USAToday’s hypocritical coverage of shooter on Trump property

May 20, 2018

In Saturday’s edition, Gannett-owned USA Today devoted all of four sentences to its coverage of a man engaged in a shootout with police at a property owned by President Trump. The insert that was intended to plump up the anorexic Arizona Republic, is, itself anorexic — consisting of only three pages (the fourth is a full page ad).

Excluding the headline that repeated the gist of the compressed coverage, 101 words were devoted to this report:

Man injured in police shootout at Miami-area Trump resort

   Gunfire erupted early Friday at President Trump’s Miami-area golf resort, as a Florida man shouting anti-Trump rhetoric fired into the hotel lobby’s chandelier and waited for police to arrive for what one official called an “ambush-type attack,” police said.

   Five police officers from Miami-Dade County and the city of Doral exchanged gunfire with the man, injuring him, and quickly ending the threat at the Trump-owned Trump National Doral Golf Club, Miami-Dade Police Director Juan Perez said.

   Trump was not at the suburban golf resort at the time.

   Perez identified the suspect as 42-year-old Jonathan Oddi, who lives about a mile away.

That’s it, folks! End of story. There were only indents, no paragraph spacing (as shown here) in the terse report  Donald Trump is not worthy of anything other than derogatory coverage — certainly nothing that would express concern over the well-being of the President of the United States or any of his family members.

Imagine if an active shooter had arrived in the lobby of the Clinton Foundation shouting anti-Hillary Clinton invectives. Such an assault on the pay-to-play, money-laundering facility of the defeated 2016 Democrat presidential candidate would have been worthy of front and center coverage, including an oversized color photo of a distressed Hillary staring up at the shattered chandelier, with a contrived tear rolling down her puffy cheek.

USA Today editorially endorsed scandal-plagued Clinton’s failed presidential bid with this headline: Trump is ‘unfit for the presidency.’

In Dec. 2003, Gannett stock peaked at $51.14 per share. It closed on May 17, 2018 at $11.61. It’s been down as low as $2.21.

This is what happens when journalism takes a hike and is replaced by raw partisan gamesmanship.


School shootings: Who’s to blame?

May 19, 2018

Another school shooting has taken the lives of what is being reported as 9 students and a teacher‘s aide. Twelve others were wounded by the 17-year-old murderer, This time the massacre was in Santa Fe Texas, a small town of approximately 80,000 residents south of Houston.

The Houston Chronicle described the assassin with these words: “He posted a photo on his Facebook page of a “born to kill” T-shirt and wrote in a journal about shooting people and committing suicide. His Facebook cover photo comes from an album called “Dangerous Days” by a dystopian cyberpunk band called Pertubator with a track that took on a haunting quality before 8 a.m. on Friday morning: “Humans Are Such Easy Prey”

The newspaper wrote, “The signs of dark, violent fantasies were ubiquitous in (the killer’s) social persona and private ramblings.”

Like the 1999 Columbine High School killers, he had a penchant for wearing a trench coat. Presenting a dichotomy of personalities, he had been an honor roll student, played on the high school football team and expressed a wholesome desire to join the Marines.

Seventeen were killed at a Parkland, Florida high school just three months ago on Valentine’s Day. This list of school shootings goes back to 1990.

The immediate reaction by many on the left is to go after guns — confiscate and destroy them. Eradicate the Second Amendment as outdated.  Blame the NRA. Then comes the talk of mandatory mental health evaluations and permitting involuntary commitments.

Lost in the mix is the undeniable fact that violence, passing as entertainment,  has for far too long, permeated our society.  Music lyrics were once taken on by Tipper Gore, then-wife of Sen. Al Gore. She testified before a senate panel in 1985, saying, “…in virtually every medium, the communications industry offers increasingly explicit images of sex and violence to younger and younger children. In the course of my work, I’ve encountered a degree of callousness toward children that I never imagined existed. No one asks what is in the product or its effect on kids, only how well it will sell.”

Her efforts to expose the encroachment were vociferously fought by the music industry. In 1985, the graphic violence was mild compared to today. According to Quora, the Internet “became mainstream among researchers by 1989, among Silicon Valley movers and shakers by mid 1995, and by most US households by 2001.”

In 2018, many children are isolated, unsupervised and fatherless. The Internet provides them with explicit images and social media sites to “express themselves.”  Their entertainment is raw and often violent.  Fewer families than ever before are involved in a faith-based community. Values are no longer taught. Parents increasingly put their own pursuits ahead of their children. These are the areas that beg for attention, since they create the personalities that revel in violence.

Families owned firearms throughout our history and mass shootings were not perpetrated at schools by adolescents. The cause is too uncomfortable to address, but it’s time to remind parents that their children are their primary responsibility. Economic pressure must be applied to the entertainment and music industries. The NRA, which protects freedom, is not the problem.

Anti-Trump rancor keeps McFlake from supporting CIA chief

May 18, 2018

Gina Haspel was confirmed by the Senate Thursday as the first woman to lead the Central intelligence Agency. She became acting director following Director Mike Pompeo’s resignation when he was appointed U.S. Secretary of State. Haspel has been with the CIA since 1985.

The 54-45 vote included six Democrats who joined most Republicans in support of Haspel. U.S. Senators Joe Donnelly, (D-IN); Heidi Heitkamp, (D-ND); Joe Manchin, (D-WV); Bill Nelson, (D-FL); Jeanne Shaheen, (D-NH); and Mark Warner,(D-VA) all voted for Haspel’s confirmation.

Though he was unable to vote due to late stage brain cancer, John McCain’s negative influence was front and center as his eager to please toady Jeff Flake (AZ) did his bidding, joining the Democrat majority in voting in opposition to Haspel. As a lame duck until the November election. the aptly name Flake is unaccountable to a constituent base.

Check out the Senate roll call vote on the confirmation of Gina Haspel as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Flake voted in tandem with one other Libertarian-leaning Republican defector, Rand Paul (KY). Paul sent this letter (obtained by Politico) to Haspel, in which he asked for specifics regarding the CIA using surveillance to spy on candidate Donald Trump. Don’t mistake Paul’s defection as support of the president. Paul previously stated his intention to oppose President Donald Trump’s nomination of Mike Pompeo as secretary of state but later switched his position, joining the majority in the 57-42 confirmation vote.  Six Democrats voted to confirm Pompeo. McCain, suffering from advanced brain cancer has not been in D.C. for months.

Flake’s petulant animosity is aimed at President Trump. The exceedingly capable nominees who deserve confirmation are collateral damage. As an example, Pompeo served three terms in Congress, where he was a member of the House Intelligence Committee. He graduated first in his class at the United States Military Academy at West Point and received a law degree from Harvard, where he was an editor of the law review. He also founded and ran several private aerospace businesses prior to entering Congress.

Both McCain and Flake loudly proclaimed that neither they nor their families would vote for GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, who swept the country without them in 2016.  Flake’s incessant ranting led to his dismal 18% approval rating in Arizona, causing him to opt out of running for reelection in an effort to avoid a humiliating defeat. Watch for him to show up as a collaborating talking head on a left-wing network.

John McCain and Ronald Reagan: A study in contrasts

May 17, 2018

Americans routinely lose celebrated icons in the realm of entertainment, religion and politics. Sometimes the end comes suddenly. In other instances, it is slow and torturous. Rarely do we know the people personally, but they impact us in myriad ways. 

White-suited author Tom Wolfe died this past week. We recall his well-turned phrases that still rattle around in our consciousness. Movie stars and singers with whom we felt a personal affinity have left a void, though we never shook their hands, we can’t forget their famous lines, or words of their songs.

When President Reagan was shot in an assassination attempt in 1981, it changed our lives, but not his. Displaying his well known grace and knack for humor, he joked with his doctors as he was prepped for surgery, saying, “Please tell me you’re all Republicans.” One doctor, a Democrat, responded, “Mr. President, We are all Republicans today.”

During a presidential debate with Democrat Walter Mondale, a reporter pressed Reagan on the issue of his age, reminding him that he was already the oldest president in history. Reagan took it in good humor, saying, “I want you to know that I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponent’s youth and inexperience.” He was able to deflect an insult with amiable wit.

This is McCain’s idea of a joke, perpetrated against his fellow citizens.

There was no press coming to Reagan’s defense and his family didn’t jump in with highly charged tirades against those who ridiculed him as “old,” or “an actor,” implying his was incapable of making sound leadership decisions in a powder-keg global environment.  Instead, he boldly stood in front of Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate and challenged Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev totear down this wall.” His actions precipitated the end of the Communist Soviet Union.

These instances — and many others — come to mind as the local Hillary Clinton-endorsing newspaper has turned into the Daily McCain, genuflecting at his altar, telling us which comments we should be outraged over if they are not slavishly honorific enough to the seriously ill McCain. During a private White House meeting it was leaked that a remark was made that acknowledged McCain was dying. All hell broke lose as both Cindy McCain and daughter Meghan publicly questioned why that person wasn’t fired. Belligerent to the end, McCain has publicly announced he does not want President Trump in attendance at his funeral.

McCain, the son and grandson of Admirals, was born into a life of privilege, easily gaining appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy, though graduating at the bottom of his class.

Reagan, whose father was a shoe salesman and alcoholic, was born in an apartment over a commercial business, moving frequently throughout his younger years. He worked his way through college. On his path to the White House, Ronald Reagan’s history included stints as a lifeguard, sportscaster, actor, labor union leader — and governor of California — by which time he had become a Republican.

Five years after leaving the presidency, Ronald Reagan announced his diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease in this letter, reprinted in Time magazine. It was done with the same combination of grace, fortitude and dignity he had exhibited throughout his two terms as president — ending with these words:

“I now begin the journey that will lead me into the sunset of my life. I know that for America there will always be a bright dawn ahead. Thank you, my friends. May God always bless you.”

Click here for some of Reagan’s best moments.

Republicrats align with Dems on amnesty bills

May 16, 2018

Invaders have unlikely friends in high places

While they think that Americans aren’t paying attention, eighteen Republican members of congress have signed a “discharge petition” in an effort to bring numerous liberal immigration bills to the floor for a vote. In doing so, they are intentionally defying President Trump and House leadership, while weakening GOP unity and demoralizing the base of GOP voters prior to the upcoming midterm elections.

Their motivation remains murky.

One of the bills in the package will grant full amnesty to those given DACA status by Barack Obama, even as he repeatedly stated he was legally unable to force such actions. 

The outrageous effort is being shepherded by Reps. Carlos Curbelo (FL) and Jeff Denham (CA). Charlie Dent (PA), will have his signature count despite the fact he resigned from Congress this month. View the complete list of signers of H.Res. 774 – “Providing for consideration of the bill (H.R. 4760) to amend the immigration laws and the homeland security laws, and for other purposes,” Yes. That’s the brassy and vague title. Good luck trying to find the actual text.

The discharge petition process is normally used by the minority party to force votes the majority won’t allow, making it all the more bizarre that Republicans who still hold the majority are pushing this legislation in tandem with the most liberal Democrats.

Donald Trump won the GOP nomination over 16 other Republican primary challengers — based in large measure on his commitment to securing our border and building a wall. This is clearly what the majority of American citizens want.

The 7th District Dent represented is currently a top Democrat target, especially after it became more competitive under the new congressional map imposed by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. The court threw out the old map in January, ruling it was an unconstitutional partisan gerrymander. This is their 138-page opinion. The justices are elected on partisan ballots and serve ten-year terms. Only two of the seven justices — Chief Justice Thomas G. Saylor and Associate Justice Sallie Updyke Munday — are Republicans.

The Sanctuary State of California has become Ground Zero for illegal aliens. They are welcomed  by Gov. Jerry Brown, though the citizens have had their fill.  A recent poll shows a majority of Californians want more deportations as their state devolves into what author Victor Davis Hanson so aptly named “Mexifornia,” in his visionary 2003 book,

In 2007 writing for City Journal, Hanson wrote this bleak assessment, “Mexifornia, Five Years Later.” Do yourself a favor and read it.  We have just been warned by the organizers of the last “caravan” of illiterate and unskilled Central Americans, who blatantly disrespect the United States, that they are replicating their last invasion effort, aided and abetted by Mexico, which allowed them safe passage on their way to the United States.

The leftwing local newspaper softly refers to the invaders asmigrants” and “asylum-seekers.

Scottsdale schools ex-CFO could’ve used a 20% raise, too

May 15, 2018

Laura Smith indicted on 11 felony charges of fraud, conflicts of interest

It looks like there’s big trouble in the future for Laura Smith, Scottsdale Unified School District’s former chief financial officer. She faces 11 felony charges — two involving fraud and nine stemming from conflicts of interest — tied to a consulting company she previously co-owned and ran, according to the Arizona Attorney General’s Office.

A grand jury indicted Laura Smith on May 8. She is accused of facilitating the district’s employment of Professional Group Public Consulting, a Mesa-based company according to Maricopa County Superior Court documents.

Smith co-owned the consulting firm when she was hired as the district’s CFO in early 2017. Her sister, Caroline Brackley, then took over running the company. Smith failed to disclose the relationship and resigned in January after having been put on administrative leave due to an ongoing conflict of interest investigation.

In its well researched report, The Arizona Daily Independent cites the fact that Laura Smith was a member of the Arizona Association of School Business Officials whose Code of Ethics states, in part, that members should, “Avoid conflict of interest situations by not conducting business with a company or firm in which the official or any member of the official’s family has a vested interest.”

Read the 11 count indictment issued by the AZ Attorney General’s Office charging Smith.

With her yen for appropriated cash and Gov. Doug Ducey’s ability to magically produce $ millions out of thin air “without raising taxes,“ it seems there could have been a better deal in the works for this beleaguered school deceiver.

French Inaction on known terror suspects brings more death

May 14, 2018

Islamic terrorism returns to France, knife, not gun used

The NRA has become a convenient whipping boy for the left, in instances where mass murder is committed with a gun. But increasingly, terrorist acts are carried out by vehicles being used as weapons, deliberately plowing into crowds. Knife attacks are becoming more frequent here and in Western Europe. The Boston Marathon carnage was carried out by two brothers, whose parents had come to the United States seeking political asylum. They used pressure cookers as explosives, but still the NRA takes the brunt of the blame.

France suffered another bloody attack on Saturday. The assailant, who was shot and killed by police, has been identified as Khamzat Azimov, 21, a native of Chechnya, who  became a French citizen in 2010. Witnesses reported Azimov repeatedly yelled, “Allahu akhbar” during the Paris attack. The French press reported that “a video emerged Sunday online purporting to show the attacker swearing allegiance to Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.”

Not long after the rampage that killed one and seriously injured four others in a busy tourist area, the Islamic State took responsibility for the carnage.

France has a state security anti-terrorism watch list on which this most recent knife wielder has appeared since 2016 — but the attacker was neither detained nor deported. This was the second deadly attack in two months by a person flagged on the watch list. More than 230 people In France have been killed by ISIS-inspired jihadists in the past three years.

Without acknowledging the lack of follow-up on the collected data, French government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux said, “It is, once again, a way of life, our way of life, which has come under a cowardly attack.”

News accounts defended the government’s defenseless actions referring to renewed calls for enforcement as originating from “the conservative opposition.”

Sound familiar?

The leader of France’s largest opposition party renewed his call on President Emmanuel Macron to detain “the most dangerous individuals” on the watch list and expel all foreigners listed on it. “There is no longer room, Mr. President, for this blind inaction which has lasted too long,” Laurent Wauquiez of the conservatives Les Republicains said in a statement.

“What use can this file be if we don’t use it to ensure that these time bombs cannot do any harm on French soil?” National Front leader Marine Le Pen wrote on Twitter.

But Griveaux contended: “Unfortunately, there is no way of stopping this sort of incident from happening.” The security watch list was a key tool for police and intelligence services, he said, adding that “experts were opposed to using it as a basis for roundups or deportations.”

Paris is nearly 4,000 miles from Washington, D.C. though the same foolish arguments leave citizens at risk.