Republicans and illegal aliens: A no-win proposition

August 27, 2016

John McCain and Jeff Flake cited as relentless amnesty purveyors

Factoring in “both illegal immigration and legal immigration, the Republican Party is literally bringing in the very people by the millions who will ensure that there is never another conservative President. Has there ever been another political party that has systematically and intentionally destroyed itself the way the Republican Party is doing on amnesty?”

John Hawkins, writing one of his two weekly columns for Townhall, poses that weighty question and others in his latest column, 5 Questions Pro-Amnesty Republicans Never Seem To Answer.” We often hear the words, “It’s a must read.” This column definitely is.

Hawkins calls out John McCain as the “face of amnesty” in the Republican Party, pointing  out he only received 31% of the Hispanic vote during his failed presidential bid. There is no corollary between any Republican promoting amnesty and winning the vote that is deeply embedded with the Democrats. Arizona’s junior senator,Jeff Flake is also mentioned  as an amnesty colluder.  Both McCain and Flake were momentary pre-election border hardliners, only to conspire with RINOs and the most liberal senate Democrats on the Gang of Eight amnesty forgiveness legislation within nanoseconds after the ballots were counted. Hawkins points out that “large amounts of cash” flowing into campaign coffers from the cheap labor profiteers in the business establishment is the driving force.

In 2013 Ann Coulter wrote this commentary, “Hispanicked GOP Elite: They’ll Respect Us In the Morning, facetiously stating, “Don’t anyone tell Marco Rubio, John McCain or Jeff Flake that nearly 80 percent of Hindus voted for Obama, or who knows what they’ll come up with.”

Coulter states, “I understand the interest of business lobbies in getting cheap, unskilled labor through amnesty, but why do Republican officeholders want to create up to 20 million more Democratic voters, especially if it involves flouting the law? Are the campaign donations from the soulless rich more important than actual voters?”

“Without citing any evidence, the Rubio Republicans simply assert that granting 12 million to 20 million illegal aliens amnesty will make Hispanics warm to the GOP.” Coulter correctly notes, “Yes, that’s worked like a charm since Reagan signed an amnesty bill in 1986!”

Dr. Kelli Ward, a physician and former two term (two years each) state senator challenging John McCain unequivocally states, we must have a secure border. Ward says, she‘ll “mix the mortar to seal the border.” We believe her! Tuesday is Election Day. It’s time for a change from the decades long McStatus quo. Check out Kelli Ward’s bio and watch the video linked under her name. 

Best indicator of McCain’s election fears? Continual phone surveys

August 26, 2016

In these final days leading up to the Aug. 30 Primary Election, telephone surveys are coming at breakneck speed. Each day this past week at least two calls have been received by many registered Republicans asking if the recipient plans to vote and what the likelihood is. The choices were “Certain to vote,” Maybe” or “Not planning to vote.” The next question, the causal connection,  relates to the U.S. Senate race here in Arizona. The inquiry begins with “Sen. John McCain” and then asks about “Kelli Ward,” omitting her title. She is a physician — a position that requires years of post graduate education.

The requirements for being a senator are far less rigorous —  be at least 30-years old, live in the state you want to represent and U.S. citizenship for a minimum of nine years.  Based on the wording of what is described as a “brief survey” it’s not outside of the realm of reasonableness to assume the polling is being conducted by the worried McCain campaign.

A separate sampling asked about the Corporation Commission race. The lead-in gave the names of the candidates and asked which of those running the voter would be casting their ballot for. 

It was the follow-up that was the attention grabber reeking of Big Brotherism. “Do you favor the Corporation Commission candidates who run using ‘dark money’ or would you prefer to see them appointed?”

The inference is that all of the candidates are running under a nefarious scheme rather than on in an open election, and that having them appointed rather than elected to those important utility  regulatory posts would ensure quality commissioners. No word on who the mysterious appointing body would be, but most of us would rather hang on to our votes than turn them over to those who think they know better than we do what we want.

Guard your vote and use it to elect conservative Dr. Kelli Ward to the U.S. Senate. At age 80, Republicrat John McCain is arrogantly running for a  sixth six-year termArizonans deserve much better.

Team McCain reportedly engaging in ballot harvesting

August 24, 2016

The corrupt practice of ‘ballot harvesting — collecting voted or unvoted ballots which are then filled out by others who deliver boxes of them to polling places has been exposed to such an extent that the Arizona legislature passed HB 2023 making the practice a Class 6 Felony. It was signed into law by Gov. Ducey in early March. The fraudulent action, utilized in minority neighborhoods most often by Hispanic advocacy groups, affects us all since it undercuts the integrity that each and every citizen has a right to expect from our election process.

Despite the law, the Arizona Daily Independent reports that John McCain’s team is also in on the act.  As a U.S. Senator since before many of his constituents were even born, the 80-year-old McCain, now running — scared  — for a sixth 6-year term, has voted on laws that affect the lives of Americans across the entire United States  He should know better than to authorize young, paid recruits working for him engage in such deceptive practices.

To skirt the law, Hispanic voter advocacy groups are now collecting people rather than ballots, renting vans to transport voters to the polls. They are recruiting high school students as drivers, and have announced they plan to deliver 50,000 people to the polls on Aug. 30. Our best advice is to stay off the roads in the areas where these young drivers with vans full of ballot clutching passengers are being madly shuttled back and forth. Are the drivers insured? Are they getting extra credit for skipping class to engage in this “civic duty“? Are the rental agencies aware of the fact that numerous drivers, insured or not, will be driving the vehicles?

McCain’s recruits are less obvious. McCain is being challenged by Dr. Kelli Ward, a vibrant former two-term state senator and family practice physician who has the savvy to work on restructuring the nightmare known as Obamacare. Unsavory out-of-state dark money PACs hustling for McCain in a desperate attempt to keep him around to do their bidding have bizarrely mischaracterized her as helping ISIS terrorists, though votes cast in the state legislature have nothing to do with issues of national security. Those take place in Washington D.C. where McCain has spent decades.

Her husbandDr. Michael Wardan Air Force Colonel, who has served voluntary tours of duty in global hot spots, is the Arizona State Flight Surgeon. The couple has three children.

Watch (scroll down for video) Dr. Kelli Ward, listen to her message, check out her issues pagesShe’s the real deal and wants you to vote. No one will be flouting the law to harvest your ballot.

The stark differences between John McCain and Dr. Kelli Ward can be seen here.

If John McCain’s the answer, what was the question?

August 23, 2016

There’s been a good deal of grumbling over the fact that Dish Network no longer carries NewsMax in the Phoenix market. With the publication of this absurd editorial, the broken ties will be much easier to take.

Sounding as if the puff piece came directly from the McCain fact manipulation mill, the poorly written, fabrication-filled endorsement would be laughable if not so disappointing. The writer obviously is not an Arizona voter or active in the Arizona Republican Party whose elected Precinct Committeemen overwhelmingly voted a censure resolution against John McCain in an unprecedented action at a statewide meeting of delegates in 2014. He had previously been censured at the annual mandatory Maricopa County meeting — the nation’s fourth largest — by a vote of 1,150 in support with only 351 opposed. These numbers reflect more than “some critics” who “complain he’s not conservative enough,” as described in the piece.

As to Obama “despising” McCain, that’s hardly the case. McCain has been a frequent visitor to the Obama White House. They are both cunning enough to contrive public differences to insulate McCain during this tough election year.

We are told, presumably with a straight face, “conservative icons in the senate have stepped forward to endorse McCain.“ All three are junior senators from their respective states and have been in the U.S. Senate for a single year — each taking their oath of office in January 2015.

The editorial has all the makings of a good baloney sandwich. Responding to it all would be a pointless exercise in tedium. The facts omitted about Dr. Kelli Ward, McCain’s primary challenger speak volumes. Instead they were obscured by phony allegations of chemtrail obsessions and her votes to aid ISIS — while in the state senate. Any fifth grader paying attention knows that issues relating to national security are considered in Washington, D.C. not the state legislature. But facts don’t keep the far left, well oiled pro-McCain out-of-state PAC machine from making outrageous allegations.

Reading the editorial, you would not be aware that Dr. Kelli Ward is a family practice physician. Her husband, Dr. Michael Ward, an Air Force Colonel, who has served voluntary tours of duty in global hot spots, is the Arizona State Flight Surgeon. The couple has three children.

Watch (scroll down for video) Dr. Kelli Ward, listen to her message, check out her issues pages. Then decide if the 80-year-old McCain, who is arrogantly running for a sixth 6-year term is long past being the answer to problems. Remember the Veteran’s Administration scandal erupted in Phoenix, within a short distance from McCain’s penthouse — one of the 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, or 11 homes he and Cindy own. He’s not sure.

If you think a sovereign nation doesn’t need enforceable borders, and it’s wise to reward those who illegally invade the United States with the gift of citizenship in these perilous times, John McCain is your guy. If you enjoy being repeatedly lied to on such major issues, go with McCain. If you’re looking for an honest, vibrant and accomplished woman who knows how to get things done, Dr. Kelli Ward deserves your vote. 

Haney delivers spot-on response to McCain puff piece

August 15, 2016

Rob Haney, former two-term elected Maricopa County Republican chairman responds to the Arizona Republic’s McCain-assigned reporter Dan Nowicki. The most recent publicity effort on candidate McCain’s behalf undeniably missed the mark.  McCain, unable to fittingly relinquish power is, at age 80, arrogantly running for reelection to a sixth six-year US Senate term. Seeing Red AZ titled our coverage last week,John McCain, Vietnam, 1969: audio bombshell.

Haney’s rejoinder to Nowicki which was not given space in the increasingly anorexic, far- left newspaper. is given space here:

Nowicki does get one thing correct in this sycophantic piece on McCain. McCain’s betrayals are nothing new. That inference is absolutely correct. McCain has a long history of betrayals which predate his time in Vietnam. Because of space limiting requirements here are but a few. The point here is that the following betrayals add veracity to the charges about his actions in Vietnam.

Betrayed his wife and children who had stood by him during his captivity in order to chase after his current wife, Cindy.

Betrayed the !st Amendment guarantee of free speech through his Campaign Finance Reform legislation.

Betrayed the 2nd Amendment right to own firearms through his attempt to pass legislation closing gun shows.

Betrayed traditional families when he flip-flopped on the marriage amendment legislation.

Betrayed the Constitution when he refused to protect our borders and citizens by pushing for amnesty for all illegals.

Betrayed the Constitution and Republican Platform as he pushed for pro-abortion laws for embryonic stem cell research.

Betrayed our country by refusing to back legislation making us energy independent. He opposed drilling for oil in the U.S.

Betrayed American workers by backing Gore’s global warming hoax & a huge bureaucracy to trade carbon credits.

Betrayed the Platform by blocking the conservative agenda and supporting efforts to eliminate conservatives from the party.

Betrayed U.S. seniors by supporting social security benefits for illegal aliens.

Betrayed POWs and their families by his shameful, bullying conduct at the Senate POW hearings he conducted.

Betrayed the sacred oath he took to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution.

Seeing Red AZ supports conservative Dr. Kelli Ward, a family practice physician and former two-term (2 years each) state senator in Arizona’s U.S. Senate race. John McCain has earned the “F” rating he has received from Conservative Review. The Senate Conservatives Fund has also had its fill. It’s time for John McCain and the despicable PACs that support him to be shown the door.

AZ U.S. Senate race: Trusting McCain has been a fool’s errand

August 14, 2016

Dr. Kelli Ward and John McCain: A study in contrasts

Here, in his own words, is U.S. Sen. John McCain, the man allegedly representing the citizens of the state of Arizona for decades. He has used the influence of the senate to negatively affect all Americans as he colludes with the most liberal Democrats as a “maverick.” Listen as he grandly proclaims,  “I know ISIS intimately, I’ve met them and I talk to them all the time.”

Dr. Kelli Ward, a conservative former two-term state senator and family practice physician challenging John McCain, has a decidedly different message. After enduring flagrant lies broadcast about her by a McCain aligned PAC, she boldly fights back, unequivocally making the case that it is McCain who is  “directly responsible” for the rise of ISIS.

Her tagline,“ Arizona needs a senator who will represent Arizona — not ISIS,” states the facts clearly. We’ve been hoodwinked by the very senior senator who, at age 80, is running for yet another 6-year term. As he fights for his political life, he walks a very complex path. McCain needs the Trump supporters, but they are fed up with the entrenched establishment and support Dr. Kelli Ward. 

For the full picture before you mark your ballot, watch her and listen to her message in this video. Check out her no-double talk “Issues page.

H/T: valued commenter Conservative Since Birth for the video links

John McCain: Still working to purge conservative PCs

August 11, 2016

McCain operatives are back at work attempting to remove conservative precinct committeemen from their elected posts by overfilling the allotted number of positions in key precincts and striving to scramble the intra-party election results in his favor.  We witnessed McCain’s undermining actions in his orchestrated 2014 purge of conservative activists as reported by Breitbart, FrontPage Mag, and POLITICO,  which described the conservative cleansing that took place at the time, using these words:

“As the longtime Republican senator lays the groundwork for a likely 2016 reelection bid, his political team is engaging in an aggressive and systematic campaign to reshape the state GOP apparatus by ridding it of conservative firebrands and replacing them with steadfast allies. The ambitious effort — detailed to POLITICO by nearly a dozen McCain operatives, donors, and friends — has stretched from office buildings in Alexandria, Virginia, where strategists plotted and fundraisers collected cash for a super PAC, to Vietnamese-American communities across Arizona, where recruiters sought out supporters eager to help the incumbent defeat the tea party. Team McCain’s goal? Unseat conservative activists who hold obscure, but influential, local party offices.”

The article went on to say, “The McCain team hasn’t decided whether it will launch a similar campaign to influence local races in 2016; its priority that year, it says, will be reelecting the senator.”

Fast forward.  Here we are in the midst of the 2016 election cycle with early ballots in the hands of voters.  And what do we see, but more of the same sleazy tactics, including overfills to oust conservative precinct committeemen and McCain operatives going door-to-door handing out cards with the names of compliant McCainites all too willing to do the bidding of Arizona’s very senior senator, who at age 80 is running for another 6-year term.

This identical tactic was used by former Sen. Jon Kyl in 2012.

John McCain is still enraged over the unprecedented and embarrassing censure by Arizona GOP elected state committeemen. His ire reached such a fever pitch that he was moved to collude with liberal Democrat Sen. Carl Levin, who represented Michigan for nearly four decades, and then-IRS official Lois Lerner to target tea party and other conservative groups, as reported by Judicial Watch.

Haven’t you had enough of the tyrannical tactics served up by John McCain? Dr. Kelli Ward (bio and video) is the vibrant, trustworthy and conservative alternative.


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