Climate change Kelly needs coaxing to challenge McSally

January 21, 2019

Not surprisingly, former astronaut Mark Kelly, a liberal hypocrite is considering a challenge to Arizona’s Republican Senator, Martha McSally. But according to 314 Action, which oddly identifies as a “pro-science resistance,” the newly coy potential candidate needs coaxing.

The effort to draft Kelly reportedly involves a six-figure digital ad campaign. The ads direct supporters to where they can sign a petition urging him to run as a climate change advocate. The site refers to him as a “tireless advocate fighting for action on climate change, absurdly posing the question, “Who better to tackle climate change than someone who has seen the earth from space?” The site asserts, “Now more than ever, we need members of the US Senate who understand that the most important issue facing our public safety is climate change.” The illegal invasion, terrorism, proliferation of illicit drugs, rampant crime and failing education system take a back seat. The slick tricksters also vow to “fight the Trump administration’s attacks on science.”

Kelly is a Second Amendment restrictionist for others, but not himself.  In 2013, he was caught on a Tucson gun store’s surveillance camera purchasing an AR-15, which he refers to as an “assault weapon” and a semi-automatic pistol. After he was outted, he claimed he intended his purchases to illustrate the need for more stringent gun laws. While awaiting the background check clearance he was unable to take possession of the guns.

Mark Kelly is a friend of Barack Obama and husband of former U. S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ), who survived a 2011 horrific mass shooting at a political event in Tucson, taking the lives of six, including Federal Judge John Roll and a nine-year old girl.

Giffords and Kelly have formed a political action committee, Americans for Responsible Solutions, a blandly named gun control group lobbying for universal background checks on gun purchasers and urging restrictions on various gun purchases.

But their restrictions don’t include deadly pets like his daughter’s pit bull that was caught on a cell phone camera killing a baby sea lion on the California beach where Kelly, Giffords and his daughters were vacationing.

Other Democrats considering challenging Sen. Martha McSally are Rep. Ruben Gallego. Republicrat Grant Woods, who backed radical Kyrsten Sinema this year, says he is considering running for Senate — as a Democrat. Woods is McCain’s onetime chief of staff, who has made a career of endorsing Democrats. Newly elected CD 9 U.S. Rep. Greg Stanton, formerly the Phoenix mayor, who ran on a pledge to eliminate a tax on food, reneging on it after the ballots were counted — and who just won election to Sinema’s House seat in November — is also considering launching a senate campaign.

Kelly has already met with the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

In 2014 the left-wing Washington Post referred to Kelly as “Democrats’ Dream Candidate.” Thinking Arizonans regard him as an opportunistic, far-left nightmare.


Educrat thugs promise “Armageddon”

January 17, 2019

AEA Pres. Joe Thomas threatens another strike, as teachers resemble thugs pulling a heist

Emboldened by Gov. Ducey’s capitulation to their 20% salary demands, the #RedsforEd unionist teachers are planning more walkouts.

Even after Ducey caved to their demands after vowing he would not, the unionists still endorsed radical Leftist open border proponent David Garcia for governor.  He was trounced 56% to 41%. And the new money for the teacher’s raises which Ducey said he would not increase taxes to provide? He’s instituted a newpublic safety fee” to cover the pay hikes.

During the strike Joe Thomas, president of the Arizona Education Association (AEA) was front and center issuing statements about the need for more money for the teachers —- who care so much for their students that last year they abandoned 800,000 of them for over a week in violation of their contractual agreements.

Paid by the union, Joe Thomas received in excess of $400,000 in compensation each year from 2011 through 2016. That swank sum has no doubt been upgraded in the past three years. Thomas and his teacher wife are Democrats. Following the Nov. General Election, we posted,If you like AZ’s leftist election results, thank a teacher.”

The striking teachers chose Noah Karvelis as the leader they mindlessly followed. The 23-year-old hip hop music teacher and Socialist Bernie Sander’s AZ campaign coordinator,  urged his colleagues on Twitter to teach political activism to their students and advance the concepts of gun control, white privilege, and anti-capitalism.

Never forget the “underpaid” teachers, who work 81/2 months a year, are able to support the far left teacher’s unions to the tune of $millions a year, earmarked for Democrat candidates and liberal causes.

We are geared to think that teachers care about the students entrusted to them, but walking out on them proves otherwise. So do the words of then-retiring NEA legal counsel Bob Chanin. Listen to his admission carefully.(brief video.) He admits that the unions are about money, power, and a leftist agenda —- clearly stating “It’s not because we care about children.”

Teachers have staged walkouts in West Virginia, Colorado, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Arizona, and now in the Los Angeles School District, where they are  promising “Armageddon.” To most of them, that’s a word with mystic allure.  What it really promises is catastrophic calamity of biblical proportions.

Passage of ballot propositions — 301 in 2000 increasing the state sales tax and 123 in 2016 a grab from the state land trust — guaranteed more money for education, which apparently is never enough. School districts routinely hold budget overrides and bond elections to “get more money into the classroom” —- eduspeak for bolstering teacher’s salaries. A major premise of passing the Arizona Lottery in 1980 was that money from ticket sales would fund schools.

Falling prey to the teacher’s demands was foolishness personified. It’s like attempting to bribe a mobster. No amount will ever be enough.

Reading between the (Jonathan) Lines

January 16, 2019

Jonathan Lines has flack roll out a deceptive comment to revive his own ailing campaign for AZ GOP chair

An article filled with contrivances and conniving appears in the Hillary-endorsing Arizona Republic newspaper. It accuses the husband of former state senator and U.S. Senate candidate, Kelli Ward of spitting in the eye of a former campaign worker.

Kelli Ward and her husband Michael Ward are both physicians. He is an Air Force Colonel, whose resumé is jam-packed with extraordinary military and medical achievements.

Dr. Kelli Ward is running for the AZ GOP chairmanship. Current chairman Jonathan Lines, in a brazen display of bravado is now seeking a second term, despite overseeing the loss of previously Republican held state offices in the November election.

The person claiming to have been victimized moved over to the Martha McSally camp after a hard-fought primary election with Dr. Kelli Ward, ultimately won by radical leftist Kyrsten Sinema. McSally was later appointed to fill the senate vacancy following John McCain’s death.

The alleged incident reportedly occurred at the Arizona Republican Party’s general election night gala on November 6, 2018 at the Paradise Valley Doubletree Resort. The PV township’s police chose not file charges due to conflicting reports from the two men and a witness.

But it’s the novel quote from Kyle Pierce, executive director of the AZ GOP that is most telling. Acting as a self-appointed investigator, judge and jury, he stated the alleged incident reflected poorly on Ward’s efforts to lead the party:

“It is extremely disappointing to learn about the assault that occurred at the election night watch party hosted by the Arizona Republican Party,” Pierce said. “On a night meant to celebrate with our dedicated volunteers who had united behind our Republican candidates, the Wards decided to settle political scores. Her recent calls for unity ring hollow given the attacks on those who unified behind our Republican nominee.”

Pierce’s boss is Jonathan Lines, running for reelection. Lines is best known for this deceptive mailer which omitted the conservative incumbent in the Nov. 2018 election. The mailer included the words, “Paid for by the Arizona Republican Party.” The result of Jonathan Lines’ unsavory manipulation is that Legislative District 28 lost both of its House seats to Democrats. Four of the nine Republican candidates on the mailer lost.

The red state of Arizona is now veering purple having lost a U.S. Senate seat, Secretary of State, Superintendent of Public Instruction, and one of the two seats on the utility rate-setting Corporation Commission. Greg Stanton, the left-wing former mayor of Phoenix won in Congressional District 9. Dems now hold five of Arizona’s nine CD seats

The state party leadership post is a job Jonathan Lines is obviously ill-equipped to handle. He owns a roofing business 200 miles away in Yuma, has 11 young children to parent and is rarely in the Phoenix-based Republican headquarters office. Lines is clearly over his head as evidenced by the unprecedented GOP loses he presided over.

Dr. Kelli Ward has traveled the state making invaluable contacts. She will unify the Republican party and will not engage in the deceptive and disconnected practices that have brought unprecedented election losses. Elected state committeemen will be voting for party officers Jan. 26.  Dr. Kelli Ward deserves your vote.

Dem donor Ed Buck, 2 dead men and counting & Update

January 10, 2019

The news has been rife with coverage of Ed Buck, an LGBTQ activist and Democrat donor, who has a strange penchant for having men die in his Hollywood apartment. Law enforcement officials have opened an investigation into the most recent death, which comes a year-and-a-half after Gemmel Moore, 26, a black gay male escort, died in 2017 of a methamphetamine overdose in Buck’s home. Moore was described as “homeless” by his mother. The latest man to die in Buck’s home is 55-year-old Timothy Dean, another black man not known to have been a drug user.

This Los Angeles Times article citing the coroner’s report describes the bizarre circumstances surrounding Moore’s death, reporting, “Buck was found with a dead, naked house guest who died of a methamphetamine overdose while watching male porn on a mattress on Buck’s living room floor.” Inconceivably, no charges were filed against Buck in that death after the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office found insufficient evidence against him. They are now reinvestigating the death. 

Candidates Buck deemed worthy of his generosity included former President Obama, 2016 Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Arizona’s newly elected chameleon Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, the first self-declared bisexual elected to the U.S. Senate.  She previously represented AZ Congressional District 9. Before that, Sinema was a twice losing Green Party candidate for the state legislature, finally winning a seat when she switched allegiance to the Democrat Party.

Buck, 64, whose actual name is Edward Bernard Peter Buckmelter, is far more than just a casual Arizona political participant. In 1987, shortly after Gov. Evan Mecham’s inauguration, Buck had already organized a recall against the conservative businessman. Mecham won the governor’s race after a momentous primary victory he was belittled for entering. He trounced the stunned longtime Arizona House Speaker Burton Barr who was heavily favored to win in the three-way race that also included an affluent former Democrat who ran as an Independent.

Jan, 12, 2019:

More on Ed Buck, “serial predator,  H/T NBC News.

Galahad Flake defends Sinema

January 8, 2019

The news that jobless RINOcrat Jeff Flake has donned his armor— not to set out to seek the Holy Grail—- but to defend the honor of Kyrsten Sinema, should not come as surprise. Flake is engaging in whatever provocative actions he can to reignite his relevancy just long enough to land a job. What better way to catch the attention of leftist networks CNN or MSNBC, where he could inveigle permanent employment as a renegade Republican?                               

Flake’s days of trying to pass himself off as a conservative are long gone.  In its place is the bared provocateur auditioning for a full-time perch on a left-wing network where he reliably bashed President Trump as a prized turncoat guest.

Arizona’s GOP National Committeeman Bruce Ash, currently the object of intra-party conservative wrath, was obviously trying to hone his credentials by commenting that Sinema looked more like “Senator Madonna” than the “Senator Barbie Doll” image that filled her 2018 senate campaign ads.

Ash noted that Sinema’s politics and positions will “lean further left than the dumb ass people on our side ever imagined,” when they left their ballots blank in the race between Sinema and Republican candidate Martha McSally, “which led the way to her being seated in the U.S. Senate this past week.”

Unemployed Flake responded with this tweet:

No, @kyrstensinema won because she ran a good race and had a message that resonated with Arizona’s voters. The sooner we Republicans recognize this, the sooner we will we be in a position to win the next contest.

Complement bestowing Flake neglected to say that Sinema never mentioned her party affiliation in her deceit-based campaign. Both Sinema and Martha McSally now hold Arizona’s two U.S. Senate seats. After Jon Kyl stepped down to resume his lucrative D.C. lobbying gig, Gov. Ducey appointed Martha McSally to fill the seat previously occupied by John McCain.

And Ash? In 2016, Seeing Red AZ reported on the lunacy that defines Bruce Ash. With the passage of time, he has only become more unhinged.

Ducey swears in Dems: Proof of AZ GOP ineptitude 

January 7, 2019

This morning at 10:00 Gov. Doug Ducey will preside over the inauguration of newly elected state officers. The spiffy invitation is topped by a copper-toned replica of the state seal. The text is embossed on high quality, ivory card stock. To the untutored eye, it looks elegantly celebratory.  But the hard truth is, of the five state officers being sworn in, two are Democrats, newly elected to formerly Republican-held posts.

Republican Mark Brnovich was reelected attorney general as was Joe Hart, state mine inspector. Former state senator Kimberly Yee was victorious in her bid for state treasurer.

The debate can rage over what caused the upsets. The striking  #REDSforEd unionist teachers, who abandoned approximately 840,000 students in over 1,000 Arizona public schools for more than a week, claim credit for the eminently unqualified Democrat Kathy Hoffman winning the Superintendent of Public Instruction and Katie Hobbs now a heartbeat away from the Governor’s office. Republicans also lost a seat on the utilities’ rate-setting corporation commission. Five of Arizona’s nine congressional district seats are now in the Dem column.

There’s plenty of blame to be spread around, but as the sign on Pres. Harry Truman’s desk spelled out, “The buck stops here,” meaning with him, since he was in charge. The same analogy can be made with Jonathan Lines, the Republican state chairman. He lives approximately 200 miles away in Yuma, with his wife and 11 children, runs a business in the area and rarely shows his face at Republican headquarters. He is the marionette to string-pulling Robert Graham’s puppeteer. Arizona Republicans need leadership, not someone taking orders from the representative of the Republican syndicate. Frank Thorwald, the backup candidate, conveniently works with GrahamAnd Graham?  He’s been censured, barred and fined $15,000 for alleged violations of Massachusetts  securities laws, according to a consent order from the state’s securities regulator.

Dr. Kelli Ward, a former two-term state senator is challenging the bungling Lines. She’s knowledgeable and familiar with the process. We have the rare occasion to elect a Trump-supporting conservative who speaks our language and is not beholden to the establishment. The statewide GOP Statutory Meeting is Sat. January 26, 2019. If you are an elected state delegate, be sure to cast your ballot for Dr. Kelli Ward.

Jon Kyl: Lobbying been berry, berry good to me

January 6, 2019

Jon Kyl reprises Chico Escuela

Bet’cha didn’t think this parallel was possible, but twice retired Sen. Jon Kyl and Chico Escuela have more in common than you may imagine. Comedian Garrett Morris portrayed Chico, “the immortal” former all-star baseball player for the Chicago Cubs, an immigrant to the U.S. from the Dominican Republic, who became renown for the phrase, “Baseball been berry, berry good to me.” The theme of the intro Saturday Night Live skit is set up here.

Kyl might say the same about his lucrative lobbying gig at the D.C. based, international law firm of Covington & Burling. His myriad clients — nearly two dozen — ranging from Anheuser-Busch (sniff, sniff…smell the McCain connection?) to Walmart paid him, usually through Covington, nearly $2 million. The firm’s campaign donations favor Democrats.*

As we pointed out in this 2012 post, What’s a Kyl or McCain endorsement actually worth? the duo frequently endorsed leftists — even for cabinet posts and federal judgeships.

Jon Kyl was not acting as a “sherpa” for Supreme Court nominees Gorsuch and Kavanaugh out of the goodness of his heart. Hired by Judicial Crisis Network, Kyl was paid $100,000 for shepherding Neil Gorsuch through the SCOTUS process. Given the surge of politically-based, unsupported attacks on Brett Kavanaugh, his squiring for him must have been at least that much. This report was reflective of 2017- 2018.  H&R Block is one of Kyl’s clients, but it’s doubtful the cut-rate tax filers get anywhere near Kyl’s substantial financial holdings.

U.S. Senators are paid a base annual salary of $174,000, with plenty of perks (these are reflective of 2013, and interestingly follow a 16-day government shutdown under Barack Obama.) This list omits foreign travel, often including staff and spouses.

For his brief return to the senate to fill John McCain’s term until U.S. Rep. Martha McSally was appointed, Kyl has now been bestowed praiseworthy status. Take this trip back to the 2012 GOP Primary Election for a memory refresher of his manipulative tactics. Kyl reached into the precinct level in an effort to replace conservative committeemen with RINOs. McCain engaged in the same unsavory tactics. The reason? Elected Precinct Committeemen, many of whom are subsequently elected within their district meetings as State Committeemen, vote for the internal GOP leadership. Current AZ GOP Chairman Jonathan Lines, shamelessly running for reelection, oversaw unprecedented Republican losses in the November General Election.  If you’re a state committeeman, conservative Dr. Kelli Ward, running for AZ Republican chairman, deserves your support.

* Center for Responsive Politics