Biden’s border crisis even worse than we thought

July 6, 2021

Dems view invasion of unvaccinated and uneducated as future democrat voters

With the Biden administration’s weakness evident to those from Central America, Mexico and Special Interest Aliens who continually breach our southern border, it’s worth paying attention to the criminal aspect of who is entering.

As bizarre as it sounds, recent “guidance from Biden’s acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement  Director Tae Johnson instructs agents not to pursue illegal aliens for arrest and deportation until they have been convicted of aggravated felonies against Americans — crimes such as rape, murder, child pornography, sexual abuse of a minor, trafficking firearms, and theft.

On its heels came this “Policy Alert” from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services carrying the subject line: “Bona Fide Determination Process for Victims of Qualifying Crimes, and Employment Authorization and Deferred Action for Certain Petitioners.”

In plain English, our government is prioritizing illegals who claim they are crime victims…rather than perpetrators.

The victims Pres. Joe Biden and his disinterested, perpetually  cackling “border czar” VP Kamala Harris should focus on are Americans.

FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) has actively monitored the Biden Administration’s inaction and the criminal invaders who are being welcomed without any consideration for the well-being of Americans.

This datelined list of Examples of Serious Crimes By Illegal Aliens is well worth your time. It exposes the fallacy that these are “just good folks, trying to make a better life for themselves.”

Preston Huennekens, FAIR’s Government Relations Manager, highlights the border policy differences between the Trump and Biden border administrations, headlining his June report, “May Border Apprehensions Reach 21-Year High.”

This Center for Immigration Studies report, “MS-13 Resurgence: Immigration Enforcement Needed to Take Back Our Streets,” details horrific crimes committed at an alarming rate by violent gang members. The numbers have obviously increased since this was written in 2018.

Sanctuary cites, counties and states providing safe havens to criminal aliens have proliferated across our nation.

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Media cover-up: Colo. supermarket killer was a Syrian-born Muslim

March 24, 2021

Colorado massacre spurs Dem’s renewed gun control efforts

Within hours of the Boulder, Colorado deadly supermarket shooting that killed ten people including a police officer who was the father of seven, democrats on Capitol Hill began using the tragedy to launch Second Amendments rights restrictions.

The shooter, described by the networks as “another white male” is actually Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, a Syrian-born Muslim. The leftwing local newspaper blandly headlines the mass murderer Alissa as “a 21-year-old Colorado man.” Mentioning that he is a Muslim from Syria doesn’t fit its narrative.

His family is already working on providing an alibi, saying Alissa is delusional and believed people were following or chasing him, which they claim may have contributed to the shootings. A former high school classmate said Alissa, then on the school’s wrestling team, told fellow teammates he was going to kill all of them, but, “no one believed him or did anything about it.”  Surely they must have heard about the Columbine High School massacre and the Aurora theater carnage, both of which occurred in Colorado.

In Washington, D.C., Sen. Chuck Schumer declared he was already committed to sending a universal background check bill to the U.S. Senate. Joe Biden is said to be considering signing another executive action, that restricts the rights of law abiding gun owners — bypassing congress. So desperate are they to curtailing our constitutional freedoms, they could run the two items concurrently.

For a memory jogger, check out this 2012 SRAZ post  titled, “Them Dem Hypocrites,” which comes complete with photos of leading Second Amendment restrictionists and their guns. Chuck Schumer is featured. Barack Obama is pictured with his rifle in the U.K.’s Daily Mail.

When she was Barack Obama’s Homeland Security chief, Janet Napolitano the far-left former Arizona governor, issued a scathing Department of Homeland Security report identifying American returning military vets as  “Right-wing extremists” who pose national security threats. Napolitano claimed, “Returning veterans possess combat skills and experience that are attractive to right-wing extremists.”  It’s still available and can be read under the link

Arizona’s border: A dire crisis created by Biden

March 11, 2021

“They see him as the migrant president, and so many feel they’re going to reach the United States,” Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said of Biden, accusing him of incentivizing organized crime

The surge in illegal aliens crossing Arizona’s southern border has reached crisis proportions since the Biden administration has thrown out the welcome mat. Along with the illegals from Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, others from terror sponsoring nations of Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia have been crossing into the U.S. The threat is exacerbated by the highly transmittable, global COVID-19 virus.  On Feb. 6, SRAZ posted,11 Iranians arrested in Yuma as Biden OKs sieve-like border,” with information taken directly from this U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) press release. The Islamic Republic of Iran is designated by the U.S. Department of State as a high levelDo Not Travel Zone.”

Newly released CBP statistics are shocking, showing the numbers of families breaching our nation’s southwest border increased by more than 100 percent between January and February. Unaccompanied minors rose 60 percent to more than 9,400. Drug crimes have escalated, even as CBP officers, Border Patrol agents, and Air and Marine Operations agents continue to interdict the flow of illicit narcotics across the border. Nationwide, drug seizures increased 50 percent in February from January 2021.

Joe Biden has been president since January 20, 2021 — a mere 51 days — yet has already overseen a massive influx of illegals, with a projection of nearly 120,000 unaccompanied minors being brought here by their well-paid human traffickers and drug cartels, overwhelming the border facilities. The increase in this transnational crime has intensified under Biden after flattening under President Trump. Biden and his handlers see the illegals as future democrats and have halted construction on the border wall.

Biden gave a much different response (brief video) in 2006 as he engaged in a Q and A with an audience at the Columbia, SC, Rotary Club when asked about illegals crossing into our country.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), a former member of McCain’s amnesty supporting Gang of Eight, no longer under the thumb of his buddy John, has done an about-face on this enormous and dangerous scheme, endorsing the policies of former President Donald Trump. Graham has called Biden’s illegal immigration policies a “nightmare,” though he was previously integral to advancing John McCain’s illegal alien deception explained in 2013 by The Heritage Foundation. Vacuous beer heiress and Biden supporter, Cindy Lou Hensley McCain, claiming to love Graham like “my family,” tells MSNBC, “I don’t know what’s going on the inside of his head.”

The answer is simple, Cindy Lou…Lindsey wised up.

Conservative Republicans threatened by AZ Republic

January 18, 2021

Left-wing newspaper decrees Republicans must “repent” for being Trump-supporting sinners

Sunday’s edition of the barely surviving, Arizona Republic leaves no doubt as to what the newspaper thinks of the nearly 75 million Trump-supporting Republicans.

The lead/guest over-sized editorial topped with a cartoonish silhouette of President Donald Trump, continuing on to a jump page, carries this headline:

“No unity until defenders repent” along with this attempt at a menacing tagline:

“The people who have supported Trump need to come to terms with what they’ve done and with what they’ve allowed to happen — otherwise it will happen again.”

The obvious response is: “We can only hope.”

The shrinking, scandal-plagued Hillary-endorsing newspaper, which lost its building and parking garage in 2019 (readHomeless vagrant on borrowed time“) and has repeatedly been on the action block, has the temerity to question the integrity of both the elected President of the United States and his millions of supporters, who have been enthused by the non-politician businessman who has kept his campaign promises. They have camped out for days in rain, snow and oppressive heat to attend his national rallies. When subscriptions plunged, the newspaper, seeking to diminish the damage, absurdly announced it had received “death threats” for its endorsement. What actually happened were the phone lines were clogged with readers dropping their subscriptions, cutting off the newspaper‘s lifeline. For a newspaper to lose its subscribers is equivalent to death.

The  author of this genuine piece of dung posing as an editorial, to which we intentionally did not link, is Tom Nichols, a senior advisor to the malicious Lincoln Project which seeks to blacklist Trump administration employees from any future employment. He is a member of USA Today’s Board of Contributors. It’s no accident the two entities, (USA Today and the AZ Republic) both owned by Gannett, would be aligned since Trump and GOP hatred is their driving force.

George Mullen, writing for Town Hall, lists just ten of President Trump’s countless accomplishments “that make him one of the most effective presidents in U.S. history.” Read them here.

Tired of having your intelligence insulted? If you still subscribe to the Trump-hating, conservative-loathing Arizona Republic, it’s past time to cancel. Call 1-800-332-6733. You’ll reach someone in the Philippines, where the cash-strapped newspaper has its entire service related staff to save money. The minimum wage in Arizona is currently $12.15 per hour. In the Philippines the equivalent in dollars is less than half of that for non-agricultural workers.

Left’s crackdown on civil liberties didn’t take long

January 9, 2021

The erosion of liberty and free speech under dictatorial democrats should strike fear in the hearts of all Americans

On Friday the big tech companies decided free speech was no longer an American right as Twitter permanently suspended the account of President Donald Trump — a direct slap in the face of the more than 74 million people who voted for him. NBC refers to us as “dejected and paranoid.”

Google has removed Parler from its App stores. Parler is the free speech Twitter alternative gaining a league of conservative users. Apple is also threatening to drop Parler unless the social media platform conforms to Big Tech’s authoritarian censorship practices. Watch Parler CEO John Matze’s response, carried on CNS News.

And if those instances aren’t enough to signal to Americans the degradations of freedoms under the incoming Harris/Biden administration, CNN is said to be working to take Fox News off the air on the pretense the network is directly responsible for the recent siege on the U. S. Capitol after black-clad Antifa thugs infiltrated the massive assemblage of Trump supporters.

Enjoy your weekend, even under the COVID restrictions. Looking back, they’ll seem like a piece of cake compared to the notorious days when the democrats dominated.

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Left seeks to obliterate Pres. Trump from annals of history

January 8, 2021

USA under siege as dems disseminate lies, hatred

To say the Malicious Stream Media would prefer to see the collapse of our country rather than admit President Donald Trump’s wide-ranging accomplishments is the height of understatement.  

Hatred of the man who solidly trounced scandal-plagued Hillary is visceral and has never abated. There is no lie too outlandish or smear too absurd. The echo chamber media has repeatedly and erroneously reported that President Trump has “refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power.”  With less than two weeks until his presidency concludes, the radical left is now consumed with invoking Section 4 of the 25th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and a second impeachment followed by a Senate conviction.

Today, democrats House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer called for immediate impeachment proceedings if Vice President Mike Pence and Trump’s cabinet refuse to take steps to remove Trump from power.

“The president’s dangerous and seditious acts necessitate his immediate removal from office,” they said in a statement on Thursday evening, accusing Trump of inciting an “insurrection.”

The 25th Amendment, ratified in 1967 and adopted following the 1963 assassination of Pres. John F. Kennedy, deals with presidential succession and disability. Section 4 addresses situations where a president is unable to do the job but does not step down voluntarily.

This piling-on has emboldened our enemy Iran to issue an arrest warrant charging President Trump in connection with the 2020 drone strike killing of Gen. Qassim Soleimani who led Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, an Iraqi militia leader. They terrorized the region and were responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American military. The strike was cheered as The New York Post editorialized. Iran’s warrant charging President Trump is for a charge of premeditated murder, which carries the death penalty on conviction.

By contrast, Arizona’s failing, leftist newspaper, which has never printed a word about the Joe and Hunter Biden scandals, continues to expend its last gasps on Trump hatred headlines. This topped today’s Jan. 8, 2021 edition:

“While it’s only 13 days left, any day can be a HORROR SHOW for America.”

Tired of having your intelligence insulted? If you among the dwindling number who still subscribe to the Trump-hating, conservative loathing Arizona Republic, it’s past time to cancel. Call 1-800-332-6733.

Chaos descends on DC as Antifa goons infiltrate Trump supporters

January 7, 2021

Shocking violence rocked the U.S. Capitol as mobs broke windows and pushed their way through Congress, disrupting the certification of Arizona’s electoral votes.  Capitol police, unprepared for the thug-caused pandemonium made 52 arrests as the district imposed a curfew.

A death occurred as the Capitol building was locked down, Vice President Mike Pence was ushered to safety, members of Congress were hurried off the floor and the debate over certifying the election was stopped. There were reports of smashed glass, gunfire and ruffians running around the Senate floor. Capitol police officers were injured.

These were the 6 GOP senators who voted to object to the Electoral College vote: Sen. Josh Hawley (MO), Sen. Ted Cruz (TX), Sen. Tommy Tuberville (AL) Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith (MS), Sen. John Kennedy (LA) and Sen. Roger Marshall (KS). Ninety-three other voted to affirm.

Republicans traveled to D.C. in a show of gratitude for President Trump’s efforts on behalf of the nation we revere. When mobs infiltrated his appreciative supporters, President Trump urged his supporters to “Go home…go home in peace.”  His words were mocked by one of the Antifa mobsters invading the building who was quoted as saying, “He said go home? This is our home!”

An unidentified man said, “Riot police came in and started ushering us out with their sticks and stuff.” Asked how they got in the Capitol, he boasted, “We tore through the scaffolding, through flashbangs and tear gas, and blitzed our way in through all of the chambers.”

Rapidly losing subscribers, the radically left-wing local newspaper, headlines its coverage: PRO-TRUMP MOB INVADES CAPITOL. Every letter to the editor suspiciously denounces President Trump.

As we’ve come to expect, Cindy Hensley McCain, a former drug addict who stole prescription opiates from her own charity, supported Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. She blamed Donald Trump who easily achieved the presidency that repeatedly eluded her Republicrat husband, who was censured by Arizona elected state delegates. Still stung by his rejections, the never-accused-of-being-intelligent beer heiress’ surrogate tweeted, “It exposes for all to see the reckless selfishness of President Trump and the cynicism of elected Republicans, who defended his unconstitutional effort to cling to power. They have shamed our country, and delighted our enemies.”

For a more cogent view of the events read this Gateway Pundit account by a former FBI agent who was on the scene.

Remembering Dec. 7, 1941: “A date which will live in infamy”

December 7, 2020

USS Arizona after Japanese attack

Airhead Cronkite School intern/Arizona Republic reporter Jamie Landers massages history, writing the United States was attacked…but never mentions the attacker

Today marks the 79th anniversary of the Japanese stealth bombing attack on our naval fleet in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii resulting in the deaths of 2,335 American service members and 68 civilians. Nearly 1,180 were injured. The attack sank 12 naval vessels and heavily damaged nine others.

President Donald Trump released this Proclamation in remembrance of that horrific day that precipitated United States involvement in World War II.

The USS Arizona still lies beneath the harbor with its dead entombed. The ship sank in less than nine minutes after a 1,760-pound armor-piercing bomb penetrated its decks and exploded in the ship’s forward ammunition magazine. 1,177 sailors and marines on board were killed; 334 crew members survived.

Other major installations on Oahu, including Wheeler Field and Kaneohe Naval Air Station, also were attacked.

View President Franklin Roosevelt’s famous “A date which will live in infamy” speech (Original Draft: page 1, page 2 and page 3) and Declaration of War following that unprovoked attack.

In his address to a joint session of congress declaring war on Japan, President Roosevelt rightfully referred to December 7, 1941 as,a date which will live in infamy.”

But President Franklin Roosevelt could never have anticipated the politically correct and undereducated Cronkite News “Social Justice” Arizona Republic intern/reporter Jamie Landers who dutifully covered the 79th Pearl Harbor anniversary without ever mentioning the stealth attack was an unprovoked ambush perpetrated by the Imperial Japanese forces against the United States.  She inanely writes the USS Arizona has “become a touchstone for the landlocked state.”

More than 1,000 crewmen remain entombed in the U.S. Arizona.

Clinton appointed leftist judge invalidates Trump’s DACA curbs

November 16, 2020

Judge Nicholas Garaufis previously gave traitor lifetime probation

Republicans have had a lot to celebrate with Donald Trump in the White House. Among his numerous accomplishments, the businessman with no legal training, has paid particular attention to the courts. During his first four years, he has made a major impact by appointing three justices — Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett — to the U.S. Supreme Court, despite the despicable efforts of democrat senators on the Judiciary Committee to steamroll them. His impact on the federal bench (list) will stand as a testament to his dedication for decades to come.

Contrast senior status (semi-retired) Nicholas G. Garaufis, a Bill Clinton appointee to the U.S. Eastern District of New York and his leftist lunacy. Breitbart News’ Neil Munro reports that Saturday, Garaufis struck down President Trump’s July curtailment on Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, preferring to gift an estimated million of them with amnesty, work permits and Social Security numbers. The judge, looking for any justification to push his radical agenda, claimed he blocked the curbs because they were signed by Trump’s deputy, Chad Wolf, whom Garaufis deemed improperly appointed to the job. Wolf is acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

For an insight into his skewed thinking, in 2017, Garaufis sentenced Bryant Neal Vinas to time served for providing material support for terrorism, giving him three additional months in prison before beginning lifetime probation. Vinas, the son of South American immigrants and a Muslim convert, (also known as Ibrahim, Bashir al-Ameriki and Ben Yameen al-Kanadeeis) confessed his treasonous actions in open court. He was convicted of participating in and supporting al-Qaeda plots in Afghanistan and the United States.

After converting to Islam in 2004, he traveled to Pakistan in 2007 with the intention of meeting and joining a jihadist group to fight U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan. An American operative for al-Qaeda, Vinas testified in court that he had hoped to become a martyr while causing mass casualties and a “big economic hit” on the United States.

None of those facts impacted extremist Judge Nicholas Garaufis, who gave him a slap on the wrist for treason.

Anti-Trump jihadists are not “peaceful protesters”

September 25, 2020

The far-left media cover the destructive riots fomenting in American cities as “peaceful protests,” though they are marked by arson, theft and violence. Police officers have been attacked, hit with cinder blocks brought in on pallets to smash store windows, as we witnessed in Scottsdale Fashion Square on May 30, where millions of dollars in damage caused a shutdown for nearly two weeks.

Violence, now including police shootings, has essentially been given a pass within cities run by Democrats who turn a blind eye to the mayhem. In fact, prior to the canonization of career criminal George Floyd, the harassment of GOP members of congress was condoned by Democrat U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) and her ilk. Waters, who mysteriously became a multi-millionaire while in congress, urged an assembled crowd to harass members of the President’s staff and cabinet wherever they might be, “in restaurants, department stores or at the gas station.”

Brock Simmons writing for Gateway Pundit, exposesPro-Antifa DA Drops Attempted Murder and Arson Charges For Terrorist Who Hurled Massive Molotov Cocktail At Police.” His article is specifically about Portland, Oregon, but countless cities from Seattle, Washington and Kenosha, Wisconsin to Chicago, Illinois, Louisville, Kentucky and points beyond are impacted by the violence. Americans are not even safe in their own homes as we witnessed in St. Louis, when BLM rioters broke down an iron gate in a private community to harass homeowners.

Until recently Democrats were content to ignore the anarchy in American cities, pretending it didn’t exist. Now, concerned that their feeble presidential candidate Joe Biden is not adequately addressing the widespread chaos, they have acknowledged the rioting, deceptively blaming it on President Trump.

Given the vicious barrage they unleashed against Trump at their convention, if Democrats actually believed that the president is responsible for anarchists attacking police and torching buildings, it would be their major talking point.

It remains to be seen if weak Joe Biden, who has been holed up in his basement, will be able to debate President Trump. The first debate is scheduled for Tuesday, September 29, 2020. Others will take place Thursday, October 15, and Thursday, October 22. The Vice Presidential debate will be held Wednesday, October 7, 2020. They will all be televised 9 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. ET. (6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. AZ time).

The Commission on Presidential Debates lists the entire schedule, topics and moderators.