With the world in turmoil, our border wide open, Joe auditions for nursing home

March 22, 2023

Squints at teleprompter, unable to comprehend the words as he attempts to announce creation of new Nevada national monument he is unable to pronounce

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Despite efforts to forget, vacuous VP Kamala reminds us

March 18, 2023

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U.S. Sen. Cassidy holds Treasury Secretary Yellen’s feet to the fire on Social Security

March 17, 2023

Sen. Cassidy, (R-LA), has a resume most could only aspire to, but never equal. He is also knowledgeable enough to smell rotten baloney when it’s being tossed his way as Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen attempted to do Thursday.

Appearing before the Senate’s Finance Committee, Yellen was repeatedly asked by Republicans about the lack of a Social Security plan in Pres. Biden’s recent budget proposal and democrats’ false claims that Republicans intend to slash the program. Sen. Cassidy stated that he is involved in bipartisan talks on the matter, but has been unable to schedule an Oval Office meeting to discuss them further.

This White House “fact sheet” titled, “The President’s Budget: Extending Medicare Solvency by 25 Years or More, Strengthening Medicare, and Lowering Health Care Costs,“ double talks and attempts to obscure the pressing problems of the severely under-funded program, while obviously omitting from the Ponzi scheme that younger American workers paying for the benefits their grandparents are currently accessing, will be left without funding in their own retirement years.

The Social Security Act, signed into law in 1935 by democrat Pres. Franklin Roosevelt, created Social Security, regarded as a federal safety net for elderly and unemployed Americans. The main stipulation of the original Social Security Act was to pay financial benefits to retirees over age 65 based on lifetime payroll tax contributions. In 1935, the life expectancy of the average American male was 59, so it worked out well with few able to collect. Social Security did not extend to widows and children until 1939. The average salary in 1935 was $471 a year. The average salary of high earners in that time period was $1,070 per year.     

On Feb. 13, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) reintroduced The Social Security Expansion Act in Congress, expanding individual’s benefits by an additional $2,400 a year. A Socialist masquerading as an Independent, Sanders (who caucuses with the dems) will have more support from dems in pushing the initiative, as they face upcoming elections and their constituents irrationally think these unsustainable, expansive programs are free.

Silicon Valley Bank amid other bank failures: A cause for alarm

March 13, 2023

Are bank catastrophes the new normal under Biden‘s economy?

Despite Silicon Valley Bank being named one of America’s Best Banks in 2022 by Forbes’ 13th annual look at America’s Best Banks, winning #15 out of the 100 largest publicly-traded banks based on growth, credit quality and profitability, it has taken a major nosedive. SVB was shut down Friday after it lost $2 billion in a liquidity crisis — becoming largest failure since the Great Recession. The bank is scheduled to reopen this morning under federal ownership.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has issued this updated and concerning press release titled, “FDIC Creates a Deposit Insurance National Bank of Santa Clara to Protect Insured Depositors of Silicon Valley Bank, Santa Clara, California.” Intending to be reassuring, it strikes fear in anyone who is paying attention. The press release states,” Silicon Valley Bank had 17 branches in California and Massachusetts,” using the past tense.

Federal regulators also seized New York regional bank Signature Bank. Signature becomes the third-largest bank to ever fail in the U.S., behind Silicon Valley Bank and Washington Mutual in 2008. First Republic Bank stock plunged by 63% this morning, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The No Fear Act heralded on the FDIC’s website has nothing to do with American’s fear of losing their savings, but is a trendy diversion and inclusivity site focusing on the Office of Minority and Women Inclusion and the production of annual reports of status and progress to Congress, the attorney general, the Office of Personnel Management, and the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Losing sight of the reason for its existence, Silicon Valley Bank needs to focus on what caused customers to access its services and leave the leftwing inclusion jargon to the Bidencrats.

Biden’s Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, a democrat who previously was appointed by Barack Obama, was confirmed by the U.S. Senate on January 25, 2021, by this roll call vote of 84-15. Only 15 Republicans voted against her conformation.

Amnesia afflicts Karin Jean-Pierre: Forgets Biden tore down Trump’s border wall

March 11, 2023

There IS a legal way to immigrate to the United States, via a federal department known as U.S. Citizenship and Naturalization Services. Unfortunately, it is mostly impotent, since the Biden administration can’t get its fill of illegal alien invaders, mostly coming through our porous southern border, though arriving from countries worldwide.

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Mangled Mitch McConnell remains MIA following fall March 13, UPDATE

March 10, 2023

3/13/23: Though scant information has been made available regarding his condition we are now told that McConnell also broke a rib in addition to the concussion he suffered. Released from the hospital today, he is not going home, but has been moved to an “inpatient rehabilitation facility.”

After suffering a concussion during fall requiring hospitalization Wednesday evening, 81-year-old Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) remains in the hospital “for a few days of observation and treatment,” according to his staff. Falling at that advanced age is far more serious than even a decade earlier. Mayo Clinic provides a definitive report on the causes and risks associated with older patients in such circumstances. McConnell required surgery in 2019 after suffering a fall at home resulting in a fractured shoulder. At that time his recovery took several weeks. McConnell has a history of heart problems and had triple bypass surgery in 2003.

Now, 16 years past normal retirement age, Mitch McConnell is the longest-serving Senate leader in history. First elected to the Senate in 1984, McConnell is Kentucky’s longest-elected senator.

In his absence, Minority Whip Sen. John Thune (R-SD) will assume the GOP leadership position. He’s a generation younger than McConnell. The average age of the 118th Congress is 58 years old. Scroll down through Fiscal Note for a definitive list of members of congress and their ages as of February 6, 2023. Lydia Stowe has assembled a fact-filled reports.

An interesting fact no one seems inclined to clarify: The base senate salary is $193,400 yearly, yet McConnell’s net worth is $22,841,026. Ballotpedia has the names, facts and figures:


As sitcom character Ricky Ricardo was known to say, “Splain that to me, Lucy.”

Dems remain enticed by their party elite

March 8, 2023

Cacklin’ Kamala enlightens with dem duplicity

Between bumbling and corrupt Joe Biden, incompetent VP Kamala Harris and sickly Sen. John Fetterman (D- PA.) — still hospitalized and receiving treatment for depression since before his senate election — the dems have nothing short of winners to offer voters. Fetterman has been hospitalized numerous times over the last year after suffering a stroke, and dealing with cognitive disabilities. He checked himself into Walter Reed medical center to “receive treatment for clinical depression.” Fetterman has been in the facility since early February and has not spent a single day in the senate.  His condition has been “extraordinarily challenging” due to ”strains of his recovery, which left him with a physical impairment and serious mental health challenges.”  His much younger Brazilian-born wife has boogied, taking their three children to Canada. Proving democrats will vote for anything, incompetent Fetterman won a contested primary, capturing all 67 counties.

This is the reassuring message from his communications director posted to Fetterman’s website.

Kamala, anointed the ‘Border Czar’ by Joe Biden, has stayed clear of the border but is responsible for overseeing in excess of 3 million illegals entering the USA.

British PM Rishi Sunak vows to deport illegal aliens

March 7, 2023

Biden should take a page from British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s book as U.S. domestic terrorism surges

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, a conservative nearly half Biden’s age at 43, is serious regarding his contention that illegal immigration creates myriad problems. He noted that criminal gangs should not be allowed to continue their activities, which he called “immoral trade.” Sunak said, “Illegal migration is not fair on British taxpayers, it is not fair on those who come here legally and it is not right that criminal gangs should be allowed to continue their immoral trade. I am determined to deliver on my promise to stop the boats.”

Sunak’s comments come at a time when Britain allows illegal aliens to claim asylum after they have crossed the border. As per these laws, illegals are allowed to stay while their case is litigated. You don’t have to strain yourself to know that the illegals use the time to disburse throughout the country they invaded, as Americans are all too well aware, since they are replicating what occurs here.

Scroll down the Atlanta Police Department press release website to see the 23 mug shots of the mostly home-grown domestic terrorists — including two from Arizona — who waged an unprovoked, coordinated attack on the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center’s construction equipment and police officers. Wearing black clothing they entered the construction area and began throwing large rocks, bricks, Molotov cocktails, and fireworks at police officers. The far-left, dying, Arizona newspaper provided no coverage.

Medically challenged senior citizen Joe Biden losing democrat support

March 6, 2023

In January 2022, 48% of democrats wanted Biden to run for a second term, and in October, 52% of them said he should run for reelection.  But in the latest poll, support for his reelection among democrats dropped to 37%. 

In this five-page medical report released Feb. 16, 2023 by Biden’s physician Kevin C. O’Connor, D.O., Americans were given assurances that Biden “remains fit for duty, and fully executes all of his responsibilities without any exemptions or accommodations.” Further, we were assured that “President Biden remains “a healthy, vigorous, 80-year old male, who is fit to successfully execute the duties of the Presidency, to include those as Chief Executive, Head of State and Commander In Chief.”  No mention is made of his loss of cognitive abilities. On the final page, tucked in almost as an afterthought, the doctor noted “one small lesion on his chest was removed and sent for biopsy.”

Now we’re told that the biopsy confirmed that Joe Biden had basal cell carcinoma. Doctors say the cancerous tissue was removed. Jill Biden has recently had cancerous lesions removed, also. But for the Biden’s, that’s the least of it.

This latest poll (scroll down for the in-depth graphs) from the left-leaning Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research shows just 37% of democrats say they want Biden to seek a second term, down from 52% in the weeks before last year’s midterm elections. The vast majority of adults, including most democrats, do not want Biden to run for president in 2024. Many also express little confidence in his abilities and disapprove of his handling of key issues.

Unable to articulate a response to reporters questions, slo Joe stares

March 5, 2023

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