Delusional AZ newspaper puts schizophrenia on full display

September 2, 2021

Refuses to tell the truth about Joe Biden, report accurately on Afghan disaster

We get no more pleasure writing about the failure who occasionally appears in the White House than our readers do reading about him. Unfortunately, his caretaker handlers carry out the ill-conceived mandates of the radical left and we cover the disastrous outcomes, hoping there is less likelihood knowledgeable voters will commit the same disastrous error that put this barely cognizant man, closing in on octogenarian status, in charge of our nation. Many Americans have doubts about the integrity of the election, which is why election audits have gained momentum.

Today, we bring a bit of levity. The gravely ailing* Arizona Republic newspaper has outdone itself in the absurdity department. The old saying, “The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing,” takes on new relevance…as it comes to food and wine festivals.

These are two side-by-side headlines, each bearing the dual credits, “Arizona Republic USA Today Network,” juxtaposed with less than a half-inch separating them:

– Arizona’s biggest food and wine fest cancelled.

– Food and drink festivals return to metro Phoenix.

Who are readers supposed to believe? Their own lyin’ eyes or the radical, Hillary-endorsing newspaper? If it screws up abutting reports describing whether food festival events will or will not take place, imagine what it does with politics!

For actual news you’ll never read in the local leftist newspaper, The Daily Wire headlines its lead report, “130 Retired Generals, Admirals Demand Resignations From Milley, Austin Over Afghanistan Disaster.”

*H/T Phoenix Business Journal

Who’s running Biden? “I’m not supposed to take any questions now.”

August 30, 2021

H/T Curtis Houck / Managing editor NewsBusters

The left perverts forgiveness, compromises the law

August 28, 2021

Only credentialed psychoanalysts are qualified to analyze what propels certain thoughts or actions. But as observers, it’s difficult to comprehend what would motivate two of Robert Kennedy’s 11 children, one a toddler at the time of his father’s 1968 assassination, to tearfully plead with a California parole board to grant freedom to their father’s assassin, Sirhan Sirhan. Ethyl Kennedy, their mother was pregnant when her husband was gunned down. Another brother, ironically bearing his father’s name, also pled for the release of his father’s murderer. He was 14 when his father was slaughtered and became a drug addict. Despite their fame and wealth, the family was plagued with problems.* Another son died of an overdose.

Douglas Kennedy, the toddler at the time of his father’s murder addressed Sirhan Sirhan with these words:

“I’m overwhelmed just by being able to view Mr. Sirhan face to face. I think I’ve lived my life both in fear of him or his name in one way or another. I am grateful today to see him as a human being worthy of compassion and love.”

Robert Kennedy, Jr. wrote a letter to the board, “Strongly encouraging Mr. Sirhan’s release because of his impressive record of rehabilitation.”

The point of a life sentence is to keep violent offenders from recidivism. Robert Kennedy, Jr. is an environmental lawyer, clearly not familiar with criminal law.

At the time of his murder, New York U.S. Sen. Robert Kennedy was a democrat presidential candidate who had just delivered a victory speech at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles after winning his party’s California primary. President John F. Kennedy, his brother, was assassinated while in office in 1962.

Prosecutors could not oppose “Mr” Sirhan‘s release under a policy imposed by radical leftist Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon, who sides with criminals over law abiding citizens.

*H/T New York Post

No jab, no food? Freedom dedicated France spirals out of control

August 24, 2021

Starvation of French citizens is drastic tool to compel acquiesce

France is imposing a dire state of affairs as illustrated on WND. Protesters have taken to the streets in the nation which so valued liberty that in 1885 it gifted America the glorious Statue of Liberty that stood as a beacon to legal immigrants arriving at Ellis Island in New York Harbor. For nearly 140 years, it has remained a symbol of freedom and friendship.

Previously a monarchy overthrown in the French Revolution the elites had ruled the peasants. Now freedom takes a back seat again as French President Emmanuel Macron, employing drastic measures, withholds basic necessities from those French citizens exercising their rights in refusing to subject themselves or their children to the Covid vaccine.

France has placed untenable restrictions on its citizens denying them vital fundamentals unless they fall in line allowing themselves to be injected with a vaccine against their will. The mandate will apply to everyone 12 and older beginning Sept. 30, 2021.

Tourists must also present a “health pass” or be denied the freedom to travel by public transportation, stay in hotels, eat in restaurants, attend sporting events or visit popular tourist locations, including the Louvre, the Musée d’Orsay, Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower or Versailles. 

Dying newspapers seek taxpayer bailout, AZ dems onboard

August 22, 2021

Death also sells as obits drive readership with aging demographic

‘America’s Newspapers’ is an advocacy group attempting to keep a dying industry alive. It’s efforts are not geared to presenting a balanced view of the news, but rather continuing the leftward skew that brought us the cataclysmic Biden administration.

The urgency is on full display in this desperate article: “Your help is needed to help ensure passage of Local Journalism Sustainability Act.” This is a democrat sponsored bill that seeks to bail out dying newspapers through a series of three tax credits. Taxes, of course, are paid by hardworking Americans who do not have the option of choosing where their money goes, especially when democrats are pushing for its confiscation and select the ultimate goal…in this case, the furtherance of a failing industry that has been replaced by modern technology just as the crank wall phone was by that nifty gadget in our pockets. It’s ironic that ‘America’s Newspapers’ admits that obituaries are a driving force of readership. With an average obituary price of $500, this provides local newspapers with $6 million in potential obituary placement revenue.

Rest assured the House Bill has a companion Senate Bill. One of its trio of sponsors is none other than Arizona democrat Sen. Mark Kelly. Money flows easily to him from his dealings in Communist China and through his associations with Socialist billionaire George Soros.  Newt Gingrich, the former U.S. House Speaker who led the Republican Revolution,  wrote this enlightening exposé, “Mark Kelly, Hunter Biden and the Chinese Communist Party’s Influence,” in Oct. 2020. The facts remain the same.

The first tax credit works to incentivize annual subscriptions to local papers that primarily produce content related to local news and current events and can also be used for non-profit publications. The second is a five-year credit for local newspapers to employ and compensate journalists. The last of the three tax credits is a five-year scheme that incentivizes small businesses to advertise with local newspapers, as well as local radio and television stations. All of these machinations are intended to bolster the left and the most radical candidates.

The House version H.R. 3940 is sponsored by retiring Ann Kirkpatrick. She opportunistically moved out of AZ-CD 1, after losing the seat.  Now a short-termer in Southern Arizona’s AZ-CD 3, this is her parting shot as she leaves the congressional district over 200 hundred miles from her Flagstaff home after going into rehab following serious falls from her acknowledged alcoholism.

A shockingly blatant single page explanation giving a smooth overview of the giveaways can be read HERE.

View the full text of Senate Bill 2434. Be aware the key sponsors are all democrats, including AZ Sen. Mark Kelly, who finds nothing too reprehensible to stoop to. Kelly’s lucrative business deals with Communist China displays the fact that money means more to him than U.S. national security.

RINOcrat, egotist Recorder Stephen Richer “dost protest too much”

August 20, 2021

After receiving a gargantuan 38-page emailed “letter” from problem-plagued Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer, the legendary quote from Shakespeare’s Hamlet rings all too true as it epitomizes insincere overacting.

Stephen Richer, the novice politician who appeared to have a bright future within the Arizona Republican Party irreparably damaged himself with his insulting invectives hurled at President Donald Trump, referring to him as a “liar“ and “unhinged.”  Make no mistake; he was also aiming his wrath at loyal Trump supporters. His tirade rated a front page headline accompanying an oversize photo, unmistakably displaying his value to the leftwing local newspaper. The Maricopa County election audit, which he regards with contempt, has been emulated by other jurisdictions nationally, a fact ignored by Richer.

While Donald Trump can’t vote against Richer, Maricopa County conservatives can, which is why he is trying to inveigle himself back into the GOP camp.

Unable to make a point, the lawyer who should be better trained to clearly state his case, instead sent out a self-serving missive to GOP activists, bearing the lengthy title, “Dear Arizona Republicans: Let‘s do this right.  Let‘s build confidence. Let‘s move forward”  Yet, digging in his heels, he included this gem, “I stand by everything I’ve said over the past three months.”

We are not including the link, though Richer appears to have sent it out to the immediate world. If you didn’t receive it, it’s likely your dog did.

It’s doubtful many will be inclined to spend time reading much more than the cover letter, since 38-pages is a bizarre contrivance. Most of us have better ways to spend our time, although it’s clear Richer is more driven by egocentric urgency.

SRAZ previously wrote, “If Richer runs for any political office in the future, it should be as the democrat he has shown himself to be…It will be a rare display of honesty.”

We stand by that vantage point.

Although Republicans rejoiced when Richer trounced single-term democrat Adrian Fontes, his election was hardly a runaway. Richer defeated Fontes by a razor-thin 50.1% to 49.8%. In the primary he defeated perpetually losing candidate Clair Van Steenwyk (known as “Van the Radio Man”) by a 15% margin, which should have been far greater. Richer’s current term ends January 2025. If he dares run again, he needs a reputable GOP primary challenger. It’s critically important.

AZ Republic’s latest farce: “People experiencing homelessness”

August 19, 2021

Phoenix police are characterized as bullies

It’s ironic that the Arizona Republic newspaper which knows first hand about homelessness,* would employ a reporter who focuses solely on homelessness. Jessica Boehm’s job title is, “Homelessness and Housing Insecurity Reporter.”

Her recent article is headlined, “Homeless people say police throw away their belongings.” The three-pager, denigrating police officers, comes complete with three photos. It also gave three words a workout. Homeless people are never described as such. There is a new definition which Boehm uses repeatedly: “People experiencing homelessness.” The attempt is to indicate this is a temporary situation.  For many it is not. In fact, those encamped in tents on vacant city lots habitually refuse to go to shelters which provide beds, toilets, showers, meals and recovery services. Arizona has dozens of them.

What Jessica Boehm conveniently omits is that many of the street people are drug addicts and alcoholics. They don’t want to conform to regulations imposed by the shelters such as segregating men and women.

In many cases, their own families spent years trying to assist the “people experiencing homelessness,” until they could take no more.

Coddling vagrants never works. San Francisco’s homeless problem, exacerbated under democrat Mayor London Breed — who has paid fines for ethics violations while in office — has driven away its once vibrant tourist industry that made it a destination for sightseers, theatergoers, diners and shoppers. Now hotels, stores and fine restaurants have closed due to street bums camping out on downtown sidewalks, accompanied by piles of feces, hypodermic needles and rats. Breed did have time to implement an “Office of equity for transgender and gender nonconforming people.”  The sanctuary city of San Francisco also declared the NRA a domestic terrorist organization.

Jessica Boehm should take a trip to what was once described in song as the “golden city by the bay,” to see the results of what she views so warmly.

* Homeless Vagrant on Borrowed Time

Biden voters must be very proud of their choice

August 17, 2021

Yes…this report initially appeared on Sunday, but it is so revealing we’re making it available to our readers who may have missed it.

Kyle Becker, who writes the Becker Report, titled it “Biden Photo at Camp David Raises Red Flags as Questions Swirl About President’s Whereabouts.” The accompanying photographs are shocking. 

Clocks are wrong and Biden wears two different outfits.  White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki suddenly announced on Sunday night that she would be taking the entire week off.

Becker writes, “No one knows quite for certain what is going on in Afghanistan, or in the White House, for that matter. But as a near 20-year war comes to a disastrous close, the Biden White House is in full retreat, and no one is brave enough to give Americans any direct answers.”

As Afghanistan crumbled on Sunday, the American people had one question on their minds: ‘Where is the president?’ Joe Biden had taken off on vacation days ago to his Camp David “retreat” (as CNN called it) and was nowhere to be found.

Kabul fell and the presidential palace was overrun. Afghanis were executed in the streets. Interpreters sought desperately to flee from Kabul International Airport. The Taliban declared the two-decades-long war “over.”

But the word came on Sunday afternoon that Biden would not be giving an address to the American people. A single photo was tweeted from the White House account with a picture of Biden being “briefed.”

Those dwindling numbers who still read the leftist, failing Arizona Republic were greeted with an absurd headline this morning: “Biden confident in troop withdrawal.” The sub-header reads, “Says Afghan government collapse was faster than foreseen.”

Even the Associated Press, topped today’s report, “Built and trained at a two-decade cost of $83 billion, Afghan security forces collapsed so quickly and completely — in some cases without a shot fired — that the ultimate beneficiary of the American investment turned out to be the Taliban. They grabbed not only political power but also U.S.-supplied firepower — guns, ammunition, helicopters and more.”

Yes. Joe Biden is in over his head. But he will be responsible for bringing America to its lowest point in our 245 year history, while bankrupting us with social programs and opening our southern border to all comers, including criminals — worsened during a deadly pandemic.

Joe Biden: NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s “done one hell of a job”

August 14, 2021

Bizarre hair sniffer and inappropriate groper Slo-Joe Biden has called New York Governor Andrew Cuomo who has been forced to resign as he faced impeachment, “the gold standard.” This New York Post report contains yet another reveal of the outrageous arrogance of the man the newspaper describes as “engaging in years of bullying, abuse, harassment, and predatory sexual behavior,” — all of which was corroborated in the NY Attorney General’s 165-page investigative report.


AZ TV-3 puts wokeness on display with “products of conception”

August 13, 2021

Although Phoenix’ TV 3 News goes by the warm identifier, “Arizona’s Family,” it appears to have forgotten what the term “family” signifies.

A recent news report carried this bizarre headline: “Police find products of conception in Mesa park.”

“Products of conception”? No doubt they are referring to a life that was snuffed out. A pre-born human baby. The report noted that “officers responded to Ranch West Park for a report of an unknown presence in a bag in the park. When officers arrived on the scene, they found tissues that developed from a pregnancy.”

Tissues that developed from a pregnancy?  See them here in the first weeks. A baby’s heartbeat can be detected as early as 16 days after conception, before a mother even realizes she is pregnant.

The casual disregard for the sanctity of human life was launched by the notorious Roe v. Wade U.S. Supreme Court 7-2 decision, which inexplicably found the previously unheard of “right to privacy” in the U.S. Constitution. Prior to his appointment to the court, Justice William Rehnquist practiced law in Phoenix. He was later appointed Chief Justice by Pres. Ronald Reagan and confirmed by this 65-33 vote). On Jan. 22, 1973, Justice Rehnquist wrote the dissenting opinion in the ruling legalizing abortion. He was joined by Justice Byron White. The rest of the nine men supported pre-birth infanticide.

The language of  “Wokespeak” is defined here by Prof. Victor Davis Hanson, Ph.D, who makes us all smarter…though few of us will ever attain the pinnacle upon which he stands. It should be required reading for the folks at the local news station who so facilely manipulate the English language.