New York Times slobbers over “Mr. Flake”

October 16, 2017

The leftward lurching New York Times revels in preserving its stuffy demeanor, using titles preceding last names as a standard. In writing a puff piece about Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake The Times likely came close to wearing out the M and F on the keyboard extolling the virtues of “Mr. Flake.”

“Mr. Flake” received quite a reception and where better than in the pages of the liberal Times which goes to great lengths to blame President Trump for Jeff Flake’s dismal polling numbers. The article headlined, Jeff Flake’s Lesson for Republicans: Cross Trump at Your Own Risk is preposterous on its face. 

The marginal Mr. Flake is the man who picked the fight, not the other way around. He began needling Donald Trump preceding the election that resulted in a sweeping victory for the New York entrepreneur.  This predilection for elevating Arizona Republicrats, who skate on thin ice in back in their home state showed its face when then-Congressman John Shadegg was covered in the New York Times referring to Arizonans — who prefer not to be invaded by illegal aliens reaping benefits, undercutting wages, and yes, engaging in crime — as “intolerant and xenophobic.”  (A link to the NYT’s original article is boldfaced.) The article includes a photo of Shadegg  chortling uproariously as the two senior ladies he’s conversing with look bewildered.

This latest Times piece refers to “Mr. Flake, a Mormon known more for his decency than his independent streak, said he had no regrets“ trashing President Trump.

Decency must be in the eye of the beholder, the vapid or ill-informed. Is it decent to pledge to term limit yourself to three two-year terms as Jeff Flake did when first elected to the U.S. House and then snicker and say, “I lied?” The YouTube video of his arrogant dismissal of his vow to voters vanished quite some time .ago. Examples of Flake’s indecency are too numerous to enumerate.  He did give fits to the Hillary-endorsing local newspaper in 2011 when he engaged a pre-election about face on his pet amnesty scheme, causing the editorialist to sputter in amazement. It was a charade he learned from both John McCain and Jon Kyl that worked like a charm, until the votes were counted and they resumed their amnesty collusion with Democrats.

The publication of Flake’s 140-page mini-book conceived solely to bash President Trump titled, “Conscience of a Conservative,” — blatantly stolen from Barry Goldwater’s 1960 book —  was enough for the Times to compare the deceptive Flake to Goldwater.

Flake’s dissociation from reality is palpable enough to cause radical Green Party chameleon Kyrsten Sinema now recast as a Democrat CD 9 U. S. Representative to announce her intention to resign to challenge the weak Jeff Flake. The Times refers to her as a “moderate.”

Flake’s poll numbers continue to plummet. Cunning but not considered sharp, he relentlessly alienates Arizona’s conservative base. Donald Trump swept the state and captured all 11 electoral votes. How does Flake think his continual hammering of the president will win him intra-party friends? The majority of conservatives will not forgive this monumental transgression.

Meanwhile the AZ GOP has lost its ability to speak. The inept establishment leadership appears to be content to allow a Republican senate seat to be lost. Despite their silence, conservatives have an ideal alternative to the unacceptable scenario on the horizon. Dr. Kelli Ward is the actual conservative in Arizona’s U.S. Senate race.  Acquaint yourself with her principled positions on the issues. Send her a donation. Unlike Jeff Flake, she is not beholden to D.C. amnesty lobbyists. Arizona deserves better than the status quo or Sinema.



Trump haters failing & the dire consequences of Dem govt control

October 15, 2017

Today’s headline might seem disjointed, but stay with the post to its conclusion. There’s a message here.

Americans are tiring of Trump bashers and letting them know it. The New York Post’s Page Six reports that George Lopez was booed off the stage at a gala benefiting juvenile diabetes in Denver, over an anti-Donald Trump routine that riled the crowd.

Marshall Bruce Mathers III, a high school dropout, rising from a troubled background to a mega star white rapper in a hoodie renaming himself after small candy coated chocolates, tells his fans in the crudest of terms, (Video) that they need to chose between him and President Trump. He stages his performance in a Detroit parking garage backed by a contingent of actual blacks, for the BET Hip Hop Awards.

Where better than the crime infested and devastated city of Detroit, run into ruin for years by liberals? Detroit — once an industrial titan known as “Motor City,” and famous for Motown music — now has one of the highest murder rates in the nation.

The degradation of Detroit is explained in which has done extensive research on the city, culminating with,How the Democrats Destroyed Detroit,” written by Arnold Ahlert.

What is noteworthy is that Detroit has been under the control of Democrat mayors and city councils since 1962 — over half a century. Like Detroit, the City of Phoenix operates under the political contrivance of “nonpartisan” municipal elections — an ideal way for Democrats to hide their identity. And like Detroit, Blue Phoenix sits within the Red State of Arizona. Donald Trump carried Michigan in the 2016 presidential race, masterfully flipping 12 counties that previously supported Obama.

A Trump-like candidate is desperately needed to run for Phoenix mayor. We need more than a McCain operative like losing Wes Gullet to rescue Arizona’s union controlled capitol city. As of the recent Special Election held after Republican Councilman Bill Gates resigned to run for the Board of Supervisors and was succeeded by liberal Debra Stark, the Phoenix City Council is now locked in a Democrat stronghold.

Phoenix’ leftist Mayor Greg Stanton is resigning to pursue the CD 9 U.S. House seat, being vacated by liberal U.S. Rep. Kyrsten Sinema as she challenges vulnerable RINO Jeff Flake.  

It might seem we need a scorecard to keep up with the political musical chairs. We don’t. Just remember Conservative Dr. Kelli Ward is the one to support in the 2018 Arizona Senate race.

Concerns mount over McCain’s defection on tax cuts

October 13, 2017

Conservatives in the Grand Canyon state, exposed to Arizona’s senior senator (ASS) John McCain for three-and-a-half decades, know he  loves nothing more than the face he sees reflected in the mirror each morning. A marginal man who attained stature via his family connections — both his father and grandfather were Navy Admirals, ASS was able to gain admittance to the U.S. Naval Academy, though graduating at the bottom of his class. It didn’t hurt that he ultimately married a well-connected Phoenix heiress, whose father opened what would have been unattainable doors for him.

His image as a returned Vietnam POW aided the reluctant Republican when he was the ringleader of a pack of Democrats in the Keating Five scandal that rocked the U.S. financial world and  ended other’s senate careers. He’s made his mark as a political contrarian, which he refers to as being a “maverick.”  In essence, his pretense amounts to sticking his finger in the eye of the very Republicans he claims to represent.

Surprisingly, the liberal Washington Post tentatively appears to be on to him. In an analysis headlined, “The Finance 202 McCain could give the same thumbs-down to a tax overhaul as he did to health care,” reporter Tory Newmyer is on the right track, but veers into giving McCain credit for values he doesn’t possess.

McCain’s vacillation is a worthy concern, since he delights in sucker punching Republican colleagues and has repeatedly-duped Arizona voters, many newcomers and residents of retirement communities, with his massive pre-election TV ad buys and campaign mailers dishonestly touting himself as a conservative as he blatantly lies about his challengers. Truth is not on ASS’s agenda on any topic, tax reform being no exception. But the report wholly misjudges the ailing and elderly McCain‘s motives with these words:

“Yet over his decades in public life, McCain has traced a zigzagging line on the subject, leaving little clear indication of how he’ll approach a potentially decisive vote. A look at the senator’s record on taxes shows that three things seem most important to him: public debate, some help for the middle class, and not exploding the deficit.”  

Let’s be clear. McCain is a lot of things. Altruistic is not one of them. The three things that are actually most important to him are the ability to relentlessly jab President Donald Trump, who attained the job McCain spent a career in D.C. coveting. McCain has problems articulating rationally about the economy, (brief, but great, video). He has a vacillating record on tax cuts. Public debate? The McCain-Feingold campaign finance bill was filled with free speech restrictions. Nice try, but the man who doesn’t even know how many homes he owns is not a bleeding heart for the middle class.

Trusting ASS is akin to trusting a snake.

Jeff Flake loses his smirk as harsh reality sinks in

October 11, 2017

You couldn’t miss the ads if you tried.  Jeff Flake, sitting atop a mountain of lobbyist money,  has seemingly taken over the Internet touting himself as a “committed conservative.“ His reelection is right around the corner causing him to take a dive on his previously stated desire to be called,A Globalist.”  He was grinning broadly back at the beginning of August, his peroxide enhanced locks gleaming  to match his capped toothed grin. 

That was when he was trying to milk his miniscule anti-Trump pamphlet masquerading as a book. It carries a title blatantly stolen straight from Barry Goldwater’s iconic 1960 book, “Conscience of a Conservative.”  No one has ever accused McCain clone Flake of having an original thought.

Flake isn’t flying so high these days.  Numerous polls show him in bad shape. Even the Hillary- endorsing Arizona Republic had to admit he was in deep trouble. Prior to the 2016 election that put Donald Trump in the White House, Jeff Flake joined John McCain in publicly declaring they would not vote for the GOP nominee, effectively aiding scandal plagued Hillary. That’s who Arizona’s Republicrat U.S. Senators are. They run as Republicans and then vote  as Democrats while promoting open borders, which ultimately benefit the Democrat Party. This is classic McCain duplicity on display.

Jeff Flake is a practiced liar. When first elected to the U.S. House, he pledged to term-limit himself to three two-year terms. When he decided to mimic the Energizer Rabbit and keep on running, his odd grin accompanied his admission, “I lied.”

His turnaround on his commitment to open borders and amnesty for illegals is legend. But as the election neared and he got an earful from statewide voters, he quickly shifted position, causing editorialist Doug MacEachern to spin dervish-like into a panic, calling him a politician, no longer a statesman.” He needn’t have worried. Flake wasted no time reverting to his original amnesty position immediately following the counting of the ballots. The opportunist Flake — a former registered foreign agent, lobbying for an African uranium mining company with ties to Iran — has no core. This article from 2012 details the shady past he tries to obscure.

The left-of-center newspaper has been diligently trying to massage Flake’s image, attempting to make him sound like a leader. It will ultimately endorse him over principled conservative Dr. Kelli Ward, which is to her benefit.

We’re on to the newspaper’s tactics. Keeping Republicrats in office allows it to mischaracterize itself as “conservative.” Don’t believe it. Flake needs to be shown the door.

Dem David Garcia wants to be governor of “corrupt” AZ

October 8, 2017

With this campaign ad, denigrating the state of Arizona, Democrat gubernatorial candidate David Garcia looks straight into the camera and dishonestly claims, “Arizona leads the nation in corruption.”  He says he wants to be the governor of all the people, though half of his ad is in Spanish.

In 2014 Garcia, a career educrat, ran for Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction, losing to Republican Diane Douglas who successfully based her campaign on opposition to Common Core standards and defeated the problem plagued GOP incumbent, John Huppenthal.  A former state senator and Chandler City Councilman, Huppenthal unsuccessfully tried rebranding the unpopular Common Core, as he attempted to con parents on the issue. Soon after winning election, she was subjected to an unsuccessful recall, which the claque of Garcia followers claimed was based on her lack of political experience.

Will the recall activists be prepared to launch another such effort in the unlikely event David Garcia takes out Gov. Doug Ducey? Garcia is even more lacking in “political experience” than Douglas, who prior to being elected AZ Superintendent, served as an elected member of the Peoria School District Governing Board.

As a candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction, Planned Parenthood Arizona, Arizona Education Association and every conceivable left-wing union were among David Garcia’s most generous PAC donors. No doubt they’ll be filling his campaign coffers again as he runs for governor.

Garcia plays fast and loose in assembling and spewing “facts.” Arizona has no standing on lists of most corrupt states. Illinois, where Garcia attended the University of Chicago for years and where high crime is the standard, is Numero Uno on most lists. Even the Chicago Tribune admitted the widespread corruption in the Illinois city — where murder rates in the city have topped war zones

Chicago, the nation’s third-largest city, accounted for 22% of the nationwide increase with 765 murders last year, more than the number of murders in the largest city, New York (334), and the second-largest, Los Angeles (294), combined. And those cities and the states they are in each have another thing in common: They’ve all had decades of Democrats at the helm of government. Even tiny Rhode Island is high on the list of Corruption amid Democrat “leadership.”

David Garcia’s wish for corruption in Arizona receives high marks as the most bizarre campaign tactic in memory. 

Dr. Kelli Ward and Jeff Flake: A study in campaign contrasts

October 4, 2017

Kelli Ward scores big win as conservative star Laura Ingraham headlines fundraising kickoff — Jeff Flake makes odd move with Marco

All indications point to the fact that it’s going to be tough going for the “Never-Trumper” Republicrat, Jeff Flake.  He’s running for reelection in 2018 and has alienated so many of the conservatives he needs to pull him across the finish line, that he’s been reduced to bringing in fellow Gang of Eight amnesty supporter, Marco Rubio for a fundraiser —  an ill-conceived effort to bolster his standing with the grassroots of the Arizona Republican party. McCain is still actively supporting amnesty, though candidate Flake realizes it’s his Achilles’ heel and has backed off — for now.

Amnesty Marco definitely isn’t a draw for conservatives. Although he was a momentary member of the LDS Church when growing up, he ditched the faith for a return to Catholicism. His brief foray into Mormonism will have a better chance of alienating, rather than energizing, Flake’s predominantly Mormon East Valley base. Flake has already jettisoned conservatives with the publication of a 140-page anti-Trump rambling diatribe, for which he was chastised by Republican National Committee chairwoman, Ronna Romney McDaniel. During the Republican presidential primary, Flake, like his mentor John McCain, repeatedly stated he would not vote for Donald Trump, the man who rose to the top over 16 other GOP candidates. His vote against Trump was a vote for scandal plagued Hillary Clinton.

Aside from their shared dedication to granting amnesty and in-state college tuition to illegal aliens, Rubio should be anathema to Flake, who used the issue of opposition to earmarks or government pork, suggested to him by party insiders who realized his slim resume was not enough to propel him to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2000. Indignation, feigned or otherwise, has panache of the sort to make it across the finish line. Marco Rubio came to congress by way of the Florida State Senate, where he was an enthusiastic proponent of pork. In 2002 alone, he requested 37 earmarks worth $43 million. These two are quite a team.

Flake and Rubio also have reneging on pledges to constituents not to seek reelection in common. When Flake was first elected to the U.S. House, he vowed to return home after serving three two-year terms, which was an integral part of the 1994 “Contract With America, “ a triumph for Republicans who gained 54 House and 9 U.S. Senate seats that year based in large part on the self-imposed term-limits. But the heady atmosphere of D.C. proved too compelling to reject, so he winked and smirked, and admitted, “I lied.” Many constituents were not amused. Rubio not only deceives, he’s known for a poor attendance record in the U.S. Senate.

Dr. Kelli Ward is also having a fundraising event. A physician and former two-term state senator, Ward is a principled conservative, aligned with the majority of Arizona’s Republican base. Her campaign Kickoff Event features conservative commentator Laura Ingraham, the newest addition to the Fox News evening team.  View the invitation. The October 17 event will be at the Hilton Scottsdale Resort from 6 to 8 PM. A VIP reception begins at 5:00.

Watch Dr. Kelli Ward’s first campaign ad, featuring President Donald Trump.

Sinema drops CD9 seat, opts for senate challenge to Flake

September 29, 2017

Cloaked radical liberal challenges RINO

And so it begins.  To no one’s surprise, Democrat U.S. Rep. Kyrsten Sinema has announced she’s jumping her Congressional District 9 perch and “putting country ahead of politics” as she runs for the U.S. Senate. Her You Tube announcement shows a soft spoken, genteel woman who recounts her early years as part of a homeless family, telling how attaining the American Dream is actually the story of her life.

Sinema deserves credit for a masterful job of recreating her image. When she took office in 2013, as the self announced “first openly bisexual” member of Congress, she refused to take her oath of office on the bible as is customarily done, since she considers herself an atheist . Her terms in the Arizona House and Senate came after she abandoned running as a Green Party Candidate. Sinema was endorsed by the pro-abortion EMILY’s List, supports gun control measures, advocates on behalf of citizenship for illegals, and regards “raising taxes as more economically sound than cutting vital services.” Her Mideast allegiances lie with the Palestinians rather than Israel, the only democracy in the entire region. Sinema was a frequent guest at the Obama White House. Virulently anti-military, in campaign-mode she evidenced a newfound, though exploitive compassion, with this ad, featuring the parents of a young veteran who took his own life after being denied treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

In Sept. 2012, during her first congressional race, SRAZ postedKyrsten Sinema: Far-left radical AZ CD 9 Dem exposed,” topping it with a cozy photo of Sinema with her then-best gal pal Janet Napolitano. It contains a wealth of information including her ties to the Communist Party. Sinema’s chameleon-like change of appearance and tone should be enough to raise the antenna of those paying attention to high alert levels. Be sure to read Guy Benson’s Townhall column.

With Democrat Sinema now angling to oust unpopular senator Jeff Flake and the Congressional District 9 seat opening, there will be a free-for-all race of wannabees. Former McCain aide Paul Hickman  is reportedly eyeing the seat. Radio talk show co-host Seth Leibsohn, a former Bill Bennett colleague and president of the Leibsohn Group has been playing coy, as he leads up to an end of Sept. announcement. A frequent guest on the ‘Seth and Chris’ launching pad show is political consultant Sean Noble, onetime chief-of-staff to former U.S. Rep. John Shadegg — a longtime McCain ally.

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, another liberal Democrat, is eyeing the CD 9 House seat, along with some lesser known aspirants.

As an ever-growing horde dukes it out for the House seat, keep your eye on the Arizona Republican Senate Primary, where vulnerable Jeff Flake is being challenged by Dr. Kelli Ward, a conservative former two-term state senator and physician, who will be a valuable asset as the U.S. Senate  revisits repealing Obamacare.