AZ Republic revs up hate machine against US Rep. Gosar

November 15, 2019

Conservative Congressman Paul Gosar doing a stellar job, riles leftist newspaper

The increasingly radical, Hillary-endorsing Arizona Republic newspaper doesn’t even make a pretense of neutrality in contested elections. Its leftward lurch is not confined to its endorsements, but infiltrates what should be straight news content. Columnists, relics held over from the pre-Gannett sale and survivors of the mass firings as the homeless, vagrant newspaper tries to keep its head above water, routinely target Republicans. Republicrats, such as former Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake are exempt and embraced. Conservatives are eviscerated.

A favored target is U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar, who represents the 4th Congressional District (map) — which stretches from the Utah border in Arizona’s northwest corner down to Yuma in the southern part of state. President Trump carried the district by 68% to Hillary’s 28%, in what can rightfully be described as a drubbing. 

 Congressman Gosar, whose stellar ratings are listed here following his impressive bio, steadfastly supports President Trump, which is anathema to the newspaper. Though the primary and general elections are a nearly a year away, the fire is already blazing under the anti-Gosar cauldron. The newspaper’s columnists hammer him at very turn and the skewed news reports batter him for effectively carrying out his duties and representing his constituents who have voted for him since 2010. He is currently serving his fifth term. In 2018, Gosar handily won reelection garnering 68.2% of the vote.* His Democrat opponent carried just 30.5%.  A Green Party candidate took 1.3%.

In the 2016 Primary Election the tantrum-throwing newspaper endorsed unknown Ray Strauss, whom Gosar defeated 71.4% to 28.6%.

Prior to being elected to Congress, Dr. Gosar owned his own dental practice. As a small businessman for 25 years he is uniquely attuned to the fact that small businesses are integral to the success of their communities.

A quick internet search of his name and the newspaper’s turned up pages of negative articles in the rag often referred to as the Daily Insult or the AZ Repulsive. A man of faith and integrity, his tireless efforts on behalf of his constituents and the state of Arizona are of no consequence to the partisan extremists at the failing newspaper.

 * Real Clear Politics election results

Finally…SCOTUS hears oral arguments on DACA

November 13, 2019

In a victory for the Trump administration, oral arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court began Tuesday morning on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (which morphed into the acronym DACA). President Trump moved to end the program in 2017 but was thwarted by lower court rulings.

Estimates of those affected by Obama’s political construct via an executive order, bypassing congress, now range between 700,000 to 800,000. The flawed premise was to bestow the gift of U.S. citizenship to those who needed only affirm they were 16 years of age or younger when they initially entered the United States or arrived by 2007. They merely had to declare that they have been of good moral character since initially being brought to the U.S. as children by their invader parents — illegally. Verifying how many came as babes in arms or ably propelled themselves over the border last month is impossible to substantiate. Many of those who claim to have been brought as babes in arms are now grandparents.

Government attorneys representing the Trump administration told the court that the program “sanctions the ongoing violation of federal law by more than half a million people,” arguing it is not authorized by immigration statutes. They stated leaving DACA in place interferes with the ability to send “a message that leaves no doubt regarding the clear, consistent and transparent enforcement of the immigration laws.”

A ruling isn’t expected until mid 2020.

DACA worked hand-in-hand with another scam known as the D.R.E.A.M. Act. The acronym stood for Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors. It was introduced as S.1291. The 2002 bill was drafted before the speech police ruled the words “illegal” and “alien” unacceptable, so they were used extensively throughout the bill.

The D.R.E.A.M. Act, an actual nightmare, whose recipients slickly morphed into “Dreamers,” was a liberal dream come true, a warm and fuzzy piece of legislation also lacking any means of verification while permanently swelling the ranks of the Democrat Party. Read SRAZ’s complete 2016 post,D.R.E.A.M. Act morphs into dreamy amnesty.” Knowledge is power.

Those who claim this status have obtained protection from deportation under DACA, which permits them to work legally in the United States and also provides access to myriad benefits including driver’s licenses, in-state tuition rates at state colleges and universities, education grants, the ability to apply for Social Security Numbers — required to claim Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), a major tax benefit for lower-income earners — which allows recipients to participate in Social Security and Medicare. 

The open border, pro-illegals Arizona Republic runs a bizarre and insulting op-ed by Arizona’s worst governor, Janet Napolitano. A radical leftist noted for her blasé retort when frustrated Arizonans pleaded for border action: “Show me a 50-foot fence, and I’ll show you a 51-foot ladder,” she was at the Supreme Court yesterday opposing the Trump administration. We are not linking to her convoluted rationale. She resigned the governor’s post to become Obama’s Secretary of Homeland INsecurity. Her latest argument is, “Ending DACA is profoundly negative.”

AZ US Rep. Paul Gosar challenged by brassy upstart

November 7, 2019

A bizarre political trend is gaining momentum. It’s exemplified by the Swedish teenage climate change activist who has been the object of adulation by the left after addressing the United Nations, accusing the U.S. and industrialized nations of “stealing my dreams,” and threatening, “We will not let you get away with this…we will never forgive you.”  Her latest admirer is Leonardo DiCaprio, an anti-Trump, high dollar Democrat donor who was recently described as “swooning” over her as he referred to her as “a leader of our time.”  The object of his adulation preemptively stated she would refuse to meet with President Trump — who never issued an invitation.

Scientists at the Natural History Museum in London have officially named a tiny beetle after her. Fittingly, it has no eyes and lacks wings.

Arizonans have their own versions of this new breed of inexperienced aspirants who take on Republican incumbents. A former Martha McSally staffer living in Prescott is eyeing a congressional run. Though not a teen, Anne Marie Ward, who is in her 20’s, has decided to challenge Congressman Paul Gosar.

She is quoted as saying:

“We need to have younger citizens step up and run at every single level to really bring our conservative values back to life at the local, the state, the federal level,” Ward stated. “We have the Democratic Socialist party gaining momentum and the Republican Party losing momentum, and with that shift it’s time for the young generation to step forward and start using their voice to represent our communities again.”

She obviously missed the fact that it is the youth vote, known as millennials, that moved unlikely Bernie Sanders, an acknowledged socialist, within spitting distance of leading the 2016 Democrat ticket. They support radical leftist Elizabeth Warren and turned out to elect extremists Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib to congress. In response, the four women known as “the squad,‘ have irrationally called for lowing the voting age from 18 to 16.

Equally ill-prepared for the U.S. Senate seat he’s announced for, is Daniel McCarthy, 34, who is challenging incumbent U.S. Sen. Martha McSally for one of Arizona’s two senate seats — one already in the clutches of Dem Kyrsten Sinema. McCarthy’s ego-driven entry will do nothing more than aid current challenger, Mark “Mr. Gabby Giffords” Kelly, a gun-grabber, who is being funded by Socialist multi-billionaire George Soros.

Youth is great. We all wish we could keep it and our biceps, permanently ward off wrinkles and graying follicles. But the years bring with them the respectable trade-off of experience and wisdom.

At 60, retired dentist and current AZ CD-4 Congressman, Paul Gosar is just reaching his prime. He’s doing an excellent job in congress. Gosar is a known conservative who earned a Liberty Score “A“ rating from Conservative Review.

His unknown challenger, not even a decade out of her teens, tells us she holds to those same principles. Why, then, does she think we need to replace him?

Sanity prevails: Tucson rejects ‘sanctuary city’ status

November 6, 2019

Voters overwhelmingly declare, “No sanc you!”

Tucson voters soundly rejected Prop 205 Tuesday, tossing out the prospect of characterizing the city as foolish by becoming Arizona’s first sanctuary city. The final vote was 71.40 against the ballot measure. A scant 28.60 voted in favor of sanity run amok.

A far left group with the benign sounding name, “Tucson Families Free and Together,” led the ballot initiative. The flawed measure was widely opposed by local leaders of both political parties, including the Pima County Sheriff, Tucson Police officials and Tucson’s majority Democrat city council and mayor.

Among the left-wing organizations supporting Prop. 205 were ACLU of Arizona; Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), Tucson; Planned Parenthood; Standing Up for Racial Justice and No More Deaths.

The intent of the rejected ballot proposition was for the city of Tucson to formally limit cooperation with federal immigration authorities — in violation of state law. In 2012, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld provisions of Arizona‘s ‘Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act,’ known as SB 1070, (signed into law by Gov. Jan Brewer in 2010) that required cooperation.

Adam Schiff’s multiple visits to Ed Buck’s sex, meth den

November 3, 2019

Questions abound regarding close association with now jailed deviant

SRAZ recently posted Deviant Dem megadonor Ed Buck finally arrested after 3rd man overdoses. That exposé was preceded by Dem donor Ed Buck, 2 dead men and counting. It’s been a busy year for the former Arizona resident who cut his political teeth in 1987, launching a recall against Gov. Evan Mecham shortly after the conservative businessman’s and decorated WWII veteran’s inauguration.

In the intervening years, Buck, 65, whose actual name is Edward Bernard Peter Buckmelter, moved to California and morphed into a Democrat mega donor, lavishing campaign contributions (itemized list) on Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Kyrsten Sinema and her ‘Getting Stuff Done’ fundraising PAC, along with a two page list of other Dems and their organizations. A standout is U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) who rated a hefty chunk ‘o change from Buck.

Schiff becomes even more notable as it’s been revealed that he visited Ed Buck’s den of horrors — otherwise known as his Hollywood home — at least a dozen times. This is the same place where Buck would bring homeless, usually black men, back for a evening of less than wholesome antics, fueled by methamphetamines and carried out on floor mattresses. At least a couple lost their lives, before Buck was finally arrested after another man escaped.

Buck’s federal criminal trial has been rescheduled from Nov. 26 of this year to Aug. 4, 2020. He is currently being held in the Metropolitan Detention Center in downtown Los Angeles.

Senior U.S. District Judge Christina Snyder has delayed the proceedings, citing, among other reasons, that “the case is so unusual and so complex, due to the nature of the prosecution and the voluminous discovery, that it is unreasonable to expect preparation for pre-trial proceedings or for the trial itself within the time limits established by the Speedy Trial Act.”

Never-Trumper Schiff is committed to the removal of the President of the United States by whatever machinations he deems useful. When the claims of Russian collusion didn’t pan out, shifty Schiff, the chair of the oxymoronic House Intelligence Committee switched gears, alleging a Ukrainian scandal. Expect a North Pole scandal centering on Pres. Trump, to erupt as we draw closer to Christmas.

The investigation that should take place is one looking into Schiff’s penchant for repeated visits to Buck’s drug den and sex chateau.

True Pundit titles its must-read exposé, “Clinton WhistleBlower: FEDS Investigating Adam Schiff’s Disturbing Behavior at Ed Buck’s Meth & Sex House.”

 If you read only one thing today, this report should be it.

AZ Dem chair Foolisha Rotellini accuses Pres. of ISIS affiliation

October 31, 2019

Arizona Democrat Party chair Felecia Rotellini put her visceral partisanship and abysmal lack of knowledge on display (video: reporter Ryan Saavedra’s tweet*) during a panel discussion at the recent, “We the Voters Conference.” The Phoenix event was hosted by the Citizens Clean Elections Commission.

Rotellini, who obviously doesn’t watch FOX News, claimed President Trump, who earlier authorized the Syrian raid resulting in the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi “has aligned himself with ISIS.” When U.S. forces were closing in on him, the world’s most wanted man who led a movement that prided itself on mass murders, beheadings and indiscriminate violence, cowardly detonated a suicide vest intentionally killing himself and three of his own children.

Dr. Kelli Ward, AZ GOP chair, didn’t let Rotellini’s foolish, but intentional slur go without a response. 

“It is extremely disconcerting to hear the top Democrat in Arizona slander and malign an innocent person for being aligned with the world’s most evil terrorists, let alone the president of the United States,” Ward said.

“While fear-mongering from the left is expected up to a point, we have to draw the line somewhere if they’re going to refuse to police themselves. Baseless statements like those made by the chair of the Arizona Democrats are wildly irresponsible and not rooted in reality.”

The local newspaper reports that Matt Grodsky, spokesman for the Arizona Democrat Party attempted to run interference for the party chair via email saying, “It was a poor choice of words.”

He might have had better luck sending a copy of Louis Prima‘s rendition ofFelicia No Capicia.’ (Capicia = comprehend in Italian.)

*H/T Daily Wire

Paul Eckstein: Dedicated to nullifying elections by impeaching Republicans      

October 23, 2019

Scheme involves invalidating the voice of voting citizens

Still smarting from the drubbing she took, the Hillary-endorsing Arizona Republic has gone full-bore on impeachment for President Donald Trump, who royally trounced the scandal plagued former senator in 2016.

Undoubtedly the extremist newspaper that delights in hammering Republican officials, considers it justified retribution for the 1998 humiliation of Bill Clinton. He was impeached and disbarred, but not removed from office, for suborning perjury to a grand jury and obstruction of justice, connected to his dalliance with a young White House intern — causing the name Monica to become a verb. This was Bill Clinton looking the nation in the eye and swearing to a falsehood, later disproved by the stain on her notorious blue dress. (Scroll down to FBI report.)

To reinforce the newspaper’s case for impeachment, an opinion commentary imbued with braggadocio by leftist lawyer Paul Eckstein, titled, “I helped impeach Arizona’s governor. It’s time for Congress to do the same with Trump,” topped the editorial page. 

Known for frequently representing the Democrat Party, Eckstein basks in the memory of co-prosecuting Arizona Gov. Evan Mecham, who in 1986 was underestimated by his opponents just as Donald Trump has been. A former state senator and successful businessman, Republican Mecham was victorious in a three-way general election with a Democrat and registered Independent, that set the status quo on its ear. In the primary Mecham trounced the powerful House Speaker and wheeler-dealer Burton Barr, who had the backing of the GOP establishment, even though he admitted lying about a “temporary tax” that turned out to be permanent.

Gov. Mecham, who served from January 5, 1987 to April 4, 1988, was removed from office following a conviction in the impeachment trial on charges of obstruction of justice and misuse of government funds — money Mecham maintained was private. Though a later criminal trial acquitted Mecham of the charges, the damage was done, and he was replaced by an inept Democrat Secretary of State, via the line of ascendancy in Arizona.

When the people spoke at the ballot box, it was time to show them who was boss…and it wasn’t them. As we’ve seen, impeachment is the slick process Democrats employ to invalidate an election of popular Republicans.

Now an octogenarian, Eckstein has his vengeful memories to give him a ‘boost.’  He’d get more benefit by grabbing a plastic bottle and swigging down the nutrient rich sauce for seniors.