Glenn Beck exposes NEA leftist scheme to robotize children

April 30, 2011

Anti-business, pro-global warming agenda wholesaled to kids

Watch in the video link as a 6-year-old sings Earth Day song lyrics that include these words:

Boycott, petition, let the big business know / that if we mess it up here, there’s no where else we can go.”

Indoctrination is the name of the game of the National Education Association.  Our thanks to Glenn Beck for this exposé. (Link provided here.)

Barack Obama Sr. forced to leave Harvard due to lies, womanizing

April 30, 2011

A good number of U.S.Presidents grew up in less than idyllic households. Bill Clinton’s name at birth was William Jefferson Blythe, III. His father is said to have died before his birth and his mother married five times. One of her husbands adopted the young president-to-be, and his name was changed.  Reagan’s father was an abusive alcoholic. Gerald Ford’s father abandoned him at birth and he was adopted by his mother’s second husband who changed his name from Leslie Lynch, Jr.

But in 1964, when Harvard administrators wrote a memo to the Immigration and Naturalization Service to delay a request by Barack Hussein Obama Sr. to extend his stay in the U.S., the administrators, wrote they “were having difficulty with his financial arrangements and couldn’t seem to figure out how many wives he had.”  His request was denied.

Now that makes all of the other sordid life tales pale by comparison!

Read the complete Boston Herald article here.

“Growing” population is not the same as “eligible”

April 29, 2011

Today the daily editorially bemoans the fact that though Latinos are the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population, they vote in lesser numbers than other groups. According to a recent analysis by the Pew Hispanic Center, their participation lags behind other demographics.

The newspaper asks plaintively, “Where is the outcry?” as it asserts “They are “wasting their clout.” The Pew Center acknowledges it is a clout that “benefits Democrats.”

But population alone is not the determining factor, as the editorial board well knows. There is also that pesky problem of citizenship.  And even though Sandra O’Connor and another judge on the Ninth Circuit Court’s three-person panel saw no need to require proof of citizenship when registering and voting, it still remains a prerequisite. As we reported yesterday, that issue is going to be revisited by the full 11-judge panel.

Citizen participation in our election process is encouraged as evidenced by numerous and varied groups organizing voter registration drives. The Republican Party has been actively and successfully recruiting. This year Republicans have added 10,243 new voters to their ranks while the Democrats show a paltry increase of 4,187.

The real question to ask is how many of this growing Hispanic population are citizens eligible to vote as required by the U.S. Constitution?

AZ CD 6: Political bigwigs already choosing sides

April 29, 2011

With 18 months until the November 2012 election it seems peculiar that the political luminaries are already tossing their divine endorsements around like so much sugar candy to the goblins on All Hallows Eve.

Stay with us on this.  The candidates, offices sought and endorsers are spinning fast enough to give the most level-headed political observer a case of the woozies.

Letting no grass grow under his soon-to-be retired feet, outgoing U.S. Sen. Jon Kyl endorsed state legislator Kirk Adams literally within moments after Adams resigned to run for the 6th Congressional District seat — still warm from Jeff Flake‘s lengthy tenure in opposition to his pledge to stay just 3 terms.

Former Congressman Matt Salmon, who held that same CD 6 seat for three terms before honoring his pledge to term limit himself, has announced not only his intent to run, but the solid endorsement he has secured from conservative Congressman Trent Franks.

In this zesty game of political pick-up, former state Senate Majority Leader Chuck Gray, who was the first to enter the race, has the most novel approach of all. Gray is actually meeting with and wants to hear from the voters in the district. In the final analysis they are the ones who cast the ballots.

Double exposure — and then some

April 29, 2011

You won’t want to miss this exposé.

Ninth Circus to revisit proof of citizenship for AZ voters

April 28, 2011

Integrity of elections merits another look

Last October, a three-judge panel on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals exhibited stunning contempt for the basic expectation of unblemished elections when ruling 2 – 1 that the National Voter Registration Act pre-empts Arizona’s 2004 Proposition 200 (Arizona Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act).The federal act requires states to make registration opportunities “widely available” by removing “obstacles” to voter registration.

Former U.S.Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, an Arizonan, temporarily sat on the panel and was part of the majority decision. O’Connor and Circuit Judge Sandra Ikuta said Prop. 200 creates an additional hurdle, while the national act is intended to reduce “state-imposed obstacles” to registration. Chief Judge Alex Kozinski, dissented.

Now, the nation’s most overturned court has agreed to rehear the case “en banc” before an 11-judge panel and reconsider the previous decision to strike down Arizona’s requirement that residents provide proof of citizenship when they register to vote and show proof of identity at the polls on Election Day

Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett, who oversees state elections said “The previous decision by the Ninth Circuit was an outrage, and I thought was a slap in the face to Arizonans who are concerned about the integrity of our elections. Opposition to the simple act of providing proof that you are legally eligible to participate in our elections is incomprehensible.”

Bennett has vowed to defend Prop. 200 in the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary.  Arizona was the first state to require voters to show proof of citizenship, but Kansas and Georgia have recently enacted similar laws. An Appeals Court ruling would not impact the other states, although a Supreme Court ruling would.

National Voter Registration Act creates a standard federal registration form for all states. It requires applicants to sign a statement that they are citizens, but requires no proof. Prop. 200 requires applicants, regardless of whether they are submitting a federal registration form or a state one, to provide a driver’s license, passport, birth certificate, tribal identification or naturalization certification number.

A hearing date has yet to be scheduled.

Since last year’s general election, new registrations have soared statewide to 3,209,725.  As of April 22, 2011 the number of voters who have registered as “Independent” or have not designated a party preference has risen by 48,023 to 1,030,500, while Republicans have added 10,243. Democrats have increased by 4,187. Libertarians make up a little less than one percent of the state’s total registration with 24,941, while those registered with the Green Party stands at 5,105.

The guarantee of secure elections is a fundamental expectation of each and every voting citizen. We should accept nothing less — regardless of what Sandra O’Connor thinks.

Unionist Rebekah Friend is not yours

April 28, 2011

Attorney General Tom Horne will vigorously defend secret ballot

In Unionland, Rebekah Friend wears many hats. She is not only the executive director of Arizona AFL-CIO, but also the leftist organization’s secretary and treasurer. It’s reminiscent of the glory days in the Central Committee of the Soviet politburo.

Friend is inextricably aligned with the Obama administration’s National Labor Relation Board’s plans to sue the citizens of the state of Arizona(yet again) for having the temerity to pass Prop. 113 last November. The NLRB is also suing South Dakotafor the same reason — protecting workers’ rights to a secret ballot in union elections.

The straightforward Constitutional amendment, passed overwhelmingly by more than 60% of Arizona voters, was on the ballot as Prop. 113. It amended the Arizona Constitution to guarantee the fundamental right of employees deciding whether to be represented by unions to vote a secret ballot. Unions are now prohibited from publicly intimidating workers and forcing them to sign on.

Exhibiting the height of leftist duplicity, Friend says: “Arizonans deserve a path to unionization that is fair and free of coercion.”

To that we say, “Amen!”

But beware. Friend’s version of “fair and free of coercion,” is different than the literal meaning of those words. In Rebekah Friend’s world George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth — where the meanings of words are erased and replaced by masters of revisionism — still exists. 

But a bright light shines. Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne says that his office has been notified that the fed’s suit will soon be filed, and he plans to defend the measure vigorously. “I think by opposing the idea of the secret ballot, they (NLRB officials) are opposing a fundamental right of democracy — ensuring that we can’t be intimidated as to how we vote.”

If you’d like to assist this good man in retiring his campaign debt, nationally renowned conservative, Secretary Bill Bennett will appear at an event in support of Tom Horne tomorrow evening. Horne’s campaign was forced to respond to a series of vicious and well-funded attacks against him by his liberal Democrat opponent and her labor union allies.

Event information available here.