NYC’s dem Mayor Adams has finally had his fill of “migrants”

May 31, 2023

Leftist Mayor Eric Adams has sought court approval to suspend NYC’s ‘right to shelter’ rule in the wake of migrant crisis, according to this earlier New York Post report.

It’s clear even the most liberal of democrats have a point where harsh reality cannot be ignored. Mayor Adams did an about face regarding New York City’s “right to shelter” policy, declaring it does not apply to the tens of thousands of illegals who have sought sanctuary in the city’s five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx.

Adams implored federal officials to pick up the tab, which in January Adams estimated at upwards of $2 billion. That translates to the far left and shifty mayor wanting to pass the costs for his disastrous policies to Americans in every state.

Ethically challenged, Adams appointed his brother to a NYPD job that includes handling Adams’ security detail.

As if that wasn’t enough, Adams, a frustrated social engineer, recently signed legislation banning discrimination based on body size by adding weight and height to the list of protected categories such as race, sex and religion.


Biden and the debt ceiling? WH spokesmouth KJ-P repeatedly deceives

May 26, 2023

H/T: RNC Research

Video shows Biden agreed with Socialist Soros in1989

May 24, 2023

Has he veered from that vantage point or more determinedly concealing it?

Watch the “resurfaced” video HERE:

H/T Video: Bongino Report

The death of “The City by the Bay”

May 17, 2023

San Francisco upscale mall shoppers greeted with “gifts” in elevators

San Francisco, previously a destination vacation spot for Arizonans longing for urbane elegance, high-end shopping, spectacular restaurants and live theater performances, is no more. 

It has fallen prey to its far-left politics, with democrats Gov. Gavin Newsom and Mayor London Breed running governments that would be the envy of Karl Marx. Newsom, who has spent California into bankruptcy, refers to his wife, Jennifer, mother of 4 of his children, as “First Partner” rather than First Lady so as not to offend the state’s large homosexual community. Mayor Breed has announced her latest scheme, launching what she terms, Housing for All, a strategy to fundamentally change how San Francisco approves and builds housing. Among her priorities is implementing what she calls “Mayor’s Roadmap to Downtown San Francisco’s future,” seemingly unaware that San Francisco was previously known for its vibrant downtown. Kuleto’s, the unparalleled Italian Restaurant in the Villa Florence Hotel, closed after thirty years as has the hotel, which was plagued by homeless addicts blocking the doorways amid hypodermic needles and piles of excrement on the sidewalk. 

The San Francisco Standard headlines its report, “Downtown San Francisco: Human Waste Increasingly Found in Westfield Mall Elevators, Staff Say.”

Desperate to distinguish herself, Breed dedicates a page to informing that “she is first African-American woman mayor in San Francisco’s history.”  She is not the first female nor is she the first black, but those traits, over which she has no control, are paramount to her.

When universities call themselves “Liberal Arts,” they mean it

May 12, 2023

Infanticide masquerading as abortions available to “All/Any Students”

A liberal arts university in Connecticut says it will now cover the costs of “any student” who decides to get an abortion or a Plan B contraceptive, regardless of their insurance status.

Connecticut’s Wesleyan University recently announced, following a pressure campaign from the university’s Young Democratic Socialists of America chapter, the school would now pay for presumably female students to get an abortion or emergency (after conception) contraceptives. The school has also committed to picking up the transportation costs incurred by “such students.”

The decision comes after the Young Democratic Socialists of America chapter at Wesleyan collected over 700 signatures on a petition that urged the school to ensure “all students are able to overcome financial burdens to, and lack of transportation for, abortion procedures.”

The blue state of Connecticut has no restrictions on abortions and encourages those who choose to abort a living, 6-month fully formed, and healthy baby to “Shout your abortion!”

“Politicians should not get between a person and their doctor. As long as I am governor, reproductive rights will be protected in Connecticut, and I will do everything in my power to block laws from being passed that restrict those rights.”

– Governor Ned Lamont

Democrat Lamont gets more enthused over Coca Cola than innocent life:

Biden’s DHS chief Mayorkas brazenly lies through his teeth & UPDATE

May 11, 2023

Insults Americans as he claims “We have seen the effectiveness of our approach” at the southern border, as thousands of illegal aliens slither through every day creating a massive and costly national crisis

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This morning, May 11, 2023 NBC News reports: “After more than 11,000 migrants were caught crossing the southern border on Tuesday, the Biden administration is now preparing a memo that will direct Customs and Border Protection to begin releasing migrants into the United States without court dates or the ability to track them, according to three sources familiar with the plans.”

This is a direct quote. Seeing Red AZ does not use the word “migrants” to describe illegal alien invaders.

Biden’s DOE crackdown on dishwashers follows gas stoves halts

May 10, 2023

Uninvited Biden invades our kitchens

Claiming it will save American households money, this is the Department of Energy’s statement on the latest restrictions intended to hobble American’s personal purchasing decisions. When the word “stakeholders” is hauled out, beware. We are also told that the dubious “goal is to align U.S electric motor energy efficiency standards with expected European standards.”

The far-left DOE’s Jennifer Granholm, who was confirmed with a less than an enthusiastic senate vote of 64-35-1,  recently received blowback from critics after she testified before the Senate in support of a plan to fully establish an all-electric vehicle fleet in the U.S. military by the 2030s, leading many observers to wonder if the Biden administration believes politics trumps national security. This is the statement by Christine Wormuth, Secretary of the Army, who claims “climate change threatens America’s security.”

Berkeley educated, DOE secretary Jennifer Granholm announced she expects “the new standards for electric motors, coming into effect in 2027, to save consumers up to $8.8 billion in utility bills over the ensuing 30 years of shipments and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 91.7 million metric tons — an amount roughly equivalent to the combined annual emissions of 20 million gasoline cars.”

Many of us will not be here to verify their claims, and there are no supporting facts to bolster them, but democrat’s slippery talk is cheap.

With the border in chaos, and unsustainable debt, Biden’s backup, Kamala, goes on record

May 5, 2023

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Joe Biden exposed by New York Post

April 30, 2023

The New York Post’s Editorial Board recently outdid itself with, “Biden’s in for ‘24 — and we may all pay the hefty price for it.” The newspaper was established in 1801 by Federalist and Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, who likely would have approved of the exposé.

The following video presents a potent reminder of the feeble geriatric the democrats think is capable of running the USA for four more years — at the end of which time he would be 86 years old! We can’t see it too frequently. It needs to sink in.

Tennessee today could be Arizona tomorrow

April 29, 2023

Don’t be tempted to disregard this Epoch Times report headlined, “Biden Admin Files Lawsuit Challenging Tennessee Ban on Transgender Procedures for Minors.” We located the article by Katabella Roberts on the Bongino Report. However you opt to find it, be sure you read it.

Schools are no longer what we recall from our days as students. Teaching Math, English, History, Geography, Science and Social Studies has taken a back seat to sexualizing American boys and girls, while pushing the newly trendy construct known as “transgenderism.”

The Department of Justice filed a lawsuit on April 26, challenging Tennessee’s newly-enacted law banning transgender medical procedures for children, arguing that the legislation violates the Fourteenth Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause.

In this press release, the DOJ said it also asked the court to issue an immediate order to stop the law—Senate Bill 1, or SB 1—from going into effect on its scheduled date of July 1.

And who is in charge of the Department of Justice? None other than U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland the far left radical who Barack Obama had tried to promote onto the U.S. Supreme Court. Fortunately that slippery action never came to pass, despite Hillary Clinton’s, Harry Reid’s and Jeff Flake’s efforts to expedite Garland. Newly inaugurated President Trump appointed Neil Gorsuch. During his presidency, Donald Trump also nominated Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett to the high court and both were confirmed. Additionally, President Trump filled numerous vacancies on the U.S. District Courts and Courts of Appeals. See them all here.