Vile takedown of conservatives cloaked as news

May 24, 2019

 Appearance at “Patriotism over Socialism” rally becomes suspect

We’re as tired of writing about the far-left, Hillary-endorsing, Trump-hating Arizona Republic as you probably are of reading about it. But the dynamics have changed. Now it’s not only about differing opinions, but about outright lies, disseminated as truth. The rabid intolerance will only worsen as we near the 2020 elections.

The sole Republican the extremist newspaper had an affinity for was John McCain, who had to be “persuaded” to register as a Republican by members of the influential “Phoenix 40” at a hastily called meeting at the Phoenix Country Club. McCain, a Florida resident working in D.C., newly married to beer heiress Cindy Hensley, was repeatedly denigrated as a carpetbagger when he ran for the Arizona congressional seat being vacated by retiring House Minority Leader John J. Rhodes in 1982. A respected man of integrity, Rhodes initially defeated a longtime incumbent and became the first Republican elected to congress in the state’s history. A Harvard Law School graduate, he was easily re-elected in the conservative East Valley district for thirty years. McCain, a former POW, aided by his wealthy, well-connected, new father-in-law, served a couple of two-year terms before ditching the East Valley, moving to Phoenix and running for the senate. He cloaked his left-wing bent in western sounding “maverick” garb.

Yvonne Wingnut Sanchez, underling and now successor to retired hatemonger Linda Valdez, doesn’t let facts get in the way as she spews her anti-conservative venom. Her recent article titled, “How extremists are reasserting themselves in mainstream GOP politics in Arizona,“ topped with photos of AZ GOP Chairman and physician, Dr. Kelli Ward, former Senate President Russell Pierce and Congressman Andy Biggs, is a case in point.

Sanchez opened her column with these words: “Russell Pearce stepped up to a podium in Gilbert, one of the more affluent and educated communities in Arizona. He had bloodshed on his mind.” She then wrote he “had ties to extremism,” while linking him to a crazed, bigoted murderer who took his own life in a domestic violence crime that had nothing to do with Pearce. Does anyone remember her linking former First Lady Rosalyn Carter to mass murderer John Wayne Gacy?

She continues: “There was a time not so long ago when Arizona’s Republican leaders would have spurned a grassroots gathering such as this “Patriotism over Socialism” rally, put on by the Tea Party Community.” Sanchez refers to the patriotic groups who sponsored the rally as “hate groups,” using the ultimate hate group, the Southern Poverty Law Center as her source. The SPLC deceptively lists faith-based organizations such as the Family Research Council as hate groups.

“At the “Patriotism over Socialism” gathering, Kelli Ward, the Arizona Republican Party chairwoman, took the stage ahead of Pearce and right-wing activist Laura Loomer, U.S. Rep. Andy Biggs, the Republican congressman who represents a deep-red East Valley district and is a member of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, spoke, too. “

“Their presence at this event — and at other gatherings attended by far-right Republicans — signals for some a legitimization of more extreme viewpoints into more mainstream GOP politics.”

In Sanchez’ skewed mind, preferring patriotism over socialism, signals political extremism.

Sanchez is either a practiced liar or too ignorant to know the difference between the words,purgeand “systematically worked to rebuild” as she writes, “ McCain’s fiercest efforts at the local party level came in 2014 shortly after party activists censured him in absentia for being too liberal, namely on immigration reform. McCain and his team systematically worked to rebuild the party by recruiting more moderate candidates to run for precinct committeeman.”

McCain was censured in absentia, because he never attended statutory state meetings, though the rest of the Republican delegation have always made it a point to address the elected delegates. He also lied about his extremist, open border and amnesty for illegals views when running for reelection, as seen in this campaign ad. Immediately after the votes were counted he went back to working with Democrats on what he fallaciously termed, “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” — more appropriately known as amnesty.

Referring to conservatives as “nativists,“ a term crafted by leftist open border proponents, intended to denigrate Americans who resent having our country invaded by illegal foreign hordes — Sanchez’ article contains many more vicious references to conservatives and contrived lies.

Following her litany of incoherent spew were these pathetic words, as the dying newspaper pleads for paid readers to insult: “Support local journalism. Subscribe to today.”

In a related issue, Breitbart News reports on how DHS management teams under former Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen — and continuing under acting director Kevin McAleenan have deliberately sidetracked, stalled, and stopped immigration and border policies sought by President Donald Trump. This is a must read exposé.


Dying AZ Republic draws life trying to slay US Rep. Paul Gosar

May 22, 2019

Draculesque newspaper sustained by drawing conservative blood 

U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar (AZ-CD-4) is an unapologetic conservative. As a dentist, his specialty was teeth, but as a congressman, he’s had to learn about fangs.

The feeble, Hillary-supporting Arizona Republic, hemorrhaging subscriptions and narrowly escaping yet another hostile takeover, will fall on its sword promoting an anti-Trump, open borders, restrictions on Second Amendment rights and abortion-on-demand agenda as it insults its few remaining readers.

As it gasps its last breaths, the newspaper now has Paul Gosar in its cross-hairs. Like Bram Stoker‘s Dracula, it sustains itself by feeding on blood. Laurie Roberts, the former sob saga columnist has been shuffled into the conservative slayer position. The emaciated, radically left newspaper got a life enhancing transfusion when it oversaw the election of Kyrsten Sinema to the U.S. Senate and five of our nine congressional seats shift to the Dem camp. Republicans David Schweikert (CD-6) and Debbie Lesko (CD-8) also need our support, as the left is determined to turn the red state of Arizona a deep blue.

Conservative Review lists Paul Gosar, along with Arizona CD-5 U.S. Rep. Andy Biggs, among the Top 25 Conservatives in the nation, awarding them both a Liberty Score “A” rating.

Longtime newspaper employees have been unceremoniously dumped, including Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Steve Benson, whose parent-company Gannett could no longer afford. The daily now functions with ASU Cronkite J School students working out of their cars, sans editors.

Gannett Co. Inc.’s stock has been in a downward freefall. Yahoo! Finance exposes the excessive salaries of the newspaper’s execs in the last paragraph of the article that refers to the “melting ice cube of a business.”

In January we postedAZ Republic: homeless vagrant on borrowed time,” detailing how the 10-story building and parking garage the Republic once called home has been sold, with a lease back arrangement from the real estate company that purchased the newspaper’s properties — obviously not the model of success.

Unable to ignore the inescapable truth that it is on life support, the AZ Republic is committed to taking down conservatives. Don’t let that happen. Get involved. Become a Precinct Committeeman. The 2020 election is right around the corner.

Socialist $oros, MC Sheriff Paul Penzone ties exposed

May 16, 2019

Multi-billionaire Soros, a dedicated Socialist, has long been behind organizations that fund leftwing candidates, causes and groups*

A disturbing article published in Law Enforcement Today inextricably links the election of Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone to his high dollar campaign funder, socialist multi-billionaire George Soros. Titled, “Is Maricopa County Controlled by George Soros?”  the must read report pulls no punches regarding Soros’ extreme agenda. Penzone’s Chief of Staff and Special Counsel, Stephanie Fleischman Cherny, who has direct ties to Soros, the ACLU and La Raza. wields extraordinary power in the office.      

During the 2016 election cycle, Soros’ radical tentacles extended over the entire country, as he attempted to exert his extremist influence liberalizing the criminal justice system in county attorney’s races (called district attorneys in some jurisdictions outside of Arizona) and law enforcement arenas. In 2016 SRAZ posted,“By George! McCain & Hillary have a lot in common,” detailing Soros’ disturbing relationships with John McCain and Hillary Clinton.

Soros’ presence was definitely felt in the high profile Maricopa County Sheriff’s race where he shoveled $millions into defeating 6-term Sheriff Joe Arpaio. His influence was also evident in the Maricopa County Attorney’s race as he targeted Bill Montgomery, who was reelected despite Soros‘ efforts. Working under the radar, through his numerous networks, he channeled $millions into national campaigns, an effort which is expected to intensify in the future due to determined planning and vigorous candidate recruitment.

Chicago’s Cook County top prosecutor Kim Foxx — who dropped 16 felony counts against “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett following the revelation that he had staged an elaborate hoax hate-crime attack against himself to generate publicity — was elected with $408,000 donated by Soros. Foxx had little to recommend her for the position other than the fact that she was suitable for doing the billionaire’s bidding. She lacked trial experience and was hit with nearly $20,000 in fines for errors in campaign finance filings, but Soros’ money worked like a charm…as it did for Sheriff Paul Penzone.

Soros, who disdains national borders found another willing cohort in Paul Penzone. Shortly after being elected sheriff, Penzone referred to illegal alien invaders as “guests.”

 * Acquaint yourself with Discover the Networks

Leftist AZ Sec. of State disguised as a Republican?

May 15, 2019

SOS Katie Hobbs’ actual political agenda should terrify AZ citizens

Imagine our surprise when nosing around the AZ Secretary of State’s website checking out candidate filing information, as we were hit with the 2019 Guide for Completing Financial Disclosure Statements.

Officially titled,Financial Disclosure A Guide for Completing Financial Disclosure Statements,” it prominently features a smiling photo of the Secretary of State, a copy of the state seal, and an introductory letter signed by the SOS. The glaring problem is it’s the former Secretary of State, Michele Reagan — now a Pinal County Justice of the Peace.

She was replaced by Democrat Katie Hobbs last year, although Hobb’s staff obviously hasn’t noticed. Scroll through the handbook and you’ll see a box on each of the 19 pages, saying, “Secretary of State Michele Reagan.”

A radical leftist, who deceptively vowed as a candidate to be “non-partisan,” Hobbs touts heraccomplishments since assuming office Jan. 7, 2018. Listed among the inanities, are traveling to six counties (Arizona has 15) and “training 20 advocates to assist survivors.”

Of paramount importance, however, is Hobb’s “public opposition to the addition of a citizenship question on the 2020 Census.” That translates to the fact that Hobbs approves of counting illegal aliens in determining Arizona’s congressional representation. She also withdrew Arizona from what she calls the “controversial” Interstate Vote Checking Program, which since 2005 compares voter registration data across participating states to ensure people were not registered and able to vote in multiple states.

Only those who find voter fraud acceptable would refer to the ability to maintain a system that guarantees voter integrity as “controversial.”

Ruminate on those “non-partisan” calamities.

Calif. Leftist billionaire Steyer targets AZ Republicans

May 14, 2019

First, a bit of background. During the 2016 election cycle Arizona saw the entrance of out-of-state money as Socialist multi-billionaire George Soros interjected himself into numerous campaigns. He targeted and spent millions in an effort to unseat Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and County Attorney Bill Montgomery, both Republicans. Arpaio, who was elected to an unprecedented six 4-year terms lost to Soros-backed leftist Paul Penzone, who was the recipient of $3.2 million. Montgomery retained his seat despite being in the crosshairs of a Soros-funded PAC which spent over $1 million.

This seemingly inexhaustible spending has been Soros’ modus operandi throughout the United States as he has worked to liberalize criminal statutes and elect those who would do his bidding.

Shortly after Penzone, a onetime Phoenix police officer, previously noted for roughing up his former wife, was sworn in as sheriff, he warmly referred to illegal invaders who breach our southern border by the hundreds of thousands, as “guests.”

Globalist Soros is an ardent opponent of sovereign nations and national borders.

Unlike Hungarian-born Soros, Tom Steyer is a homegrown radical billionaire, but the two are on similar missions: Replacing Republican office holders with far-left Democrats. Steyer’s group spent more than $3 million to oust Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich and three GOP state senators, batting zero. Ditto with the Democrats Steyer funded for the Arizona Corporation Commission. He also failed in 2018, while spending close to $100,000 trying to unseat AZ Gov. Doug Ducey. That was an intriguing effort, since John McCain was a longtime recipient of Soros’ wealth, and McCain recruited his friend Ducey to run — first for state treasurer and then for governor. Ducey’s first job when he arrived in Arizona to attend ASU was working for beer heiress Cindy Hensley McCain at Hensley & Co., the Anheuser-Busch beer wholesaler and distributor.

Steyer, who is considering a 2020 presidential run, is targeting two of President Trump’s congressional loyalists and leaders of the House Freedom Caucus: GOP Reps. Jim Jordan (OH) and Mark Meadows (NC). The ad money is supplied by Steyer’s “Need to Impeach PAC.This ad, (video) invokes an image of John McCain as displaying “courage” for his vile treatment of Trump.

Tom Steyer has many far-left irons in the fire. He is also insinuating himself into the battle opposing the Arizona Public Service rate increase, to curry favor with ratepayers, who have no choice in the utility from which they purchase power. The question to ask is why is this leftist Californian interested in Arizona utility rates, and how does he benefit? 

Both Steyer and Soros are frequently referred to as “philanthropists.” Giving vast sums to aid extremist Democrats and Republicrats is obviously the height of benevolence.

McCain & Co.: Too much is never enough

May 9, 2019

When it comes to the McCain family and the Arizona Republic, its personal publicist, too much is never enough.

John McCain, the man who obsessively carried the newspaper’s open border agenda grew larger in death than the Republicrat ever was in life. Every scintilla of contrivance relating to him exploded to disproportionate coverage, including his unprecedented three funerals.  When he behaved ignobly, as was his custom, readers of the local newspaper were kept in the dark. This phenomenon goes back decades. Coverage of his deep involvement in the Keating Five scandal was more accurately reported in the Phoenix New Times, a free tabloid. After seemingly endless coverage following McCain’s death, the Republic printed a glossy, full color magazine insert reviewing his life from its own glowing perspective. It bore little relationship to the low regard in which he was held by Republican Party activists who overwhelmingly voted to censure McCain. He retaliated by working to purge them as elected Precinct Committeemen — the backbone of the Republican Party election apparatus, with the help of Gregory Wendt, a San Francisco-based Obama donor and others of his ilk who hold conservatives in contempt.

Yvonne Wingnut Sanchez now performs as the McCain family toady, since John McCain’s assigned personal groveler, Dan Nowicki’s two-decade long career shoveling for the “maverick,” appears to have died along with McCain.

Widow Cindy Hensley McCain, the Anheuser-Busch beer heiress, has recently hired a Beverly Hills talent agency that will arrange global speaking engagements for a $multi-thousand fee. No doubt the demand to hear her speak will be great. One of her pet topics is human trafficking, which she has proven she is ready, willing and able to lie about witnessing. Stealing prescription narcotics from those she was supposedly providing philanthropic aid is another topic with which Cindy has more than passing interest.

The agency will need to book gigantic arenas to accommodate the massive crowds that undoubtedly will flock to hear Cindy Lou’s words of wisdom:

“As I focus on the next phase of my humanitarian endeavors, I’m thrilled to work with UTA to leverage my charitable passions to carry on my husband’s legacy by reaching new audiences and continuing to improve the lives of others.”

Recent AZ Republic McArticles carried these inane headlines:

Meghan McCain’s husband apologizes for homophobic ‘rage tweeting’ against Seth Meyers

Cindy McCain reveals new details about how John McCain’s dog Burma died

Meghan McCain’s raw grief: ‘I still can’t go back home to Arizona’

McCain’s son Jack helps open exclusive policy summit, the Sedona Forum

Crisis politics rules at leftist AZ Republic

May 3, 2019

Continuing invasion by illegal aliens on our southern border doesn’t meet crisis standard but everything else does

Recent issues of the failing Arizona Republic feature skewed headlines that fit its leftwing agenda. Everything is a crisis, but its own dilapidating health on which it doesn’t report. Stock prices for Gannett Co, Inc., it’s parent company, continue to plummet as it struggles to fend off a hostile takeover by MNG, a newspaper conglomerate. Gannett’s answer is that it’s pursuing “a digital transformation” (read an end to far more costly to produce hard copies) and “quality journalism,” long known to be comatose at the Hillary-endorsing local newspaper.

Sample full page report headlines reveal the identity politics that undergirds its mission:

“Arizona Faces an Imprisonment Crisis, but the burden is not equally shared in all of our communities. “ The thrust of the article is that “people of color” are incarcerated more frequently, and for longer terms.

Missing is the fact that juries, who have weighed the evidence in criminal trials, decide the fate of defendants. Many are recidivists, who disproportionately commit increasingly serious crimes.

Ditto the entire front page crisis coverage headlined “CLASS DISPARITY,” which the newspaper’s own analysis indicated black students are suspended at higher rates from Arizona schools. The Republic would have readers believe the students are suspended based on race rather than behavior. The following day, a Page One story asserted, “School discipline varies wildly —  depending on districts.” Missing is the fact that problem students, who deprive their classmates of education, are often in districts where education is not prioritized at home.

Another crisis report carries the headline, “State aims to stem flood of evictions.” There is now a movement to keep people in properties for extended periods after missing rent payments. No word on how the property owners, who have responsibilities of their own to meet, are going to fare when renters no longer feel paying for their basic needs is a priority. There are currently utility payment assistance programs and food stamps now known as SNAP. Free breakfast and lunch programs are available at schools, even in the summer months. Health care is never denied.

Gone are incentives to provide basics for yourself or your own family — a lesson taught to succeeding generations.

Leftwingism is on a roll at the Hillary-Clinton endorsing newspaper, which explains why it is failing in a state that gave all of its electoral votes to 2016 Republican candidate Donald Trump — whom we now proudly call “Mr. President.”