Kamala, Biden’s back-up plan, “sees the moment in time” in which we exist

May 1, 2023

…present, past and future


Trump assesses Biden in Breitbart interview

April 12, 2023

The must-read report by Pam Key is headlined: “Trump: I Don’t Think Biden Can Run in 2024 — ‘There’s Something Wrong

Former President Trump boldly states what the rest of America sees and is thinking. During an interview with host Tucker Carlson, on Fox News Channel, Carlson asked, “Do you think Biden will stay in the race?”

Trump responded, “Look, I watch him just like you do, and I think it’s almost inappropriate for me to say it. I don’t see how it’s possible. There’s something wrong. I saw his answer today on television about whether or not he was going to run to a very nice guy named Al Roker. You can’t get a softer question than that that was a long answer talking about the eggs and this and that. Look, I don’t think he can.”

Irrational Ronna forgets she is RNC chair, not despotic thought police

February 28, 2023

Emboldened by being elected to an unprecedented fourth consecutive two-year term as Republican National Committee chair, Ronna Romney McDaniel has begun issuing edicts. She will have her hands full trying to enforce a loyalty pledge from 2024 presidential candidates to support the nominee in order for them to participate in debates.

Ronna McDaniel now requires a “pledge” Republican presidential candidates must sign in order to authenticate their candidacy and remain within Ronna’s parameters. She forgets she is the titular head of the party, and individual candidates, their strategists and coordinators determine the paths of their campaigns and political strategy. 

McDaniel presumes every Republican candidate will be all too happy to discard their values and sing the kumbaya anthem.

She’ll be wrong again.

2024 pre-election analysis: blue states lose residents

February 13, 2023

Blue states face mass exoduses, red states need to brace for the harsh impact

Joe Concha, media and political columnist for The Hill, has recently written ‘The new red wave is already here.’  He writes, “Recent U.S. Census data underscore a grim reality for the biggest blue states: More people are leaving states such as California, New York and Illinois than moving to them.

The exodus is real: California lost nearly 350,000 residents in 2022, while New York lost about 300,000 and Illinois saw more than 140,000 go elsewhere, per Census numbers. Other states, including New Jersey (-64,231), Massachusetts (-57,292) and Pennsylvania (-39,957), also saw large numbers of residents say goodbye.”

Call it a roaring red wave of the 2020s. And this time, it’s actually materialized, unlike during the red wave that was predicted for the 2022 midterm elections.

Concha noted the three contributing factors to the flight are Taxes, Crime and Traffic. He supports his statistics with verifiable data from the annual U-Haul Growth Index and the Internal Revenue Service.

Biden mistakenly picks fight with Arizona

December 16, 2022

Delaware leftist Joe Biden thinks fellow political opportunist and carpetbagger, John McCain, was representative of Arizona

Today we take our readers directly to the Washington Examiner topped by a headline that blasts: “Biden DOJ sues Arizona over border wall installed on federal forest land.” Though stunning, it is not intended to be provocative. Homeland Security Reporter Anna Giaritelli deals in facts.

Slippery and brash, when former POW John McCain returned from Vietnam, he left his wife and family and married heiress Cindy Lou Hensley, 18 years his junior. With her powerful father’s connections to open doors for his new son-in-law, McCain won a seat in Congress just one year after moving to Arizona. She later became the chairman of her family’s business, Hensley Beverage Company, one of the largest Anheuser-Busch distributors in the nation.

After McCain’s death, Cindy ditched the Republican Party and campaigned for Joe Biden, who repaid her as a Permanent Representative of the U.S. Mission to the UN Agencies in Rome on November 5, 2021 — bestowing an Ambassadorship upon her. Cindy Lou, who holds herself in higher esteem than anyone else does, also signed on with UTA, a Hollywood-based talent agency.

Cindy was previously an Arizona junior rodeo queen, enhancing her credentials in the state. John had none, though he worked at faking them. The McCain family despised Pres. Donald Trump who attained what always eluded John — the presidency of the United States. The jealousy driven animus ran so deep, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump were purposely excluded from McCain’s funeral, although the Obama’s were given preferential treatment and Barack Obama, who actually beat McCain in the race for the presidency, gave a eulogy. Irascible to the end, John McCain worked on the “guest list.”

Biden’s interview exposes shell of a man posing as 46th president

September 20, 2022

When an exposé is this on target, it deserves wide coverage. Monica Showalter’s column, “Cleanup on Aisle 46: Joe Biden makes a mess of his 60 Minutes interview,” posted on American Thinker, is such example. It goes in-depth as CBS’ Scott Pelley interviews the vacuous Joe Biden.

Biden, who appears to lack any understanding of the toll inflation is taking on American families, blunders his way through the softball questions that Pelley lobs his way. He states American forces would defend Taiwan, though his position stands in contradiction to that of his own administration. He also tells an incredulous Pelley that he had no advance knowledge of the FBI’s unprecedented raid on the Trump family’s Mar-a-Lago home and has not been briefed on whether anything of significance was located as the home was ransacked when the family was away.

Speaking as if English was an unfamiliar language, Biden told Pelley, “I have not personally spoken to anyone on that — in that regard. I’m sure my administration is aware of all of that, and so is the National Security Council. But I have not.”

Biden, the oldest U.S. president in American history, will turn 80 on Nov. 20.  He says he has not made a firm decision on whether to run for reelection in 2024, even though he previously said he intends to do so.

Biden told interviewer Pelley, “I’m a great respecter of fate, and so, what I’m doing is I’m doing my job. I’m gonna do that job. And within the timeframe that makes sense after this next election cycle here, going into next year, make a judgment on what to do.”

The question isn’t what Joe intends to do — American voters will have the overarching voice as we move forward. Polling indicates he is deeply underwater with 65.1% of Americans surveyed saying the country is on the wrong track under Biden.

Those telling numbers supersede “fate.”

Victor Davis Hanson’s brilliant insights: Biden and 2024 election

July 17, 2022

You won’t want to miss, “Why the Left Will Cut Biden Loose.”

Dems peeling away from loser: Old, Slo Joe

June 14, 2022

AOC refuses to say whether she’d support a 2024 run for the cognitively declining president

Elderly democrats put party in precarious position

April 25, 2022

Is “dem” short for dementia?

As Joe Biden, the oldest president ever to assume office — well into his 78th year —shows increasingly obvious signs of dementia; he irrationally vows to run for reelection in 2024. Though likely a calculated ploy to keep challengers at bay, his bravado makes his evident cognitive challenges even more concerning.

Russia’s maniacal president Vladimir Putin, aware of Biden’s vulnerably has initiated an unprovoked war on Ukraine, starving and slaughtering civilians, including women and children. Communist Putin never embarked on such an indefensible action when President Trump, who conveyed an image of strength, was in office.

According to this most recent roster of U.S. Senators (we found it to be less than accurate since John McCain is still listed), as of April 25, 2022, 5 senators are in their 80s, 18 are in their 70s with dozens being over routine retirement age.

Scroll through this expansive list of septuagenarians and octogenarians in the U.S. House of Representatives. There must be formaldehyde in the food at the Capitol Cafeteria.

This video compilation assembled by Breitbart News was from the 2020 campaign trail…and we are led to believe the democrats still voted for Joe Biden.

Trump’s political power surges as Biden irrelevancy hits record low

April 13, 2022

As Joe Biden continues to plunge our economy to unprecedented depths with escalating prices and shortages of food and other stables, former President Donald Trump is increasingly viewed as the GOP standard-bearer, who has the power to extract the U.S. from the current economic catastrophe — much of which has not been seen since the onset of the Great Depression…although we are continually given the number 40 years. Today, jobs are plentiful. The difference is, they are not being filled as lower wage earners  rely on the government dole, which the rest of us pay for with ever-escalating taxation.

With the current 50/50 split in the U.S. Senate, flipping blue seats to red is obviously a priority. Donald Trump is in a pivotal position to effect that change, whether behind the scenes or in a more obvious manner. As frail Biden shows greater signs of an inability to function, and his polling numbers continue to plummet, backup Kamala Harris is ill-equipped to handle the job, even determinedly avoiding the southern border, though Biden appointed her the Border Czar. Her staffers have been stumbling over themselves to be the first to reach the exit, describing a toxic work environment. A dozen, most recently her deputy chief of staff, have already quit.

Unfortunately, the next U.S. Presidential election won’t occur until November 5, 2024.

In the meantime, this shocking Western Journal commentary by Warner Todd Huston provides important reading: “Outrage as Biden Gives Soros Nonprofit $164 Million to Help Criminal Migrants Escape Punishment.”