Abdul-Jabbar suffers from acute case of TDS

March 23, 2020

Trump Derangement Syndrome claims another victim

It’s been fifty years since basketball great Lew Alcindor, Jr. shook off his father’s name, converted to Islam and re-christened himself Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. He obviously didn’t realize he was honoring Arab slave traders as he rejected his American name. He also boycotted the 1968 Summer Olympics by opting not to try out for the U.S. Men’s Olympic Basketball team, which went on to capably win the gold medal. Abdul-Jabbar’s decision to shun the games was in protest of what he strangely regarded the unequal treatment of blacks in the United States, setting the stage for National Football League quarterback Colin Kaepernick to bend a knee rather than stand for the National Anthem decades later — though they both made $multi-millions and were idolized by fans.

This historical ignorance and rejection of America was, for a brief moment, voguish, as esteemed prize fighter Cassius Clay, Jr., also embraced Islam, ditched his father’s name and became Muhammed Ali.  He also used his new found faith as a cover for draft dodging during the Vietnam War. The ignorant Ali announced, “I ain’t got no quarrel with those Vietcong,” the communist troops aligned with ruthless dictator Ho Chi Minh, who was responsible for countless deaths in his own country and loss of life and limb of American servicemen trying to bring stability to those living under the brutal regime.

The lack of historical relevancy is worth noting since radical leftist Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has recently attacked President Donald Trump, comparing him to Nazis in Hunters Series, as reported in detail by Jay Maxson of NewsBusters. Abdul-Jabbar’s visceral Trump hatred spews like a geyser.  He also conveniently ignores the fact that the Nazi Third Reich tortured and slaughtered millions of minorities, including Jews, gypsies, and the infirm. Another pertinent fact that the black Muslim converts astonishingly disregard and as black conservative talk show host, columnist, author and lawyer Larry Elder pointed out in this column, “many know little to nothing about the vast role played by Arab and Muslim slavers in the African slave trade.”

Though the object of hero worship by fans of all races, Abdul-Jabbar was known to be rude to admirers and developed an arrogant penchant for insultingly reading the newspaper while giving interviews.

And who would have guessed that this historical revisionist actually graduated UCLA with a B.A in history?

Dem prez candidates Biden, Sanders heaven sent

March 16, 2020

Republicans watching the Democrat debate Sunday night are no doubt filled with awe, realizing God surely has a sense of humor and is wearing a MAGA hat. What else would explain the two lightweights, a Socialist and a man clearly suffering diminished mental capacity, who emerged from this list to duke it out over their party’s eventual nomination. The front-runner will face off against President Donald Trump, a task to which neither of them are equipped.

Regardless of the fact that they are in the opposition camp, it’s difficult to derive pleasure from watching a train wreck. Elderly, out of touch radicals Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden are painful to observe. Socialist Sanders referred to Coronavirus as Ebola multiple times and gaffe-master Biden didn’t disappoint, as he also remained confused. At one point when his memory failed him, Biden referred to Ebola as “the one from Africa.” He also blamed global warming for causing the Darfur Civil War, actually saying:

“The single greatest threat is climate change to our national security. As populations have to move because they can no longer live where they are because their islands are sinking, because you saw what happened in Darfur with the change of weather patterns. It causes war. It causes great migrations.”

They both support ending restrictions on the illegal invasion of our country, welcoming illegal aliens as Democrat voters. Biden specifically pledged to reinstitute “catch and release,” declaring, “No one, no one would be put in jail while waiting for their hearing.” Neil Munro, writing for Breitbart News does an exceptional job of providing the background to President Trump’s successful 2019 policy.

Sanders remains bonded to his support of Communist regimes and reiterated his pledge to impose government run health insurance — “Medicare for all” — eliminating American’s having the ability to choose the plan they desire.

With nothing substantive to offer, they deceitfully promise “free” everything and play the ‘sit or stand’ game regarding running mates, pandering for women’s votes. Biden, who frequently stumbles, lies and even contradicts himself, is so desperate that he reprehensibly pledged in advance that he will appoint a justice to the U.S. Supreme Court based solely on gender and genetic melanin — characteristics that have nothing to do with the qualifications of individual applicants.

President Donald Trump’s extraordinary record on behalf of the American people will serve him well in November.

Dems’ dilemma resolved: pick dementia over socialism

March 11, 2020

Democrats who voted in Tuesday’s national presidential primaries overwhelmingly opted* for Joe Biden. Candidates Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden have been trolling for delegates as they hope to solidify their base in preparation for the November 2020 election.

Slower than usual on the uptake, and now engaging in profanity-laced tirades with voters, Biden was far ahead of Sanders as the votes in the participating states were being tallied.

There is a strategy at play and it will hinge on who Biden picks as his running mate. He is clearly past the embarrassing gaffe and outright lying stages of his political career and is now in obvious cognitive decline. Biden can’t differentiate his wife from his sister, remember which state he is in or recall the name of Barack Obama, the former president for whom Biden served two terms as Vice President. He attributes his confusion to “being tired.”

While DNC Chair, beleaguered Tom Perez appears eager to shift focus to the general election, top Sander‘s aides indicate he isn‘t leaving. He’s scheduled to debate Biden on Sunday in Phoenix to a vacant venue, due to fears of contamination of the widespread Coronavirus or Wuhan virus.

As Biden garners the broad base of Democrat support there are two points to reflect on:

1. First and foremost, it’s important to remember that Dems are rejecting the “everything free for all,” unsustainable Socialist tripe being sown by Bernie.

2. Biden’s vice presidential choice will have to be more than a traditional VP. Democrats will need to be confident that she will need to be able to coach him and be prepared to fill the post when he is no longer able to function. “She” is not an error. This is how the Dems envision laying claim to the first female president.

In the end, however, none of it will actually matter. President Donald Trump, who has diligently been fulfilling his 2016 campaign promises, will handily win reelection.

* Continuing updated data provided by Ballotpedia

Racism allegation absurdity infects virus reports

March 10, 2020

“Racist” is the latest pejorative to be tossed around with impunity by the left which politicizes everything. The American Council on Science and Health which lists itself as “promoting science and debunking junk since 1978,” has published a very readable and enlightening commentary on the Coronavirus also known as the Wuhan virus, named for the Chinese province in which it originated.

Written by Dr. Alex Berezow, who holds a Ph.D. in microbiology, the article exposes the absurdity of the left’s obsession with racism, even when entirely inappropriate and irrational.

According to David Gura, an anchor on low-rated MSNBC, calling the virus by the name of its origin, as has long been the case, is suddenly racist — although the Chinese initially began referring to it as Wuhan.

Dr. Berezow points to the fact that the Asian Times reported on the virus, calling it Wuhan. Could it be they are racist against themselves or simply following longstanding protocol of using place names of disease origins as practical identifiers? He names a few examples:

West Nile

Lyme (named after a town in Connecticut)

Spanish flu

German measles

Norovirus (named after Norwalk, Ohio)

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome

St. Louis encephalitis

Lassa fever (named after a town in Nigeria)

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

Ebola (named after a river in Africa)

Legionnaires’ disease (named after the American Legion)

The hullabaloo is thought to have an Arizona connection, beginning when Congressman/Dr. Paul Gosar, (R-AZCD-4) posted this prudent announcement Sunday evening.

SRAZ highly recommends Dr. Berezow‘s outstanding commentary,MSNBC’s David Gura Thinks All Microbiologists Are Racists.”

Suicidal, leftist newspapers die by their own hand

February 14, 2020

McClatchy news conglomerate files bankruptcy to shed costs of print and speed shift to digital

We’ve all heard of the term, “death by a thousand cuts,” which describes a series of miscalculations culminating in a slow and painful demise. The newspaper industry is stunningly illustrative of that idiom. Bonded to delivering a leftist perspective and delivering daily insults to readers, many have not only fallen victim to the digital age, but also to their own venomous spews aimed at President Trump.

TheLetter from Leadership,” signed by Chief Executive Officer Craig Forman informing that McClatchy newspaper publishing company has filed for bankruptcy begins with these ominous words:

On February 13, 2020, we announced that we are commencing a restructuring under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code to provide McClatchy with immediate protection while we pursue approval of our proposed restructuring plan and work to definitively address the Company’s funded debt, strengthen our balance sheet, and address our pension obligations moving forward.”

While this is obviously a sad milestone after 163 years of family control, McClatchy remains a strong operating company and committed to essential local news and information,” said Kevin McClatchy, chairman of the company that has carried his family name since the days of the California Gold Rush. “While we tried hard to avoid this step, there’s no question that the scale of our 75-year-old pension plan – with 10 pensioners for every single active employee – is a reflection of another economic era.” Read more here.

This dismal admission is accompanied by a YouTube video, titled,McClatchy Transformation,” in case its employees and debtors have difficulty grasping the words. A notice accompanying the video notes “comments are turned off.”

A separate Bloomberg Report foretells the coming death of newspapers. Charles Munger, a newspaper company executive as well as a Berkshire Hathaway Inc. vice chairman, said U.S. newspapers have no future.

“Technological change is destroying the daily newspapers in America,” Munger said Wednesday in Los Angeles at the annual meeting of Daily Journal Corp., the publishing company where the billionaire businessman is chairman. “The revenue goes away and the expenses remain and they’re all dying.”

Berkshire, the conglomerate controlled by Warren Buffett, announced last month that it would sell off its newspaper holdings.

Seeing Red AZ has frequently written about the death spiral in which the Hillary-endorsing, open borders promoting Arizona Republic newspaper has placed itself. Most recently the local Gannett publication made the news as an albatross with this Phoenix Business Journal headline,Analysis: Arizona Republic’s circulation decline among steepest for Gannett papers.” A success-based business model takes root in not routinely lobbing insult-laden spit wads at paying customers. This strategic concept is foreign to the failing newspaper that was originally known as the Arizona Republican, when it was founded in 1890. Today’s edition buries two pro-Trump articles on Page 6 of the USA Today insert. ($60M+ raised for Trump in January) and (Poll: 6 in 10 doing better, credit Trump).

Gannett has its own headaches as detailed in this Forbes Business report, Reasons Why Gannett Stock Has Yet To Find A Bottom.”

 Bye, bye Biden?

February 13, 2020

How long before we see a repeat of the 1987 headline, minus the previous revelations of “plagiarism and distortions“? This all caps headline topped the front page of the Florida Sun Sentinel 33 years ago.


Former Vice President and U.S. Senator Joe Biden is clearly on a personal downhill spiral as well as not faring well with Democrat voters. As the New Hampshire Democrat Primary votes were being tallied, Biden, who recently trailed Buttigieg, Sanders and Warren in the Iowa caucus, impetuously exited New Hampshire, opting not to meet with his supporters or issue a statement as his numbers continued to plunge. Instead he headed to South Carolina to prepare for the next primary, which won‘t take place until Feb. 29. Biden appears to be skipping the Feb. 22 Nevada caucus.

As Biden has declined both physically and politically, his gaffes have accelerated. He recently insulted a college coed at a campaign forum who asked him a reasonable question. He responded by calling her alying dog-faced pony soldier.She attended the event as part of a student trip.

Not only is Joe Biden’s rationality deprived of oxygen, his campaign is not generating the necessary cash flow to stay afloat. These are the most recent FEC finance reports filed by of all of the presidential candidates.

In 1988, Biden required two brain surgeries to deal with cranial aneurysms, or brain bleeds. His eye eerily filled with blood at a town hall in September 2019.

It’s obviously past time for him to reassess his future plans and enjoy his time with family. Son Hunter can certainly afford to take Papa Joe out for a Grand Slam at Denny‘s.

Trump’s State of the Union speech: Patriots v. Petucrats

February 5, 2020

Petulance defines Democrats who have accomplished nothing on behalf of their constituents while focusing on the hoax impeachment

Watching President Donald Trump deliver his third State of the Union address to the nation Tuesday night, Americans would be hard pressed not to feel pride in his recitation of accomplishments and promises fulfilled on behalf of the people of the United States.

It was a splendid speech, delivered so brilliantly it caused applauding members of congress to stand and chant, “Four more years!” 

President Trump interspersed his speech by introducing numerous citizens — ranging from a young girl receiving a scholarship to bypass her failing school to 100-year-old Tuskegee airman Col. Charles McGee, the great-grandfather of the 13-year-old boy beside him who aspires to go to the Air Force Academy, and a reunited military family — as the president related their inspirational stories.

He awarded a clearly surprised Rush Limbaugh, seated beside First Lady Melania Trump, the Presidential Medal of Freedom one day after the conservative talk radio icon announced he was diagnosed with stage-four lung cancer. The medal, presented by Mrs. Trump, is the nation’s highest civilian honor. Limbaugh, clearly moved, wiped away tears.

Viewing the speech, given the evening before Wednesday’s impeachment vote, it was clear why President Trump’s approval ratings are soaring. Markets are reaching new highs, jobs are plentiful, incomes are increasing and unemployment is at historic lows.  But cranky Dems can’t handle the good news.  Petulant House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who appeared to be chewing the inside of her cheek, as she flipped through pages, reached a new low in civility. She and Vice President Mike Pence were seated directly behind the president on the dais. At the conclusion of his speech, she stood and in an obviously rehearsed dramatic fit, tore up her copy of his speech. (brief video.)

A notable exception was Arizona Democrat Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, wearing a vivid purple dress, rather than joining her unified female Dems clad in suffragette white, symbolizing nothing but depicting their group think. Surprisingly, Sinema rose and applauded a key provision of President Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, while the rest of her party sat in stony silence.

Earlier in the day, the much heralded Democrat Iowa caucus was a botched mess as the Dem tech geniuses couldn’t produce a timely result of which Socialist was leading, causing the Iowa party chair to refer to the debacle asunacceptable.” These are the people who want to run our country.