Pondering our undoing

April 23, 2016

Thomas Sowell is a man who possesses a brilliant mind, which makes his “Random Thoughts” worth reading.

This is an example:

“Historians of the future, when they look back on our times, may be completely baffled when trying to understand how Western civilization welcomed vast numbers of people hostile to the fundamental values of Western civilization, people who had been taught that they have a right to kill those who do not share their beliefs.”

Ponder that.

Tom Cotton: A Cotton Pickin’ McDisappointment!

April 22, 2016

Did you know John McCain has Islamic terrorists running scared?

This, the latest fund-raising plea for John McCain, comes from Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton:

“Let’s get straight to the point,” says Cotton.

“If John McCain isn’t in the United States Senate, it’s a big win for radical Islam. There isn’t anyone in this country — especially any liberals — who can and will do more to fight terrorists than John McCain.”

Is this an example of his expertise, Sen. Cotton?

Or this 2013 misstep? A statement released by John McCain’s senate office termed it “regrettable” if the identities of the men photographed with him in Syria were confirmed to be individuals responsible for a terrorist sponsored kidnapping of 11 Lebanese Shiite pilgrims, as reported in the Beirut-based Daily Star newspaper.

John McCain was ensconced in his plush senate office when Islamic jihadis beheaded 21 Egyptian Christians in 2015.  The fact that McCain was in the senate when ISIS burned a caged Jordanian pilot alive was of no consequence to the sadistic terrorists. 

On Wednesday, with John McCain still in the U.S. Senate, atrocities continue to be committed. An official for the Kurdistan Democratic Party told Iranian news agency ABNA ISIS has been forcing women into arranged “marriages” with ISIS fighters — and have executed women and girls who refuse. The official said “at least 250 girls have so far been executed … and sometimes the families of the girls were also executed.”

This list of Islamic terror attacks on American soil is courtesy of the Religion of Peace website.

McCain, who will be 80 by Election Day and is running for another 6-year term, is obviously doing a bang-up job of eradicating “radical Islam.”  He was first elected in 1982 — when Sen. Tom Cotton.was five. 

We can do better.

Obama takes on his “top priority”

March 25, 2016

In view of the savagely murderous terrorist acts we have recently witnessed in Paris, San Bernardino and this past Tuesday in Brussels, it’s reassuring to hear (video clip) Barack Obama unequivocally state that defeating ISIS — which he alone refers to as ISIL — is his top priority, especially with all he’s got “on his plate.”

Nero fiddled while Rome burned, Obama tangos in Argentina

March 24, 2016

….as global chaos erupts with Islamic jihadists murdering innocents — just two days ago in Brussels. 


Obama: The shameful, shameless president

March 23, 2016

Apology tour continues in Communist dictatorship

Barack Obama once again showed his contempt for America while paying homage to Cuba’s repressive Communist dictatorship.

In a speech to the Cuban people Tuesday, Obama used his fallacious brand of historical revisionism to liken the American Revolution to the Communist-led insurgent revolution that put Fidel Castro’s totalitarian regime in power: 

”The ideals that are the starting point for every revolution, America’s revolution, Cuba’s revolution, the liberation movements around the world, these ideals find their truest expression, I believe, in democracy. Not because American democracy is perfect,” Obama stressed, ”but because we’re not, and we like every country need the space that democracy gives us to change.” Obama said that through America’s democracy, he’s managed to address “the inequality of so much wealth at the top of our society.”

He liberally used Spanish language phrases, including “Si se puede!” (Yes, we can!) favored by amnesty demanding illegals in the United States.

Focused on baseball with dictator Raul Castro and the next leg of his travels with his large entourage, Obama devoted just 51 seconds of his remarks to the Islamic fundamentalist terrorist bombings that killed 34 and wounded hundreds of civilian travelers in Belgium.

We can’t say we weren’t warned.  Obama’s distaste for America was clear when he uttered his plan to fundamentally transform our nation during his 2008 campaign.

Obama delights in Communist Cuba, Jeff Flake a willing prop

March 22, 2016

Although Cuba still has political prisoners and dissidents are routinely arrested, Barack Obama asserts “change is going to happen.” The only change that has happened in the repressive dictatorship is that American taxpayer money is now flowing freely to the island nation.

On Monday, Obama, his wife, mother-in-law and daughters made an official 3-day state visit, including a meeting with Castro and a state dinner. The two men first met during a summit in Panama last year in which Obama made a laundry list of concessions including removing Cuba from the list of state sponsors of terrorism and lifting restrictions on U.S. investment and most travel to Cuba.

Arizona’s embarrassment, Jeff Flake, a longtime supporter of normalizing relations with the Communist regime was along as a Republicrat prop for Obama. He also traveled with Obama to Kenya as the lone Republican among a large congressional delegation and is back again as an Obama stooge during this trip — one of five submissive Republicans among 39 members of Congress. We were able to find the number, but no specific names.

Obama plans to address the Cuban people in a speech today and, always up for pleasure time, will take in an exhibition game between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Cuban National team. There’s not a chance he will demand the end of human rights abuses as he sips a Pina Colada with dictators.

It’s worth noting that the reliably liberal Washington Post wrote this scathing assessment of Obama’s actions at the onset of the restoration of full diplomatic relations. The editorial stated that Obama’s acquiescence “eliminated U.S. leverage for political reforms.”

Democrat Sen. Robert Menendez (NJ) the son of Cuban immigrants, recently spoke from the Senate chamber, taking a similar position: “The president has negotiated a deal with the Castro’s, and I understand his desire to make this his legacy issue. But there is still a fundamental issue of freedom and democracy at stake that goes to the underlying atmosphere in Cuba and whether or not the Cuban people — still repressed and still imprisoned — will benefit from the president’s legacy, or will it be the Castro regime that reaps the benefits.”

Menendez was a member of the infamous McCain/Schumer Gang of Eight amnesty coalition, that included Jeff Flake and now former presidential candidate Marco Rubio, 


Germany’s Merkel suffers consequences of disastrous policies

March 14, 2016

Voters send unambiguous message: “Close the door”

The consequences of German Chancellor Andrea Merkel’s irresponsible refugee resettlement programs have resulted in a referendum against her and the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) in major polls on Sunday.

The populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party founded in 2013 recorded a surge as it garnered support from irate voters. Germans have watched in alarm as 1.1 million people claiming refugee status arrived in the country in 2015 alone. In the first week of Sept. 2015, Merkel declared that any Syrian who reaches Germany can claim asylum. In the days that followed, 25,000 more arrived. The number has continued to explode.

“The people who voted for us voted against this refugee policy,” said AfD deputy chairman Alexander Gauland. The group used familiar campaign slogans such as “Secure the borders” and “Stop the asylum chaos.”

The solution comes with a hefty price tag. The European Union will be on the hook to Turkey to the tune of $3.2 billion for its promised aid in staunching the flow of refugees to Europe from the conflict in Syria, and to prevent Europe’s worst refugee crisis from worsening further.  Turkey has been instrumental in not only arming, but financing the Islamic State (ISIS), whose actions in Syria have led to an unprecedented exodus of refugees mostly through Turkey, which Europe is now hoping to bribe so it will lock down its borders.

Bowing to liberal policies with the potential to change the culture of a nation, over the wishes the nation’s citizens, raises their ire whether the acts take place in German or the United States. (video)

Read more in the UK’s The Guardian.


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