Nat’l Primary elections: “Blue Wave” fails to materialize

August 8, 2018

Close elections show Republicans there is work to do

There’s no denying Ohio 12th District Special Primary Election was a squeaker, but with 100% of the precincts reporting, Republican Troy Balderson — holding 50.2 percent of the vote — has been declared the winner. Democrat Danny O’Connor carried 49.3 percent.

Obviously, the margin should have been bigger. This Green Party nutcase candidate actually siphoned votes in the election, telling more about far left voters than him.

Democrats have little to run on. During the campaign, O’Connor repeatedly vowed not to support Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker. Acknowledging their own disgraceful leadership is what liberal have in their arsenal.

Under President Trump, the national economy has surged, Unemployment is at an 18-year low — with historically low unemployment among minorities. Three million jobs have been created, workers have seen the highest boost in their pay in a decade, as three million working class families have benefited from Trump‘s tax cuts, resulting in record high consumer confidence. Second quarter growth was four percent.

Another race of interest is Kansas’ Republican gubernatorial Primary Election —- another close call that should show a much wider margin. Secretary of State Kris Kobach, well known to Arizona conservatives for his work on SB1970, is leading sitting Republican Gov. Jeff Colyer by 191 votes.

Keep your fingers crossed for this decent and intelligent man who has tackled voter fraud and illegal immigration.

Vox provides an overview of all of Tuesday’s primaries, with updated numbers.


Kimberly Yee is the right choice for AZ Treasurer

August 7, 2018

Important office deserves voter’s attention

Proving the old adage that even a broken clock is right twice a day, the usually unreliable Arizona Republic is right on the money with its endorsement of conservative Kimberly Yee in the Arizona Treasurer’s race.

Yee’s bio details her outstanding credentials. Having worked as an executive in the treasurer’s office, there is no learning curve for the former Senate Majority Leader of the Arizona Legislature.

Yee has been endorsed by five former State Treasurers and Republican leaders across the state as well as national conservative groups.

In 2016, SRAZ featured a post including a video of Kimberly Yee speaking at the Republican National Convention, endorsing Donald Trump for President.

Today’s editorial endorsement acknowledges that Yee has the experience and knowledge to manage the state’s finances and approximately $15 billion investment portfolio.

The Office of the State Treasurer serves as the state’s investment advisor and banker, invests taxpayer dollars and conducts the state’s financial and banking services.

Kimberly Yee’s primary opponent, Jo Ann Sabbagh, is described in the newspaper’s endorsement of Arizona-born Yee, as a newcomer — she moved to Tucson in 1997 from Ohio — who engages in “relentless attacks,“ described as “disturbing.” She also plays fast and loose with the truth.

After Treasurer Jeff DeWit stepped down to join the Trump administration as chief financial officer of NASA, former AZ Board of Regents President Eileen Klein was appointed interim treasurer. She is not running for election.

Martha Mc…McCain outed by Republic’s Montini

August 6, 2018

Martha McSally: Another deceptive McCain protégé

SRAZ has been referring to Martha McSally as Sally McCain since her entry into Arizona’s U.S. Senate race. It appears the Arizona Republic’s emaciated, far left columnist E. J. Montini has been reading our posts.

Don’t mistake his outing her as the latest version of John McCain’s Primary Election flipping and General Election flopping on border issues, indicates he’s seen the light and has gone conservative.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Montini, an unrepentant liberal, is hoping whatever he does will help boost radical extremist Kyrsten Sinema, newly revamped and posing as an “independent problem solver,” into Arizona’s open U.S. Senate seat.

Longtime readers will remember when now-lame duck Jeff Flake, followed his McMentor’s same deceptive path to office in 2011. Flake’s double talk threw Republic then-editorialist Doug MacEachern into such a tailspin he declared Flake to be a mere “politician” — no longer a “statesman.”

In 2010 campaign mode, McCain strolled the border with then-Pinal County Sheriff Babeu, who after hearing McCain’s feigned declaration of commitment tocomplete the danged fence, solemnly stated, “Senator, you’re one of us”—  leading many to wonder what the actual inference was.

In a recent Glamour magazine interview McCain’s Trump-hating daughter, Meghan, was quoted as saying of her seriously ill father, “I’m scared of America without him.”

Americans who believe border security is national security, have been equally frightened of her father’s decades long promotion of amnesty for illegal alien invaders. 

We were stunned by his involvement in the now discredited “dossier” intended to take down President Trump, which he hand-delivered to then-FBI Director James Comey, while acting in concert with Hillary Clinton‘s campaign.

It was shocking to see a sitting U.S. Senator posing with Syrian rebels who became the leaders of ISIS — referring to them as “freedom fighters.”  But without Joe Lieberman to point out the differences, Dad was clearly at a disadvantage. 

McCain and McSally are interchangeable.

Vote principled conservative Dr. Kelli Ward for U.S. Senate.  It’s time for a real change.

Tancredo exposes Flake’s grandstanding and obstructionism

August 5, 2018

Former Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo, a renown conservative leader, has written a must read exposé on Jeff Flake, describing his “long record of betraying traditionally conservative principles.”

We urge you to read,Jeff Flake is a fake,” in which Trancredo outlines Flake’s ego-driven antics while comparing him to a spoiled teenager.

“Senator Flake,” he writes, “is the living embodiment of everything that has gone wrong with the GOP and the conservative movement in the last 30 years — everything President Trump is fixing.

For too long, politicians like Flake have claimed the conservative mantle while doing absolutely nothing to conserve Americans’ traditional way of life. No longer.”

Tancredo concludes, “Jeff Flake is a dinosaur — and it’s time for him and other Never Trumpers to go extinct.”

Justin Olson goes solo in new ACC campaign mailer & Update

August 5, 2018

In what appears to be a political divorce, Arizona Corporation Commissioner and candidate Justin Olson who was running as a team with Tom Forese for two open seats, now appears to be going it alone. Though their names appear jointly on campaign signs, Olson is sending a clear signal with his new mailer.

Timed to arrive with early ballots, the full color fold-over not only provides his résumé, but also includes endorsements from three AZ congressional members under the heading “Our conservative leaders agree, Justin Olson is the right choice for Corporation Commissioner.”  Forese, who first announced for state treasurer before switching to this race, has vanished.

Make no mistake, SRAZ strongly supports conservative Jim O’Connor. In a crowded field rife with liberals, Justin Olson who has sound credentials can ably fill the second seat.

Olson is a former state legislator who lost a 2016 primary challenge to Congressman Andy Biggs, who is now supporting him. This past year, he was appointed to the ACC by Gov. Ducey to fill a vacancy, and is currently running for a complete term.

The importance of this race cannot be overstated. The Corporation Commission, which regulates and sets rates for public utilities, is in dire need of ethical members to fill the two open seats. This is no place for Democrats, several of whom are in the race.

Rodney Glassman a political chameleon now purporting to be a Republican, previously ran as a Democrat for the U.S. Senate and for chairman of the Arizona Democrat Party.  Glassman is a political opportunist who has no concept of ethics.

Monday, August 13, 2018:

Roadway signs are appearing with only the name of Justin Olson, touting his endorsements by former state treasurer Jeff DeWit — now the chief financial officer for NASA —  and U.S. Rep. Debbie Lesko. Tom Forese has clearly been dropped like a hot rock.


Jeff the Flake returns to Africa, prefers gov’t to U.S.

August 4, 2018

Loose cannon Flake embarrasses himself again

The aptly named Jeff Flake is once again in his beloved Africa.  He was first there on a church mission, later returning to Namibia in the 1990’s where he was employed as a registered foreign agent working for Rossing Uranium, a mining company with ties to Iran and one of the world‘s largest supplies of nuclear fuel. He lobbied on behalf of the company, opening doors in Washington D.C. —- a job, as the HuffPost points out, Flake did his best to keep under wraps as he campaigned for the U.S. House as a “political outsider.”

During his single senate term, due to expire with the coming election, fake Republican Flake cozied up to Barack Obama, and accompanied him and the congressional black caucus to Kenya, Obama’s familial homeland.

Now Flake, once again jetting at taxpayer’s expense, is in Zimbabwe, emulating Jimmy Carter by overseeing questionable elections in third world countries. Flake’s observation in the wake of deadly violence and claims of rigged results?  According to this Breitbart News report, “Democracy doesn’t get any better than this.” His vacuous tweet was enthusiastic.

This past year, Flake, too haughty and ignorant to be content merely being an American citizen, proudly referred to himself asa globalist.”

Not only does Flake bring to mind the liberal Jimmy Carter, 95, but also his far left counterpart, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, now 85. In 2012, she actually praised the South African Constitution (video) over the Constitution of the United States.

Flake is finishing his first and last senate term due to bottom dragging 18% approval ratings after incessant eruptions of Trump-hatred — from tedious tirades delivered in an empty senate chamber to gifting his vitriolic anti-Trump spew to the appreciative alphabet networks. The resulting abysmal polling caused him to rethink a reelection bid, and avoid the embarrassment of a humiliating defeat at the polls.

We’ve long suspected that the disrespected junior senator has had a uncertain grasp on reality…but this latest escapade proves it beyond a doubt. Unconstrained rage has been noted as a symptom of early onset dementia. Jeff might not only be sickening. He may also be sick.

Jim O’Connor, GOP candidate for Corp. Comm. scores ace endorser

August 3, 2018

Jim O’Connor is running for a seat on Arizona’s Corporation Commission. He’s a conservative with a professional résumé that clearly makes him a stand-out for the job. Check out his Issues page in which he decisively defines his objectives.

Foremost among its many duties, the Arizona Corporation Commission regulates utility rates. Integrity, which has been lacking in this important commission, is the paramount consideration. There is no question O’Connor posses that key quality. Running as a Clean Elections candidate, he refuses to take campaign contributions from utilities or those associated with them.

O’Connor is also uniquely accessible, posting his contact information on his website.

In a crowded field of candidates competing for two seats on the Arizona Corporation Commission, it’s clear why he’s scored big, winning an endorsement from Arizona’s conservative former congressman and media commentator, J.D. Hayworth.