China’s Coronavirus propaganda spread by WHO director

April 2, 2020

Today’s post is based on a topical and ‘must watch video.’  Fox News’ Tucker Carlson exposes China’s data distortion as it relates to the Coronavirus pandemic, which originated in Wuhan China. And, regardless of what the left now says, it is not “racist” to acknowledge its origins. That only became their hammer after President Trump used the accurate descriptive term. Watch this Media Research Center’s compilation  showing the hypocritical leftist media using the exact words.

Most shocking of all is the deceit of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. His official statement is, “The Chinese government is to be congratulated for the extraordinary measures it has taken to contain the outbreak,” parroting the Communist regime’s talking points and aiding its propaganda campaign.

It is now widely known that the exact opposite is true. Yet WHO’s top official plays the role of obedient groveler to the communist leaders and publicizes their deception as fact.

Carlson summed up his commentary saying, “You might think that a World Health Organization group that got $58 million of your tax dollars last year might care that a government arrests doctors and lies about deadly new diseases. But no, like so many other organizations, they are lapdogs for the powerful. And that means their real job is sucking up to the Chinese government.”

Ads within this important video can be skipped.

Then check out the travel budget for the brass at the WHO. The organization spends twice as much on travel as it does on medical supplies, according to its most recent financial report, obtained by the Daily Caller.

Blinded by Trump hatred, NYT viciously attacks Christians

March 28, 2020

Federalist article points to the contempt in which the secular elites hold faith-based conservatives

There is no question that leftist newspapers, as The Hill pointed out, which overwhelmingly endorsed scandal-plagued Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, have never recovered from her dramatic loss. The failing Arizona Republic was among them, suffering catastrophic subscription cancellations that have never returned.

Today we take our readers directly to The Federalist which does an outstanding job of covering the reprehensible New York Times op-ed by hatemonger Katherine Stewart blaming Christians, Not China, For Spread Of Wuhan Coronavirus. The far left newspaper is subscription only.

As Americans self-quarantine, which President Trump’s team of medical experts have strongly advised, take time to acquaint yourself with the hate-filled spew that emits from the extremist media denigrating his religious supporters. The vicious op-ed reveres not God, but secularism.

Media Research Center printed, “Secular Snobs: Documenting the National Media’s Long-standing Hostility to religion,” in 2012.  It’s a longer, meticulously researched review that explains in annotated points the media’s contempt for religious Americans.  Do return to read it, as it provides the backdrop for the secular hatred of the faith-based. But today, as we lead up to the 2020 election, it’s imperative we focus on the New York Times hit piece on Christians.

Vile, hate-laden AZ Republic editorial emerges amid crisis

March 26, 2020

Trump-hating newspaper is a corpse in need of a crypt

What you are reading is not the post originally written this morning. Instead we are reacting to the irrational editorial featured in the today’s edition of the Trump-hating Arizona Republic newspaper.

Despite President Trump’s swift actions to address the virulent pandemic first identified as the Wuhan Coronavirus as it spread worldwide from China, his daily briefings to the American people including our nation’s top medical authorities and his firm grasp of the leadership reins as we all reel in the face of this unprecedented national shutdown of businesses and schools, he remains worthless in the eyes of the Hillary-endorsing newspaper. The briefings televised on Fox Cable News have become top watched programming, though far left CNN and MSNBC have refused to air them

Make no mistake. The editorial, headlined, “Trump doesn’t get it,” is intended to interject partisan politics into the most severe occurrence to affect America and the planet. The newspaper, admitting that it lost subscribers after its 2016 endorsement of scandal-plagued Hillary, attempted to generate sympathy by claiming it received death threats. It’s been a well-earned downhill slide since then. The Phoenix Business Journal reported that of all the newspapers in the Gannett national stable, the Republic has the lowest subscription rate, yet it continues to insult its remaining readers rather than provide impartial coverage.

We are living in perilous times when Americans are rallying to lend a hand to their neighbors, calling to say they have placed bags of canned goods and other necessities, or just picked citrus outside their doors. Staying healthy is the most vital concern as we are urged to self-quarantine.

Suddenly our soaring economy, reacting positively to the decisions of businessman Donald Trump, is in free-fall due to the illness imposed universal shutdowns. Disgracefully, the president has met with resistance from congressional Democrats in his efforts to assist legions of suddenly unemployed Americans and revive the economy via a Coronavirus relief bill.

Through perseverance and prayer we will get through these unprecedented times, much to the distaste of the leftist politicians and hate-driven extremists at the local newspaper.

A “True Patriot” on “The Patriot” Thursday!

March 11, 2020

For reasons difficult to fathom, former AZ Congressman J.D. Hayworth seldom appears on local talk radio in Phoenix.

That’s why it’s big news that J.D. will guest host for Seth Leibsohn tomorrow, March 12, on KKNT, AM 960, “The Patriot.”

The program runs from 3:00 – 6:00 pm, locally…so if you’re at work when it begins, listen to the streaming audio at


Racism allegation absurdity infects virus reports

March 10, 2020

“Racist” is the latest pejorative to be tossed around with impunity by the left which politicizes everything. The American Council on Science and Health which lists itself as “promoting science and debunking junk since 1978,” has published a very readable and enlightening commentary on the Coronavirus also known as the Wuhan virus, named for the Chinese province in which it originated.

Written by Dr. Alex Berezow, who holds a Ph.D. in microbiology, the article exposes the absurdity of the left’s obsession with racism, even when entirely inappropriate and irrational.

According to David Gura, an anchor on low-rated MSNBC, calling the virus by the name of its origin, as has long been the case, is suddenly racist — although the Chinese initially began referring to it as Wuhan.

Dr. Berezow points to the fact that the Asian Times reported on the virus, calling it Wuhan. Could it be they are racist against themselves or simply following longstanding protocol of using place names of disease origins as practical identifiers? He names a few examples:

West Nile

Lyme (named after a town in Connecticut)

Spanish flu

German measles

Norovirus (named after Norwalk, Ohio)

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome

St. Louis encephalitis

Lassa fever (named after a town in Nigeria)

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

Ebola (named after a river in Africa)

Legionnaires’ disease (named after the American Legion)

The hullabaloo is thought to have an Arizona connection, beginning when Congressman/Dr. Paul Gosar, (R-AZCD-4) posted this prudent announcement Sunday evening.

SRAZ highly recommends Dr. Berezow‘s outstanding commentary,MSNBC’s David Gura Thinks All Microbiologists Are Racists.”

Trump-hating Arizona Republic newspaper ignores dazzling event

February 25, 2020

Petulant newspaper hates popular Pres. Trump more than it loves America

In a spectacular reception for President and Mrs. Trump, Indian citizens wearing white “Trump” hats, filled the world’s largest cricket stadium with a capacity crowd of 110,000. The people of India came to genuinely welcome America’s first couple. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi greeted the president with a hug.

“The name of the event — Namaste Trump — has a very deep meaning,” PM Modi, explained. “It is one of the oldest languages in the world, a Sanskrit word. Its sense is that not only the person, but also the divinity that is within him.”

 Rather than feeling pride that our president is so warmly received by the world’s most populous democracy, the failing Arizona Republic newspaper devoted not a single word to the unprecedented event. The front page and jump pages were devoted to the funeral of basketball star Kobe Bryant and his young daughter, who died with seven others in a January helicopter crash. There is also an article about the Colorado river and an upcoming music festival in Tempe. In a small box appropriately placed on the lower left corner of the page, the hard-left newspaper directs its continually decreasing readership to its website for “up-to-the minute news,” where there is not a word on the India trip or the massive cheering crowd.

Pictures can be viewed hereFox coverage regarding the trade deal between the two nations is here.

Seeing Red AZ has frequently written about the death spiral in which the Hillary-endorsing, open borders promoting Arizona Republic newspaper has placed itself. Most recently the local Gannett owned publication made the news as an albatross with this Phoenix Business Journal headline,Analysis: Arizona Republic’s circulation decline among steepest for Gannett papers.”

A success-based business model takes root in not routinely lobbing insult-laden spit wads at paying customers. This strategic concept is foreign to the newspaper that was originally known as the Arizona Republican, when it was founded in 1890.

Clint Eastwood changes what’s left of his mind

February 24, 2020

Clint Eastwood, who will turn 90 in May, can be forgiven for being less than on top of political realities. A sometime Republican, not to be confused with a conservative, in 1986 he was elected mayor of the exclusive, small enclave of Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, where the current median listing price of homes is $2,298,000. In 2012, he endorsed Mitt Romney for president, and was even given prime time at that year’s Republican National Convention where he delivered a speech to an empty chair representing President Barack Obama, (video) which he later told the Washington Post, he regretted doing — calling it, “silly.”

In 2016, Eastwood endorsed Republican candidate Donald Trump for president.

Now he’s dipped his gnarled toes into another political pond, and registered as a Libertarian. He’s also announced that he’s endorsing far-left Democrat Michael Bloomberg in the 2020 presidential election. Apparently, Eastwood isn’t satisfied with the outstanding economy, judicial appointments and historically highest employment numbers. Place your cursor over any of the Promises Kept “Accomplishments” categories and press the arrow for each overview.

“The best thing we could do is just get Mike Bloomberg in there,” Eastwood said. Regarding his switch from Trump to Bloomberg Eastwood said, “he wishes that President Trump would act “in a more genteel way….”

Like Eastwood’s latest political heartthrob Mike Bloomberg? Watch as fellow Democrat contender Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren —  who has also been exposed telling numerous lieseviscerates him.