Sheriff Arpaio responds to media allegations

September 30, 2012

Five year old story runs in advance of election

Read the truth about Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the sex crimes investigations at the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. The media myths and actual facts are all HERE.

Take time to acquaint yourself with the facts. Sheriff Arpaio’s cogent response closes with a letter to the voters of Maricopa County.


AZ Republic’s mugging of Sheriff Arpaio begins in earnest

September 30, 2012

Blitzkrieg timed to take down our sheriff

This past Friday, we wrote Joe Arpaio: The icon and the insignificant machine, explaining how the dying Periódico de la República de Arizona (ArizonaRepublic) has timed its most vicious bombardment against him to coincide with early ballots.

In that post, we explained how the newspaper, using chicanery and deception to advance its leftwing agenda, began with a small, gray box advertising their anti-Arpaio multi-pronged assault in the Wednesday edition.  The box using the words “A betrayal of trust”  has grown larger each day. Today, in the Sunday edition, it takes up over half of the front page, with six full pages devoted to assaulting Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

We invite you to read Joe Arpaio‘s impressive resume, detailing his lifelong career in public service — first in the military, then as a police officer, followed by his years in federal law enforcement worldwide, culminating with heading the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration for the state of Arizona. This was all prior to running for Maricopa County Sheriff, where he has been reelected to an unprecedented five 4-year terms.  The exceedingly popular Arpaio is currently running for his sixth term, which galls the open border/amnesty purveyors at the daily newspaper.

Arpaio is not the easily manipulated, finger-to-the-wind sheriff the newspaper would prefer. He has made a commitment to the citizens of Maricopa County, taking the duties of  his job seriously. He fights back. This was a campaign ad from his previous election. When it comes to the daily newspaper, follow the sheriff’s example:

Sowell explains Obama: The rhetoric, the reality

September 30, 2012

“The role of a confidence man is not to convince skeptics, but to help the gullible believe what they want to believe. Most of what Barack Obama says sounds very persuasive if you don’t know the facts — and often sounds like sheer nonsense if you do. But he is not trying to convince skeptics, nor worried about looking ridiculous to informed people who won’t vote for him anyway.”

The brilliant Dr. Thomas Sowell has written a series of masterful commentaries explaining Barack Obama. This recent one, Obama Versus Obama: Part III, is the tour de force, although they each build upon one another and should each be read in order.

Read the other insightful reviews here:

Obama Versus Obama

Obama Versus Obama: Part II

Obama Versus Obama: Part IV

If you have any friends, relatives or acquaintances who need persuasion in this most significant election in our nation’s history, send them this link. It matters.

Giese remains AZ’s GOP Nat’l Committeewoman

September 29, 2012

The Arizona Republican Party Executive Committee today filled the vacancy which existed for the position of Arizona’s National Committeewoman. A quorum was present with 42 people eligible to vote.

No proxies were allowed.

The two candidates were former state Senator Karen Johnson and Sharon Giese who has been serving in the position of Arizona’s Republican National Committeewoman for 8 years.

The vote, included two abstentions:

Sharon Giese: 29

Karen Johnson: 11

Former AZ Congressman Sam Steiger dies at 83

September 29, 2012

Writing an obituary about Sam Steiger is a task best taken by a stranger.  Many were aware he suffered a debilitating stroke a decade ago, so his death at age 83 should not have been unexpected. But to those who knew the brilliant, witty and irascible Steiger in his heyday — and beyond — it is inconceivable to think in terms of a final notice for this extraordinary individual.

His Wikipedia page tells the tales of his highs and lows in the political realm. If you didn’t know him, this will give a bit of the flavor of the New York-born, Jewish Prescott cowboy/rancher, state senator, five-term Arizona Congressman, Prescott mayor and staunch political conservative — who ran the gamut from a decorated Korean war military hero who later returned to combat arenas as a Vietnam war correspondent —  to a brash burro shooter and cheered Whiskey Row crosswalk painter.  He was everyman yet had no equal.

Rest in peace, Sam Steiger. 

A “Chicago Saturday” with JD!

September 29, 2012

Former Congressman J.D. Hayworth again takes the microphone at the legendary WLS, Chicago.  LISTEN LIVE today from 10:00 am -1:00 pm, AZ time.

Car chase in AZ desert goes horribly wrong & Update

September 28, 2012

An unidentified man being chased by police along Interstate 10 ditched his car after turning onto a dirt road near Tonopah, AZ. After running erratically through the desert, he eventually raised a gun to his head and shot himself.  Fox News’ Shepard Smith apologizes for the video — although the network cut away from the suicide since the helicopter recording it was on a 5-second tape delay. The live helicopter video was taken by Phoenix affiliate KSAZ-TV Channel 10.


The dead man has since been identified as 33-year-old Jodan Romero, who had a felony warrant for a parole violation on a weapons charge.  Phoenix Police said Romero  had “a criminal record involving numerous violent crimes.” it is now known he shot at both police and the helicopter during the 90-minute high speed police pursuit.

Joe Arpaio: The icon and the insignificant machine

September 28, 2012

 AZ República times most recent onslaught to coincide with early ballots

The committed open-borders zealots at AZ República have been prepping for a long time for what they likely view as a chance to slay the dragon. Now, with the November 6 general election nearing and early ballots due to hit mailboxes by the second week in October, the irrelevant newspaper seeks to exert whatever influence it thinks it has to do in Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

In what has become a boring and repetitive exercise, the daily has boastfully announced its latest intentions on the front page for several successive days giving advance notice of what to expect in the coming week. As usual it will be an aggressive strategy, with contrived news reports, columnists, editorials and even the cartoonist — working in tandem — in a vain attempt to replace Arpaio.

The AZ República will inveigle, invent, connive, deceive and cajole to lure its remaining readers to the faltering campaign of Democrat candidate Paul Penzone.  Even the wizards at the newspaper know it’s a lost cause.  Not only is Penzone personally problem-plagued (read the domestic violence report here) and lacking experience to equal the enormous job, but the indomitable Joe Arpaio remains extremely popular. Even more, he knowledgably handles the job of running Arizona’s largest sheriff’s office and the nation’s third largest law enforcement organization in a high crime border state. The office employs over 3,400 people and is capable of housing up to 10,000 inmates at any given time.

Facts have never been known to stand in the way of the República’s leftwing agenda. Now, even more than previously, the powers that be at the once decent newspaper see their last days looming and are going for broke.  So in a smallish gray box at the far end of the top of Wednesday’s Page One, are the words “A betrayal of trust.” The word “Trust” stands alone in artsy type that casts an ominous shadow. Surely they aren’t going after John McCain who defends the Muslim Brotherhood while leveling charges against conservative members of Congress?   No. Of course not.  It’s Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the career lawman, who continually incurs the wrath of the editorial board. In the successive days, the gray box has grown larger, no doubt engorged by the bile of Linda Valdez and Co.

And these same lightweights — now feeling emboldened by the job in which they colluded with the open borders/amnesty crowd in taking down Senate President Russell Pearce — have set out the rest of their game plan for the sheriff. The ever expanding gray box includes teasers of the latest hatchet job, to be delivered in daily installments during the coming week. The announcement declares the swill will be delivered “on-line, in print and on TV.”  Since Channel 12 has openly bedded down in the daily’s abode on Van Buren Street, there is no longer any pretense about their — ahem — relationship.

So belly to belly they will attempt to disparage the man who has won reelection to an unprecedented five 4-year terms, and is currently campaigning for his sixth. He draws standing room crowds, and his endorsement is sought by national as well as Arizona candidates. He’s raised an impressive $8 million dollars in campaign donations from those who approve of his efforts on behalf of Maricopa County citizens.

 Penzone’s ads arrogantly state, “Meet the new sheriff.” If you actually want to meet the new sheriff, we suggest you read his impressive bio, and watch “It’s time you met the real Joe Arpaio.”

Candidates and their stances on illegal immigration

September 28, 2012

The imperative to gain control of our nation’s own border has never been greater

NumbersUSA doesn’t endorse, but it does the in-depth fact checking research on issues and evaluates candidates, rating them on their positions as reported in the media or on their own official websites. These grades and ratings reflect what “hopefuls” say should be done about illegal immigration — looking at contradictions and changes in stances. NumbersUSA generally gives the most weight to the more recent statements and actions.

This is the interactive presidential hopefuls page. Moving your cursor over any of the scores will cause an explanation to appear.

Check out the positions of Arizona’s 9 congressional district candidates here. Where there is no previous history, click on the name of the candidate to see what statements they have made.

There is a green arrow pointing out “true reformers.” Among Arizona’s GOP congressional delegation, David Schweikert garnered that A+ grade. Trent Franks and Paul Gosar were each given an A.

The national congressional map can be viewed here in order to make comparisons on illegal immigration.

Check out Arizona’s 2012 U.S. Senate candidate’s positions here.

To understand the topic of illegal immigration and the fallacy of attempting to view it from a “humanitarian perspective,” watch this shortened version of Roy Beck’s celebrated Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs video — based on data from the World Bank and U.S. Census Bureau.  You won’t forget it, or the well-presented facts.

Gov. Brewer endorses Jerry Weiers for Glendale Mayor

September 27, 2012

Retiring Glendale Mayor Elaine Scruggs also backs Weiers

Jerry Weiers, the top vote getter in the primary election, has been given the nod by Glendale resident and Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer. “Leadership requires the will to make the tough decisions and the judgment to make the right ones. Jerry Weiers has demonstrated both traits as a legislator who built consensus, worked regionally to benefit his constituents and helped put Arizona’s finances back in order. I hope Glendale residents will join me in supporting Jerry Weiers for Mayor.”

Jerry Weiers issues page can be seen here. His opponent Manuel Cruz, an unsuccessful candidate for state mine inspector, is endorsed by far left unions and mostly out-of-town liberals who do not represent the values of Glendale. Cruz offers no vision for the city, but a long litany of baseless charges against the well respected former Glendale state lawmaker, Jerry Weiers.

In a pathetic campaign, Cruz puts a face on the old adage if you have nothing of substance to show, tear down those who do.

On the Glendale ballot will be a measure that clearly delineates the two. Voters will have the ability to reverse a $125 million, five-year sales tax increase. All they have to do is look to neighboring Phoenix to see that no tax ever sunsets. Glendale residents are being asked to underwrite a multi-year $300 million Phoenix Coyotes’ arena deal.

Cruz supports the tax extension. Weiers, who has a strong record of reigning in spending and addressing fiscal issues, wisely opposes it.

Conservatives have a clear choice in the race for mayor of Glendale. Vote for Jerry Weiers