As Americans suffer, job seeking “refugees” keep coming

April 6, 2020

Although it’s been nearly five years since we posted this alarming Mother’s Day message, featuring Ann Corcoran, editor of Refugee Resettlement Watch, her message remains pertinent.

Today, we urge you to read her latest shocking exposé,Refugees are Still Arriving in the US, What Happened to Supposed Suspension?

Corcoran’s information comes directly from the Refugee Processing Center (RPG) which is operated by the U.S. Department of State. The government agency has outlived its mission and needs to be shut down. Faith-based organizations such as World Vision provide in-country assistance, though Islam — introduced by Arab slave traders — still has a presence in the DR Congo.

As the United States reels under the burdens imposed by the Coronavirus pandemic, forcing business and school closures, unprecedented job losses and government mandated isolation as we struggle to fight the spread of this deadly scourge, the shocking news comes that we are still resettling arrivals from the DR Congo. Other vital considerations aside, the impoverished country, where corruption and violence flourish, is known for its outbreaks of cholera, measles and Ebola.

Corcoran notes:

“We can’t safely fly, but nearly 2,000 ‘refugees’ were being flown into the U.S. during March. The refugee admissions program is scheduled (so far) to resume this week after April 7th, but it never really stopped! Here is where the 1,110 were placed in March:

Top ten ‘welcoming’ states are:  TX, OH, NY, IL, WA, KY, MA, CA, MO, and TN.”

In November 2019, Corcoran wrote,Obama Told UN We Would Take 50,000 Congolese Refugees in Five Years! Time is up!

Yesterday SRAZ posted, “How Italy became epicenter of deadly Chinese virus.” Giacomino Nicolazzo grieved not only for the massive death toll in Italy, but also the loss of its irreplaceable cultural heritage brought on by the influx of a foreign culture.

Pay attention. There will not be a “do over.”

Socialist Sander’s NV win ignored by leftist AZ paper

February 23, 2020

War of the “F” words: “free” is more compelling than “facts”

What could be the reason Arizona’s leftwing, Hillary-endorsing, Trump-hating newspaper’s ignored the Nevada caucus results? It opted instead to run a front page report on water not keeping up with growth in the state.

Bernie Sanders,78, an avowed Socialist, who recently suffered a serious heart attack, requiring two stents in his blocked coronary artery, won the Nevada Democrat caucus. His victory is being attributed to younger voters and Hispanics, who turned out in record numbers lured by promises of “free” government provided health care and making public colleges and universities tuition and debt free. He targeted Hispanic communities — which now make up nearly a quarter of the state — with Spanish language advertising.

Socialism has taken over the Democrat Party, due to the fact that schools no longer teach about its destructive impact, or that it is the leading man-made cause of death and misery in human existence.

Lee Edwards, Ph.D. writing for the Heritage Foundation, explains,THESE Are the Most Telling Failures of Socialism.” Take 4-minutes to read this outstanding commentary. Read it to or send it to your children and grandchildren.

They aren’t being exposed to these truths in public schools whose teachers are overwhelmingly radical union members supporting Democrats.*


* H/T Center for Responsive Politics

Rush Limbaugh announces “advanced lung cancer”diagnosis

February 3, 2020

Republicans became conservatives under the guidance of talk radio host Rush Limbaugh. He taught us to articulate what we felt but previously had no name for. Rush, 69, has been the masterful instruction manual we tuned on each weekday for over three decades, hearing news presented and analyzed in a way we had never before heard, but eagerly grasped. We bought, read and re-read his best-selling books.

The sadness at hearing of his diagnosis has shaken many of us to our core. Our prayers are with him and his family, as we ask God’s blessings on his doctors.

This is Rush’s personal statement to his loyal audience.

Why do Dems have an aversion to God?

February 2, 2020

Watch as Democrats delete God from congressional proceedings as witnesses are sworn in:


This is not new for them. Remember the chaos that erupted at the 2012 Democrat National Convention over the insertion of the word “God” or the recognition of Jerusalem into their platform? Seeing Red AZ covered the shameful episode then. Even those conducting the meeting were confounded as the boorish delegates loudly protested and booed.


Although our founding documents did not endorse a specific religion, they do acknowledge God. The two key founding documents in American history are the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The first explains why we exist as a nation. Not only does the Declaration mention God four times, most importantly, it says that our rights come from the Creator.

In President George Washington’s first proclamation in 1789, declaring a national day of Thanksgiving, he referenced God 16 times.

He obviously wasn’t a Democrat.

2019: Sending joyful Christmas wishes to our readers

December 25, 2019

May the peace and goodwill of this season be with us all. We express our gratitude to our service personnel, many stationed far from their own families, who ensure our countless freedoms and ask for blessings on President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania and their entire family. We pray that God continues to bless America.

Seeing Red AZ

Why the secular left abhors Christmas

December 23, 2019

Today, just in advance of the holiday, we bring you a superb column by Dennis Prager, exposing the left’s war on Christmas.

This important exposé is our Christmas gift to Seeing Red AZ’s readers.

A nationally syndicated radio talk show host, Prager is also a columnist and best-selling author, and is the founder of Prager U. Many of you may have seen his recent movie, “No Safe Spaces,” co-produced with Adam Carolla. Read Dennis Prager’s impressive bio here.

Dems take their own pulse, as Americans rally in Pres’ support

December 11, 2019

It’s been said that a doctor who treats himself has a fool for a patient. The same can be said in reference to Democrats suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome who self medicate by overdosing on potentially lethal impeachment meds. Political irony at its best was on full display Tuesday. Partisan extremists who populate the Democrat Party moved forward with farcical articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, the same day, Americans turned out by the thousands to attend his Hershey, Pennsylvania rally.

Trump enthusiast Scott Presler gifts us with his video showing the massive crowd supporting the president. Hundreds waited more than 10 hours enduring, rain, and freezing temps to ensure a seat.

Illuminating their own inconsistencies, the Trump-hating Dems also announced they were going to pass the signature trade deal of a president they say is “too dangerous to leave in office.”  The U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA ) replaces the problematic North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

And on the brink of the Dem’s sure-to-backfire impeachment of the president, a new dynamic is evident. The President is seeing a significant boost in support. Recent polling results by Firehouse Strategies/Optimus are headlined: “BREAKING: As Impeachment Moves Ahead Trump Surges in Battleground States.”

And that impeachment? First declared as a goal immediately following his inauguration, by Maxine Waters, the earliest motivations were tied to China and Russia collusion. When those contrived constructs didn’t pan out, the Dems fast forwarded to baseless charges of bribery and extortion, also duds. Finally they settled on impeachment is “in the public interest.” The best economic news we’ve had in decades is irrelevant to the left. Instead they run on the socialist promises of “free” health care and college they know they can’t deliver and advancing open borders, undermining our nation’s rule of law and sovereignty.

It’s actually all about two women. The first is scandal-plagued Hillary Clinton who Trump trounced in 2016. The second is Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 86, and ailing. If she dies on Trump’s watch, he will get a third Supreme Court nominee, unthinkable in the mind of leftists. Refresh your memory here.