Katie Hobbs proves you never know who your Uber driver is

September 26, 2022

Previously referred to as “Fraidy Katie” for refusing to engage in either the primary or general Clean Elections debates, democrat Hobbs has now revealed herself to be “Shady Katie.”

Among the myriad duties of Arizona’s now term-limited Republican governor is managing the state budget. Gov. Doug Ducey served as a two-term state treasurer. Previously, he was a successful business owner. As governor, he presided over record investments and historic tax cuts. The governor has line-item veto authority on financial appropriations. Given this background, it makes the gubernatorial candidacy of far-left democrat Katie Hobbs — who called for a probe of Pres. Trump and his supporters over ‘“intense efforts to interfere with ballot counting,” — even more preposterous.

Although the Hillary-endorsing local newspaper buried the story with a mere four sentences at the bottom of the Valley & State section, expanding its coverage on Page 5B, hoping to obscure notice of its dwindling number of readers, the report titled, “Hobbs got a secret side gig to help make ends meet,” is shocking in revealing her ineptness for holding the state’s top job overseeing a $16 billion state budget with little to recommend her. She and her husband, who worked two jobs, were so cash strapped — even losing their home to foreclosure. As a state legislator, driving for Uber, Hobbs failed to report the income she earned. Once the facts were revealed, she was forced to amend her 2016 income tax report. The governor’s job pays $95,000 yearly which was likely the inducement for financially hobbled Hobbs.

Amending tax returns as an elected official — only after being caught in nefarious actions — doesn’t have the same resonance as coming forward, admitting guilt and issuing a statement of apology. Instead Katie Hobbs is brazenly seeking the state’s leadership position. Given her background, there’s something very appropriate about having a left-wing candidate driving Arizonans for a colonoscopy appointment. It’s job training.

GOP Govs send illegal aliens to “Border Czar’s” D.C. home

September 19, 2022

The Washington Examiner headlined its comprehensive coverage of the ingenious handing of the ongoing illegal alien crisis, WATCH: Another bus of migrants sent from Texas arrives at Kamala Harris’s house in DC.

During an interview where she was pointedly asked about the 2 million most recent invaders, Vice President Harris preposterously attempted to deflect the crisis onto former President Donald Trump, who prioritized the border and fulfilled his campaign promise by initiating construction a border wall — which Joe Biden immediately began dismantling. “We have a secure border, and that is a priority for any nation, including ours and our administration. But there are still a lot of problems that we are trying to fix, given the deterioration that happened over the last four years,” Harris deceitfully stated.

Though “Border Czar” Harris has yet to spend a moment at the border, considering it a laughing matter, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis — all Republicans — are faced with confronting the costly and criminal realities on a daily basis. They have competently undertaken busing and flying the invaders to the democrat strongholds of Chicago, New York, Washington, DC and the high tone enclave of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, where the Obama’s have a $12 million estate which sits on 29.3 waterfront acres, and features seven bedrooms. That should afford them plenty of room to accommodate more than a few so-called “migrant” families.

To equip yourself with pertinent information, we urge you to read, “Biden’s Public Charge: Open Borders and Open Wallets,” by Bob Dane, FAIR’s executive director.

Editor’s note: Seeing Red AZ does not refer to illegal aliens as “migrants” which denotes a transitory status.  These invaders are not interested in short-term, temporary accommodations. They are here to stay…at taxpayer’s expense, which means you‘re permanently picking up the multifaceted tab which has escalated to an additional $20.4 billion annually.

Fake news disseminator describes AZ GOP electors as fake

September 8, 2022

The local Hillary-endorsing newspaper is dying. Though subscriptions continue to plummet, it is so bonded to being a vocal tool of the democrat party it is unable to extract itself from spewing leftist propaganda.

A recent article is a vicious example. Ronald Hansen, described as a “political reporter” is of the slice-and-dice variety as long as the target is a conservative. He has previously written about the hateful antics of some of U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar’s malicious, leftwing and jealous, out-of-state siblings, who have attempted to have dental association PAC donors withdraw their support from Gosar, a popular retired dentist, who ably represents Arizona’s 4th Congressional District.

Hansen’s most recent effort is another attempt at political assassination of conservatives. This time he tries to sully the reputations of those he refers to as “fake electors,” including two doctors and a lawyer, all highly accomplished professionals. The doctors are GOP State Chairman Kelli Ward, D.O., and her husband Col. Michael Ward, D.O  who served as the Arizona Air National Guard flight surgeon. Dr. Kelli Ward, formerly a two-term state senator continued to practice medicine in emergency departments in Lake Havasu City and Kingman, Arizona, during her time in the senate. Phoenix lawyer Jack Wilenchik is described as having “helped convene the Trump electors for Arizona,” which, in the convoluted language of the lacking-in-integrity local newspaper, should make him a candidate for hard labor in an orange jumpsuit.

Gov. Doug Ducey signed SB1158 on May 9, 2021. The legislation requires the state bar to pay attorney fees and other costs associated with the case if the state bar seeks to discipline a lawyer and ends up losing.

Chicago dem Mayor Lori Lightweight puts border ignorance on display

September 7, 2022

Wants illegal invaders treated with ”dignity and respect”

Farcical dem Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot preposterously claims she is happy to welcome bus loads of illegal aliens to Chicago. Yet, reacting to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s latest move to send the invaders to Chicago, Lightfoot called his policies “racist” and declared the Trump administration — which has been out of office since Jan. 20, 2021 — guilty of “human cruelty.”

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has dramatically altered its reporting standards under the Biden administration, now stating its “top priority is to keep terrorists and their weapons from entering the U.S.” The revealing charts and numbers of invaders that were easily accessible during the Trump administration have vanished. A new title page absurdly headlines: Air and Marine Operations Visions Strategy 2030.” 

Border state governors Greg Abbott (TX) and Arizona’s Doug Ducey, who have dealt directly with the border invasion for years, have been busing the illegal invaders to other parts of the United States, notably New York City, Chicago and Washington, D.C., in defiance of the lax policies of the Biden administration that have allowed the invasion to continue unabated and negatively impact America’s border states with increased criminality while creating financial burdens on citizen taxpayers. On April 20, 2021, Ducey declared a state of emergency, deploying the national guard to the border. He is term-limited and will be replaced in the upcoming election, and still the invasion continues.

Gov. Abbott recently sent this unequivocal letter to the mayors of New York City and Washington, D.C., describing the “security crisis created by President Biden’s dangerous open border policies.” He concluded with an invitation for them to visit the Texas border, specifically inviting them to contact his office to schedule the visit “to see firsthand the dire situation that only grows more urgent with each passing day.”

Best advice? None of us should hold our breath waiting for a reply. The illegal invasion benefits democrats, increasing their numbers. Nothing else matters to them.

AZ Gov. Ducey follows TX Gov. Greg Abbott busing illegals to D.C.

May 14, 2022

Abbott has announced Texas brought 922 illegals to the nation’s capital in 35 buses. Will Ducey follow that example?

In a move that would be certain to inflame his open-border mentor Señor Juan McAmnesty, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has begun busing illegal alien invaders to Washington, D.C.

Following Gov. Greg Abbott’s successful plan, which has delighted Texans and agitated D.C. insiders, unable to conceive of the Southwestern border calamity to which they have turned a blind eye, impacting their elite environs.

It’s known as retaliation.

Just prior to his more recent follow-the-leader imitation, Ducey bizarrely called on leftist tech giants to aid in stopping drug and human exploitation crimes, beginning his letter with the words, “It’s no secret our southern border is a mess.”

No kidding.

As governor of Arizona, a border state seriously impacted by illegal invaders who suffer no consequences for their actions, Ducey is finally showing concern about the crisis under which Arizona’s citizens have long endured and been forced to finance with our tax dollars.

If these numbers from FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) detailing the Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on the United States seem shocking, bear in mind they are from 2017. The Biden administration has irreparably opened the floodgates since then, appointing Alejandro Mayorkas, an immigrant, (probably illegal) from Communist Cuba, as Homeland Security Secretary, acclaimed as the first Latino in that position, by a president who is driven by “Firsts.”

Ducey, who is unable to run again due to term limits, has something up his sleeve. The question is, “What?”

Expansion of parental rights in education belittled in local newspaper

May 3, 2022

Duplicity reigns at leftist Arizona Republic

Rating prominent placement in the Valley & State section is a report headlined, “These contentious education bills now law.”

The report begins with these words:

“Two controversial education bills that would create procedures for parents to review library books and allow parents to sue if they believe a school has violated their access to a student’s records were signed into law by Gov. Doug Ducey.” 

The slippery, agenda-driven reporter obviously means “their” child rather than “a” child’s student records.  This deceit is standard operating procedure at the Hillary-endorsing, open-border promoting, failing newspaper.

Reporter Yana Kunichoff, a Chicago transplant, cites House Bill 2161 and House Bill 2439 as examples of what she views as egregious parental overreaches that warrant the descriptive words “controversial” and “contentious.”

If you are among the few who still subscribe to this overpriced, putrid garbage masquerading as news…Cancel! Tired of having your intelligence insulted? Cancel! Call 1-800-332-6733. You’ll get someone in the Philippines who is paid 50% less than an American-based employee as the dying newspaper tries to keep costs down.

MC Attorney’s Office pro Rachel Mitchell sworn in, signaling a return of professionalism

April 21, 2022

Board of Supervisors appoints experienced career prosecutor Rachel Mitchell to complete the term of disgraced Allister Adel

Residents of Maricopa County, the nation’s fourth largest and fastest growing county, have watched in horror as the prosecutor’s office has devolved from a respected office to a floundering and demoralized agency with the appointment and then election of Allister Adel, who brought her multitude of personal problems to the job where she rarely showed up due to her ongoing in-and-out-of-state residential treatment for alcohol abuse, depression and an eating disorder.

Adel brought one qualification, the newly elevated double X chromosomes, that placed her at the top of the list for consideration when then-county attorney Bill Montgomery was gifted with a seat on the newly, and unnecessarily expanded Arizona Supreme Court by Gov. Doug Ducey.

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors announced the appointment of Rachel Mitchell as Maricopa County Attorney in this April 20, 2022 news bulletin. But it’s not over for the well-qualified office veteran Mitchell who was the chief deputy and then served as interim Maricopa County Attorney following Montgomery’s move. After an August GOP Primary with two other declared candidates — who would do us all a favor by sitting this race out — she’ll face a democrat running for the position in the November 22 General Election. The winner will serve as county attorney through 2024.

Allister Adel’s letter of resignation, dated March 22, 2022, ends the unprecedented and pathetic saga. which has been ongoing and worsening as we pointed out in the following posts:

June 22, 2021:   Diversity, inclusion go off the rails at MC Attorney’s Office

Sept. 13, 2021:   MC Attorney Allister Adel finally admits truth, seeks treatment

Oct. 25, 2021:    MC Attorney Adel announces it’s a great time to be a criminal

Feb. 8, 2022:      MC Attorney Allister Adel: Absurdity of “firsts” superseding finest

Feb. 16, 2022:    Embarrassing MC Attorney Allister Adel digs in her wobbly heels

March 17, 2022: Incompetent MC Attorney Allister Adel should be disbarred

March 22, 2022: In another “first,” Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel resigns

New numbers show Biden committed to changing USA

April 2, 2022

True to form, the Hillary-endorsing, Trump-hating local newspaper headlines its coverage using the word “controversial” to define Title 42

Knowing full well that American voters are weary of him and the policies which his handlers have plagued the United States, Joe Biden is hoping for a voter base that will keep democrats in office in the upcoming midterm elections. Grateful illegal aliens are the manna from heaven to accomplish that otherwise impossible scheme.

Fox News national correspondent Bill Melugin reports on the ‘jaw-dropping’ number of illegal aliens who have evaded border agents:

“More than 62,000 [illegals]* evaded Border Patrol agents in March, averaging about 2,000 a day, according to multiple Customs and Border Protection (CBP) sources — showing the extent to which Border Patrol agents are already being overwhelmed by the massive number of [foreign nationals] from various nations trying to get into the United States.

According to those same CBP sources there have been more than 300,000 known “gotaways” — [illegals] who were not apprehended or turned themselves in and who got past agents — since fiscal year 2022 began on October 1st. For comparison, former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott said there had been approximately 400,000 “gotaways” in the entirety of FY 2021.”

Biden’s answer to this apocalypse is to remove Title 42, put in place by President Trump. Proving that this is a matter affecting all Americans, democrat Sen. Joe Manchin (WV) called Biden’s reversal “a frightening decision.”

According to April 1, news reports, the Biden administration announced it will be terminating the Title 42 public health policy, implemented by the Trump administration to quickly expel illegals at the southern border since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak. This comes despite expectations of a massive surge of illegal aliens in the coming months before the summer desert heat makes the invasion more dangerous. These were the White House Press Releases. That announcement was not among them.

Make time to read this important April I, news release titled, “Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey Calls On Biden Administration To Maintain Title 42.”

The term-limited Arizona governor who publicly refused to answer a cell phone call playing the distinctive ring tone, “Hail to the Chief” from then-President Donald Trump is now having second thoughts about the Trump-era policies.

* Fox News now uses the equivocal terms migrant and undocumented. SRAZ refers to those illegally invading our country as “illegal aliens.” 

Law Enforcement Today exposes the absurd Biden language mandates.

MC Attorney Allister Adel: Absurdity of “firsts” superseding finest

February 8, 2022

When a vacancy occurred in the top leadership post at the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, as AZ Gov. Doug Ducey needlessly expanded the state’s Supreme Court to pave the way for two of his friends to don black robes, an equally qualified replacement should have been a priority. Former MCA Attorney Bill Montgomery had a tough last race as Maricopa County Attorney coping with socialist billionaire George Soros prioritizing funding radical leftist candidates in prosecutor’s offices across the nation, as the NY Post reported.

We live in a time when “firsts” are considered primary. On the national level that concept led to a less qualified candidate, Kamala Harris, being selected as Joe Biden’s VP running mate. She is not only the first female vice president, but also “a woman of color.”

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors felt the need to jump on that bandwagon, appointing Allister Adel as the first female county attorney. Her previous background was lackluster, and the last years of her employment prior to being appointed to lead the nation’s third largest prosecutor’s office were in the private sector unrelated to law.

Following her appointment as a theoretical Republican succeeding an actual Republican, Adel continued in a foolish emotional mode. Not only did she dismiss charges against anti-police rioters, she was eventually forced to acknowledge her alcoholism and other longstanding problems, ranging from an eating disorder to anxiety. Allister Adel has taken time off work for out-of-state in-treatment, and is gone so frequently, she has left the crucial office floundering and understaffed as her indefensible lack of leadership during her frequent absences has demoralized the staff.

When Adel is less than forthright about the length of time she’s spent in various residential treatment facilities, her chief of staff dutifully refers to the mismatched stories she tells as “blending.”

Prioritizing plumbing over capability is a recipe for disaster. Thank the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors — which incidentally does not have a female among its ranks  — for being so forward thinking. Next time they should include sobriety among what they consider essential qualification.

Allister Adel must be replaced. Plumbing considerations should be reserved for bathroom remodeling.

Gov. Ducey suddenly motivated to education action 

January 5, 2022

The rumor mill has been rife with talk of term-limited Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey having an itch to relocate to D.C. in some political capacity. As we noted on Dec. 26, 2020, the former ice cream tycoon and his wife sold their gated 11,412 sq. ft. Paradise Valley golf course fairway mansion and 1,200 sq. ft. guest house situated on 2.14 acres, at a discounted rate of $8,150,000, obviously in preparation for his next adventure. His term ends on January 1, 2023, and he’s readying for another gig.

Speculation regarding lame-duck AZ Gov. Doug Ducey’s future plans have been running the gamut, though his national profile is not in the realm of Governors Ron DeSantis (FL) or Greg Abbott (TX).

He’s been quiet of late, not noticeably rocking the political boat except for his needless expansion of the Arizona Supreme Court, obviously thinking two of his friends, neither of whom had tried a case in years, would look sharp in black. There was also that newsworthy snub of then-President Trump, calling Ducey with his distinctive “Hail to the Chief” ring tone and Ducey pointedly ignoring it in front of Trump-disdaining reporters, who made sure it got the attention Ducey clearly desired.  A longtime McCain ally, initially employed by Cindy Hensley McCain at her Hensley Anheuser-Busch beer distributorship when he first arrived in Arizona to attend ASU, their friendship blossomed to the point that John McCain encouraged the then-ice cream mogul Ducey to run for governor.

Ducey’s political future is definitely on his mind as he issued this bullet-pointed January 4, 2022 News Release announcing he was taking “preemptive action to ensure in-person learning remains an option for all Arizona families and students, consistent with guidance from public health experts.” Ducey refers to it as creating an “Open for Learning Recovery Benefit Program.”

Demanding students be kept in class has not exactly been a priority for Ducey, who coddled the striking “#Reds For Ed” teachers who abandoned, for over two weeks, over 840,000 statewide students, as they followed then-24-year-old Noah Karvelis, an eager Socialist Labor Party member and 2016 AZ Bernie Sanders campaign coordinator, demanding 20% pay hikes for their part-time jobs…do you get the entire summer off? Ducey hung tough for a brief moment and then capitulated to the union members demands, emboldening them to get behind Marxist Proposition 208, a ballot measure that provides a perpetually increasing money stream, under the guise of “tax the rich,” a fallacious democrat advanced scheme.

Ducey didn’t have the fortitude exhibited by Pres. Ronald Reagan in 1981 when the PATCO Union Air Traffic Control workers threatened to walk off the job, potentially shutting down U.S. air travel. Reagan gave them a deadline and fired those who refused to comply. Supervisors and management filled in until new replacements were able to take over the reins. There were no disruptions.