Bennett’s in the race: AZ Gov. Doug McDucey should be nervous

May 31, 2018

Ken Bennett has collected and filed the necessary nomination petition signatures to put him on the ballot, accomplishing that massive task in record time. This so galls the Arizona Republic’s editorial pages editor, Phil Boas, that he’s written a screed that opens with “Ken Bennett is a stand-up guy, but…” Boas calls Bennett’s efforts “bizarre,” declares he’s running “on a lark,” while asserting he “won’t win.” In his rage, Boas misspelled Bennett, omitting a final “t.”

Boas is a sterling character, best known for relentlessly pursuing his own father-in-law, Joe Arpaio, out of the top job in the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. Arpaio was elected sheriff for an unprecedented six four-year terms.

Even Libertarian-minded columnist Robert Robb called Bennett’s hurdle “insurmountable.” Take that assessment with a with a healthy dose of skepticism. The liberal newspaper finds Gov. Doug Ducey an acceptable Republican because he has no core.

With years of public service behind him, Ken Bennett actually has a lot going for him. He is also the recipient of public fury with Ducey, who acquiesced to the outrageous demands of striking teachers who abandoned Arizona’s 840,000  public school kids for a week while following a 24-year-old Socialist hip-hop music teacher on their escapade. After Ducey caved to their 20 percent salary hike, they are now demanding more, filing a ballot Initiative to permanently provide them additional $millions.

Bennett states his case unequivocally:

“I am running because the truth matters and we are not being told the truth in critical areas.  My primary opponent, Governor Ducey, has forgotten that this is a Republican state and is caving to outside interest groups on gun control, outrageous budget spending, NAFTA, DACA, and Obamacare.” 

Doug Ducey has been aligned with the McCain syndicate since he came to Arizona from Ohio to attend ASU. As we wrote on Tuesday, Ducey’s first job was working for Cindy Hensley McCain, at Hensley & Co., her Anheuser-Busch beer empire. Although Ducey demures, it is widely rumored he is considering appointing her to fill her seriously ill husband’s senate seat when a vacancy occurs. Ducey and his wife recently visited the McCains at their Cornville ranch. 

Bennett is Arizona born and was raised in Prescott, where he was elected to the city council and served as mayor. Later, he was elected to the Arizona Senate where he was selected senate president by his colleagues. In 2008, Ken Bennett was elected secretary of state, a job that is next in the line of succession to the governor. A successful businessman with a degree in accounting, Bennett possesses a skill set based in finance, and would not have interjected himself into the teacher’s union foray as Ducey did, rather than putting the teacher salary trickery back in the hands of the elected school boards who rightly have the ultimate oversight.

In announcing he made the ballot, Bennett thanked Arizona Republicans statewide for their “incredible effort” in securing not only the required number of signatures to make him a viable gubernatorial candidate but giving him a healthy cushion of 26% to overt challenges.

He won’t have the establishment apparatus and money machine behind him, so like Dr. Kelli Ward, who is running for U.S. Senate, he will need our help. Both Ward and Bennett support President Donald Trump. The hard fact is, campaigns are expensive. Bennett is using the Clean Elections funding system.

Conservative Arizonans have been frustrated with the slippery Republicrats who have never represented us. We have a rare opportunity to right the ship of our state.  Let’s not muff it.

Watch Ken Bennett’s Channel 12 interview.

Will Gov. Ducey gift his former boss AZ Senate job?

May 30, 2018

Questions swirl around McCain’s senate seat as Arizonans go unrepresented

The bony fingers of speculation have splayed past the rumor mill stage. The word in political circles is that Gov. Doug Ducey is looking to cook his own career. The fire has been lit and the cauldron is bubbling.

He certainly did his political aspirations no favor when he acquiesced to the extortionist tactics of the threatening unionist teachers who abandoned more than 840,000 public school students for a week as they went on strike, marched, took over legislative chambers, danced and played musical instruments while demanding a whopping 20 percent pay hike. When he gave in to their outrageous whims, he then insulted the rest of us by saying he accomplished this feat without raising taxes. That’s a bet worth taking. Teachers have since filed a ballot initiative to permanently raise taxes “on the rich,” for even more money, proving negotiations with those employing extremist tactics is flawed policy.

Now Ducey’s adding insult to injury by doing nothing to quell the speculation that he’s giving serious consideration to appointing his onetime boss to fill the senate seat that has been held far too long by dodgy John McCain, 81, who runs as a Republican while colluding and voting with the most liberal Democrats. The fact that McCain counts Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Dick Durbin and a host of others going back to Ted Kennedy as his cronies, speaks not to negotiating but to conniving collusion with the extreme left since he was first elected 36 years ago.

But first, a key piece of history. When Doug Ducey initially arrived in Arizona in 1983 to attend ASU, he worked at Hensley & Co., the Anheuser-Busch distributorship owned by Cindy Lou Hensley McCain.

Conservative US does a fine job of describing the behind the scenes machinations to hoist Cindy McCain to the U.S. Senate.  And Doug Ducey? He’ll be repaying a favor to his former employer Cindy Hensley McCain.  Her husband, John, was instrumental in setting Ducey on his political path and they have remained close fiends.

Appointing Cindy Lou would ensure a continuance of what we’ve gotten for nearly 4 decades from her duplicitous husband. It’s past time for a change.

The governor’s automated phone number is (602) 542-4331. You don’t get a live person. Leave a message and let him know you want a change.  A real change. Another McCain is more of the same.

Loony left condemns lovely mother-child photo

May 29, 2018

Anything goes with open borders agenda liberals

Why would Ivanka Trump, the bright and beautiful mother of three, face a barrage of critical backlash after posting photos of her toddler son?

The post was termed, “insensitive” in light of the recently enacted “zero tolerance” policy, which allows border security agents to place the children of illegal aliens in temporary foster care until their cases are adjudicated.

Click here to read the tweet, see the charming photos and read the spew of verbal assaults.

Ivanka, who serves as an adviser to her father, is not a party to the sound policy which originated within the Justice Department. It provides safekeeping for children while their illegally invading Central American parents are detained as they await a hearing on their claims of seeking “asylum.”  This is the lingo they’ve been coached to use by their pro bono legal advisers who aid those who caravaned through Mexico, where they did not seek asylum,

“You’d almost never know her father’s administration, to which she is an adviser, was brutally separating migrant children from their asylum-seeking parents and lost track of 1,500 of them,” MSNBC reporter Joy Reid deceptively wrote on Twitter in reference to Ivanka’s post.

Has-been comedian Jim Carrey, who now fancies himself a cartoonist, jumped on the anti-Trump bandwagon.

Ivanka’s brother, Donald Trump, Jr. was also battered with vicious barbs after posting a photo of himself and his two youngest children.

Liberals consider all Republicans fair game when it comes to their bonding with the illegal aliens they deceitfully cloak as “migrants;”

Memorial Day gratitude from Pres. Trump and us all

May 28, 2018

Memorial Day is set aside to pay tribute to America’s military personnel — and their families — who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country.

President Donald Trump is doing just that, replacing platitudes with action.

Take time to read his White House statement: This Memorial Day, a Win for America’s Veterans. It takes only 3 minutes to read, but the inspiring message will stay with you.

The president outlines the 26-page VA MISSION Act of 2018 issued by Congressman Phil Roe, M.D., (R-TN) chairman of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs, which achieves five important objectives for our nation’s veterans:

  1. Consolidates and strengthens the VA’s community care programs;
  2. Funds the existing Veterans Choice program to ensure veterans continue to receive care through the Choice program until the new, consolidated Veterans Community Care Program takes effect;
  3. Creates new flexibilities to aid the VA in managing its infrastructure portfolio through an Asset and Infrastructure review process;
  4. Expands the Caregivers program to include eligible veterans from all eras of service;
  5. Strengthens the VA’s workforce.

Marking his second Memorial Day as commander in chief with an 11:00 am (ET) visit to Arlington National Cemetery, President Trump will lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and salute those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country with a speech commemorating their heroic actions.

Major reason to steer clear of deceptive AZ Republic

May 27, 2018

A key component of the Arizona Republic’s stock in trade is the ubiquitous use of weaselly equivocators, “could, might, may,” in incendiary headlines.

Saturday’s edition provided this Page One example: ”Advocates say separation of migrant families could expose children to abuse by border agents.”

Separation of families is a phony ploy. They can all return home together.  Exactly when did border agents morph into child molesters? This is another bogus contrivance from the newspaper increasingly known as the Arizona Repukelick for obvious reasons.

A quick perusal of the accompanying story, complete with an oversize photo of a morose mother staring directly into the camera, attempts to go straight for the heartstrings with the tale of a 20-year-old Guatemalan mother and her infant daughter, the product of rape, we are told, to give more heft to the saga, who are “seeking asylum” in the United States. The cadres of illegal advocates who “represent” invaders have now embraced a new ploy, that children could be exposed to abuse by border agents. By now, most of us are too steeped in “Push 1 for Spanish” to be ready customers for the despicable maneuver.

The Hillary Clinton endorsing, John McCain-worshiping newspaper never deviates from calling illegal alien invaders of our country,migrants.The United States is not San Juan Capistrano, and foreign nationals are not temporarily migrating swallows, who wing it 6,000 miles back to Goya, Argentina when the season ends.

America accepts over a million legal immigrants yearly. We welcome educated people with skills that will benefit our nation as they assimilate to our culture, heritage and language.  Our cities and states are not acceptable repositories for the uneducated who rely on taxpayer funded benefits to exist.

When looking for news, readers want facts, not iffy suppositions that push a liberal agenda. They will get plenty of agenda in the local newspaper. Facts take a back seat.

In 2013 we wrote, “Winston Smith: Alive and well at Associated Press,” referring to the main character in George Orwell’s book “1984,” which described the manipulation of language. The intentional misuse by the left-wing media is even more egregious today. 

All roads lead to…..McCain?

May 26, 2018

Arizona Republic McSkews the news

When the Roman Empire was the center of Western civilization, the saying “All roads lead to Rome,” had real meaning. All of the empire’s roads radiated out from the capital city of  Rome, facilitating trade and enabling the movement of the massive Roman armies.

Those who still subscribe to the Arizona Republic newspaper — which includes an anorexic version of its Gannett-owned cousin USA Today — folded inside, can be forgiven for thinking all roads lead to John McCain.

He is the centerpiece of countless articles, editorials and slavish regurgitations in the daily. Friday the newspaper outdid itself in the absurd department. The headline blasts, “McCain scores win with pardon of boxer.”

The story relates to President Donald Trump’s posthumous pardon of Jack Johnson — the son of former slaves — who became the first black heavyweight boxing champion in 1908. He was later charged and convicted of transporting his white girlfriend, who later became his wife, across state lines for “immoral purposes,” a violation of the Mann Act.

Acting at the urging of Sylvester Stallone, President Trump granted the rare posthumous pardon, stating, “I am taking this very righteous step, I believe, to correct a wrong that happened in our history, It’s about time.”

During the Oval Office remarks, the president introduced Linda Bell Haywood, the maternal great-great niece of Jack Johnson. She said, “The most important person that decided to do this is sitting here to my left: President Trump.”

The USA Today article refers to the price Johnson paid for his racially motivated conviction. His boxing career was in shambles after his 10-month imprisonment. It mentions Stallone’s movie portrayal of fictional  boxer “Rocky.” It relates that Stallone stood among real life heavyweights as the White House ceremony took place. John McCain’s name is not in the article.

Greg Stanton pulls a costly fast one exiting as Phx. mayor

May 25, 2018

Judicial Watch, whose motto is “Because no one is above the law,” is an principled, conservative watchdog group that fights for accountability and integrity in law, politics and government. JW also has a blog, Corruption Chronicles.

Corruption Chronicles runs a must read report on the contemptible excesses of Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, who has stepped down prior to the end of his term to run for the U.S. House in Arizona’s CD 9. The report is titled,Phoenix Mayor Gives La Raza Ally $2.4 Mil Before Leaving to Run for Congress. It is an important exposé that CD 9 voters need to acquaint themselves with prior to the Aug. 28 Primary and Nov. 6, 2018 General Elections. It contains just five paragraphs that should not be overlooked

For an idea of where Stanton stands politically, when he was initially elected in 2011, then President Barack Obama and Homeland INsecurity chieftain Janet Napolitano jointly called with congratulatory wishes.

 A bit of history: In 2005, Kyrsten Sinema, a committed pro-abortion and open-borders advocate, lost her initial state legislative race as a Green Party candidate. The lawyer, social worker and self-proclaimed bi-sexual then set out re-crafting herself as a Democrat and was elected to the state legislature. She ran and won in the newly created CD 9 based on the results of the 2010 Census. The district has been represented by chameleon Kyrsten Sinema, who has improbably transformed herself from a crude, foul mouthed, leftist partisan to a soft spoken, stylish U.S. Senate candidate.

Sinema no longer heralds her ties to the Communist Party, bi-sexuality, open borders, abortion or strong allegiance to atheism, which led her to refuse to take her oath of office with her hand on a Bible. Seth Leibsohn is the GOP candidate to support.

Jeff Flake, whose relentless Trump bashing left him polling at 18%, is not running for reelection and Sinema is hoping to nab that senate seat. The conservative choice is Dr. Kelli Ward. The political musical chairs now place liberal Stanton, who previously announced for Secretary of State, abandoning that venture and opting for the CD 9 seat Sinema is leaving.

Democrat Vice Mayor Laura Pastor, daughter of liberal former CD 7 Congressman Ed Pastor, will assume the role of acting mayor. Pastor, Councilman Daniel Valenzuela and Councilwoman Kate Gallego — all liberal Democrats — have announced their intentions to run for the city‘s top job. Unknown entity Moses Sanchez, a navy veteran and teacher, has announced as the sole Republican mayoral candidate, though his fact deficient website neglects to mention the word “Republican,” or any GOP involvement.

Arizona voters will need a scorecard to keep up with the ambitious, reconfigured Democrats and their desires to take over the city of Phoenix and encroach on D.C. in the Senate and House. This is serious business with potentially long-lasting and dire consequences. Pay attention and vote on information, not slick campaign ads.