No wonder John Kerry doesn’t visit AZ in July

July 26, 2016

On a trip to Vienna this past weekend, Secretary of State John Kerry — a global warming devotee — said the threats posed by air conditioners and refrigerators are on par with Islamic terrorism. 

No wonder he hasn’t graced the great state of Arizona with his presence. He must have heard the temperatures are routinely in the triple digits throughout the summer. He’d have a problem not using the air in his luxury hotel suite and limousine.

Kerry, it should be remembered, entered into a disastrous nuclear enrichment deal with America-hating Iranians, on behalf of Barack Obama. To sweeten the agreement — which removes sanctions against the hostile regime and ultimately enables Iran to become a nuclear power — the U.S. has made available $1 billion in frozen assets. After the initial part of the deal was cut, the Iranian dictator led mobs in chants  of death to the United States! Heritage has a fact-filled report.

But in John Kerry’s world, it’s those dastardly refrigerators and air conditioners we have to worry about. ISIS murderers aren’t the threat to the civilized world.  His talking points are those of Barack Obama. 

This is Barack Obama’s take (brief video) on the ISIS inspired violence that has invaded Western Europe and the United States at breakneck speed on a nearly daily basis.



McCain sabotaged by pal Lindsey Grahamnesty

July 7, 2016


As John McCain, at age 80, is gasping for political oxygen to sustain his final campaign for another 6-year term, his amnesty supporting fellow traveler Lindsey Graham is undermining McCain’s aspirations with a blatant pledge to revive the “Gang of 8” amnesty bill immediately after Election Day.  This means if McCain is reelected, he will once again be front and center on the irrational issue that rewards illegals with U.S. citizenship, which has been his focus since his 2005 collusion on amnesty with Ted Kennedy. It is also why he was censured by Arizona Republican elected officials in 2015.

Without a doubt, this is the last thing McCain wants dogging him as he fends off a no-nonsense conservative challenger, Dr. Kelli Ward, a family practice doctor, whose pledge to actually secure our border resonates with Arizonans, all too tired of the lies, insults and sarcasm.(watch this brief video to it’s conclusion.)

Graham’s statement is not an insignificant slip-up, but a full-scale blunder as it relates to McCain. Arizona senators have a history of perfecting their pre-election border two-step in order to skunk inattentive voters. Jon Kyl deceptively cast himself as a border hawk, as have John McCain and Jeff Flake in politically expedient reversals of their actual amnesty positions. It’s the political equivalent of a straying spouse pledging fidelity as the betrayal continues.

Although the Republicrat establishment and Democrat machinery is set to roll for another shot at amnesty in 2017 — which proponents cunningly call “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” though it has nothing to do with actual immigrants, who arrive legally. Not surprisingly, Politico reports McCain refused to discuss the possibility of another attempt to shove this costly and job killing abomination down our throats. This is Politico’s understatement: “The 2008 presidential nominee, who faces an unexpectedly tough reelection race this year, has long championed immigration reform, albeit with occasional lurches to the right.”

“All I focus on is my election. Then I set the agenda for the next year,” said McCain, the slippery former Gang of Eight architect. “I’m very superstitious about that.”

You can bet he’s working on that “agenda” right now, even as the accommodating and deceptively named Grassroots Arizona PAC funded by RINOs and out-of-state Obama donors distorts challenger Kelli Ward’s image and views.  Don’t give him a chance to implement that agenda. Cast your ballot for Dr. Kelli Ward.

*Photo credit: AP

AZ Sen. Jeff (the) Flake reveals his anti-Trump agenda

June 8, 2016

Amnesty supporter Jeff McFlake despises Trump’s wall

Think again if you thought Arizona’s junior Sen. Jeff the Flake was just coyly equivocating when he was quoted as saying,  “It’s uncomfortable not having endorsed the Republican nominee, I have to say. But I can’t at this point. I hope to be able to support the nominee. I certainly can’t right now.”

Know this. Flake was not wishing aloud for what he considers a more acceptable version of Republican nominee Donald Trump to emerge. The Flake was providing a preview of his latest scheme to throw the Republican convention into chaos and the Republican Party onto the trash heap of American politics, suffering a similar fate to that of the Whig Party.

The Political Insider site refers to Jeff Flake as “a prominent U.S. Senator.” They obviously are not paying attention to these polls, intra-party meeting and reports:

AZ Channel 3 reported that within three months of taking office Jeff Flake was the most unpopular senator in the nation.

The Daily Caller notes that both Flake and McCain — colluding with the most liberal of Democrats to pass an amnesty bill — have managed to sink their poll ratings to record lows and were in a race for the least popular senator prize with Flake even lower than the reviled McCain.

Even the left-wing Arizona Republic newspaper, inextricably bonded to promoting amnesty for illegals, nearly went apoplectic when Jeff Flake decided to pull a McCain and veered to the right pre-election. The crew needn’t have gotten so outraged.  It was only  a momentary hiccup to be used to pull him to a slim 3% victory in a race he was in the throes of losing. 

Conservative Review grades each as failing Republicans with “F” as clicks on these links illustrate: Jeff Flake and John McCain.

At the State GOP meeting, both Flake and McCain were slipped in the back door raising the fury of the elected delegates, who were none too happy with the deception orchestrated by the AZ GOP state chairman Robert Graham a longtime McCain ally. Both Flake and McCain were booed and many delegates walked out of the packed auditorium or turned their backs to the stage.

If these are the trappings of “a prominent U.S. Senator,” then Jeff the Flake might be in the running.  Otherwise, not a chance.

Van Steenwyk: Political ambition knows no bounds

June 7, 2016

The Sun City West resident known as Van the Radio Man wears a lot of hats. He is renown for his colossal ego and as a dedicated vote splitting spoiler on behalf of John McCain. He is also known as a perennial candidate who has never won a single race he’s entered.

In 2012, he ran as a write-in candidate for the Arizona House, challenging conservative incumbent Steve Montenegro. In that race, Montenegro received 39,372 votes (51.7%) Van, whose actual name is Clair Van Steenwyk, received 110 votes (0.1%).

But lack of support does not dissuade this candidate.

Here we see the man with penchants for pacing and random capitalization filed his paperwork to run for the U.S. Senate on May 2, 2016. But he’s also covering his bases, running for the U.S. House of Representatives, in Congressional District 8, where he is once again challenging U. S. Rep. Trent Franks. He filed that affidavit on May 27, 2016.

Running in the Congressional District requires 3,999 valid signatures.  It’s a bit tougher to make the ballot as a senatorial candidate. That race requires 10,234 valid signatures. Then again, in this uncertain economy, having a backup job could be prudent, even for the retiree.

Ego aside, the overriding question remains: Is running for two separate federal offices simultaneously even legal?

Sleep well. McCain has terrorists on the run….

June 3, 2016

McCain crony Tom Cotton repeats for the retread

Initially it appeared the latest in the onslaught of McCain’s campaign fundraising solicitations was sporting a new twist. In an email signed by Sen. Tom Cotton, we read, “if John McCain isn’t in the United States Senate, it’s a big win for radical Islam.” Cotton continues, “There isn’t anyone in this country — especially any liberals — who can and will do more to fight terrorists than John McCain.”

Then the pitch began to sound familiar. Sure enough, this latest missive from Sen. Cotton is a direct repeat of one that was sent in April.

This is what we wrote then. Since the inception of Seeing Red AZ in 2007, we have never repeated a post. Today is the exception.

Tom Cotton: A Cotton Pickin’ McDisappointment!

 Did you know John McCain has Islamic terrorists running scared?

This, the latest fund-raising plea for John McCain, comes from Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton:

“Let’s get straight to the point,” says Cotton. “If John McCain isn’t in the United States Senate, it’s a big win for radical Islam. There isn’t anyone in this country — especially any liberals — who can and will do more to fight terrorists than John McCain.”

Is this an example of his expertise, Sen. Cotton?

Or this 2013 misstep? A statement released by John McCain’s senate office termed it “regrettable” if the identities of the men photographed with him in Syria were confirmed to be individuals responsible for a terrorist sponsored kidnapping of 11 Lebanese Shiite pilgrims, as reported in the Beirut-based Daily Star newspaper.

John McCain was ensconced in his plush senate office when Islamic jihadis beheaded 21 Egyptian Christians in 2015.  The fact that McCain was in the senate when ISIS burned a caged Jordanian pilot alive was of no consequence to the sadistic terrorists. 

On Wednesday, with John McCain still in the U.S. Senate, atrocities continue to be committed. An official for the Kurdistan Democratic Party told Iranian news agency ABNA ISIS has been forcing women into arranged “marriages” with ISIS fighters — and have executed women and girls who refuse. The official said “at least 250 girls have so far been executed … and sometimes the families of the girls were also executed.”

This list of Islamic terror attacks on American soil is courtesy of the Religion of Peace website.

McCain, who will be 80 by Election Day and is running for another 6-year term, is obviously doing a bang-up job of eradicating “radical Islam.”  He was first elected in 1982 — when Sen. Tom Cotton was five. 

We can do better.

Border schizophrenia? BP Union opts for fence and amnesty

June 2, 2016

Arizonans are in the front line fight against illegals who swarm over, under and through the state’s porous southern border. Those other than Mexican are known as OTMs. Many come from nations designated by the U.S. State Department as sponsors of terrorism. The Blaze provides the details. In May 2011, SRAZ posted Hezbollah on our doorstep: Radical Muslims in border towns, which includes a shocking ABC News 10 (San Diego) video.

Juxtapose that information with the recent PPP poll of Arizona voters which clearly illustrates John McCain is in “deep trouble” with Republican primary voters. His bottom dragging approval ratings place him at serious risk of losing the nomination. At 80, the man who has made a career of colluding with Democrats is arrogantly running for yet another 6-year term.

Most recently John McCain and Jeff Flake led the Gang of Eight, rife with leftists and RINOs in another failed attempt to promote amnesty for those who enter the U.S. illegally. Previously Jon Kyl was McCain’s partner in the effort.

John McCain has been a consistent supporter of amnesty for illegals, going back to 2005 and his days of colluding with liberal icon Ted Kennedy on what was euphemistically referred to as “comprehensive immigration reform.” McCain has vowed to name such legislation in honor of Kennedy.

NumbersUSA provides this record and analysis of all of Sen. McCain’s illegal immigration related congressional votes, co-sponsorships and other actions during his career in Congress. 

On March 30, the National Border Patrol Council endorsed Donald Trump for President, breaking its longstanding practice of not endorsing presidential candidates in the primaries. Trump  has been steadfast in his stated intention to build a border wall.

Now try to square these facts in conjunction with this bizarre endorsement of McCain issued by Brandon Judd, President of the National Border Patrol union: 

“Senator McCain understands the challenges we face out in the field. He routinely meets with agents, and takes their concerns to Washington and gets things done. In the past session alone, Senator McCain stabilized wages, forced the GAO to review the poor sanitation and working conditions attributed to our bases of operation, and secured critical technology like towers and drones to provide better intelligence to agents in the field. We are proud to support John McCain.”


Schmuck shrinks from exposure

June 1, 2016

Candidate rolls out unusual LD 18 state senate campaign

 It’s unusual for a candidate to solicit funds by offering to personally “make a commitment” to match every donation “dollar for dollar.” It’s even more unusual to omit the party designation with which that candidate aligns. 

Within a week of launching his latest campaign — he ran and lost in 2008 — Frank Schmuck email blasts out:

“Today is the final day of the financial reporting period. That means I only have 24 hours left to build as big a war chest as possible before the next finance report. In other words, it is critical for me to show my opponent right now that I’m serious about this race and that I plan on winning.” (SRAZ omitted the screaming bold face type, excessive exclamation points and puerile underlining.)

The Republican and Democrat Parties have very different platforms which reflect conflicting positions on a wide range if issues. In order to detect where Frank Schmuck’s political comfort zone is, it took a search of his name at the Secretary of State’s campaign website to find out he’s registered as a Republican. Why he doesn’t want to tell potential voters that fundamental fact, one can only guess.  Unfortunately for Schmuck who obviously wants to appeal to anyone, none of the answers would be satisfactory. Arizona is a state where the top elective offices are solidly in the GOP column, as are the majority of legislators and Maricopa County elected officials. Many conservative Republican precinct committeemen have dedicated themselves to making those facts reality and have much to be proud of.  A search through the incumbent state senator’s donor records reveals an establishment crony, and a list heavy with lobbyists, McCain allies and PACs.

There’s a lot to run on, not from. But right out of the gate, Schmuck has oddly chosen the wrong path.


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