Hillary and McCain: Chug-a-lug buddies

December 31, 2015


There are no doubt a lot of odd couples out drinking tonight, but this one is too unsavory to devote much time to without getting queasy yourself.

The Hill reports on the oddest of odd couples and their vodka drinking contest. Chug-a-lug…..

“We have our political differences, but we sat there drinking vodka,” Clinton said.

In actuality, their political differences are few to none. McCain has called Hillary Clinton a “rock star” he could support for president.


New Year 2016: Obama transforms America

December 31, 2015


As we embark upon this New Year, there is no better time to renew our acquaintance with America’s founding documents: The Declaration of Independence, our U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

They have served us well. The least we can do is stay familiar with what they contain, hold our Republican House and Senate majorities accountable and ensure that our children know what blessings we have been given as a nation.

Then ponder this census clock, which gives us all something to think about:

One birth every 8 seconds — One death every 12 seconds — One “international migrant” (net) every 29 seconds.

May God bless us all in the coming year.

BHO’s year-end sucker punch wallops American workers

December 31, 2015

Unprecedented, expansive, foreign worker program imperils future of U.S.    

Are you or someone you know still out of work, underemployed or working multiple jobs to keep hearth and home together? If you’re a recent graduate, is your college debt taller than you are, while the jobs you are trained for are scarce? Well, listen up!  Barack Obama has an end-of-the-year surprise for you.

Acting unilaterally, the imperial president is executing yet another executive order — a massive one — circumventing congress, that will definitely impact your job prospects in 2016 and beyond.

In a sweeping year-end action, Obama’s latest display of distaste for Americans comes by way of a new proposal issued today by his Department of Homeland Security.  Not only will this expansive rule increase work permits for much cheaper-to-hire foreign college graduates, who will directly compete with, and negatively impact, Americans seeking professional level jobs — it also imperils national security at a time when it such measures should be should be tightened, rather than relaxed.

Barack Obama is making good on his promise to “fundamentally transform the United States of America.” And the foolish crowds cheered.

For all the facts, read Neil Munro’s report in Breitbart News. We recommend you do so on an empty stomach. The report also includes a method for the public to protest the executive order. We envision those forms sliding down a chute into a vast, dark hole never seen by human eyes.

Border hypocrisy, lies, flung by McCain & AZ Republic

December 30, 2015

Chronic deceit from AZ’s senators and local newspaper

Arizonans are routinely treated as fools. Not only are we subjected to colossal dishonesty on issues related to our dangerously porous border by U.S. Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake, but the open border proponents at the Arizona Republic conspire with them to bend facts to suit a distinctly leftwing agenda.

Tuesday’s editorial,* “Fences? We don’t need no stinking fences” is a case in point.  The prevailing opinion of the “editorial board,” whom we are led to believe write this preposterous dreck in unison, is that any political discussion regarding securing the border is “stuck in a time warp.”

The fence, they claim, is “a largely completed component of a broader border strategy that relies on technology” — rather than an “ugly, unneighborly concrete and steel barrier, between the U.S. and Mexico —- a valuable trading partner.”

According to the wizards at the newspaper, “solar-powered towers with radar, cameras that offer real-time and day-and-night surveillance” are part of the border technology plan. Hot off the drawing board and supposedly in place, are “underground sensors, imaging sensors, remote surveillance stations and mobile units.”

We’ve been down this road before. Since Thanksgiving was just a month ago, lets “talk turkey” instead of preposterous liberal notions.

Back in Feb. 2008, Michael Chertoff, the second Homeland INsecurity Secretary, visited our state and declared that a brand new high-tech “virtual fence” along the Arizona /Mexico border near Sasabe “looks good.”

By April of the same year, the technologically advanced virtual fence intended to provide an alternative to “divisive” walls and federal agents policing the Arizona-Mexico border was exposed as a “virtual flop.”

Two years and $700 million later, Janet Napolitano, who followed Chertoff, froze the funds for the virtual fence, before axing it altogether.

And Arizona’s senators?

Here’s the REAL John McCain as opposed to the phony candidate border hawk strolling Arizona’s southern border with Pinal Sheriff Paul Babeu and declaring the need to “complete the dang fence.”

On February 24, 2010, John McCain questioned then-Homeland INsecurity Secretary Janet Napolitano during the Budget Submission Hearing for Fiscal Year 2011, where he stated the “border fence issue has been a waste of billions of dollars.”

Who are you going to trust? John McCain or John McCain?

McCain underling Jeff Flake is also adept at differentiating his campaign border stance from this actual one. Haven’t you had enough?

*The hard copy and online versions carry different headlines and reworked content.

Dr. Kelli Ward amasses endorsements in US Senate race

December 29, 2015

Conservative challenge to John McCain gaining momentum

Breitbart News, evidencing a depth of understanding of the plight of unrepresented Arizona Republicans, has done a masterful job — through a series of posts —- of introducing the nation to former state senator, Kelli Ward.  

Ward, a physician who recently resigned her legislative post to devote full time to the demanding U.S. Senate race, has been traveling the state connecting with voters. Wherever she travels, she is viewed as a welcome relief to John McCain, who works against the interests of the citizenry and blithely lies while doing so. McCain, who has been censured by the elected state committeemen of his own party, will be 80 by Election Day. He is running for a sixth six-year term.

Monday, Breitbart reported on the list of principled state legislators and political leaders who have come forward to endorse Dr. Kelli Ward’s candidacy. The news site notes that these endorsements come in addition to early December news that the Second Amendment defending group Gun Owners of America endorsed Ward over McCain.

The first major endorsement list of her campaign also includes nearly a third of the state senators who have chosen to back Ward over the establishment candidate McCain.

“Arizona needs strong and consistent leadership that can be counted on,” Ward says. “What we have right now is a track record of broken promises and a laundry list of failed policies that are hurting Arizona and its people —  this needs to end. I am happy to have the support of my colleagues as we work together to change the direction of Washington.”

An August poll showed Ward beating McCain by nine percent. Then In October she released impressive fundraising numbers, bringing in over half a million dollars for her first quarterly report. The money was raised from 2,100 individual donations. None of those contributors are lobbyists or D.C. interests — unlike McCain, who relies on those and other unsavory sources for funding.

Meet Dr. Kelli Ward. Tell your neighbors about her. Make sure you vote.


H/T Saguaro Sam

AZ CD 2 Rep. McSally’s shamefully low Liberty Score

December 28, 2015

Martha McSally garners ‘F’ rating from Conservative Review

Warning that Conservatives are going to vote, Conservative Review (CR) has made a list. They’re checking it twice. They’ve found out who’s been naughty, not nice.

CR names the 15 House Republicans with the worst Liberty Scores in 2015, adding, “if your representative is on this naughty list, consider making a New Year’s resolution to find new representation.”

One Arizonan comes in at Number Three.

Any idea who that might be?

We’ll give you a hint, a small clue should suffice.

It’s a last name link that’ll make you cringe twice.

It’s meaning is “son of” but this is a ‘daughter

And as we hope he goes, follow him, she ought’a.

These are some of the votes that earned Martha McSally the disgraceful 25% ‘F’ Liberty rating:

  • Voted for John Boehner 1/6/2015
  • Voted to Fund Obama’s Amnesty 3/3/2015
  • Voted for $500 Billion Healthcare Bill 3/26/2015
  • Voted to fast track TPP 6/18/2015
  • Voted to Fund Planned Parenthood 9/30/2015
  • Voted to raise debt ceiling by $1.5 Trillion 10/28/2015
  • Voted to expand federal involvement in education 12/3/2015
  • Voted for 1,300 page $305 Billion Highway Bailout Bill 12/3/2015

McSally’s 2016 statement of candidacy can be seen here.

The Tucson Sentinel has covered her mega campaign finance reporting errors. We’re concentrating on Martha McSally’s disastrous votes that expose her as a charlatan posing as a Republican.

Dems push HR 569: Death knell for 1st Amendment

December 27, 2015

Liberal lemmings leap at ending any and all discourse and education regarding the global threat posed by Islamic jihadists

The Gatestone Institute, an international policy council chaired by Ambassador John R. Bolton, and listing Phoenix physician M. Zuhdi Jasser, M.D. as a member of its Board of Advisers, has this quote at the top of its web page.

“Let us tenderly and kindly cherish, therefore, the means of knowledge. Let us dare to read, think, speak, and write.”

—John Adams

In this Dec. 26 post, Jihad: “All the Fault of the West!” historian and journalist Lars Hedegaard who serves as President of the Danish Free Press Society, delivers some stunning news, beginning his analysis with these words:

As long as we in the West are not prepared to take Muslims at their word when they claim to be waging bloody jihad because it is their religious obligation, we have no chance of repelling the current onslaught on the West.

In the United States, a House of Representatives bill, H. Res. 569, has been sponsored that would censor one of the few countries left with freedom of speech. The bill, in accordance with the 10-year plan of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), would criminalize all criticism of Islam, worldwide.

A group in the U.S. House of Representatives has sponsored H. Res. 569, in condemnation of violence, bigotry and “hateful rhetoric” toward Muslims in the U.S.  It has been referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary.

This bill comes on the heels of Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s post-San Bernardino outrageous statement to the Muslim American community that she will prosecute anyone guilty of anti-Muslim speech. Passage of this legislation will be the death knell for the First Amendment and the end of any and all discourse and education about the threat posed by the global jihad.

The treacherous House Resolution was sponsored by U.S. Rep. Donald S. Beyer, Jr., a Virginia Democrat. It was introduced Dec. 17, 2015. Read the complete text of the Resolution and the list of left-wing co-sponsors.

Arizona Democrat Reps. Raul Grijalva (CD 3) and Ruben Gallego (CD 7) have shamefully signed on to this repressive lunacy which, if passed, signals not only the restriction, but the utter and complete death of the First Amendment.

Heritage Foundation reminds us that the oath of office taken by all members of Congress at the beginning of each term of office obligates them to observe the limits of their authority and act in accordance with the powers delegated to them by the Constitution.

These Democrats obviously think they are above such mundane restrictions.

Splendid Christmas gift…. a day late

December 26, 2015

Today, Dec. 26, we gift you with Larry Elder’s column, “15 Questions for the Dem candidates.” The queries, never posed by the debate moderators, provide thought-provoking reading.

If you were masochistic enough to watch the recent dreary Democrat debate — purposely scheduled on a  pre-holiday Saturday night to exclude even the most ardent politicos with lives — you’d have noticed nothing near the caliber of these questions was asked. The reason is not rocket science. Even registered Democrats have trouble believing the less than trustworthy Hillary Clinton.

“A matter of faith”: Islamic Somalia bans Christmas

December 25, 2015

Remember Somalia? In 1992, American troops on a humanitarian mission known as ‘Restore Hope,’ began assisting in relief operations in the famine plagued African nation. Ultimately thirty American military personnel lost their lives and 153 were wounded. The vision that remains is the horrific spectacle of the mutilated bodies of dead U.S. soldiers being dragged through the streets by cheering Somali mobs — the very people Americans thought they had rescued from starvation.

Fast forward to Dec. 2015. The government of Somalia has issued an edict prohibiting Christmas and New Year’s celebrations in the Muslim country of approximately 10 million, saying the festivities “have nothing to do with Islam.”

“We warn against celebration of Christmas, which is only for Christians,” Sheikh Mohamed Kheyrow, director of Somalia’s ministry of religion, said on state radio. “This is a matter of faith. The Christmas holiday and its drum beatings have nothing to with Islam.”

Kheyrow said the ministry has sent letters to the police, national security intelligence and officials in the capital Mogadishu instructing them to “prevent Christmas celebrations.”

The announcement had echoes of Islamist militants al Shabaab, which controlled the capital Mogadishu until 2011. Among their edicts was to ban Christmas celebrations.

It is now being reported that Somalia, two thousand miles from Syria, is a new recruiting hotbed for ISIS terrorists.

2015: Joyous Christmas Wishes

December 25, 2015


With sincere best wishes for a Merry Christmas to all of our readers.

May the peace and goodwill of this season be with us all. We express our gratitude to our service personnel, many stationed far from their own families, who ensure our countless freedoms.

May God continue to bless America.

Seeing Red AZ