Schizophrenic* Biden disapproved of vax mandates before he embraced them

September 10, 2021

Slo-Joe wages war on Americans more aggressively than on the Taliban

As president-elect in December 2020, Joe Biden unequivocally stated  that COVID vaccinations should not be mandated by the government. He held the same view about masks, as reported in the New York Post.

Now he’s done a complete about-face, even going so far as to use your personal freedom not to be inoculated as a legitimate cause for terminating your employment.

His campaign rhetoric took a hike, along with his brain cells, when he signed yet another Executive Order on Thursday — bypassing Congress — demanding U.S. companies — Including schools, health care facilities and federal contractors, require employees be vaccinated as a condition of employment. Read its alarming provisions. Government employees and members of the armed forces are also caught up in Biden’s web, and are denied an option for regular coronavirus testing to opt out of the mandate. American Indian tribes are specifically exempt.

Also on Thursday, he ordered mandatory vaccination for nearly 300,000 educators in the federal Head Start Program. He announced that he would use the Defense Production Act to increase the production of rapid testing kits and would work with retailers including Amazon and Walmart to expand their availability. Biden also said the Transportation Security Administration would now double fines on passengers who refuse to wear masks, among other steps.

“If you break the rules, be prepared to pay — and by the way, show some respect,” Biden declared.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey responded with this news release, calling Biden’s actions “Dictatorial.”

Acquaint yourself with Biden’s oddly undated “Path out of the Pandemic/Covid-18 Action Plan,” directly from the White House website. It clearly spells out the loss of freedom and constriction of our rights. Silence is acquiescence, which in turn leads to dominance.

*Schizophrenia: DSM-5 Definition  (The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition.)

Tucson supports anti-2nd Amendment restrictions

July 7, 2021

Tucson, Arizona has long been known as the ‘People’s Republic of Pima’ due to its radically leftward bent, as democrats significantly outnumber Republicans.

It’s living up to that reputation as noted in this article in the Tucson Daily Star, written by Kathryn Palmer, headlined, “Tucson’s challenge to ‘2nd Amendment sanctuary’ law is latest in local control saga.” It details the collusion between Tucson Mayor Regina Romero and the accommodating Tucson City Council which unanimously passed a resolution saying the state of Arizona is not obliged to uphold federal gun laws.

The council’s action “prohibits the state and political subdivisions from using any personnel or financial resources to enforce, administer or cooperate with any act, law, treaty, order, rule or regulation of the U.S. government that is inconsistent with any Arizona law regarding the regulation of firearms,” effectively making Arizona a Second Amendment sanctuary state emulating the cites that provide “sanctuary” to illegal aliens. This is the council’s version of flipping off Second Amendment supporting citizens.

The City of Tucson has effectively thumbed its nose at Constitution supporting citizens and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, who signed the straightforward HB 2111 — titled, “Second Amendment Firearm Freedom Act” — into law. The bill, passed by the AZ House and Senate bars in-state enforcement of any federal firearm laws which violate the Second Amendment, by prohibiting police and sheriffs from enforcing federal gun laws that violate the 2nd Amendment.”

Join the NRA, which has protected America’s Second Amendment since its inception in 1871. It recently exposed, “Breaking News! Biden Plan to Combat Rising Crime Includes…Gun Control.”

Matt Salmon: lost Gov’s race to dem in 2002, back again

June 30, 2021

Republican State Treasurer Kimberly Yee is the top choice for conservatives

The list of those tossing their hats in Arizona’s gubernatorial ring is growing. Mercifully, Gov. Doug Ducey, a McCain loyalist, is term limited. The list of candidates aspiring to assume the Ninth Floor office grows as quickly as the inflated egos of many of the hopefuls. Among them, newsreader Kari Lake who worked for a local television station, and Karrin Taylor Kunasek Robson, married to developer Ed Robson, whose political donations to Ducey ensured her a seat on the AZ Board of Regents. Steve Gaynor, who previously waged an unsuccessful bid for Secretary of State has now announced.

Former Congressman Matt Salmon leads the list of head scratching aspirants. He is notable for losing the governor’s race in 2002 to radical leftist Janet Napolitano, who then left midterm to join the Obama administration as Director of Homeland (in)Security. Her lack of commitment for that post was best summed up in her own quote regarding Arizona’s porous border as governor: “Show me a 50-foot wall and I’ll show you a 51-foot ladder.” Napolitano was succeeded by then-Secretary of State, Republican Jan Brewer.

Salmon went on to lobbying, equivocating, denying, then admitting, his involvement in what became known as Obamacare, as reported by the New Times in 2012. Although he refers to himself as a “proven and committed conservative fighter for Arizonans,” he never touches the fact that before he lobbied on behalf of ASU and was involved in the controversial Confucius Institute, covered by the Arizona Daily Independent. His most unsavory gig was hawking e-cigarettes as the President of the Electronic Cigarette Association. Not surprisingly, the site has been taken down, but the harmful effects of vaping, which has become increasingly popular with teens who opt for flavored products, is as dangerous as cigarette smoking. As a member of the LDS Church, Salmon obviously knows that use of tobacco products are in direct opposition to the church’s Doctrine and Covenants (Section 89), which he arrogantly disregards.

The current updated list of official 2022 candidates can be seen on Ballotpedia.

The conservative with an actual track record is former state Representative and Senator and current AZ State Treasurer Kimberly Yee.  Read her remarkable accomplishments on behalf of the people of Arizona. She’s a wife, mother of two, smart, knowledgeable and has a proven track record of service, winning every election in which she has run. She was tapped to speak at the 2016 Republican National Convention (link). Her brief convention speech is well worth watching.

Calif. launches vaccine passports cloaked as convenience

June 19, 2021

Americans who have received both COVID-19 vaccines were handed a card with the admonishment to “keep it with you, like a driver’s license.”  The card notes the dates of the inoculations, granting certain privileges such as allowing recipients to travel freely and attend indoor events and even college.  Having such a document invokes the dreaded, “Show me your papers” mandate that is a cultural metaphor for life in a police state.

The pandemic is essentially over, but governmental control over American citizens is just beginning.

California democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom, who is the subject of a recall, has said that the system he has put in place does not constitute a “vaccine passport” that businesses would use to filter people who are not vaccinated, though it does a good job of portraying one. Newsom mandates that entities hosting large indoor gatherings, such as concerts or sports events, verify that all attendees either have proof of a recent negative COVID-19 test or vaccination.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey issued an executive order on April 19, 2021, stating that no business can demand verification of inoculation. 

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a democrat, heads the only state that has an official vaccine passport, known as the Excelsior Pass, which is linked to its state vaccination database, and verifies vaccination status — an overreach and massive invasion of privacy that should terrify any American.

Though California’s portal functions as a website, rather than an app, it’s otherwise essentially the same thing, according to California’s chief technology innovation officer, Rick Klau.

“This is very similar in concept to what New York launched with Excelsior Pass, which is an opportunity for a resident, in our case the state of California, to have a digital copy of their vaccination record,” Klau said.

“An opportunity?” Giving up privacy for convenience is a slippery slope no thinking American should willingly travel.

Desperate border state Guvs Ducey, Abbott request help…

June 17, 2021

Gov. DeSantis responds

Governors Doug Ducey (R-AZ) and Greg Abbott (R-TX) recently sent this 2-page letter (click to enlarge) to their fellow governors urgently requesting help securing the border that they describe as “a disaster” and “a crisis” ignored by the Biden administration. The two governors cite the Emergency Management Assistance Compact that empowers states to help one another in times of disaster or emergency. It was originally enacted in 1996.

Gov. Ron DeSantis, (R-Fla) was first to respond, stating:

“America’s border security crisis impacts every state and every American. Governors Abbott and Ducey recently sent out a call for help to every state in the nation, needing additional law enforcement manpower and other resources to aid with border security. I’m proud to announce today that the state of Florida is answering the call. Florida has your back.”

When the federal government shows no commitment to protecting our sovereign border or ensuring the safety and security of American citizens, it’s good to know that this crisis is not a back burner issue for governors who have to deal with the illegal invasion by providing benefits to those who wantonly disregard our laws. Rewarding lawbreakers only encourages more of the same, depraved pedophiles and deadly drunk and wrong way driver’s, among them. On March 24, — three months ago — Biden appointed VP Kamala Harris as border czar, but she has yet to give more than lip service punctuated by her notorious cackle, to the border.  Former President Trump has been invited to the border by Gov. Greg Abbott, and will be visiting it again Wednesday, June 30, 2021.

These numbers provided by U.S. Customs and Border Protection show the staggering upsurge in illegal alien invaders. Be aware that “encounters” do not translate to “apprehensions.” Illegal crossings have surged by 674% in a year, with 180,034 reported in May.

Budget causes ire-based stalemate at AZ Capitol

June 1, 2021

On Friday, we got a taste of what a foot-stomping, red-faced tantrum looks like when Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey took to Twitter to shamefully brag about vetoing 22 bills including election integrity and anti-critical race theory legislation. Read his veto letter sent to Senate President Karen Fann and House Speaker Rusty Bowers, with copies to legislative leadership.

Ducey’s ire is based on the legislature’s equally petulant refusal to pass a budget that includes a 2.5% flat state income tax which would include a tax cut for all Arizona taxpayers, force the state to live within its budget and stop viewing us as golden egg laying geese. Republican Steve Forbes, a successful businessman, twice ran for president based on this core concept.

The legislators responded by deciding to take a hike and are out until June 10, though the fiscal year ends June 30.

The Epoch Times covers the absurdity of the termed-out governor, who at 57 is not ready to retire. Whatever his aspirations are, he is backing himself into a McCorner that excludes the conservative base he needs. When he initially ran, he gladly accepted the endorsement of RINOcrats John McCain and Jeff Flake, both anathema to GOP stalwarts.

At his core, Doug Ducey is a political opportunist, foolishly miscalculating who we are. When then-President Trump held a massive Phoenix rally on February 19, 2020, Doug Ducey was happy to be called on stage to stand beside President Trump. Trusting this duplicitous character is an act of naiveté.

There’s too much at stake.

Deceptive Biden admin. waffles on requiring vaccine compliance

May 29, 2021

Most people are astute enough to know that when someone says, “Trust me,” you shouldn’t. Armed with that wisdom, Americans should be especially leery of the double-talk emanating from members of the Harris/Biden administration.

When the topic is what has come to be known as Vaccine Passports, requiring proof of vaccination for returning to work or school, attending concerts, sporting events, or traveling, there is widespread citizen resistance.

The far-left network CNN trivializes the term with the addition of the word, “just,” as in this sentence: “A vaccine passport is just proof that a person has been immunized against Covid-19.”

What the “vaccine passport” actually represents is the ultimate in the threatening, “Show me your papers,” in repressive societies that restrict freedom of movement and association. Exempt from the demand attempting to be foisted on American citizens are the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador along with worldwide invaders, many of whom are criminals, untested and transported across the United States for resettlement. They are the democrat’s answer to former President Trump’s wall construction, which ceased and portions have been torn down by the Biden administration, focused on permanently increasing the democrat base.

Although key Biden administration members have repeatedly insisted that there aren’t plans for a federal vaccine passport system, believing them is at our own peril.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, appearing on Good Morning America on Friday, said he is “taking a very close look” at vaccine passports for Americans traveling abroad — which is an integral part of the slippery slope.

Asked whether the U.S. would use vaccine passports for travel in or out of the country as international trips increase this year, Mayorkas using polished doubletalk said, “We’re taking a very close look at that” and “making sure that any passport that we provide for vaccinations is accessible to all and that no one is disenfranchised.”

“Disenfranchised” from being subjugated?

The concept of “vaccine passports” has been the subject of conservative backlash, with numerous states having already acted to curtail or ban documentation of Covid-19 vaccinations.

The White House has repeatedly stated there would be no federal vaccination database or mandated vaccine passport in the U.S., which flies in the face of the data collected when signing up for the vaccine. The form even asks the race of those getting what has engagingly become known as “the jab.”

During a recent White House press briefing, Biden’s mouthpiece Jen Psaki said that requiring proof of vaccination is not in the administration’s “intended plan.” Previously the words used were, “There would be no federal vaccination database or mandated vaccine passport in the U.S.“ The slipperiness and blatant deceit is why many Republican governors, Arizona’s Doug Ducey among them, have opted out of the “Vaccine Passport” scheme.

Becker’s Hospital Review has an updated list of which states have opted out or are in full compliance with a governmental passport mandate.

H/T Becker’s Hospital Review

Georgia follows Maricopa County’s ballot audit as MC Attorney bows to supervisors

May 22, 2021

Those who rely on the leftward skewed local news for information, are likely to believe supporters of the recount of the 2020 General Election ballots cast in Maricopa County were anomalous, manic Trump supporters with too much time on their hands. 

Now we find out we are not alone. “Republican Daily headlines its report, “Georgia Judge Calls For Emergency Audit After Suspicious Discrepancies Found.” The Atlanta Journal-Constitution flunks the media bias test as it deceptively concealed detrimental pertinent information on democrat senatorial candidate Raphael Warnock challenging incumbent Georgia Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler in the run-off race, as seen here. Warnock won, tipping the U.S. Senate balance.

On Friday, Henry County, Georgia Chief Judge Brian J. Amero called for the motion to unseal ballots after suspicious irregularities were found.

During a hearing, lawyers “described large discrepancies (21%) between the number of ballot batches reported by the Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger who certified the election, and the number of ballot batches actually provided by court-ordered access in the previous April hearing in the case,” according to CD Media.

The most recent absurdity is this hostile and accusatory 4-page Litigation Hold and Preservative Notice’ letter* sent to Senate President Karen Fann, threatening legal action against the AZ Senate audit team. It was issued by waffling Republicrat Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel on behalf of her “clients” Maricopa County, the AZ Board of Supervisors, and Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer. The maneuver appears to be an attempt to facilitate tarnishing the reputation of the audit to the citizens of Maricopa County, whose intelligence she vastly underestimates.

When former Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery was appointed to the Arizona Supreme Court by Gov. Doug Ducey in Sept. 2019, he was replaced by Allister Adel by the same Board of Supervisors she is now giving special treatment.

*H/T CD Media

Whiteness morphs into insidious crime, as students taught self hatred

May 7, 2021

Critical Race Theory is a term we hear bandied about with increasing frequency, invading not only our culture, but our schools. It is anything but benign. Its main objective is to alienate Americans from one another, cast blame, and instill guilt, while elevating some by blaming others through insidious indoctrination. Taking pride in our country is regarded as the purview of racism. Voices raised to defund the police have become de rigueur.

At its core is the word “theory,” which is not a fact based premise, but rather a conjecture based on hypotheticals.  AZ Senate Bill 1532 has been introduced to address these overreaches in classrooms.

The bill’s wording mirrors that of Idaho’s recently passed landmark legislation HB 377 (Dignity and Non-discrimination in Public Education) that was signed into law by Republican Gov. Brad Little. The Daily Wire headlines its report, “First In Nation: Idaho’s Republican Gov. Signs Bill Banning Critical Race Theory.” Arizona Gov. Ducey should do no less.

Victor Davis Hanson, a leading conservative historian has written, “Is Racism Moral Now?” posted on American Greatness. The left is attempting to silence us into submission. This is an important commentary that is definitely worth your time. As SRAZ has often reminded our readers, Knowledge is power. These are unprecedented times that require vigilance and solid responses to the deceptive madness that is endorsing repression as equality. Silence is acquiescence.

Teachers unions, CDC unite in stalling school openings

May 4, 2021

The New York Post confirms what many have suspected regarding the collaboration between the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and its influence on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), relative to reopening America’s public schools. Reporter Jon Levine has written an outstanding exposé titled, “Powerful teachers union influenced CDC on school reopenings, emails show.”

CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky and AFT President Randi Weingarten are revealed as colluding influence peddlers, as the well-funded teachers union lobbied the Biden administration, which it supported as longstanding donors to national democrat candidates. 

Read the opening paragraph before you scroll thorough the contributions of the National Education Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Teachers. The Center for Responsive Politics which details their contributions, notes that the unions give at least 94 percent of their $multimillion political contributions to democrats.

The dues paying educrat teachers, who are being paid for not teaching this year, are the same ones who went out on strike in Arizona and other states, abandoning over 840,000 Arizona students, in violation of their contractual agreements. They demanded and received a 20 percent pay increase for their part-time jobs from Gov. Doug Ducey, who caved after declaring he would not agree to their demands. They are also the ones who spend more time influencing American children than many parents do. Remember, self admitted Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders had strong primary election support from younger voters, who have no concept of the harsh realities of Socialism, as detailed by noted historian Lee Edwards, Ph.D.