2 anti-establishment censures at AZ GOP meeting: McCain & Graham

January 22, 2016

Sat. Jan. 23 elected state committeemen poised to vote on anti-establishment resolutions

You may have received this email from A.J. LaFaro:

There has been a lot of discussion and debate as to why Robert Graham should be or shouldn’t be censured.

It’s my understanding Robert Graham is using AZ GOP staff members, resources and hired a telemarketing firm using AZ GOP monies to call you for the purpose of finding out how you feel about the resolution to censure and possibly providing you with misinformation to influence your feelings and decision.

The censure doesn’t remove Robert Graham from office.

It wasn’t an easy decision to author the resolution to censure that will be introduced from the floor on Saturday, but it had to be done. With the AZ GOP Bylaws restriction of 250 words, it is extremely difficult to write one with any degree of detail or specifics. That’s why I penned the attached “Factual Reasons for Censuring AZ GOP Chairman Robert Graham.”

Please let me say again, the censure doesn’t remove Robert Graham from office. However, it does provide all of the AZ GOP State Committeemen the opportunity to come together to honestly and passionately discuss Robert Graham and his term in office. Every elected official should be reviewed and held accountable to the people they are suppose to serve.

Please join me in signing the signature petitions and voting this Saturday for the resolutions to “Censure Robert Graham” and “Endorse Anyone BUT McCain.”
Respectfully yours,
A. J. LaFaro
LD18 Precinct and State Committeeman
Immediate Past Chairman, Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC)

 1. Robert Graham and the AZGOP are under investigation by the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) for alleged campaign finance violations.

2. Violation the Arizona Revised Statutes –

A. Several County and LD Chairmen have expressed concern that Robert Graham and the AZGOP have been filling vacant state committeemen positions without their advice and consent. This is a violation of ARS 16-825.01.

ARS 16-825.01. State committee; vacancy; filling of vacancy

In the event of a vacancy in the office of state committeeman, in counties with populations of less than five hundred thousand persons, such vacancy shall be filled by appointment made by the state chairman with the advice and consent of the county chairman of the county in which the vacancy occurred. In counties with populations of five hundred thousand or more persons, such vacancy shall be filled by appointment made by the state chairman with the advice and consent of the county chairman of the county in which the vacancy occurred and the district chairman of the district in which the vacancy occurred, and shall be filled by a person who resides in the same district in which the vacancy occurred.

3. Violation of AZGOP Bylaws –

Robert Graham and the AZGOP have repeatedly violated the AZGOP Bylaws concerning the 2015 Statutory Meeting and this year’s 2016 Mandatory Meeting.

The AZGOP Bylaws demand a nominations and a resolutions committee be created using specific bylaw requirements that provide for open transparency, honest communications with and input by all the State Committeemen if they so desire.

Article III, Section H, Paragraphs 1 and 2, Page 4, resolutions committee and resolutions

Article IV, Section C, Paragraph 2, Page 5, nominating committee meeting and call letter report

4. Reckless interference and meddling in County and Legislative District (LD) Republican Committees –

Robert Graham and the AZGOP have continued to recklessly interfere and meddle in the business of several County and Legislative District (LD) Republican Committees. Maricopa County and LD30 to name a couple. Defunding the Maricopa County GOP East Valley Office and having a cease and desist letter sent to Maricopa County and it’s LD Committees from using the elephant logo directly after the first Trump rally. Robert Graham has allegedly called the County and LD Chairmen and threatened to limit their state delegates to the April 30th State Convention as retribution.

5. Elimination of access to voter data systems –

Robert Graham and the AZGOP has taken away access to the voter data systems he once said he was providing to PCs for their direct use. He now has a person in charge who has very little experience and availability to support the amount of work needed to help the PCs and taken away all data/walk book access from the Counties and Districts.

6. Serious conflicts of interest –

Many of the AZGOP staff members and their family members have worked for or are working for John McCain’s PAC and Sean Noble’s Political Consulting Firm.

7. Refusal to close our primaries even after an overwhelming number of Precinct and State Committeemen demanded he do so.

Border hypocrisy, lies, flung by McCain & AZ Republic

December 30, 2015

Chronic deceit from AZ’s senators and local newspaper

Arizonans are routinely treated as fools. Not only are we subjected to colossal dishonesty on issues related to our dangerously porous border by U.S. Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake, but the open border proponents at the Arizona Republic conspire with them to bend facts to suit a distinctly leftwing agenda.

Tuesday’s editorial,* “Fences? We don’t need no stinking fences” is a case in point.  The prevailing opinion of the “editorial board,” whom we are led to believe write this preposterous dreck in unison, is that any political discussion regarding securing the border is “stuck in a time warp.”

The fence, they claim, is “a largely completed component of a broader border strategy that relies on technology” — rather than an “ugly, unneighborly concrete and steel barrier, between the U.S. and Mexico —- a valuable trading partner.”

According to the wizards at the newspaper, “solar-powered towers with radar, cameras that offer real-time and day-and-night surveillance” are part of the border technology plan. Hot off the drawing board and supposedly in place, are “underground sensors, imaging sensors, remote surveillance stations and mobile units.”

We’ve been down this road before. Since Thanksgiving was just a month ago, lets “talk turkey” instead of preposterous liberal notions.

Back in Feb. 2008, Michael Chertoff, the second Homeland INsecurity Secretary, visited our state and declared that a brand new high-tech “virtual fence” along the Arizona /Mexico border near Sasabe “looks good.”

By April of the same year, the technologically advanced virtual fence intended to provide an alternative to “divisive” walls and federal agents policing the Arizona-Mexico border was exposed as a “virtual flop.”

Two years and $700 million later, Janet Napolitano, who followed Chertoff, froze the funds for the virtual fence, before axing it altogether.

And Arizona’s senators?

Here’s the REAL John McCain as opposed to the phony candidate border hawk strolling Arizona’s southern border with Pinal Sheriff Paul Babeu and declaring the need to “complete the dang fence.”

On February 24, 2010, John McCain questioned then-Homeland INsecurity Secretary Janet Napolitano during the Budget Submission Hearing for Fiscal Year 2011, where he stated the “border fence issue has been a waste of billions of dollars.”

Who are you going to trust? John McCain or John McCain?

McCain underling Jeff Flake is also adept at differentiating his campaign border stance from this actual one. Haven’t you had enough?

*The hard copy and online versions carry different headlines and reworked content.

Guess who needs a pay raise?

December 23, 2015

These appointed members* of the Commission on Salaries for Elective State Officers would like Arizona taxpayers to pony up a $15,000 raise for those whose salaries have stagnated. That’s not an amount to be divided. That’s eachYearly.

No, these benevolent commissioners are not talking about Arizona’s underpaid state legislators who earn $24,000 a year and haven’t had a raise in nearly 20 years. The last time the voters saw fit to give a modest pay increase to the people they entrust to write our laws was 1998.

The commission’s generosity, by way of their hands in our pockets and in a unanimous vote, is aimed at Arizona’s judiciary and is constructed to conveniently skirt voter approval. The recommendation has been sent to Gov. Ducey’s office for inclusion in his Jan. 15, 2016 budget proposal.

Don’t waste sympathy on the judges and justices whose last pay increase was in 2008. The daily reports that Arizona Supreme Court justices currently earn $155,000 a year. The chief justice makes $160,000 yearly. Court of Appeals judges currently make $150,000, and statewide Superior Court judges $145,000.

The judicial pay hike proposal carries an estimated price tag of $1.4 million. The cash strapped state would pick up half the cost of the increase for 14 counties, while Maricopa County taxpayers would be required to cover the full amount for its judges.

Though the judiciary claim to be outside of the political process, they are on the ballot for retention, and are included in the Elected Officials’ Retirement Plan. Their compensation, retirement and benefits package is enviable.

Judges are not unwittingly plucked from the legal community and forced to serve in these posts.  They apply for the positions, preparing lengthy applications and going through an interview process before an appointment commission and — if they’re lucky — with the governor, who makes the final selection.

Check out the Survey of Judicial Salaries compiled by the National Center for State Courts. There are two charts included. Rest assured none of the children of judges are eating gruel or going shoe-less.

 * John Bouma, Dennis Mitchem, Karen S. Johnson, Joe Kanefield, Brian Kaufman.

Susan Bitter Smith jumps ship as posse closes in

December 18, 2015

Mixed metaphors? Sure. But how else to describe Susan Bitter Smith’s bizarre sense of self-importance which she assumed placed her above the law?

Amid charges of conflict of interest that caused Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich to file this Petition for Special Action to remove her from office due to ineligibility, Arizona Corporation Commissioner Susan Bitter Smith resigned Thursday.

She was elected to a four-year term on the Commission which began January 2013. Her resumé will no doubt be removed shortly, but from her vast array of positions, it’s clear Susan Bitter Smith, 60, has been around the political block a time or two and can’t allege ignorance of the law.

Taking the Arizonans who elected her for fools, Bitter Smith claimed she was resigning her elected position because the controversy was becoming a distraction, creating difficulties in doing her job.

Left unspecified was which job she was referring to. She has worked as a registered lobbyist and executive for a trade association of cable companies regulated by the very same Arizona Corporation Commission she chairs as a state regulator. The combined yearly salaries of the two jobs are in excess of a quarter of a million dollars. Jan. 4, 2016 is her last day with the Corporation Commission.

From the Attorney General’s Nov. 30, 2015 Press Release:

On September 2, 2015, the Attorney General’s Office (“AGO”) launched an investigation into Bitter Smith after receiving a formal complaint against her. The AGO investigation found Bitter Smith receives over $150,000 per year for her trade association work, on top of her $79,500 salary as a Commissioner.  Arizona State Statute 40-101 prohibits Commissioners from being employed by or holding an official relationship to companies regulated by the Commission. The law also prohibits Commissioners from having a financial interest in regulated companies. Section 40-101 promotes ethics in government and prevents conflicts of interest.

Read the 128 unambiguous words which comprise 40-101 under link.

As we previously wrote, There’s no way to put lipstick on this pig. It’s a Category 5, GOP intra-party, cringe worthy embarrassment. At the time, although Bitter Smith had filed for reelection, AZ Republican Party chairman Robert Graham had called for her to step down.

Susan Bitter Smith’s arrogance far exceeds either rationality or ethics, though she was well compensated for her egotism.

Gov. Doug Ducey will now appoint a replacement, who will run for the office in November.

Kelli Ward resigns AZ Senate: devotes full time to defeating McCain

December 3, 2015

Vigorously moving conservative mission forward

Breitbart News reports that Arizona State Senator Kelli Ward (R-LD 5) has announced she will resign her elected position, effective Dec. 15, to devote full-time efforts to defeating John McCain in the Aug 30 Republican primary election.

Sen. Kelli Ward released the following statement on Wednesday:

I entered this race because I knew we needed a strong, bold, fearless and fresh voice representing the interests of Arizonans in Washington DC and replace John McCain. Before I entered the race, I waged battles in the Arizona State Senate as Mohave County’s elected advocate for consistent Conservative values. I retained those values on a state level by successfully authoring 19 major bills and never giving up the fight as federal interests constantly battered us at our doorstep, forcing DC legislation down Arizona throats.

I knew this was going to be a tough, hard-fought battle. I’ve prepared for just that scenario. Still, I believed it might be possible to retain my seat and fight the good fight in the state senate chamber. I am now convinced that I can help fight the bigger battle against The Beltway and help resolve the massive failure of the federal government to truly look out for the interests of Arizona by devoting my abilities full-time to defeat John McCain.

I will leave my elective position as Arizona State Senator for District 5 effective December 15. Believe me, I will miss taking on the responsibilities of this important position, authoring important legislation, working with my colleagues, and fighting for the people of my district and the state of Arizona. But, I can be more effective and accomplish those same goals by curbing federal interference and creating an easier pathway for reform in the Arizona legislature as a United States Senator.

I now intend to take that fight forward in my race for the Senate, devoting all my energy to winning the Republican primary in August and the general election in November. John McCain has served far, far too long. Fresh blood is on the way with ingrained conservative principles from a bold, fresh, fearless new voice.

Michelle Moons writing for Breitbart notes an August poll showing Ward leading McCain by nine percent. Ward’s first quarter fundraising numbers are also impressive. Her grassroots campaign raised approximately $525,000. But we can’t be complacent. She needs our help to be and remain competitive. McCain is sitting on huge piles of lobbyist cash and is married to a beer heiress. Ward — an emergency room physician — recently revealed her plan to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Being able to join with the Conservative Campaign Committee, which recently announced this enthusiastic endorsement of Kelli Ward presents a rare opportunity. Senate terms are six long years. John McCain’s time has come and gone. He has been in D.C. colluding with Democrats for well over three decades and will be 80 by Election Day. Arizonans can do much better. Dr. Kelli Ward provides the chance.


2015 Phoenix Veterans Day Parade

November 9, 2015


 Date: Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2015

Time: 11:00 a.m.

This year’s theme: “No Longer Forgotten, Remembering Korean War Veterans.”

Presented by Honoring Arizona’s Veterans this family friendly event is an impressive tribute to our true heroes — our Veterans. Included are numerous floats, marching bands, color guards, equestrian units, military flyovers, large helium balloons, Veterans Service Organizations and ROTC entries. A 30×60 foot American flag will be carried along the route.

The Phoenix Veterans Day Parade Committee is an all-volunteer, non-profit group of dedicated Veterans, Military, and community leaders who support the mission to ensure our Veterans are recognized on their special day through this parade. Ongoing since 1997, this parade features 45,000 attendees, 100 parade entries, and seven announcers’ booths along the route for attendees to learn more about our Veterans.

The parade route begins at North Phoenix Baptist Church (5757 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85012). Starting on Montebello Ave, it will continue South on Central and turn East onto Camelback Road. The parade then turns South on 7th St. It will conclude at Indian School Rd — a distance of 2.4 miles.

Take time to read the inspiring bios of the 2015 Grand Marshals.

Black Lives Matter myth: Radicals condone violence

October 24, 2015

Black Lives Matter anarchists have no problem crashing meetings and brazenly disrupting dialogues to get their skewed message out. They took over the leftist Netroots Nation gathering in Phoenix in July, and demanded that Democrat presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley each acknowledge that only “Black Lives,” not “All Lives” matter. O’Malley was booed for making such a grand faux pas and apologized. 

Such weak acquiesce from the left only emboldens these subversive provocateurs. Within 48 hours of NYC police officer Randolph Holder, 33, being shot and killed Thursday by a bullet to his forehead, they were marching through the streets, chanting, “It is right to rebel, NYPD go to hell!” Both the officer and the murderer are black. This obscenity follows an earlier mantra, “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon,” inciting violence against officers. Yet the hypocrites who have declared open warfare on police have no trouble accepting police protection for their demonstrations.

Last week in California, the group’s obstructive thugs grabbed the microphone from Los Angeles’ Democrat Mayor Eric Garcetti, forcing him out of a Town Hall meeting with constituents. Outside, he was surrounded by a screaming mob, some of whom climbed on the Mayor’s car and stomped on the hood. No one was arrested.

The increasingly rabid activists most often target easily coerced white Democrats, who quickly fall in line.

The group’s issues are what they refer to as police brutality resulting in deaths of young black males and the need to lower incarceration rates. What is left unsaid is that the high death rates are most often gang related and the result of black-on-black gun violence.  Incarceration occurs, not in a vacuum, but when there is a conviction for criminal activity.

Now these radicals have the ear of Barack Obama, who struggles without his trusty teleprompter to justify their indefensible actions, (video) calling it a “legitimate issue we have to address and take seriously,” gratuitously throwing in the “tough job the police have.”

As Daniel Greenfield concludes in his well documented FrontPage mag report, “For black lives to really matter, black violence has to matter.”

Today we ask, where are the protests regarding this tragedy? Or this one that occurred in Tempe just days ago? Young black lives were put in grave danger or lost forever by parents who should provide the safest haven for their defenseless children. Black Lives Matter forgot about them.


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