An incomprehensible outrage infiltrates US Department of Defense

March 23, 2023

Today we take the unusual step of sending our readers directly to anther website. Ari Blaff, writing for National Review, headlines his column, DoD Medical Staff Call Puberty Blockers, Hormone Replacement, for Kids ‘Human Rights.’

This is not a suggestion, but absolutely necessary reading — especially, but not limited to, those who have been known to regard occasional reports as “too preposterous to believe.” The leaders of communist China and Russia, neither of whom is our ally, have been holding joint meetings for days. They keep their eyes on American weakness. This report certainly details our preposterous frailties.

The importance of this report cannot be overstated. Read it, and share it with friends and relatives. It is not political. It is harsh reality. 


With the world in turmoil, our border wide open, Joe auditions for nursing home

March 22, 2023

Squints at teleprompter, unable to comprehend the words as he attempts to announce creation of new Nevada national monument he is unable to pronounce

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Soros-funded NY DA hopes to bring down Donald Trump

March 21, 2023

Trump indictment is a political witch hunt encompassing his supporters

All indications point to an indictment against former President Donald Trump being issued by his political adversaries. The date of parading the popular president to be fingerprinted and indicted appears to be less certain than was previously reported. This is political gamesmanship by the left intended to humiliate Donald Trump and demoralize his supporters. It will only enflame us.

Far left democrat Alvin Bragg, Jr., is the Soros-backed* soft on crime, including downgrading felony charges, New York District Attorney who is bringing the politically motivated charges.

Remember this: Bragg is bringing these unprecedented, (misdemeanor) charges, not only against Donald Trump, but against all of his supporters. We’re the ones who stood in long lines in Phoenix under the blistering sun to hear him prior to his election and crowded into other venues since to celebrate this president. Others across America braved snow and rain for a chance to support candidate Trump. He energizes Americans. Following his election, he strengthened the economy, put solid judges on the U.S. Supreme Court and federal benches, while keeping his campaign promises.

As democrats focus on demoralizing a popular former president, the Communist leaders of China and Russia have been meeting for the past three days. The far left media ignores this potentially disastrous collusion.

* H/T UK’s Daily Mail (news you won’t find in the failing, leftwing, Trump-hating local Arizona newspaper.)

AZ Gov. Hobbs signs executive order prioritizing ethnic black hair

March 20, 2023

Political atonement for discriminating against Talonya Adams?

Though Arizona’s public school test scores have lagged behind national scores, and were further negatively impacted by COVID school closures backed by teacher’s union members, democrat Gov. Katie Hobbs has other considerations that she prioritizes as it comes to Arizona‘s children.

Her focus is hair. And not just any hair. Hobbs has prioritized ethnic black hair. Her preposterous Executive Order titled, “Prohibiting Race-Based Hair Discrimination,” dated March 17, 2023 has to be read to be believed.

According to the 2020 U.S. decentennial Census (the most recent available), Black Arizonans comprised fewer than 5 percent of Arizona’s population — but they overwhelmingly vote democrat, so their hair matters to Hobbs.

This shockingly dismal Arizona Schools Report Card made available by the Arizona Department of Education under former Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman, a democrat, heralded the promotion of “equity” as standards. Grades were given short shrift.

State Superintendent of Schools Tom Horn, a Republican who previously served as Arizona’s elected attorney general, is back in charge of Arizona’s schools having won reelection as superintendent. Given his past successes in elevating Arizona’s educational standards and scores, Hoffman’s dismal record will be noted for the failure it was.

Hobbs defeated Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake by less than a single percentage point, 50.3% to 49.6%, which is hardly a mandate for Hobbs who continually wields a Janet Napolitano-style veto pen. That underhanded tactic earned the former governor —an open border advocate — who resigned to join the Obama administration, the nickname “J-N0.” Democrats govern by demagoguery. Republicans produce results.

For Gov. Katie Hobbs to prioritize black hair is absurd, but it‘s clearly a tactic to gain the good will of the black voters she needs to bolster her image after her unsavory involvement in the Talonya Adams saga. Talonya Adams, a black staff attorney and policy advisor was fired by then-senate minority leader Hobbs for wanting to be paid a salary commensurate with her white, male counterparts. Adams was paid $30,000 less.

This brief U.S, District Court order shows an impaneled jury awarded senate staff lawyer Talonya Adams — who represented herself in court — nearly $3 Million dollars after being discriminated against by Katie Hobbs.

Project Veritas posted ‘Disappearing Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate,’ during the 2022 campaign. In it Hobbs said, “I don’t want to talk politics with anyone I don’t know.” That must be the reason she refused to participate in the KAET-TV political debate…the only candidate for any statewide office to ever take that stance since the debates began decades ago.

What to expect if fmr. Pres. Trump’s arrest prediction is correct

March 19, 2023

Political prosecution is dem party’s mission

Though no charges have been filed, the left is salivating over reports that former President Donald Trump could be indicted early this coming week on contrived misdemeanor charges being brought against him in connection with an alleged hush money payment made to an unsavory adult film actress before the 2016 election. Fear is a powerful inducement for the left to continue to hound the popular president who, unlike feeble Joe Biden, can speak in complete sentences and has an enthusiastic and loyal following.

This debunked but regurgitated saga is being resuscitated due to the fact that Donald Trump officially launched a 2024 campaign for president, filing papers with the Federal Election Committee and establishing a campaign committee.

Drawing large, energized crowds wherever he speaks, Donald Trump is the Biden administration’s worst nightmare. Where else could a transgendered medical doctor, admiral and married father of two, who supports hormone blockers for children, declare himself a woman named Rachel (formerly known as Richard) and be given a cabinet level post in a serious administration? Biden brought this farce into his administration.

Trump holds significant leads for the Republican presidential nomination, supported by 43.9% of Republicans in compared with 28.0% for his nearest rival, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has not yet announced his candidacy. Real Clear Politics aggregated polling has the most recent numbers.

If Donald Trump is arrested, expect protests across America and even higher poll numbers.

Despite efforts to forget, vacuous VP Kamala reminds us

March 18, 2023

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U.S. Sen. Cassidy holds Treasury Secretary Yellen’s feet to the fire on Social Security

March 17, 2023

Sen. Cassidy, (R-LA), has a resume most could only aspire to, but never equal. He is also knowledgeable enough to smell rotten baloney when it’s being tossed his way as Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen attempted to do Thursday.

Appearing before the Senate’s Finance Committee, Yellen was repeatedly asked by Republicans about the lack of a Social Security plan in Pres. Biden’s recent budget proposal and democrats’ false claims that Republicans intend to slash the program. Sen. Cassidy stated that he is involved in bipartisan talks on the matter, but has been unable to schedule an Oval Office meeting to discuss them further.

This White House “fact sheet” titled, “The President’s Budget: Extending Medicare Solvency by 25 Years or More, Strengthening Medicare, and Lowering Health Care Costs,“ double talks and attempts to obscure the pressing problems of the severely under-funded program, while obviously omitting from the Ponzi scheme that younger American workers paying for the benefits their grandparents are currently accessing, will be left without funding in their own retirement years.

The Social Security Act, signed into law in 1935 by democrat Pres. Franklin Roosevelt, created Social Security, regarded as a federal safety net for elderly and unemployed Americans. The main stipulation of the original Social Security Act was to pay financial benefits to retirees over age 65 based on lifetime payroll tax contributions. In 1935, the life expectancy of the average American male was 59, so it worked out well with few able to collect. Social Security did not extend to widows and children until 1939. The average salary in 1935 was $471 a year. The average salary of high earners in that time period was $1,070 per year.     

On Feb. 13, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) reintroduced The Social Security Expansion Act in Congress, expanding individual’s benefits by an additional $2,400 a year. A Socialist masquerading as an Independent, Sanders (who caucuses with the dems) will have more support from dems in pushing the initiative, as they face upcoming elections and their constituents irrationally think these unsustainable, expansive programs are free.

Wellesley College puts the capital “W” in whining

March 16, 2023

Transgenderism has reached a new pinnacle at toney women’s liberal arts colleges. Bryn Mawr, Mills, Mount Holyoke, Stephens, and, of course, Wellesley College top the lengthy list, which have all fallen in with the trendy sexual bending and embrace of transgenderism that has gained momentum across our fruited plain, as Rush Limbaugh famously referred to the USA. The student newspaper, The Wellesley News (alternatively dubbed The Snooze), has derisively and coarsely taken on college president Paula Johnson for having the temerity to refer to the school as a “Historically Women’s College.”

Though disparaging the school’s president, a featured article is titled, “How to get girls to consider women’s colleges,” putting its obviously convoluted perspective on display. It’s all about money.

Celebrating “Almost Presidents Day” an earlier report pays homage to Hillary Clinton and features the Holy HRC Candle.

Get it?

Pelosi calls youthful Biden “an absolutely magnificent leader”

March 15, 2023

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Trying to make sense of Mike Pence is a fool’s errand

March 14, 2023

Former Vice President Mike Pence wants nothing more than to remove the “vice” before his name. His aspirations for the top job of leading this nation have never been concealed. They are less so now as he openly lusts for the presidency and uses his undisguised animus of former President Donald Trump, for whom he served as VP, as his springboard. Pence’s most frequently hauled out and vociferous attack is blaming Trump for the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. It’s a scheme that plays well to the left, but has no potency with the Republican base he needs to gain traction. Portraying himself as a victim hasn’t worked to Pence’s advantage, either.

Pence’s campaign is peripheral, lagging not only behind former President Donald Trump by 45 points, but significantly trailing Florida and Virginia governors Ron DeSantis and Glenn Youngkin, as this newly released Morning Consult update indicates.

Real Clear Politics aggregated polling shows Pence in single digits — right where he belongs.