Voter fraud?  What voter fraud?

November 10, 2018

With Arizona’s 2018 General Election results challenged by now averted lawsuitsand winners and losers shifting before our eyes, today’s post is especially provocative. Although the mainstream media vehemently denies voter fraud exists, evidence speaks louder than the denials. James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas has been the leading investigators into voter fraud over the past several years. Here is a compilation of their investigations and compelling evidence that voter fraud is real.

The Heritage Foundation provides a state-by-state ‘sampling’ of of election fraud cases from across the country.

In 2012 SRAZ posted an earlier Veritas exposé, which we titled, Voter fraud? “We’re not the police.” The blatant disregard of maintaining election integrity by those in government offices remains shocking. Click on the link to watch the the video.

This ever-growing problem has been keenly honed by those who seek to manipulate our election system for their own goals. Only by exposing the reality that this criminal activity undeniably exists, can we have any hope of eradicating it. Arizona’s elected officials with oversight into such activities need to be paying attention. What would appear an obvious place to start would be working on behalf of a law to require actual photo ID be presented when voting, though that becomes unenforceable when people register to vote online and receive early ballots in the mail that they vote at their kitchen table, without ever interacting with election officials anywhere in the process. The recent court challenges centered on verification of signatures on the back of the mail-in ballots.  We now have until this coming Wednesday to get the results.

Is convenience worth the high price?


Jeff Flake auditions for leftist CNN

November 3, 2018

Flake not even above defending George Soros and calling Pres. Trump‘s “fear mongering unseemly and sickening” as Flake supports illegal caravans flooding U.S., which the president and the majority of American citizens find unacceptable

Jeff Flake, at the end of his political career — due to unprecedentedly low 18% approval ratings in his home state that kept him from campaigning for reelection — is busying himself auditioning for a new job. Among the obvious choices for the renegade Republicrat would be the networks that salivate over the prospect of a brazen defector.

Watch (Video) as Flaky Flake, who preposterously describes himself as a “conservative” fills the bill, grinning as he dutifully supplies GOP antithetical answers to Wolf Blitzer‘s loaded questions. Listen as he says he recently went to a church in his neighborhood where members brought food and clothing for 22 families who he called asylum seekers. “It was very refreshing,” says Flake. The families are illegal aliens who unlawfully invaded the United States.

He has also become an apologist for multi-billionaire Socialist George Soros, defending him against charges of being a “globalist” — since Flake has embraced that same word to describe himself.

Most disturbing is Flake’s denial — on Soros’ behalf — of Soros’ involvement in turning Jewish neighbors over to the Nazis as a teen in his boyhood home of Hungary. In this interview with Steve Kroft, Soros himself acknowledges that he aided the Nazis in the confiscation of their property and ultimately committing his neighbors to certain death in the concentration camps, but has no conscience over the hideous acts, saying, “No. No. It was not difficult. It created no feeling of guilt.” He compared the experience to being in “the markets“…presumably the stock markets, where the hedge fund investor made his $ billions, saying, “If I wasn’t there, someone else would have been.”

Apologist Jeff Flake is as soulless as George Soros. That lack of character makes him a an ideal fit for one of the leftist networks he’s trying so diligently to convince he’ll be a winning asset in broadcasting their agenda.

Breitbart News covers the Friday video interview on CNN’s “The Situation Room,” where relentless Trump detractor Jeff Flake said President Donald Trump’s “tone” on illegal immigration was “just wrong and sickening.”

Bias mars AZ U.S. Senate McSally, Sinema debate

October 16, 2018

Debate “moderator” Ted Simons was clearly unable to be impartial as he gave unjustified leeway to Kyrsten Sinema, while restricting Martha McSally

Arizona’s sole U.S. Senate debate was broadcast Monday evening, Oct. 15, co-hosted by the less than objective Arizona PBS/KAET Channel 8 and the Arizona Republic newspaper. 

U.S. Representatives — Republican Martha McSally (CD-2) and Democrat Kyrsten Sinema (CD-9) — are running for Arizona’s U.S. Senate seat vacated by anti-Trumper Jeff Flake, who chose not to wage a reelection campaign based on 18 percent approval ratings. 

The newspaper’s political reporter Maria Polletta and Ted Simons, host of Channel 8’s “Arizona Horizon,” supposedly moderated the debate, though Simon’s partiality toward Sinema was clearly apparent. 

Using her soft, cultivated campaign voice, chameleon Sinema refused to respond to questions deserving of answers, saying, “Martha is trying to make this about me, making ridiculous attacks and what we know is that this campaign is about every day Arizonans and I’ll fight for them.”

When McSally, who identified herself as “pro-life,” pushed for a response Sinema finally admitted she would have voted against the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

But when Martha McSally, (read her full bio) the first female pilot to fly a fighter jet in a war zone and command a fighter squadron in combat, retiring in 2010 as a full Colonel, noted that CNN reported last week that in 2003 Sinema said it was okay for Americans to join the Taliban to fight our military, demanded an apology, Ted Simons rushed to Sinema’s defense — quickly shutting down McSally and ending the contrivance posing as a debate. This can be viewed in the concluding minutes of “the debate.”*

Conservative SRAZ doesn’t claim to be impartial. Because we support Republican U.S. Rep. Martha McSally in this crucial senate race that is being watched nationwide for its impact on the continuation of President Trump‘s winning agenda, we invite our readers to get the rest of the story, by watching for the straight scoop about Sinema.

*Video provided courtesy of ABC 15


Barack Obama: Prime example of the left’s hypocrisy

October 5, 2018

America under Trump reaches new highs that have nothing to do with illicit drugs or booze binges

This video* is worthy of note after the debacle Judge Brett Kavanaugh has been put through in the wake of his nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court by President Donald Trump.

Democrats have a far different standard for themselves. Barack Obama, who admitted to being a thug, who got into fights, indulged in heavy drinking and using marijuana and even cocaine, which he called “substances that weren’t always legal,“ never faced criticism on his way to the White House.

-“I was a thug,” a “mischievous child”

-“I got into fights.”

-“I drank and did–and consumed substances that weren’t always legal.”

-“I might have drank a six-pack in an hour before going back to class”

Michael W. Chapman, writing for CNS News compares Brett Kavanaugh’s beer drinking to Barack Obama’s excesses, that Obama cockily brags about and which never became an issue during his presidential campaign. The actual issue for Kavanaugh —- a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit since 2006 —- has nothing to do with him, his unquestioned integrity or his impartial adherence to the law. He has been targeted because the far left is still reeling in disbelief that scandal-plagued Hillary Clinton lost in 2016. The contemptible treatment he and his family have endured is based in anti-Trumpism. The adherents to this new mob-mentality dogma are fanatical, extremist zealots who have no sense of rationality.

This morning’s headlines reporting the lowest unemployment numbers since 1969 and President Trump’s soaring 51% approval rating —- dwarfing Obama’s at the same point in his presidency —- are of no consequence to the those who believe in mob rule. The rest of us rejoice in the stellar news.

* H/T Rich Saavedra

Diversity: Our strength or demise?

September 16, 2018

Hyphenated Americans display dual allegiances, lack full commitment to the United States

Today SRAZ is taking Patrick J. Buchanan up on his invitation to share his columns.  It was difficult choosing which one to use, but because we are Tucker Carlson fans, the decision went in favor of his displaying the temerity to inquire of the left, “How, precisely, is diversity our strength? Since you’ve made this our new national motto, please be specific.”

The question was raised after he played clips of Democrat politicians reciting what has become an fundamental ‘truth’ of modern liberalism.

You’ll findThe Unpardonable Heresy of Tucker Carlson,” to be worthy of your time and attention.

This video excerpt of Tucker Carlson’s show features startling demographic numbers. In 1990, the small community of Storm Lake, Iowa had a mere 1.1% foreign born population. Today over half of the residents don’t speak English at home.

Carlson interviews U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta, (R-PA), the former mayor of Hazelton, Pennsylvania.  In 2000, less than 2% of the population was Hispanic. Today, fewer than 20 years later, Hazelton is majority Hispanic, thanks to mass illegal immigration.

Hamtramck, Michigan had two Bangladeshi residents in 1990. Today the city is majority Muslim.  

Diversity is obviously not our strength, since we see it overpowering the predominant culture without any input from the citizens whose families have resided in these communities for generations — many with immigrant family roots themselves.  The difference lies in the fact that previous generations of immigrants came to the U.S. legally, processed through Ellis Island (from 1892 – 1954), and were grateful for the opportunity to be Americans. They learned English, prioritized education for their children and accepted our nation’s history as their own. That adaptation was known as Americanization — unfortunately a passé concept today.

Martha McSally displays campaign schizophrenia

August 20, 2018

Now running for the U.S. Senate, Martha McSally has expediently morphed into a Trump supporter though she didn’t back him during his 2016 presidential election. In McSally’s skewed view, these are different times, calling for different alliances. Now the man she spoke of disparagingly is her go-to ally as she attempts to con Trump voters into aligning with her, rather than Dr. Kelli Ward, the true conservative in this race.

In a recent fundraising solicitation, McSally aka Sally McCain complained about her Mcbenefactor’s good friend Chuck Schumer, saying, “Chuck Schumer’s super PAC is launching a new vicious advertising campaign against me — they have already bought over $5 million dollars worth of TV ads.”

But wait a minute!  Wasn’t that Chuck smiling and waving his arms to calm the gasping senators during John McCain’s infamous “Thumb Down” vote on repealing portions of Obamacare? In need of a memory refresher? Here’s the brief video.

Wasn’t that Chuck who signed on as a co-sponsor of the Gang of Eight amnesty bill along with Arizona’s Senior Senator (ASS) and his now lame duck underling, Jeff Flake — none of whom voted for President Donald Trump. Arizona’s two senators, who ran under the GOP banner, routinely vote in concert with Democrats, which is why we need to replace them with honest representatives of Arizona’s citizens in the U.S. Senate.

Then in an incredible and shameless finale from the Liar-in-Chief, herself, McSally declares. “If we want to win, voters MUST hear directly from my campaign with the truth. “

 Truth? Just last week we posted, “Mc-McSally’s scurrilous attacks on Ward exposed.”

As we noted open border team owners Robert Sarver ($25,0000) and Randy Kendrick ($100,000) are among the gaggle of establishment Republicrat donors posted on the FEC website, funding the PAC that champions Sally McCain and viciously attacks Dr. Kelli Ward with blatant lies. Ward’s impressive list of national and statewide endorsements is worthy of your consideration.

Follow the money…and it’s all too clear that the open borders, pro-McCain crowd is energetically promoting McSally — and also McSchumer.

Martha McMcSally has no political core. Lying comes easily to her. A vote for McSally is ultimately a vote for leftist chameleon Kyrsten Sinema, whom we have exposed numerous times. Here’s a recent one for your review, titled. “Kyrsten Sinema’s vicious slurs aimed at women ignored.”

Don’t believe the deceitful ads put out by McSally and the Defend Arizona PAC supporting her (their recognizable names and hefty contributions are listed). Their agenda does not include conservatives.

Martha McSally was unable to con Fox host Lou Dobbs. Don’t let her con you.

AZ has a committed partner in Kansas’ governor’s race

August 10, 2018

Kris Kobach has a history aiding our state, despite push back from inept Republicrat Michele Reagan

Nearly a thousand miles away, Kansas is not right around the corner from Arizona, but many of us have been watching the close governor’s race there, with a definite favorite candidate.

Kris Kobach, the current Secretary of State, has many friends here. He was the architect of Arizona’s immigration enforcement bill known as SB 1070, shepherded through our state senate by then-Senate President Russell Pearce. Theirs was a winning coalition of Kobach’s legal expertise — he holds degrees from Harvard, Oxford and Yale Law School — and Pearce’s knowledge of Arizona’s unique situation as the most trafficked southern border portal for illegal aliens. Pearce was ideally placed to get his omnibus legislative package through, until he met with opposition from a pack of RINOs who joined with a united Democrat bloc to derail the legislation. Most of them are now out of office. But Michele Reagan, now running for reelection as Arizona Secretary of State despite numerous election-related calamities — joined the 2011 pack of Benedict Arnolds. Reagan, long known as a Republican of convenience, is being challenged by GOP businessman, Steve Gaynor, who deserves your vote.

Kobach, also a leading authority on election fraud and adviser to President Trump, is now a gubernatorial candidate running against an appointed interim governor vying for election. Though Kobach should have easily slid into the governor’s office with a hefty cushion of votes, his lead is razor thin. At last check of voter tallies, he was ahead by only 91 votes. Kobach, whose office is in charge of overseeing elections, has recused himself from the vote count.

The radical left, open borders media despise Kobach, whose wealth of experience and knowledge of the issues riles them. In turn, they have pummeled him with deceptive hit pieces posing as news reports. Here are a sample of the biased headlines:

L.A. Times: Trump endorses Kris Kobach, an immigration firebrand, in Kansas GOP governor’s race

Washington Post: Trump endorses anti-immigration hard-liner Kris Kobach in Kansas GOP primary

Kansas City Star (editorial): Kris Kobach is twisting the truth about undocumented immigrants at Kansas universities

 Mother Jones (gives new meaning to the word “liberal”): Kris Kobach, Nativist Son —  The legal mastermind behind the wave of anti-immigration laws sweeping the country.

 Esquire Magazine: Kris Kobach Is a Bad Lawyer, a Great Fearmonger, and an Even Better Grifter

Get it? This partial list of leftist skew explains the reason for the tight race, which should have been a cakewalk for Kobach.

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