Pres. Trump: A historic voice for life

January 24, 2020

Donald Trump will be the first sitting president to personally address the annual March for Life in the event’s 47-year history. He is scheduled to speak at 12pm (ET).

The national Washington, D.C. rally draws tens of thousands of pro-life supporters yearly. Today, January 24, 2020 they converge on the National Mall and march on Capitol Hill. Additional rallies are being held across the United States, marking the anniversary of the notorious Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision which legalized abortion and allows elective late-term abortions. 

This year’s theme is, “Life Empowers: Pro-life is pro-woman.”

Jeanne Mancini, president of March for Life, called President Trump and his administration “consistent champions” of the March for Life movement, citing his appointment of conservative judges, efforts to cut taxpayer funding for abortions, and his calls for an end to late-term abortions.

With new technology and medical advances allowing life-saving procedures to be performed in-utero, Americans realize these are babies, and not disposable blobs of cells. Mayo Clinic provides an overview of fetal surgery procedures that treat potentially disastrous birth defects.

A January 2020 Gallup polling survey shows 58% of Americans say they are dissatisfied with the nation’s policies on abortion, desiring stricter laws, marking a seven-percentage-point increase from one year ago and a new high in Gallup’s trend. On the flip side, 32% are now satisfied, a new low.

Impeachment farce: Actual motive exposed

January 23, 2020

There’s no question conservatives are political devotees, spending more time than the average citizen tuned in to news and analysis. It’s integral to who we are.

A national survey conducted last month underscores the distrust of the impeachment proceedings, with more than half agreeing it is an unprecedented Democrat driven abuse of power against President Trump that got underway Wednesday. Fox News channel carried it to the exclusion of regular network programming, and many tuned out after a short time watching Adam Schiff’s disingenuously righteous hysteria.

Congressional job approval ratings have plummeted to record lows as the Democrat-led House conspires solely on the partisan impeachment scheme rather than focusing on the job they were elected to do.

To fill in the proceedings for those who actually earn a living or others who found the constant level of feigned high dudgeon unwatchable, we bring you the best synopsis we could find detailing the actual reason this travesty is underway.

David Marcus, writing for the Federalist, titles his well written analysis, “Adam Schiff Is Already Claiming The Illegitimacy Of A Trump Reelection.”

We highly recommend it.

SRAZ previously weighed in with our version inTrump impeachment driven by specter of Ruthless CourtPolitical left working feverishly to beat the clock on Ruth Bader Ginsburg.”

Martha McSally: GOP Sen. far left AZ Republic loves to hate

January 22, 2020

Newspaper poised to endorse gun restrictionist Mark Kelly

Although the Arizona Republic’s readership has dwindled to life support status, the newspaper has summoned sufficient strength to vomit out enough bile to create an early senate endorsement.

It would obviously be impertinent to make endorsements this far in advance of the Nov. 3, 2020 General Election. The newspaper’s sly tactic prior to its official endorsement of radical leftist Mark “Mr. Gabby Giffords” Kelly, is to relentlessly belittle former two-term congresswoman and current Sen. Martha McSally. Republicans should note, the U.S. Air Force Academy graduate, fighter pilot and first female war zone squadron commander, has the complete and total endorsement!of Pres. Donald Trump.

Contemptible columnist EJ Montini who knows a thing or two about spewing hate, headlines his recent columns:

“Sen. Martha McSally’s fake hate for the ‘liberal’ press masks her hate for ALL press.”

“Arizona Republican Party has a sleazy reply to Sen. Martha McSally’s media ‘troll.’”

The newspaper’s other leftist columnist Laurie Roberts retches:

“Sen. McSally is now selling ‘liberal hack’ T-shirts. How tone deaf can she be?

These came after McSally dismissed a left-wing CNN reporter who harassed her in the congressional halls about the presidential impeachment. She rightly called him a “liberal hack”

Editorials and news articles leave no doubt the newspaper’s editorial board will endorse gun grabber Democrat Mark Kelly — funded by billionaire Socialist George Soros and his network.

Kelly, along with his wife, former AZ U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-CD 8) — who was shot in 2011 during a campaign event in which six were killed and 15 injured — runs the major gun control-focused group Giffords PAC, which between its hybrid PAC and 501(c)(4) nonprofit Giffords, spent nearly $7 million to aid Democrat congressional candidates in 2018.* The twosome are both friends of Barack Obama.

It would fulfill a final wish for the dying newspaper to leave behind two Democrat U.S. Senators representing Arizona.

That effrontery would signal the end of Arizona as we know it.

*Center for Responsive Politics

Dems contrived impeachment farce begins today

January 21, 2020

These bogus, partisan, Articles of Impeachment are the basis for what has topped the leftist agenda since before Republican President Donald Trump was sworn into office January 20, 2017. Watch U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) openly rallying for his impeachment soon after the president assumed office. This was not an isolated incident.

Despite record-breaking economic prosperity, tax cuts, our energy independence and unparalleled international successes, this is his payback for walloping Hillary during the 2016 election. Acquaint yourself with this summary of President Trump’s accomplishments during his first two years in office.

Fox News will live stream the proceedings, presided over by Chief Justice John Roberts. They are scheduled to begin at 1 pm (ET).

In preparation, we urge you to read, “Government in the Shadows,” by Victor Davis Hanson.

Dying AZ Republic: Charging more for less

January 20, 2020

The gravely dwindling number of subscribers to the Arizona Republic newspaper recently received a Machiavellian missive from Jason Guthrie, whose title following his undecipherable signature identified him as, ‘Senior Director Customer Service and Membership.’  No doubt it was an oversight that caused Jason to omit the most significant part of his job description: ‘Comedian.’

His letter begins:

“We know how much you appreciate receiving your subscription to the Arizona Republic and the enjoyable reading experience it provides you every day.”

Jason calls the unrelentingly biased anti-Trump coverage in the increasing leftist, Hillary-endorsing newspaper, and the continual advocacy for illegal alien invaders, “objective journalism.”

 He continues in a comedic vein:

“We are committed to providing you the daily printed reading experience you have enjoyed over the years, but we need your support. As of 2/1/2020, the rate for your subscription will be $35.67 per month (plus applicable taxes.) We promise to remain committed to serving your needs and keeping you informed every day with news you can trust.”

In the wake of massive cutbacks and layoffs, subpar ASU Cronkite school student interns working for a byline, sans offices and editors have replaced what were once known as journalists, who reported objectively. The Republic reliably regurgitates previous articles and consistently endorses Democrats. In 2018, it named Kyrsten Sinema “Arizonan of the Year.” Phil Boas, the anything-for-a-buck editorial page editor coordinated the relentless attacks resulting in the removal of his own father-in-law, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, from office after winning reelection to an unprecedented six four-year terms. Since Arpaio is running again, expect the hatchet job to begin anew.

The Sunday edition contained a section with a single report on wildfires, written by the part-time child welfare reporter who now works for a PR firm. It took up seven of eight pages, interspersed by hearing aid and erectile dysfunction ads aimed at its senior citizen demographic. Sports pages routinely outnumber news. Recirculated columns by a columnist who died in 2018 still appear. The no-news “paper” — which has shrunken in size and content — became an early cheerleader for homosexuality under the direction of Randy Lovely, beginning its steep decline in 2008. The AZ Republic became a homeless vagrant in 2019, just prior to being sold in a Gannett deal.

If you have been a loyal subscriber you receive continual rate hikes and a swift kick in the derrière. New subscribers get reduced rate deals that include daily delivery and digital content.

Facebook Republic reviewers are a dissatisfied lot, protesting ongoing price hikes, radically left partisan content, continuing auto-pay deductions after cancellations and lack of response to complaints.

In our post, The Suicidal Arizona Republic committed to its own demise, we offered a suggestion to staying afloat: “Commit to unbiased reporting and stop insulting subscribers. Once they’re gone, they’ll never return.”

Don’t hold your breath waiting for such a commitment.

Virginia senate passes gun ban, confiscation bills

January 19, 2020

This morning we take our readers directly to The Washington Free Beacon news report detailing the gun grab being pushed by Democrat Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam.

You remember him. He’s the radical leftist who practiced medicine as a pediatric neurologist before entering politics and publicly advocated (video) for infanticide in the form of late term and post-birth abortions for babies born alive, if their mothers had a last minute change of mind.

As a Democrat in a deep blue state, Northam also got a pass for a photo on his medical school yearbook page wearing “blackface.”

Now he’s dedicated to gutting our rights granted by the Second Amendment.

This news report by Capital News Service’s Andrew Ringle, details the three gun control bills that have passed the new Democrat controlled Virginia state senate.

SB 35 and SB 69 each passed along party lines with votes of 21-19. SB 70 passed the state Senate with a vote of 23-17, with the support of two Republican senators.

The bills will now be considered by the House of Delegates.

This report illustrates the importance of electing constitutional conservatives who have a deep understanding of what our nation’s Framers provided us and why.

Arizona’s abundance of political Mc’s: Only one has brains

January 18, 2020

With a proliferation of senators or wannabes with Mc attached to their surnames, it might be easy to mistake Arizona for a Gaelic clan. Unlike the close-knit clans, however, the breed that have taken up residence in the political realm of the saguaro laden state are far from buddies.

The dramatic and easily offended Mega McCain, daughter of the unreliable, hot-tempered and profane former senator with the same last name, is sounding a great deal like dear old dad who choreographed his own three funerals, including pointedly disinviting President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania.

Mega, whose specialty is crassness, is now taking on AZ Sen. Martha McSally, a former Air Force officer and combat fighter pilot, who has been in life or death battles while Mega was busy getting tattooed. Appearing on Friday’s broadcast of ‘The View,’ Mega ripped into Sen. McSally, a former two term member of congress saying, McSally “didn’t earn” her appointment to the seat formerly held by Sen. John McCain.

Mega McCain was commenting on Sen. McSally calling CNN congressional correspondent Manu Raju a “liberal hack,” in response to his impertinent question about President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial.

In 2016, the McCain family let it be known that their votes would not be cast for Donald Trump, a political novice — who achieved what John McCain built his career on trying to attain, though he spectacularly failed. The take away? They voted for “rockstar” Hillary Clinton.

Mega went on to deride McSally, saying:

“And she does have an extremely tight race. Arizona could turn blue, which I mean — pigs may start flying around the studio if that ends up happening — I never thought I’d see the day. But she is fundraising off of this with Trump supporters. But unfortunately, there’s a lot of states like Utah, like Arizona, like Nevada, that I think people just assume are going to be full red forever, and it’s not. It’s very independent and fringy, and I think there’s a reason why it has such a long history, especially in Arizona, with people like Barry Goldwater in place.”

Political wizard Mega McCain added, “I actually think she’s playing her cards completely wrong. One hundred percent I don’t think this is the right way to do it, but do you know who’s playing it completely right?

My other senator, Kyrsten Sinema, with her fashion choices on the Congressional floor. I think we have it. Look at her, that’s my other senator. Look at that outfit. I love everything she’s doing. She’s very independent. She’s a Democrat, but she’s like very — she votes on the right as well, and I think she (McSally) should take more pages from Kyrsten Sinema.”

Mega is influenced by fashion rather than policy, dismissing Kyrsten Sinema’s forays into Communism and vulgar rants before reconfiguring herself as a Prada wearing Democrat. She obviously knows little about Barry Goldwater, who definitely wasn’t the conservative we’ve been led to believe.

In deriding Martha McSally, Mega McCain uses the same terminology used by the clearly not-ready-for-prime-time candidate, Daniel McCarthy. Watch this ‘Sunday Square Off’ interview on an empty stomach. McCarthy is intent on aiding Mark Kelly aka “Mr. Gabby Giffords” in turning over both of Arizona’s senate seats to the Dems. And if Kelly dresses up to her standards, that should be enough to make Mega happy.

This is Daniel McCarthy’s televised appearance on ‘Sunday Square Off.’