Constitutional Freedom denied to AZ teams owner Robert Sarver

September 24, 2022

The United States is unique among nations in that our constitution guarantees freedom of speech via the First Amendment, which specifically states:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Nowhere do those words, drafted in 1789 — fundamental to the Bill of Rights by James Madison — a Virginia representative who later became the fourth U.S. president, specify that the speech must be agreeable to a specific percentage of the populace. They are guaranteed to the speaker, not to a specific audience.

Yet Arizona native, University of Arizona graduate and philanthropist Robert Sarver, the 18-year majority owner of the Phoenix Suns and Phoenix Mercury, previously uttered words currently deemed sexist and racist, initially resulting in a one year suspension by the NBA and a hefty $10 million fine. Now he is being forced to sell the teams, though he has contritely stated, “As a man of faith, I believe in atonement and the path to forgiveness. I expected that the commissioner’s one-year suspension would provide the time for me to focus, make amends and remove my personal controversy from the teams that I, and so many fans, love.”

The speech police have ruled otherwise. Though Sarver is unique in owning major teams, we the hoi polloi, (Greek for “the masses“), have less to lose but can also suffer from not falling in line with the latest edicts of the authoritative language masters. Speaking to work associates about anything other than business is risky these days, giving enhanced meaning to the words, “Silence is golden.” The lesson is, saying nothing is preferable to speaking, which could cost you your job or more. There is no path of redemption.

GOP Govs send illegal aliens to “Border Czar’s” D.C. home

September 19, 2022

The Washington Examiner headlined its comprehensive coverage of the ingenious handing of the ongoing illegal alien crisis, WATCH: Another bus of migrants sent from Texas arrives at Kamala Harris’s house in DC.

During an interview where she was pointedly asked about the 2 million most recent invaders, Vice President Harris preposterously attempted to deflect the crisis onto former President Donald Trump, who prioritized the border and fulfilled his campaign promise by initiating construction a border wall — which Joe Biden immediately began dismantling. “We have a secure border, and that is a priority for any nation, including ours and our administration. But there are still a lot of problems that we are trying to fix, given the deterioration that happened over the last four years,” Harris deceitfully stated.

Though “Border Czar” Harris has yet to spend a moment at the border, considering it a laughing matter, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis — all Republicans — are faced with confronting the costly and criminal realities on a daily basis. They have competently undertaken busing and flying the invaders to the democrat strongholds of Chicago, New York, Washington, DC and the high tone enclave of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, where the Obama’s have a $12 million estate which sits on 29.3 waterfront acres, and features seven bedrooms. That should afford them plenty of room to accommodate more than a few so-called “migrant” families.

To equip yourself with pertinent information, we urge you to read, “Biden’s Public Charge: Open Borders and Open Wallets,” by Bob Dane, FAIR’s executive director.

Editor’s note: Seeing Red AZ does not refer to illegal aliens as “migrants” which denotes a transitory status.  These invaders are not interested in short-term, temporary accommodations. They are here to stay…at taxpayer’s expense, which means you‘re permanently picking up the multifaceted tab which has escalated to an additional $20.4 billion annually.

Abortion called “health care” by AZ Planned Parenthood

August 30, 2022

“Reproductive Rights advocates” deceptive term used to conceal profitable death industry

In today’s America with Bidinflation destroying our economy, purchasing power, and quality of life, the leftwing Arizona Republic newspaper instead gives front page and jump page placement to the resumption of abortions by Planned Parenthood — which assists in “planning“ your family by butchering some of them. The report whines about the fact that baby killing, which is described as a “service,” will currently resume only in Tucson.

Nevertheless, the proponents have found reason to rejoice. “Our staff, everyone at Planned Parenthood Arizona, we are just so incredibly excited to be able to serve our community again in this way with essential abortion care,” according to a quote from Brittany Fonteno, CEO of Arizona Planned Parenthood. “No matter what happens we’re going to continue fighting for our patients and their ability to access this health care.”

Despite the ambiguous language, “health care,” when referred to by Planned Parenthood, means certain death to the babies the cult of death refuses to refer to as preborn human infants. Fonteno also uses the terms “reproductive rights advocates” to describe those advocating for and profiting from abortion, as well as “pregnant person,” in an apparent effort not to offend transgender people who offend easily.

Abortion is a lucrative business.

Life News headed lined its 2021 report, “Planned Parenthood Brought in $1.6 Billion, Made $70 Million Profit From Killing Babies in Abortions.”

As college costs surge, UofA gifts free degrees to 22 “tribes”

July 1, 2022

Want that “as nearly free as possible” AZ university education promised in  Article 11, Sec. 6 of our state Constitution?  According to this April 14, 2022 edition of the University of Arizona’s Wildcat newspaper, the Arizona Board of Regents did what has become routine, and hiked the rates at all three universities: ASU, UA and NAU. They attempt to confound us with fancy terminology such as “collaborations of key partnerships,” but don’t be conned by the deceitful educrat doublespeak.

Now we find that the University of Arizona is gifting free college tuition to members of 22 Indian tribes, now referred to as “Native Americans,“ a title not accorded to other Americans with generational roots on American soil.

Some questions?  What constitutes a “tribe“? What percentage of tribal DNA qualifies a claimant?  If your heritage includes multiple tribes, can you continue accumulating free degrees?

Why would this sweet financial deal be limited to Ak-Chin, Cocopah, Yavapai, Mohave, Hopi, Apache, Tohono O’odham (who changed their name from Papago), Gila River, Salt River Pima-Maricopa etc.? There are 17 federally recognized tribes completely within the borders of Arizona and others that overlap our border. Nearly one-quarter of land in Arizona is reservation land. Currently, there are twenty-six tribal owned lucrative casinos located across ten counties of the state. Cannabis is advertised and sold at the casinos.

Why are members of Africa’s estimated 3,000 tribes excluded from this ridiculous freebie? Jewish Americans are descended from the Biblical 12 Tribes of Israel, detailed in Deuteronomy 27: 12–13. Are those tribes worthy? No…nor should they be.

Dropping free money on selected groups is never a good idea. The Regents, none of whom are needy, should know that.

Why Mark Finchem deserves your vote for AZ Secretary of State

June 29, 2022

Today we take our readers directly to Gateway Pundit to read a timely report by Jordan Conradson, titled: “State Rep. Mark Finchem Calls On The Attorney General’s Office To Investigate Democrat Adrian “Fast and Furious” Fontes And Others Involved In The June 24th AZ Riot & Insurrection.”

Read Mark Finchem’s recent statement regarding the US Supreme Court’s decision to return Roe v. Wade to the states, which includes his news release.

Arizona does not have a lieutenant governor. Our line of ascension is the secretary of state. Who better in this important position than constitutional conservative State Rep. Mark Finchem?

Sexual predator Tucson H.S. counselor arrested, pushed LGBTQ+ studies

May 16, 2022

Blaze Media and multiple other sources including Fox News carried the news report detailing the arrest of Tucson High Magnet counselor, Zobella Brazil Vinik, 29, who has been arrested for having a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old female Tucson student. Don’t hold your breath hoping for a report in the far left local newspaper. Though the investigation, launched May 3, has been widely reported this criminality is not on its politically correct radar.

To no one’s surprise, Vinik is a democrat.

Sporting hot pink streaked hair, Vinik, divorced from another woman, and using politically correct pronouns, focuses on homosexually as students lack basic civics instruction, have scant knowledge about American history and that of Western civilization, geography, no longer have signatures due to the elimination of cursive and have marginal math abilities.

Instead, they are inundated with gender studies and a newly implemented drag show, as reported by AZ Free News. The news source carries a stunning report on transgenderism, diversity, equity, and inclusion — the latest topics that supersede education fundamentals.

This headlined report U.S. Education Rankings Are Falling Behind the Rest of the World is crucial reading. It describes the dismal education reality being provided to American students as compared worldwide. The U.S. ranks near the bottom in a survey of students’ math skills in 30 industrialized countries.

Eric A. Hanushek, an economist at the Hoover Institution of Stanford University, estimated that the U.S. economy would grow 4.5% in the next 20 years if our students’ math and science skills were as strong as the rest of the world’s.

Those facts somehow escaped Zobella Brazil Vinik’s counseling notice. She was busy priming and soliciting teen female students for sex.

Biden bites the dust on Border Security: He’s no Greg Abbott

April 15, 2022

Even democrat US Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (AZ) has taken Biden to task, says he’s done “nothing” to stop the flow of illegal aliens and drug trafficking

Cutting to the chase this morning, Seeing Red AZ takes our readers directly to Joe Biden’s latest polling on the topic of Immigration. Real Clear Politics’ aggregated polling relies on various national polling sources on a wide range of topics. The site uses the term “immigration” to refer to the illegal invasion of foreign nationals

On this subject, Biden’s average drags bottom, with a stunning 59% Disapproval rating.

He ought to pay attention to Texas’ GOP Governor Greg Abbott, who has begun busing illegal invaders to Washington, D.C., to give the democrat elites a taste of their own medicine.

“We live in a time with the most extreme and urgent border crisis in the history of the state of Texas,” Abbott said. “In just the past 15 months there’s been more than 1.6 million people come across the Texas border illegally.”

Abbott noted that the 1.6 million figure is higher than the population of any Texas city except for Houston, which was listed as having 2.3 million people according to the 2020 census estimate. The Republican governor warned that if Biden ends Title 42, “that number’s only going to double or maybe even triple.”

“What that means,” Abbott stated, “over the next year, beginning May 23, there will be more people coming into the state of Texas than even the largest city in the state of Texas. That is an extraordinary challenge for the state to deal with.”

Arizona is also a border state, but Gov. Doug Ducey, a McCain clone, is limp when it comes to border enforcement.

Surprisingly, it is Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) who broke ranks with her fellow democrats in calling on Biden’s administration to delay lifting the Title 42 immigration policy, put in place by President Trump from the onset of COVID-19, that allowed for the expulsion of illegals due to the pandemic.

Referring to Biden‘s inaction, she stated, “Nothing, there’s not been any active steps to stem the flow of migrants from the border. One of the things I’ve been working on with my colleagues in both parties is to discuss the fact that the current flow is unsustainable”

Sinema added, “D.C. has shown little regard for the actual crisis that’s occurring in Arizona, and we know that. We’ve paid the price for the federal government’s failure to fix our broken immigration system for most of my lifetime.”

Her AZ U.S. Senate seatmate, Mark Kelly (D), who is generously funded by open-borders Socialist George Soros, must have steam coming out of his Uncle Fester’s look-alike ears.

Matt Salmon’s governor’s office retry is a fool’s errand

January 12, 2022

Matt Salmon is running again. He began his political career in the state senate in 1990. Then running for congress from a Mesa-based district, he was elected to three 2-year terms, retiring to honor his term-limit pledge. That opened the door for the aptly named Jeff Flake, a McCain clone, to succeed him. In 2002 Salmon ran for governor, losing to democrat Janet Napolitano. She then left the governor’s post mid-term to join Barack Obama’s administration.

Next in line of succession* was Secretary of State Jan Brewer, which is why the mundane post is so popular.

Salmon’s history of commitment isn’t much better than Napolitano‘s. Salmon was a U.S. Rep. from 1995 to 2001 and again from 2013 until 2017, not a difficult task, running from the East Valley, where his roots run deep. The governor’s race is statewide. He lost it previously. As a member of the LDS church, which advocates healthy lifestyles and disparages smoking, Matt Salmon was President of the Electronic Cigarette Association, where he peddled vaping to young people.

In the intervening years, he was reported to have earned $336,090 yearly as of 2018, as the chief lobbyist for Arizona State University, notably supporting the China-financed Confucius Institute. This Jan. 2022 list shows a much slimmer list of participants and ASU appears to have ditched its program, which likely accounts for unemployed Salmon running again.

Matt Salmon still chasing AZ governor dream…when not backing China,” provides additional background.

Now, as he once again aspires to be Arizona governor, he has a unique campaign tactic. It includes incessantly emailing lists of his supporters, including many sporting the titles “retired“ and “former.” There is also a long list titled, “Women for Salmon Coalition,”  whose white letters on a red background appearance resembles the nefarious “Republicans for Napolitano.” The similarity stops there. Salmon’s women’s coalition is more likely to be drawn from a Relief Society list.

Salmon’s time has come and gone. His political aspirations have hit a roadblock. He might have had better luck running for secretary of state, which has frequently provided a direct route to the governor‘s office:

*In 1977 Wesley Bolin, Arizona’s longest serving secretary of state with 28 consecutive years on the job, succeeded Gov. Raul Castro who left midterm to become ambassador to Argentina. Bolin served less than five months before suffering a fatal heart attack. The next in line of succession was Attorney General Bruce Babbitt, later elected to two full terms.

In 1988 Secretary of State Rose Mofford succeeded impeached Gov. Evan Mecham. Jane Hull followed the same route in 1997 after Gov. Fife Symington resigned due to a felony conviction —  which was later reversed. Gov. Jan Brewer was secretary of state when she completed Janet Napolitano’s term in 2009 when she resigned to join the Obama administration.

In Arizona, the secretary of state’s office provides a never-ending, high stakes political version of musical chairs.

Slo Joe Biden “agrees” with “Let’s go Brandon!” chants 

December 26, 2021

Duplicity abounds at the dying Arizona Republic

Unless you’re living under a rock, it’s a good bet you know how the slogan,Let’s go Brandon!” originated and what those who use it are actually implying. Joe Biden isn’t under a rock. Slow Joe’s under a massive boulder.

On Christmas Eve, Joe and Jill Biden were supposedly taking calls into the North American Aerospace Defense Command Santa Tracker, which they claim “follows the progress of Santa’s reindeer-guided sleigh for millions of children.” The Biden’s are so committed to lying to American adults, they think they can pull off a similar scheme on children.

At the conclusion of one call, a father exclaimed, “Merry Christmas and Let’s go Brandon!”

“Let’s go Brandon, I agree,” a disconnected from reality Biden responded, before incoherently asking the dad if he was in Oregon. The call was then abruptly terminated by Biden‘s handlers.

The dying Arizona Republic,* which actually took three days off from delivering its skewed version of the news, didn’t cover this since it reveals Biden as incompetent as he is. It returned with an odd message in its Dec. 26, 2021 edition. In a report revealing that yet another democrat has resigned from the state legislature’s House and Senate. This one is not a crook or pedophile, but a member of the Navajo Nation, leaving to join the Biden administration. Mention is made of the low $24,000 salary, not being a livable wage for her.

Ballotpedia has an updated list comparing statee legislative salaries. Scroll past the map to get to see the ‘Salaries by State’ chart:

Low, unlivable-wage salaries were never raised whenever pay increases have been on the ballot, and the newspaper consistently disparaged the idea, editorially and through its in-tandem, radically leftist columnists. A former columnist, turned arrogant PR guy, consistently referred to our lawmakers as undeserving “dwarfs.” The politically incorrect term got a workout. An online search reveals all references have been deleted.

That will soon be the fate of the local newspaper.

*H/T Phoenix Business Journal

AZ high school: Parents shut down transgender awareness week

December 12, 2021

Goodyear’s Estrella Foothills High School mission statement: “Inspire minds to change the world … everyone, everyday.“

Today we take our readers directly The Federalist, which shines a bright light on the social absurdities advancing in our taxpayer-funded schools, while actual education falls through the cracks. 

Spencer Lindguist writes an outstanding exposé on the insanity overtaking public schools, as he reports on the promotion and celebration of ‘Transgender Awareness Week’ at Estrella Foothills High School in Goodyear, AZ. The program was successfully shut down by outraged parents. 

Arizona High School Halts Transgender Spirit Week After Outcry From Parents,” contains important information and clearly illustrates why parents need to be vigilant when it comes to what is passing for education at their children’s schools.

According to 2018-2019 Public School Review* of Goodyear’s Estrella Foothills High School, the percentage of students achieving proficiency in math stood at 60-64%. The percentage of students achieving proficiency in reading/language arts was less than half at 48%, clearly indicating the teaching time could be better spent on educational basics rather than celebrating transsexuality.

Following objections from enraged parents, Principal Kimberly Heinz canceled “Spirit Week” after the first day, telling parents in a mass email that “our administrative team met this afternoon and have made the decision that we will not move forward with the remaining awareness days this week.”

Lindquist’s report includes email exchanges between 24-year-old instructor Courtney Ratkus and Principal Kimberly Heinz, as well as to students. Ratkus, the sponsor of the Coexist Club, needs to find employment other than indoctrinating students in transsexuality. Solitary street sweeping would be a better fit for this radical.

National Review has written how the perverted scheme passing as education has been gaining traction within the educrat community as schools disallow parents to opt their children out of the programs that begin in kindergarten. Your eyes did not deceive you. Kindergarten is where the sexually deviant brainwashing begins. Open Secrets shows where the teachers unions send their political donations. It isn’t to conservatives.

* Updated numbers are not available due to schools being shuttered during COVID.