Drifter Mitt Romney reprises Flake’s spew

January 2, 2019

President Trump’s response: “Is he a Flake?”

Members of the 116th Congress will be sworn in Thursday, January 3, 2019. Gone will be antagonist Jeff Flake, who disparaged President Trump so relentlessly that he was unable to run for reelection in Trump-friendly Arizona, hindered by an abysmal 18% approval rating. He couldn’t even count on the votes of his disappointed kinfolk in his hometown of Snowflake — named for his relatives, who settled the area.

Filling Flake’s role as chief presidential antagonist will be failed 2016 presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Newly elected as a U.S. Senator representing Utah, Romney is a man of the hour … any hour, in any state.  Born in Michigan where his father, George, was elected governor, Mitt was later elected governor of Massachusetts. 

In that incarnation, he presided over what came to be known as “Romneycare,” a health care scheme that fueled the flawed model Barack Obama lied about (last frame of video tells the complete story) when promoting Obamacare. Romney also did an about-face on abortion, altering his long held pro-abortion stance to conveniently become pro-life. When formally announcing his candidacy for the 2008 Republican nomination for president, Romney had the brassiness to characterize himself as a “political outsider.”

Newly elected, but yet not sworn-in, Romney gives us an idea of what to expect by virtue of his jumping the gun on Trump-bashing, though he eagerly took Pres. Trump’s endorsement when he announced for the senate.

This scathing editorial commentary, printed in Tuesday’s edition of the far-left Washington Post leaves no doubt as to where the unappreciative Romney stands, declaring, “The president has not risen to the mantle of the office.”

Romney provides even more insight into his view of his senate role: “I will act as I would with any president, in or out of my party: I will support policies that I believe are in the best interest of the country and my state, and oppose those that are not. I do not intend to comment on every tweet or fault. But I will speak out against significant statements or actions that are divisive, racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, dishonest or destructive to democratic institutions.”

Reprising the frosted Flake might get some traction in Utah, but don’t count on it. Jeff Flake’s hateful rhetoric couldn’t garner him support among his aunts, uncles and cousins in his own ancestral hometown of Snowflake.

Political opportunist Romney, who has no roots anywhere and lacking a true constituent base, should find life equally tough.

President Trump aptly tweeted @realDonaldTrump:

Here we go with Mitt Romney, but so fast! Question will be, is he a Flake?  I hope not. Would much prefer that Mitt focus on Border Security and so many other things where he can be helpful. I won big, and he didn’t. He should be happy for all Republicans. Be a TEAM player & WIN!


Jeff Flake’s chronic illness confirmed

December 21, 2018

In his final days in the U.S. Senate, Jeff Flake has been less inclined to mask the malady that has long plagued him, but he initially went to extraordinary lengths to conceal. Now his terminal case of RINOitis is revealed for all to see, characterized by fluent aphasia symptoms.

Trump-hater Flake, who wouldn’t risk the embarrassment of running for reelection due to an unprecedented, bottom-dragging 18% approval rating in his home state, is not going quietly.  Nope. He’s after payback.

Following the example of his mavericky aisle-hopper McMentor, Flake is once again teaming up with Delaware Democrat Chris Coons. This time the dynamic duo are working to impose a carbon tax on energy companies for carbon dioxide emissions. Flake solemnly states, “Republicans need to get serious about climate change.”

Both the House and Senate versions would impose a tax of $15 per ton of carbon dioxide in 2019, increasing $10 each year, rising to nearly $100 per ton by 2030. The legislation includes a component to rebate savings back to households to compensate for higher energy costs.

What is not advertised is that the rebate is a classic redistribution of wealth scheme, beloved by newly elected U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) who was endorsed by the Democratic Socialist party. She will be sworn-in as Flake exits, keeping them from partnering on future legislation. They would have made quite a team.

In the Flake/Coons version, low and middle income households would receive more in rebates than they pay in taxes, while higher income households would pay more than they receive.

Sounds like a plan —- if you think like Jeff Flake.

The Daily Caller headlines its earlier report,Jeff Flake will introduce bill to raise taxes before leaving senate.” It details how a carbon tax resulted in tens of thousands of protesters flooding the streets in France, causing the French government to ditch implementing its plan. 

Violent federal prisoners fast tracked to our cities via “reforms”

December 20, 2018

A Democrat-led contrivance, S. 3649 known as theFirst Step Act,” touted as a bi-partisan criminal justice reform measure has passed the senate by a vote of 87-12Check out Arizona senator’s votes. This is the revised text of the 149-page bill. It now proceeds to the House.

Leftist members of congress who live in walled and gated communities, claim minorities are more frequently incarcerated for crimes, and S. 3649, a kid-glove solution to reduce recidivism is the answer to getting these good folks back among us.

When the far-left Washington Post falls into deep swoon mode heaping accolades on President Trump for this ineffectual response to rising crime rates, it should set the antenna of knowledgeable conservatives on high alert.

This laxity toward criminals is what former GOP House Majority Leader Tom Delay characterized as a “Hug A Thug” policy in 1994. Only the dates and players have changed.  The radical agenda remains the same. This inanity was pushed by Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law in alliance with Illinois liberal Sen. Dick Durbin, who previously joined with Chuck Schumer and other radicals to push amnesty for illegals, as a member of John McCain and Jeff Flake’s ill-conceived Gang of Eight.

The legislation gives judges more discretion in sentencing offenders for “nonviolent crimes, particularly drug offenders.” Those who have personal experience dealing with drug users or sellers, whose targets are often teens, would be less likely to refer to them or their often deadly activities as “non-violent.”

Another warm and fuzzy aspect involves ensuring violent federal prisoners are incarcerated no more than 500 miles from home, making it easier for family to visit more frequently. Engaging in vicious criminal activity that results in federal prison sentences is for punishment, not reunions.  Expansion of home confinement rather than time in a cell is also in the mix.

Supervised early release of some minimum or low-risk prisoners who have earned credits by participating in programs to reduce recidivism —- setting up a risk-assessment system to determine whether an inmate is likely to commit more crimes when released and improved rehabilitation programs for former prisoners are among the more reasonable aspects of this otherwise questionable program, that ultimately releases more criminals into American neighborhoods.

There are no provisions in the bill to require the Bureau of Prisons to notify victims when a prisoner is released early or to track further arrests of ex-convicts.

In this National Review op-ed titled,What’s Really in Congress’s Justice-Reform Bill,“ Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) makes his case for opposition to the measure, he calls “flawed legislation.” It’s well worth your time.

Columnist Robb foolishly mourns Flake’s implosion

December 10, 2018

Robert Robb, the local newspaper’s Libertarian-leaning columnist, has written a eulogy lamenting the demise of the stone cold but still upright body of Sen. Jeff Flake. 

His earnest lament can be understood in the context of their shared laissez-faire views. In the truest sense, Libertarians are classical liberals who not only don’t believe the lines in the road apply to them, they go to great lengths to allege they are unjustly constraining rather than providing for safe travel.

In his paean to the failed Flake, Robb oddly describes the nearly out-the-door McCain toady as having been “a beacon for a conservative point of view that should have a place in American politics.”

Conservatives, both seasoned and new to the fold, would have difficulty with that ill-founded definition. Rather than sounding the clarion call for conservatism, Flake has been an angry obstructionist, making long-winded speeches denouncing President Trump to an empty senate chamber. Flake even wrote an anti-Trump tirade, with a title directly stolen from Barry Goldwater’s iconic 1960 volume, “The Conscience of a Conservative,” written two years before Flake was born. Never accused of being an intellectual, he likely thought the title was historical and in the public domain. Preceding the 2016 presidential election, Flake announced that neither he nor his family would vote for Trump — effectively supporting Hillary Clinton.

Since his lame duck status is coming to an end after he prudently decided against running for reelection with bottom dragging 18% approval ratings in his home state, Flake has been showing up on left-wing network programs, apparently auditioning for the contrarian defector position — always a hit with the left.

Flake’s latest dishonorable gambit is holding up the vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee on nearly two dozen of the president’s federal judicial nominees, linking their progress to protecting the Mueller ongoing investigation between Trump’s 2016 campaign and Russia, which has produced not a scintilla of evidence after nearly two years. Surely Robert Robb can’t believe this spitefulness is indicative of conservatism.

Robb bemoans what he views as the tragic demise of Sen. Jeff Flake’s political career. A tragedy is regarded a wretched circumstance over which a victim has no control. Blowing up your own future is masochistic.  Robb is so enthralled with Flake, he even alleges Flake doesn’t engage in mean-spirited politics, a trait he has honed and obviously mastered.  Slathering the less than admirable Flake with undeserved accolades is preposterous.

Robb concludes his commentary with these words: “Flake is a good man who practiced politics civilly and constructively. He was a beacon for a point of view that should have a place in American politics. That merits more appreciation than it is getting.”

Actually, uncivil Flake is getting what is known as the boomerang effect, receiving what he has thrown…exactly what he deserves.

The state’s newspaper of record reports that Flake is even held in low regard in his hometown of Snowflake, AZ — named in part for his founding ancestor, William Flake. The headline includes the words, “Jeff Flake’s name is mud.”

AZ GOP chairman’s race, rehab of RINO Brophy McGee linked

December 3, 2018

AZ GOP in desperate need of new leadership

The Hillary Clinton endorsing Arizona Republic is going to great lengths to give a warm and fuzzy embrace to Kate Brophy McGee, the type of Republican the left-wing newspaper can tolerate. She was recently given prominent coverage including an oversized photo, on Page One of the Valley and State section, proclaimed as a leading advocate for abused children.

The architect of a Machiavellian scheme to replace incumbent conservative House member Maria Syms with fellow RINOcrat, Kathy Pappas Petsas in Legislative District 28, Brophy McGee barely squeaked into office, with a mere 267 vote lead over far left Democrat Christine Porter Marsh. The final tally was 50.1% to 49.9% in the once bright red district.

Shenanigans in the district were given a boost by mailings such as this one, sent out under the auspices of the AZ GOP and shamefully green lighted by chairman Jonathan Lines.

As a result of the malicious machinations, eminently well qualified incumbent Syms lost. Her career includes serving as an Assistant Attorney General, Assistant U.S. Attorney, Paradise Valley Town Councilwoman, and state Representative — in addition to being the only pro-life conservative of the pack.  The subversive tactics had further devastating ramifications for Republican residents of the district. Both House seats were won by Democrats. Fittingly, Brophy McGee’s recruit, agitator Kathy Pappas Petsas, who gained notoriety for wanting todekookifyor purge, conservatives from the party ranks, came in dead last.

Not satisfied with the damage he’s overseen, Lines who lives in Yuma and is rarely spotted at AZ GOP headquarters, is gearing up for another term as party chairman when the state statutory reorganization meeting takes place January 26, 2019. Besides being a party to the despicable mailers, he was in charge as unprecedented statewide Republican losses took place —- resulting in the GOP now being the minority in the state‘s congressional delegation. The Yuma roofing contractor needs to stay at home tending to leaky roofs and parenting his 11 children. If the Arizona Republican Party is going to be resuscitated, we need someone who can breathe life into its now flailing carcass rather than give a second chance to the one who rang its death knell.

Petsas, O’Connor: Conservatives are “kooks, hyenas and jackals”

November 5, 2018

LD 28 state legislative candidate Kathy Pappas Petsas is a RINO political opportunist undeserving of your vote

Longtime readers of SRAZ know this site delves into local, statewide and national politics. They are frequently interconnected, featuring overlapping players  Occasionally, when the issue is compelling, we even hunker down into one of the thirty statewide districts, from which our state House and Senate members originate. Districts — representing both major parties — have elected chairmen, put in office by elected precinct committeemen, known as PCs.

Recently we focused on the underhanded campaign mailer (image included), sent out by the Arizona Republican Party to Republican voters in Legislative District 28. The mailer deliberately omitted highly-qualified GOP incumbent state legislator Maria Syms. It has been followed by more of the same. To say these actions raise more questions than they answer, would be the height of understatement.  Although the Pro-Life plank is integral to the Republican Platform, both former House member, Kate Brophy McGee, now running for the state senate, and newcomer rabble-rouser Kathy Pappas Petsas are pro-abortion advocates. Syms is Pro-Life.

You might recall Petsas as she cozied up to leftist AZ Republic columnist Laurie Roberts denigrating conservative Republicans as “Kooks,” and advocating on behalf of “DeKookifying” the Arizona Republican Party. In Bosnia in the early 1990‘s, this despicable action was known as “ethnic cleaning,” resulting in wiping out perceived enemies. Yes, we know, only symbolic political deaths are being called for here. And conservatism is not the same as ethnicity, though many of us believe our values are in our DNA.

Although we are not subscribers to the Capitol Times’ Yellow Sheet, it’s been reported that Scott O’Connor, the RINO former LD 28 chairman has declared to its reporters that he’s “proud” of the AZ GOP for kicking Syms to the political curb and boasted that he cast a single shot for Petsas, to give more oomph to his vote.  He also claims he enjoys seeing the “hyenas and jackals” who populate Seeing Red AZ and Republican Briefs have fits over the denigration of state Rep. Maria Syms.

Those “kooks, hyenas and jackals” are all of us, folks.

This 2012 post titled, “RINO Kathy Petsas aids Dem fundraising machine,” clearly shows she’s been laying the groundwork for not only her current state House race, she’s long been homing her incisors to take a bite out of your conservative neck. Also from 2012 is, “Conservatives targeted in LD 28.”

Get up to speed.  Tomorrow is Election Day There will be no do-overs. Vote Republican, not Republicrat. If you live in Legislative District 28, vote only for Maria Syms.

Project Veritas exposes AZ US Senate candidate Kyrsten Sinema

October 30, 2018

Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe gifts Arizona voters with this video exposé, as Kyrsten Sinema, her campaign manager, staffers and a top donor divulge her strategy of concealing her extremist left views in order to win U.S. Senate election in the state she previously described as “the meth lab of democracy” and whose citizens she called “crazies.”

Campaign Staff Mocks Sinema Platform: “Arizonans values? She’s going to stand up and protect Arizonans values. Whatever the f**k that means,” says Sinema campaign staff in @PVeritas_Action undercover videos which reveal she plays moderate to win over voters.

 Sinema’s Immigration Proposal: “Path to citizenship” for all non-criminals,” in her own words.

 Sinema Campaign Manager: “We can’t be talking about an assault weapons ban. Arizonans will actually shoot you.” Campaign Manager Michelle Davidson describes an incremental approach to gun control.

Top Donor Says: Gun Control “couldn’t be a platform issue…” But Sinema would still vote for it.

Campaign Staff Says: “… she is pro-choice. She is very liberal, she’s progressive.”

 Sinema Donor: Can’t do “anything that’ll alienate any voters… gotta be all Martha McSally is a c**t and uh, and [Sinema is] good.”

SRAZ has written numerous posts exposing deceitful Sinema, who has undergone a chameleon-like transformation while running for the U.S. Senate. Take time to read this recent post which includes what she actually thinks about Arizona voters and revealing links to her lies about her childhood as well as her crude descriptions of stay-at-home moms.

This is a tight race. Voting for well-qualified Congresswoman Martha McSally is an imperative in order to retain a Republican senate majority. The left is working double-time to hamstring President Trump’s ability to get the necessary votes to ensure confirmation of federal judges, U.S. Supreme Court justices and cabinet members, as vacancies occur. Your vote is critically important.