Jeff Flake’s predictably outrageous oratorical spew

September 14, 2018

During a senate floor speech, in a fit of pompous presumptuousness — on which nearly out-the-door Jeff Flake has cornered the market — he uses the phrase, “At the risk of being presumptuous.”  This serves as the first clue that the Trump-bashing, low intellect Republican poser is off on another insufferable tirade aimed at President Trump. Breitbart carries a partial transcript of his Wednesday speech in which he called on his GOP colleagues to speak out against President Donald Trump’s threats to “democratic institutions,” adding, “if we say nothing then we’ve become accomplices with the destruction of these democratic norms.” If you’re inclined to read it, do so on an empty stomach.

This has been the modus operandi of lame-duck Flake, who opted not to run for a second senate term when state-wide polling showed him with a feeble 18 percent approval rating. No doubt the arrogant Flake initially thought his eyes were deceiving him and the numbers were a transposed 81 percent. His staff should have let him labor under that misguided notion. It would have been entertaining to see him kicked to the curb rather than hightailing it.

Flake, a man with no constituency, is relegated to saber-rattling at the man who stunningly achieved what Flake’s McMentor tried and failed at twice.

President Trump is unconventional, a trait that resonated with the Americans who put him in office. He is also an accomplished businessman who has brought his unique perspective, negotiating skills and ingenuity directly to the American people, lowering taxes, while creating the best economy and job market in decades. The president is a respected no-nonsense leader on the world stage opening unprecedented dialogues on denuclearization with Chinese and North Korean despots.

Outside of a career swilling at the public trough, Flake was a registered foreign agent for an African uranium mining company with ties to Iran, a fact he tried to conceal when initially running for the U.S. House of Representatives from his East Valley base.  Even then his word was worthless, as he reneged on his-self imposed term limit promise. When called out on his deception, he assumed his go-to absurd grin and told a rare truth, as he acknowledged, “I lied.”

Arizona deserves better than a preening, pathetic poseur with a mental acumen akin to the cattle grazing on his ancestral ranch in Northern Arizona. And like the livestock on that ranch, his crooked snout is always planted firmly in the trough of excessive egoism and self-indulgent posturing.

It’s tempting to dismiss Jeff Flake a “useful idiot,” but he is useful to no one — especially not the people of the Grand Canyon State.

Here’s the Flake caught on an open mic laughingly mocking the Republican party as “toast.” He got it wrong. It’s the not-so-slick trickster Flake who’s toast.


McCain kin cash in after week-long funeral extravaganza

September 13, 2018

Real money to taxpayers, “spare change” to McCain’s

Raising the blood pressure of our valued readers is not something we choose to do. But be forewarned, that will likely be a risky side effect when you read this BizPac Review article titled, “John McCain’s family gets hefty taxpayer-funded ‘death gratuity’ after week-long funeral extravaganza.”

The article, by Samantha Chang, which we urge you to read, ends with this plea:

Patriots, please vote on November 6.* President Trump is battling the media, billionaire mega-donors like George Soros, Hollywood, RINOS, and the entire Democratic Party.

The stakes have never been higher, and America’s future depends on your vote.

Truer words are rarely spoken. This might well be the most important midterm election of our lifetime. Rally behind the Republicans, even if they aren’t the ones you supported in the Primary. Grudges get heavier the longer they’re carried. Meanwhile the Democrats win.


* Polling places will be open November 06, 2018. 

Early ballots will be mailed on October 10, 2018. Questions? Call AZ Secretary Of State’s Election’s Division: 602-542-8683.

AZ Republic’s Robb grovels, earns his pay on AZ Senate race

September 12, 2018

The choice, according to sellout Robert Robb, is “capable right or capable left”

There was a time when the local newspaper actually had an op-ed page with conservative views regularly expressed. Columnists Thomas Sowell and Michelle Malkin were among those who provided a solid voice of balance. Publisher Eugene Pulliam was a staunch conservative, as was longtime top editor, Frederic S. “Fritz” Marquardt.

Those days are long gone. The editorial pages are presided over by Phil Boas, who savaged his own father-in-law, former Sheriff Joe Arpaio out of office in favor of a wife-beating Democrat.

The best Arizona Republic readers have as a voice of opposition is Libertarian-minded Robert Robb. But he still has to earn his keep and rarely veers too far off the liberal path.

Today he proves his allegiance to those who sign his paycheck with an opinion piece titled, “Ariz. Has 2 good choices for senate.”

Robb, states the two, Republican Martha McSally and Kyrsten Sinema are models of Jon Kyl and Dennis DeConcini, respectively.

Then tossing integrity aside, after acknowledging her “radical past”  in favor of toadyism, Robb actually describes Sinema using these words, “Her brand of cheerful politics would wear well in a chamber in which personal relationships matter more.”

Is this the example of cheerful politics he has in mind?

Sinema’s foul-mouthed deprecation of stay-at-home Moms was included in our July 2018 post, “Kyrsten Sinema’s devious metamorphosis — Political chameleon works to dupe voters.” With a crucial U.S. Senate election around the corner — early ballots will be mailed Oct. 10 and polls will be open Election Day Nov. 6, 2018 —we urge our readers to read the entire, fact filled exposé.

An atheist with Communist leanings who refused to take her oath of office on the Bible and an admitted bi-sexual, who was an early supporter of same-sex marriage, she mockingly blasted women who devote themselves to their families rather than working outside the home as “leeches.” Her foul-mouthed comment was:

“These women who act like staying at home, leeching off their husbands or boyfriends and just cashing the checks is some sort of feminism because they’re choosing to live that life. That’s bulls**t. I mean, what the f**k are we really talking about here?” Following the spirit of unity Sinema now claims to embrace, she derided conservatives as “Neanderthals.”

 Robb’s concept of “cheerfulness” doesn’t qualify as mainstream.

Don’r be fooled. On her worst day, Martha McSally would be preferable to Kyrsten Sinema on her best. The Primary is over and our choice is clear.

Supercharged Cindy Hensley McCain emerges

September 9, 2018

Attending a week of funerals for her husband — conducted in various locations nationwide — must have been exhausting for Cindy McCain. But the 1968 AZ Junior Rodeo Queen proved she had the grit to handle the stress.

Without missing a beat, and inserting her maiden name in her byline, Cindy Hensley McCain was able to get down to business and have a self-serving op-ed published in USA Today. The newspaper is the Gannett parent company of the Hillary-endorsing and John McCain-worshiping Arizona Republic, which this morning devoted half of its Valley and State section to a tribute titled, “John’s story is the American story.”  It was accompanied by two oversize candles, dripping wax — one larger than the other. There is an obvious significance to this choice, which we choose not to tackle.

To what end Cindy Hensley McCain’s USA Today was written is anyone’s guess though it sounds suspiciously like campaign bait being dropped in the briny, as the beer heiress hustles for money for her “new home” the McCain Institute. At the very least, she wants to be a player on the Arizona political scene.

The Arizona Daily Independent Sept. 1, Sunday Comic satirically points out that the difficult tasks associated with funeral planning were done for her, in advance of her husband‘s death. Be sure to read the comment section following the illustration. They are the same tone as those written here.

The slavish adoration is a fabricated media construct, and does not represent Arizonans who pay attention or others who knew him well. Elected Republican State Committeemen at their 2014 mandatory statutory meeting voted overwhelming for a resolution to censure John McCain, citing his repeated collusion with congressional Democrats. This contempt was replicated in the majority of Arizona’s fifteen counties at GOP county statutory meetings by elected precinct committeemen. In Maricopa County, the vote in favor of censure was 1,150 to 351.

AZ tax cheat admits guilt: aided illegals filing fake claims

September 7, 2018

The daily newspaper reports that according to court records, Elias Bermudez has pleaded guilty to preparing false tax returns. The open borders newspaper blandly refers to him as an “Arizona immigrant-rights activist.” 

Investigative reporter Linda Bentley, writing for the Sonoran News covered Bermudez’ indictment in October 2017. Her comprehensive report covers specifics relating to the crime and penalties a conviction carries. 

Bermudez, founder of the deceptively titled, Immigrants Without Borders and owner of El Centro de Ayuda (The Help Center), was indicted on 27 counts of aiding in the preparation of false tax returns. He is accused of advising clients to claim unqualified dependents living in Mexico in order to gain $1,000 Child Tax Credit deductions per child.

Bermudez also operates El Centro de Progreso tax preparation in Phoenix and Tucson.

This shocking exposé  (video also follows post) by Indiana TV 13 is from 2013, but obviously our south of the border neighbors, are still honing their fraudulent schemes, using phony documents and false income to claim tax credits for children who do not live in the United States and are not even children of the filers. The reporter detailed that that the cost to American citizen taxpayers was $4.2 billion yearly, involving 2 million unqualified illegals getting massive tax credits. Those numbers have undoubtedly increased in the five years since this report was filed. The newscaster reports the IRS is aware of the enormous loophole, but the agency claims congress needs to address it.

This astronomically priced fraud should be a major concern of Arizona U.S. Congressmen Raul Grajalva (D-CD3) and Ruben Gallego (D-CD 7), who both represent Hispanic heavy districts. They have been silent on the subject, as has Democrat gubernatorial candidate David Garcia. It’s time for the Republicans to boldly take on this outrageous scam. We elected them to represent us. That includes protecting our hard-earned tax dollars.

Ducey appoints Jon Kyl to fill senate vacancy

September 4, 2018

Although at the time of this posting an announcement is not yet up on Gov. Doug Ducey’s Press Release page, Fox News is reporting that Ducey has appointed former AZ Sen. Jon Kyl to fill the state’s U.S. Senate vacancy.  

The question to ask is why would Ducey opt for a 76-year-old place holder and McCain clone when he has the opportunity to make a decisive impact on the state?

Raging Meghan McMourner

September 2, 2018

Spiteful attack on President Trump redefines definition of eulogy

Anyone who has suffered the loss of a close family member knows the anguish in having to accept the reality of finality.

With that in mind, it might seem charitable to overlook what Meghan McCain offered as a eulogy to her father during his memorial service in Washington DC’s National Cathedral Saturday.

In addition to dealing with a slow, torturous demise of a loved one losing their cognitive faculties to a rapidly growing brain malignancy, accepting the fact of never again interacting with the person who was integral to your existence is beyond devastating. It must be raw anguish to endure multiple funerals for the same person in successive days, an excess even U.S. Presidents and European royalty resist.

The strain has to verge on intolerable. But it was also a choice. Clearly mourning daughter Meghan also made another choice, as she used the time reserved for tributes and saying farewell, to hurl insults and slurs, or as evident at Friday’s Funeral Number Two, to shoot sidelong eye daggers at Vice President Mike Pence, a deeply devout man who came to offer words of comfort. Taking a direct hit at President Trump‘s campaign slogan on Saturday, she blasted “The America of John McCain has no need to be made great again because America was always great.”

How many of us have known of specifically uninvited attendees at a memorial? The animus between McCain and President Trump was unconcealed.  But what did McCain’s dedicated Vice Presidential running mate Sarah Palin do to earn a “Do Not Attend” card?

The death of a loved one brings forth inconsolable emotions. They should not include rage directed at perceived or even actual adversaries. Both George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama were victorious over John McCain in his two failed quests for the presidency, yet McCain included them as he planned his own funeral services. They were invited to attend and speak. The captured pilot later returned to Vietnam in a spirit of accord and with an outstretched hand. Though he opportunistically ran under the Republican banner in red state Arizona, conservatives remained the targets of his continually erupting bile.

His daughter offers venomous words and her perpetually clenched fist — also aimed at conservatives — as she follows in the malicious political footsteps of her father.