Sept. 11, 200!: We must never forget

September 11, 2022

Twenty-one years ago today, 2,973 people were murdered by these 19 Muslim fundamentalist Al-Qaeda terrorists who commandeered commercial airliners and flew them into the dual 110-story World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York City and into the Pentagon. The death toll includes 40 passengers and crew members aboard the fourth hijacked plane, United 93, which crashed in a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, as courageous passengers rushed the cockpit that was overtaken by hijackers. Many of them, here on over-stayed student visas, had trained for this reprehensible day at Arizona flight schools. 

Along with our American citizens, people from 90 other countries were killed in the attacks perpetrated against non-combatants by Islamo-fascist extremists.

Regardless of where we were or what we were doing, not a single one of us who woke up to the televised horrors of September 11, 2001 will ever forget the shock we felt as we learned that our nation was under attack on that sunny fall morning. Network hosts were stunned speechless, trying to digest what they were seeing as one plane followed another into the Twin Towers. Thick, black smoke began billowing, followed by enormous orange fireballs, and desperate people could be seen leaping from the high-rise buildings.

This is the live 9/11/01 footage from ‘The Today Show’ on NBC as the massacre initially unfolded on air. The show begins with Matt Lauer’s perfunctory interview about Howard Hughes (which can be scrolled past) when harsh realities eclipse the chatter. (The clip contains commercials.)


San Francisco DA dumped, blames everything but his lax policies

June 9, 2022

Intolerably rising crime rates proved to be his undoing

San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin, whose lenient policies led to his defeat in a recall election, claimed he was taken out by voters due economic hardship brought on by the pandemic — slickly glossing over the realities of the city’s staggering crime rate.  He also blamed conservatives. Leftist NBC called this disconnected prosecutor a “reformist.”

“People are angry, they’re frustrated, and I want to be very clear about what happened, he said as the votes came in. The right-wing billionaires outspent us three to one, they exploited an environment in which people are appropriately upset, and they created an electoral dynamic where we were literally shadowboxing,” Boudin whined. “Voters were not given an opportunity to choose between criminal justice reform and something else. They were given an opportunity to voice their frustrations and their outrage and they took that opportunity.”

Using the royal “we,” to obscure his responsibility, Boudin said of his tenure in office, “We’ve made mistakes,” without specifying what those mistakes are. The California Globe was far more forthright, describing how criminals have become more brazen under his ‘decarceration’ policies. Be sure to read the complete report.

Boudin must vacate office no later than 10 days after Tuesday’s election is certified. At that point, a successor chosen by democrat Mayor London Breed will assume office. Play that out to its likely conclusion. Under her administration thieves who steal less than $950 worth of merchandise are no longer jailed.

Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon should be feeling the heat, since his policies mirror Boudin’s. Crime is on the rise as felonies go unpunished under the guise of “criminal justice reform.” Arizonan’s are well acquainted with Gascon’s radical policies when he was when he was Mesa‘s Police Chief.

And Chesa Boudin? His background is steeped in radicalism. His parents were members of the Weather Underground terrorist group. When they were incarcerated, with long prison terms, young Boudin was raised by their cohorts.

The Heritage Foundation recently ran this exposé, Rogue Prosecutors Gascon and Boudin Panicking Over Recall Elections.”

Confiscation is not the answer to gun violence

June 1, 2022

Americans are still reeling in the aftermath of another incomprehensible school slaughter, this one on May 24 in Uvalde, Texas, where 21 innocent lives were viciously cut short. Nineteen of the dead were young grade school students and two were teachers. Democrat’s simplistic means of addressing this repeated horror is calling for implementing gun restrictions, limiting calibers and retooling the Second Amendment — which our Founders thought important enough to place immediately after our freedom of speech and right of assembly.

The common thread linking the maniacal killers appears to be dysfunctional, often fatherless families.

Our society has devolved from married, churchgoing families to boys who have no anchor or expectations imposed on them. Salvador Ramos,18, the latest mass murderer was a high school dropout who lived with his grandparents and committed his atrocity after first shooting his grandmother in the face. He was estranged from his mother, who said he “was a good boy,” though friendless and bullied for posting photos of himself wearing eye makeup. “My son wasn’t a violent person. I’m surprised by what he did,” she is quoted as saying. “I pray for those families. I’m praying for all of those innocent children, yes I am. They [the children] had no part in this.” Prior to committing the atrocity, he posted his intentions online. The gunman’s father, with his own criminal history, described his son saying, “I want my son’s story out there,” he said. “I don’t want them calling him a monster… they don’t know nothing, man. They don’t know nothing he was going through.”

Texas democrat, Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke, irrationally claims gun owners want to turn in their “weapons of war.” That’s the latest terminology the left has employed to describe legal firearms.

And across our northern border, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Monday that Canada is introducing legislation to “implement a national freeze on handgun ownership” throughout the nation.

Seeing Red AZ’s position has remained consistent. We posted “Dem gun hypocrites” December 23, 2012. Watch Chuck Schumer (D-NY) practice target shooting.

Who’s the president…Jen (Psaki) or Joe?

March 12, 2022

Each U.S. president has his own unique style communicating with the American people. POLITCO provides this fascinating photo anthology beginning with President Franklin Roosevelt, seated side-by-side with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill on Dec. 23, 1941, after he asked Congress to declare war on Japan following the Dec. 7 stealth attack on our naval fleet resulting in thousands of deaths in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Following in order, are Presidents Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Donald Trump is omitted from the not updated compilation as is his successor, Joe Biden.

Presidential press conferences, begun in 1913 by newly inaugurated Woodrow Wilson, have been around for over a century. There’s never previously been such blatant confusion as to who is the leader — Joe Biden or Jen Psaki?

White House Press Secretary Psaki spends far more time with the mostly sycophantic press corps than the befuddled Oval Office occupant, Joe Biden. Her interaction with reporters in the wake of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked war on Ukraine has taken on an authoritarian posture, as Psaki, not Biden, used the following statements:

“As I just outlined…”

“I would also note…”

“There are a range of topics we discussed with other national leaders…”

“I wouldn’t make that assessment…”

“We do anticipate prices will go up…”

In response to a question from Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy: “Is there any red line for Putin?”

Psaki replied, “Like what?

Equivocating on our U.S. armed forces, Psaki stated, “Well, I would say, first, the U.S. military is one of the best militaries in the world.” Not the best, but “one of the best.”

“Are you detecting any sign of any imminent use of chemical weapons over there?”

In a rare moment of candor, Psaki replied: “I’m not going to get into any intelligence.”

To the pressing question as to who is the decision maker in these difficult times, Joe Biden or Jen Psaki? We expect her fallback response, “The president has been clear with the American people.”

Ukraine calamity intensifies as Biden celebrates black history month

March 1, 2022

Dragnet was a police drama in the early years of television. Most of us remember it through its reruns. It featured a detective known as Sgt. Joe Friday, who became famous for a cut-to-the-chase, one liner used when questioning female witnesses at crime scenes: “Just the facts, ma’am.”

This statement comes to mind when it comes to coverage of Russian President Vladimir Putin‘s-led unprovoked war of aggression against neighboring Ukraine. Coverage by the Trump-despising, Hillary-endorsing, Biden-supporting rapidly declining Arizona Republic newspaper has been expectedly light, until the facts proved too compelling to ignore. Today’s edition banner, bold-faced, all caps headline is “CLOSING IN ON THE CAPITAL.”

Vladimir Putin’s bloody, full-scale military invasion of Ukraine stands as another humiliating defeat for Joe Biden. When Putin initially began his ruthless moves, U.S. Commander-in-Chief Biden blandly referred to the aggression a “minor incursion.”

The most recent news from trusted purveyors of fact tell a different story. On Monday, February 28, the New York Post led with this exchange between disconnected Joe Biden and a reporter:

Biden contended that Americans should not fear Russia’s invasion of Ukraine developing into a global nuclear war despite Moscow putting its nuclear forces on high alert. A reported half million Ukrainians and others living in the nation have fled as the threats intensified.

“Should Americans be worried about nuclear war?” the reporter asked Biden following a Black History Month event at the White House.

“No,” Biden replied.

Biden’s mouthpiece Jen Psaki followed up with “We think provocative rhetoric like this regarding nuclear weapons is dangerous, adds to the risk of miscalculation, should be avoided and [we] will not indulge in it.” Ignoring facts is the Biden administration’s approach.

Reuters news agency is attuned to the urgency of the dire situation. This morning responding to a barrage of Western sanctions over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said: “They are counting on forcing us to change our position. This is out of the question.”

The Biden administration is filled with political extremists selected on the basis of filling race and gender quotas. This international recklessness is the result. Putin never made such moves when conservative Donald Trump was in the Oval Office.

Phx. becomes Chicago as 9 police officers are ambushed, shot

February 12, 2022

The consequences of left’s “defund the police” rhetoric

Nine Phoenix police officers were shot, none fatally in this instance, during an early Friday morning ambush as they responded to a domestic violence call that left the male shooter and a woman inside the residence dead. A baby in the south Phoenix home was unharmed. The woman who died after being transported to a local hospital was identified as Shatifah Lobley, 29, the shooter’s ex-girlfriend and the infant girl‘s mother. Police identified the gunman as 36-year-old Morris Richard Jones III.

It’s only the beginning of February and there have been 14 shootings aimed at law enforcement personnel in Arizona this year. Police put their lives on the line each day when they leave for work. We owe them a debt of gratitude, yet the ‘defund the police’ mantra has bizarrely taken hold in segments of society, giving rise to increased lawlessness.

On June 7, 2020, Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego and Police Chief Jeri Williams, both democrats, held a joint press conference standing in solidarity with violent protesters, at a “Black Mother’s Rally.”

On July 21, 2021 The Chicago City Council voted 36-13 to create an elected board of Chicago residents to oversee the Chicago Police Department, enacting the most far-reaching police reform ordinance in the United States. Mayor Lori Lightfoot supported slashing Chicago’s police budget amid an historic spike in gun violence

These shocking homicide numbers are a year old. Given the surge in crime, it’s reasonable to expect the numbers have escalated.

AZ Republic exhibits Holocaust Remembrance Day schizophrenia

January 29, 2022

Holocaust Remembrance Day is memorialized on January 27. It is an annual observance to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust, the genocide of six million European Jews — one third of the world’s Jewish people — and millions of other victims including dwarves, gypsies and deformed individuals by Nazi Germany.

The local newspaper ran two articles about the observance. One, an Associated Press report, titled, “World remembers the Holocaust: Rising antisemitism emphasizes day’s importance.” The other, “Arizona leaders make proclamation for Holocaust Remembrance Day,” by reporter Ray Stern.

The date marks the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz concentration camp by Allied troops in 1945. Adolph Hitler’s Nazi Third Reich constructed many such death camps, whose sole purpose was the extermination of men, women and children who were regarded as less than human by Nazis seeking an Aryan master race, although Judaism is a religion. The races are Caucasian, Mongolian and Negroid.

On November 2, 2021, Seeing Red AZ exposed the vile comparison of illegals crossing the U.S. border to Jews who had survived the mass murders of the Holocaust and made their way to Israel in the post, “AZ Republic OKs anti-Semitism in vile border comparison.”

The newspaper’s editorial board member and columnist Elvia Diaz regards illegal invaders as equal to persecuted people making their way to their homeland, the state of Israel. It’s surprising the hemorrhaging subscriptions* newspaper, which admits it hires and promotes employees on the basis of their race and gender, didn’t assign the openly anti-Semitic Elvia Dias to cover Holocaust Day. focusing on the Holocaust does a much more accurate job…minus the rabid bile spew directed at the victims.

* Phoenix Business Journal

Dem dementia appears to be contagious

December 4, 2021

Incoherent octogenarian and septuagenarian in charge

Here’s democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — closing in on her 82nd birthday — posing an explicit challenge in the incomprehensible department, to democrat Joe Biden, 79. Pelosi is second in the presidential line of succession, after vacuous VP Kamala Harris.

That fact should put any concerns to rest.

H/T Joe Saunders, The Western Journal

AZ Republic’s biased lack of coverage of deadly Wisconsin massacre

November 23, 2021

The horrendous, intentional vehicular assault on participants and those who came to attend the annual Waukesha, Wisconsin Christmas parade on Saturday has received scant coverage, though  the deliberate attack sent 48 people to the hospital with serious injuries and killed five, including small children. Three sets of siblings were among the victims. The Arizona Republic — which admits it views everything…even its hiring practiceson the basis of race — chose not to write a word of the attack in its Sunday or Monday editions, likely because the assailant, Darrell Brooks, Jr., who has a lengthy rap sheet, does not fit its preferred criteria for an assailant. Brooks, 39, a career criminal with numerous arrests and incarcerations, is black. Had he been white, the accounts of the deadly van assault as he drove into the parade would have received full exposure.

Among the most thorough reports, which includes rap sheets and videos, can be read on the New American, which details Brooks’ longtime criminality dating back to 1999 and the repeated times he has been treated with contemptible leniency by the criminal justice system, including the Soros-supported district attorney, and even the judge. Brooks was on the streets on an inappropriately low bail for beating and then attacking the mother of his child with his car just two days before his deadly Christmas parade vehicular assault.

If it’s the truth you seek, read The New American coverage.

For additional insight into what drives the local newspaper, read:

July 3, 2019: Dying AZ Republic heralds newsroom diversity quotas

May 3, 2021: AZ newspaper bows at diversity altar, rejects diversity of thought

Twenty year memorial of deadly 9/11 terrorist attacks

September 11, 2021

We must never forget or allow ourselves to be duped by leftists with an agenda

The terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, were the deadliest attacks on U.S. soil since the December 7, 1941 Japanese stealth “kamikaze” bombing attack of our Pacific fleet in Pearl Harbor that launched the United States into World War II.

Twenty years ago today, on a clear autumn morning at 8:46 a.m. (ET) 2,973 people were murdered by 19 Muslim fundamentalist Al-Qaeda terrorists (photos) who commandeered two commercial airliners and, like their kamikaze predecessors, flew them into the World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York City and a third into the Pentagon, incinerating traveling passengers and themselves as they massacred innocent workers. The death toll includes 40 passengers and crew members aboard the fourth hijacked plane, United 93, which crashed in a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, as courageous passengers stormed the cockpit which had been taken over by the terrorists. Many of them, here on over-stayed student visas, had taken flight training in Arizona to prepare them for their deadly mission.

This is the live 9/11/01 footage from ‘The Today Show’ on NBC as the massacre initially unfolded on air in the early morning hours. (Timeline is available here via Wikipedia.) The show begins with a perfunctory interview about Howard Hughes (which can be scrolled past) when harsh realities eclipsed the chatter. (The clip contains commercials, which can also be bypassed.)

In 2009, just a few short years after the murderous attacks, The American Spectator wrote “Obama’s plan to desecrate 9/11,” by re-branding and sanitizing it into a “National Day of Volunteerism,” obliterating any connection to Muslim murderous hijackers.

Barack Obama’s then-Vice President Joe Biden, is now sitting in the White House and has capitulated to the very terrorist organization that was instrumental in the vicious September 11, 2001 attacks, as he recently launched what can only be called a chaotic and ill-conceived full-scale retreat, while abandoning hundreds of Americans and allies stranded in Afghanistan. Yet Biden has declared victory.  He has done so while leaving the Taliban armed with sophisticated U.S. military equipment and what has been described as more Blackhawk helicopters than the nation of Australia has in its arsenal.

Despite the leftist administration’s desire for contrasting optics — that resulted in the deaths of 13 American service members — as incompetent Biden’s handlers coordinated a hasty withdrawal — Americans should never forget or obscure what this day commemorates.