative Fox News, now dominated by Rupert Murdoch’s son, Lachlan. His brother James and his wife Kathryn donated $1.23 million to the Biden Victory Fund. Kathryn, a rabid leftist, was Director of Strategy & Communications for the Clinton Climate Initiative. Rupert is now 89 years old.

Keep your eye on the deceivers. They have despised Donald Trump since he first announced his run for the presidency and have only intensified their rage as he has fulfilled his promises to the American people. 

Rush Limbaugh sends love, Christmas wishes in final show of 2020

December 24, 2020

As his fans are all too aware, Rush Limbaugh announced Feb. 3, that he had been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer.

The following night, during the State of the Union address, President Trump awarded the obviously surprised Limbaugh the Presidential Medal of Freedom, (brief video) which First Lady Melania Trump seated beside him, placed around his neck. The president thanked the radio host for his longtime charity work and “decades of tireless devotion to our country.”

Rush Limbaugh’s influence was immediate from his first nationally syndicated show August 1, 1988. He paved the way for conservative talk radio to lead on AM radio.

It is with our profound gratitude to Limbaugh’s impact on the thinking of so many that we direct our readers to, “What Rush Limbaugh’s life says about eternity,” by Richard Jack Rail. The author says of Rush Limbaugh, “He has pointed millions of Americans back to the path we ought never have left.” According to EIB (Excellence in Broadcasting) the number is 43 million daily.

Watch the opening of his Dec. 23 show, the last of this year, as he wishes “Merry Christmas everybody…I love you all.”

His grateful audience loves him back and wishes him and his wife, Kathryn, a Merry Christmas and many blessings in return.

What are Arizona ballots doing in Georgia? Evidence election fraud exists

December 14, 2020

Lawyers Lin Wood and Sidney Powell expose widespread voter fraud that imperils free and fair American elections

Check out nationally renown lawyer Lin Wood’s tweet showing disturbing photos of Georgia mail-in ballots hidden in a Fulton warehouse….many shipped from Arizona.

Our scorching triple-digit temperatures have abated. The weather is cool and delightful here. Surely the Arizona ballots weren’t going on vacation.

For in-depth information on the questionable validity of the election results and the fraudulent Dominion voting machines, watch this important interview with attorney Sidney Powell who has been leading election lawsuits in multiple states. Her bio is extensive. She has been lead counsel in more than 500 federal appeals — 350 of them as an Assistant United States Attorney and Appellate Section Chief in the Western and Northern Districts of Texas.

On Friday, she filed emergency requests to the U. S. Supreme Court, asking the justices to order officials in Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Arizona to de-certify their 2020 election results.