Slo-Joe instructs parents about man on the moon, aliens

July 22, 2021


Matt Salmon still chasing AZ governor dream…when not backing China

July 21, 2021

Though his political time has come and gone, Matt Salmon hasn’t gotten the message. After losing a gubernatorial race to Obama-connected, open-border leftist Janet Napolitano in 2002 and later announcing his retirement from politics, Salmon, a former U.S. Rep. who left congress twice, is once again running for governor. In the intervening years, he’s reportedly earned $336,090 yearly as the chief lobbyist for Arizona State University, notably supporting the Confucius Institute. He was aided in his duties as a fluent Mandarin Chinese speaker. He learned the language in preparation for his 1970’s church mission in Taiwan.

The Chinese Communist Party-linked Confucius Institutes are Beijing-run programs that ostensibly teach Chinese language and culture. Initially, more than 100 institutes simultaneously emerged at universities in the United States, plus Confucius Classrooms at the K-12 level. They’re directed by the Chinese Ministry of Education, employ teachers who are trained in China and teach government-approved versions of history, culture and current events to American students — few of whom have any relevant knowledge of either communism or China, as this disturbing Campus Reform article points out. This brief, but startling video provides an insight into the ignorance flourishing on liberal college campuses:

As of July 9, 2021, there are a total of 41 Confucius Institutes in the United States, down from over 100, as schools abandoned the propaganda programs thanks to pressure from the Trump administration amid growing concerns they have become indoctrination centers. This crucial report in the Washington Examiner reveals President Donald Trump’s proposed rule, “Establishing Requirement for Student and Exchange Visitor Program Certified Schools to Disclose Agreements with Confucius Institutes and Classrooms.” But before the rule made its way to the Federal Register or went into effect, the Biden administration withdrew it on Jan. 26, less than a week after Inauguration Day.

We’re all busy, but should never be too preoccupied to lose awareness of ubiquitous indoctrination programs intended to undermine our constitutional republic and using our younger generation to carry out the scheme.

Associated Press gives official pass to criminals

July 13, 2021

News agency will no longer cover “not newsworthy” crimes

Associated Press is back to its old tricks, determining what is now too offensive for general consumption while attempting to manipulate American’s attitudes via language. It has become the self-appointed arbiter of communication, with no one to challenge its leftist perspective. SRAZ has written about the agency’s overreaches intended to cunningly alter the vantage point of readers, now utilizing loaded language techniques while ignoring minority perpetrated criminality.

In 2019 AP reporters were instructed on retooling language in an effort to reconfigure opinions. In 2021 deceitful word manipulation has become even more emboldened. We noted at the time that what was once heralded as the free press, has grotesquely transmogrified to purveyors of mind control. This is an important link which is worth your time.

Claiming its mission is to “inform the world,” and “setting the industry standard for ethics in journalism,” AP boasts it’s been on the scene since 1846. Its former rival United Press International (UPI) has all but dried up and bitten the dust.

AP’s latest gambit is deeming certain names too objectionable to be seen in print. Naming crime suspects or showing mug shots of minority criminal perpetrators is now considered racist, although their presumably loving mothers bestowed the monikers on them.

John Daniszewski, AP’s Vice President for Standards, ignores the fact that crime stats are highest among minority perpetrators, since that doesn’t fit into the leftist perspective as it skews the news. He writes, “The names of suspects are generally not newsworthy beyond their local communities. We will not link from these stories to others that do name the person, and we will not move mug shots in these cases, since the accused would be identifiable by that photo as well. We also will stop publishing stories driven mainly by a particularly embarrassing mug shot, nor will we publish such mug shots solely because of the appearance of the accused.”

In a world inhabited by leftists even those calling themselves “journalists,“ charged with delivering the news, showing or naming the perpetrator is now racist or too embarrassing.

It’s worth considering if John Daniszewski would be so generous if either he, his wife or children were brutally victimized by those whose violent crimes he is intent on ignoring.

Happy 245th Birthday, America!

July 4, 2021

As patriotic citizens commemorate the passage of the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776, we gift our readers with Toby Keith’s provocative rendition of ‘Happy Birthday, America.’

Disney becomes “inclusive,” drops customary greeting

July 3, 2021

Walt Disney, an American icon who created magic and promoted values through his movies and theme parks was a patriot who renounced the democrat party and became a Republican in 1940. He was a generous donor to GOP candidates. Disney was a founding member of the ‘Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals,’ an organization which stated they “believed in, and like, the American Way of Life — we find ourselves in sharp revolt against a rising tide of Communism, Fascism and kindred beliefs, that seek by subversive means to undermine and change this way of life.”

Given his conservative background, Disney would likely be rolling in his grave if he knew the turn his theme parks are taking, embracing not a wholesome haven for families, but celebrating what is now deceptively sold as “diversity.”

Disney Park’s automated announcements, which play before all performances, have surrendered to the newly empowered LBGQT clamoring chorus and changed the traditional greeting, “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.” Now they began with, “Good evening, dreamers of all ages.”

“Inclusion is essential to our culture and leads us forward as we continue to realize our rich legacy of engaging storytelling, exceptional service, and Disney magic,” Josh D’Amaro, chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, recently enthused on the company’s website.  D’Amaro, whose personal life is shrouded in mystery, with only his work and education history highlighted, has a vision for Disney that would have earned him a final paycheck and an escort to his car if the company’s namesake were still at the helm of the world-wide company.

Spend your money elsewhere. Exposing children to this agenda regardless of how it is cloaked, might appear subtle, but it is now so ubiquitous that even subtleties are readily absorbed.

Biden does Redford with a twist: He’s the Hoarse Whisperer

June 26, 2021

In 1998 a movie titled, The Horse Whisperer, starred Robert Redford when he was still recognizable. Redford played a horse trainer with a talent for understanding and communicating with horses.

America is witnessing its own version, with a twist. Pres. Joe Biden, who is no longer recognizable due to the blank stare in his eyes and his increasing tenancy to inappropriately shuffle off both subject and stage, is now trying to emulate Redford. Biden has bizarrely morphed into the Hoarse Whisperer. While in Great Britain recently addressing U.S. troops, his wife, Jill, had to admonish him, scolding, “Joe, pay attention!” (video under link) as he tuned his back to her as she spoke.

Biden then compounds the calamity by admitting, “I keep forgetting I’m president.” If this clearly diminished man is supposed to represent America on the world stage, we are in “big trouble” — as he often admits he is. But, with whom? He never says. Could he have abusive caretakers?

JD Hayworth spotlighted nationally today, Mon. & Fri. July 2

June 25, 2021

JD Hayworth will be guest hosting for Lars Larson on his national show today, Friday, June 25, …Monday, June 28,…and then Friday, July 2!

Airtime: 3-6pm, AZ time…Listen LIVE HERE.

Or…listen locally on a delayed basis…from 10pm -1am on 1100 AM, KFNX.

Gateway Pundit unravels Arizona Mirror’s funding sources

June 16, 2021

News with a bought-and-paid for slant

This June 15, 2021 Gateway Pundit article, “EXCLUSIVE: The Arizona Mirror – The Far-Left Outlet That Creates Far-Left Narratives in Arizona Is Connected to Dark Money,” links to a 2018 Phoenix New Times report that described “a new media organization in town.”

Despite the Arizona Mirror claims of being “a journalism watchdog,“ and “an independent, nonprofit news organization focused on connecting public policy with the people it affects,” the funding sources are exposed as radical entities, “including left-leaning think tanks, voter outreach groups, and nine family planning centers that perform abortions.”  Mysteriously, its Form 990 tax filing links to Chapel Hill, North Carolina. See the 501( c)(3) tax exempt claims circled in red on the Gateway Pundit site.

Finding news with a conservative perspective is all but impossible. The opposition’s commitment is to altering public opinion through skewed reporting and strengthening the impact of the democrat party in Arizona. The Arizona Mirror’s small staff all previously worked for the Arizona Capitol Times and the Arizona Republic.

Be vigilant. Our previously red state is now maroon. Five of the state’s nine U.S. Representatives are democrats as are both U.S. Senators, a first since democrats Ernest McFarland and Carl Hayden served simultaneously from 1941 to 1953. In 2020 Arizona gave its 11 Electoral College votes to Joe Biden, not replicated since Bill Clinton carried the state in 1996. Previously, the last time that dismal phenomenon occurred was in 1949, when Harry Truman was Arizona’s nominee.

JD ON 960-AM KKNT today 3-6pm

June 14, 2021

Former AZ Congressman and stellar radio commentator JD Hayworth will guest host for Seth Leibsohn this afternoon, Mon. June 14, on AM 960, KKNT.

Tune in from 3 – 6 on 960 AM ‘The Patriot’ or listen live here.

BLM thugs normalized, US embassies fly their flag

May 25, 2021

Criminal George Floyd mysteriously morphs into a national hero

Today, on the one year anniversary of the death of career criminal George Floyd, we are veering out of form and taking our readers directly to another site, Power Line blog. It headlines its recent post: “US EMBASSIES TO HONOR GEORGE FLOYD.” John Hinderaker has written a stellar piece which includes the State Department memo sent to all diplomatic and consular posts declaring the commemoration and instructs on matters of importance such as remembering to fly the flag of the United States of America above the Black Lives Matter flag.

No kidding!

Recalling the violence, looting, destruction of historical monuments and arson perpetrated across our nation by BLM thugs that followed in the wake of the death of the man, high on drugs,  who died while resisting arrest following the act of attempting to pass a counterfeit $20 bill, makes law-abiding citizens wonder why the BLM flags would be flown at all. 

On March 13, 2021 SRAZ wrote, “Career criminal worth more dead than alive,” detailing the $27 million of taxpayer‘s money unanimously approved by Minneapolis’ City Council as a settlement for Floyd’s family. George Floyd’s brother, Rodney Floyd, preposterously called the $multi-million settlement “a necessary step for all of us to begin to get some closure.”

The same city council, also in a unanimous vote, swiftly withdrew $8 million dollars from the police budget, resulting in an escalated crime wave…with violent uprisings throughout the city.

In the March post, there are also links to Floyd’s actual autopsy report and rap sheet detailing the illicit drugs in his system at the time of his arrest, and the numerous crimes for which he served time. He had recently been released from a Texas prison when he moved to Minneapolis.

The Floyd family will be guests of the Harris/Biden administration today, as the administration looks ahead to the next election cycle and bolstering its minority voter base. VP Kamala Harris, appointed over two months ago as the border czar, ostensibly to deal with the massive invasion at our southern border, has yet to travel there to see the conditions first-hand. Harris finds the crisis laughable.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) released data detailing their efforts at the Southwest border in April, noting that border authorities apprehended 178,622 illegal aliens last month alone, with the majority being single adult males. This number represents a new 21-year monthly record. Among the invaders, unaccompanied minors in the company of paid criminal cartels are being exploited in unspeakable ways. The dems remain silent.