Is there a worthy elected Republican in AZ?…

January 31, 2021

…Not according to the dying Arizona Republic

In its effort to disparage, discredit and displace elected Republicans at every level, the gravely ailing local newspaper, a failing leftist bastion, is exhibiting renewed vigor since the Harris/Biden team was installed less than two weeks ago and Soros supported Mark Kelly, a Second Amendment restrictionist won a U.S. Senate seat. Now he joins Kyrsten Sinema in voting to impeach former President Trump a second time, an obvious act of retribution and toadying to the DC carnivores, since Trump is no longer an office holder.

Nothing and no one is off the sacrificial chopping block. The newspaper has in-turn and in-tandem, irresponsibly hammered steadfast AZ GOP members of Congress Paul Gosar (CD-4), Andy Biggs (CD-5), David Schweikert (CD-6) and Debbie Lesko (CD-8), united in their support of the Republican president. Recently re-elected GOP chairman Dr. Kelli Ward, a family practice physician and former state senator, has repeatedly been on the receiving of the newspaper’s bile spews.

The newspaper, known to many as the Repukelic, never lets facts get in the way of deceitful sensationalizing. Skewed news is routine. Now that the staff is down to a skeletal crew who voted to unionize, columnists, though on imposed money saving shortened schedules have been turned into quasi-reporters, with a hate-laden agenda, seemingly paid by the number of venomous words.

The appropriately named Karina Bland who writes about menopause and inanities, is frequently replaced by Clay Thompson “classics.’ Thompson, who died in 2018, doesn’t have to be paid.

Laurie Roberts, who previously specialized in child abuse exposes, now spews hate with the same vengeance as wild dem extremist, EJ Montini. His column today is titled, “80-year-old explains why state GOP is going to hell.” Columnist Robert Robb, who once presented himself as the sole voice of reason, gave up that charade for job security.

It gets worse.  AZ Rep. Raul Grijalva, has the gall to demand the committee assignments of AZ Rep. Paul Gosar, D.D.S. be striped until Gosar’s role in the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol has been “investigated” — although not a single charge has been brought against any members of Congress.

Grijalva is the Alinsky socialist militant, open borders leftist with a history of radicalism, who used nearly $50,000 of taxpayer money to pay off a staffer, buying her silence about him repeatedly showing up at the office drunk.

In 2010 SRAZ posted,The real Raul Grijalva: At war with Arizona citizens,” detailing his plan to wage an economic boycott against Arizona for passing a law to secure our border.

Arizona’s citizens deserves better than Grijalva. He needs to be primaried.


AZ GOP senators proceed with 2020 election audit

January 30, 2021

Arizonans looking for fact-based information regarding contentious issues in our state know the radically leftist, Hillary-endorsing, Trump-hating Arizona Republic is not the place to find it. The newspaper dramatically lost subscribers in the wake of the blowback from the 2016 endorsement. They have not returned.

A reliable source is The Gateway Pundit. This Jan. 29, 2021 post,HUGE NEWS! Arizona State Senate Hires Its Own Independent, Qualified, Forensic, Auditing Firm to Analyze 2020 Results,” exemplifies in-depth information that is either never seen or discredited by the far-left local newspaper that has actually threatened its few remaining Republican subscribers.

The Gateway Pundit report includes a comprehensive press release from Arizona State Senate President Karen Fann (R-LD 1) that is definitely worth your time.

Arizona Republicans don’t buckle under hard left partisan pressure. We seek the truth…a scarce commodity at the local newspaper, which has fallen on well-deserved hard times.

Joe Biden: A self-admitted dictator who embraces “strange notions”

January 29, 2021

“I have this strange notion, we are a democracy … if you can’t get the votes … you can’t [legislate] by executive order unless you’re a dictator. We’re a democracy. We need consensus.”

— Presidential candidate Joe Biden October 15, 2020

Joe Biden has been in Washington long enough, nearly half a century, to be adept at democrat high jinks and duplicity. In just over a week — he was inaugurated January 20, 2021 — Biden has already signed over three dozen executive orders, the very things he previously said represented the actions of dictators.

Claiming he would be theunity president,” Biden has set a presidential record circumventing congress to shove through his extremist priorities.

In demspeak, unifying and undoing are interchangeable words.

On Day 1 in office, doing the bidding of his handlers, frail puppet Joe signed 17 executive orders that were already prepared and on the desk in leather binders awaiting his arrival and signature.

The latest Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll doesn’t bode well for Biden who has already divided the nation. His presidential Approval Index rating is -5.

Your tax $$ at work: ASU does “equity” cloaked as equality

January 28, 2021

Hopping on the trendiest of leftist misadventures, Arizona State University launches its Center for the Future of Equality. If your kids are of ethnic European heritage, understand they will be marginalized in every aspect of their higher education, regardless of their GPA and other scholastic achievements. Thanks to the deification of drug addicted, (Hennepin County Autopsy Report, page 2), career criminal George Floyd, incarcerated numerous times, we have entered the bizarre self-flagellation era of Melanin Matters. Floyd’s rap sheets can be viewed in the link.

To be brought up to speed on what the leftist, agendized social reformers at Arizona State University are actually proclaiming, read,Equality vs. equity in Joe Biden’s America,” by John Leonard.

The preferred educrat term of the moment is equity, replacing equality, although used interchangeably when it suits their purposes. Equality is based on a universally assured fairness. Equity is a concept newly contrived by the Harris/Biden administration that imposes a vague, illogical concept of “fairness” now based on the amount of melanin in your skin pigment or whether you are at odds with the gender you were born.

You’re invited
Issues of social inequality, racism and economic disparity remain at the forefront of the most serious challenges facing America. The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified their complexity and diminished the confidence and resources of many Americans, yielding serious implications for our nation’s overall health, security and social cohesion. Moreover, business, government and civil sectors have put forth few sustainable solutions.

To move beyond publishing research and reports, ASU is launching a new kind of academic endeavor – An ASU Center for the Future of Equality – to create tangible and useful products that communities can use to help reduce the effects of inequality.

Please join us on February 11 at 1 p.m. MST for a special, virtual launch event where we will unveil additional details, including the Center’s full name, and hear from ASU President Michael M. Crow, other university leaders, and Executive Director Ehsan Zaffar, about the inception and realization of this initiative. We will also share our plans for 2021 and opportunities for collaboration.

Liberals morph into progressives, though actually regressive

January 27, 2021

The big con word game

As Americans watch the incoming Harris/Biden administration systematically dismantle the U.S. Constitution and abandon its principles, we are told this is the awakening of progressivism. In today’s vernacular, they have “woke.”

Liberals, like cicadas, have gone underground and progressives have emerged making equally loud noises. The metamorphosis has been aided by the media’s warm embrace of the word “progressive.” The term sounds forward thinking, belying the fact that it is actually ‘regressive,’ which is the proper term for deviant thinking and corrupt actions.

The English language is unusually descriptive and is said to contain more than a million words, excluding those related to specific areas of study such as science, medicine and the law, though adult English speakers use far fewer, with democrats leading the pack of language misusers.

Their term of the moment is equity, replacing equality. Equality is based on a universally assured fairness. Equity is a concept newly contrived by the Harris/Biden* administration that imposes a vague, illogical concept of “fairness” now based on the amount of melanin in your skin pigment. For an enlightening insight into the scheme read, “Equality vs. equity in Joe Biden’s America,” by John Leonard.

With radical “progressives” in charge and dedicating their time to waging a second impeachment war against former President Donald Trump, we are witnessing overkill. Impeaching someone who is not an office holder is an exercise in futility. But remember this: Those “progressives” not only want Trump’s head on a platter, they are coming for ours next. There is nothing progressive about bitterness and raw hatred. It’s time to call dems by a more appropriately descriptive title: “regressive.”

 *Declining Joe Biden is widely regarded as her interim placeholder.

Dem power grab: Protects voter fraud, stifles dissent

January 26, 2021

No voter ID, ballot harvesting are among dangerous Constitutional tampering given green light

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson provides an insight into the Biden administration’s most sweeping attempt at transforming the United States. Fox’ Charles Creitz headlines the report,Tucker: Democrats’ sweeping ‘For The People Act’ would ‘enshrine fraud,’ as lawmakers seek to stifle dissent.”

You won’t read about this incursion into our most basic rights of voting and free speech in the Biden-supporting local news.

Carlson warns of the many dangers of the reintroduced “H.R. 1.,” the “For The People Act,” a nearly 800-page bill sponsored by U.S. Rep. John Sarbanes (D-MD.) The House passed the bill on March 8, 2019 by a vote of 234–193 along straight party lines. As of January 2021, it has not been passed by the Senate, though it’s a democrat priority.

“The ‘For The People Act’ is the foundation of the Democratic Party strategy to control the federal government well into your grandchildren’s middle age. Take a look at it,” the host warned. “Like most revolutionary documents, it’s not a very exciting read — nothing sounds especially radical at first. The bill begins by declaring that contrary to Article I of the United States Constitution — Congress has an “ultimate supervisory power over federal elections.” Carlson notes that under the constitution, handling of elections is largely left to the states, but that the Democrats’ bill would essentially nationalize what he called the ‘Californian election system.’

Populist Press headlines its revealing report, “Democrats introduce bill that will destroy America With One Swipe,” that features a summary of the fourteen key points that are intended to open the floodgates to nationally endorsed voter fraud.  If you care about our nation’s future, the list is crucial reading.

A line in Sarbanes’ bill reads that a state government cannot require voters to provide “any form of identification” in seeking an absentee ballot. Among other dangerous absurdities, it also allows 16-year-olds to vote.

Under H.R. 1, ballot harvesters could freely go house to house and apartment to apartment collecting unknown thousands of ballots and then dump them all in a ballot drop box. No one would have any idea if those ballots had been tampered with at any point along the way or would there be any way to prove it if they had been tampered with,” Carlson noted.

“H.R. 1 also makes it harder for election observers to file complaints about any of this because complaining is racist. A system like that is suicidal for democracy and no other free country would tolerate it.”

Carlson further pointed out that Canada and France have prohibitions on mail-in ballots, while the party in power in the U.S. seeks to expand them.

“Unity” Pres. Biden is front man for constitutional crisis

January 25, 2021

Dems’ illegitimate impeachment is against a private citizen. Donald Trump is no longer president. Its intent to demonize not only Pres. Trump but also his 74 million supporters will have profound repercussions in future elections

On his Fox news program, “Life, Liberty & Levin,” aired on Sunday, legal authority, constitutional scholar and conservative political pundit Mark Levin succinctly zeroed in on what America is facing with Joe Biden in the Oval Office:

“Joe Biden made much of the word unity. Nothing that Joe Biden has done since his inauguration speech demonstrates any form of unity. It’s conformity. Conformity. He’s there proudly signing one executive order after another. These executive orders do what? Taxpayer-paid-for abortion on demand, even one minute before birth.The Paris climate accords, which ought to be a treaty, and ties our hands, plus his war on American energy. Who benefits from that? Communist China, of course. So, that does more damage to us than communist Chinese could ever hope to do. Open borders. The Iran deal. The World Health Organization that is controlled by communist Chinese and lied to us and caused us grave damage at the beginning of this virus.”

Levin continued, “He’s destroyed women’s sports because now boys who are genetically still boys get to participate in women’s sports, so that will affect the girls for a very, very long time in our high schools, colleges and universities. What else? COVID-19. He comes up with a $1.9 trillion package that has almost nothing to do with COVID-19. Massive payoffs to the teachers’ unions, to blue state mayors, to blue state governors to help them pay off the debt they acquired long before the virus. And he has no real vaccine distribution plan. He says I want 100 million vaccines given in 100 days. Well, guess what. He took office. We were doing a million each day, which means 100 million in 100 days. His only plan in that regard is to trash Trump, to dumb down all those achievements, and to make an absurd claim that he has done some great job. There’s been no unity. In fact, we have a situation now, where I think we are in a constitutional crisis.”

Levin’s monologue continued and can be accessed by clicking on the link in the second paragraph.

You might want to read his words a second time to fully digest what America is up against with emboldened socialists in control of our nation. Trump hatred rages to the extent that all of his accomplishments are being systematically obliterated. Biden signed 17 Executive Orders prepared by his handlers, and which it’s a good bet he never read, his first day in office. This destructive agenda will only worsen after radically leftist Kamala Harris, who as a short term U.S. Senator voted to the left of avowed socialist Bernie Sanders, moves into presidency as Joe Biden’s cognitive decline becomes an unable to be disguised reality. Non-partisan Govtrack ranked Harris the most politically left compared to all senators.

Flood of illegals: Texas AG leads again. Where’s AZ AG Brnovich?

January 24, 2021

As the pandemic rages and unemployment skyrockets, Joe Biden delivers on his scheme to increase the heft of the democrat party regardless of its impact.

On his first day in office, he signed an executive order to stop border wall construction and issued a moratorium on deportations of illegal aliens — opening the floodgates for thousands of impoverished Central Americans to enter our nation and undercut the salaries of struggling Americans. There is no plan to test them for the deadly global virus.

Saying his state will face “irreparable harm,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit on Friday that seeks to halt Biden’s policy to block deportations for “100 days” — during which time the illegals, many with criminal records, will fan out over the U.S. and not be seen again.

“In one of its first of dozens of steps that harm Texas and the nation as a whole, the Biden administration directed DHS to violate federal immigration law and breach an agreement to consult and cooperate with Texas on that law. Our state defends the largest section of the southern border in the nation. Failure to properly enforce the law will directly and immediately endanger our citizens and law enforcement personnel,” said Attorney General Paxton. “DHS itself has previously acknowledged that such a freeze on deportations will cause concrete injuries to Texas. I am confident that these unlawful and perilous actions cannot stand. The rule of law and security of our citizens must prevail.”

This is a copy of the letter AG Paxton sent to David Pekoske, Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

Read the Emergency Application for a Temporary Restraining Order.

This is the legal complaint.

Arizona is also a border state facing the identical flood of illegal aliens. In December 2018, we joined with Texas’ Attorney General Paxton who led a ten state coalition filing a friend-of-the-court brief with the U.S. Supreme Court supporting President Trump’s authority to rescind the unlawful Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. DACA unilaterally granted lawful presence and work permits to over a million illegal aliens without congressional authorization.

Don’t bother looking for more. Not a word about the border invasion, worsened in the time of a deadly pandemic, has independently come from Arizona‘s Attorney General

Take a look at follower Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s press release pages to see what he busies himself with. A “No contact document Shred-A-Thon,” in vulnerable border county Yuma topped his list this past week as Joe Biden was opening the border.

Breaking: AZ GOP state committeemen reelect Trump supported Kelli Ward chairman

January 23, 2021

AZ GOP Chair Kelli Ward’s plan for future successes

Arizona’s statewide Republican elected State Committeemen are assembling today at the Statutory meeting to elect party officers and conduct other official business. Many of our readers are party activists.

This 4 minute video titled “Reckoning is definitely worth your time. Watch it before you cast your vote.

Chairman Dr. Kelli Ward, running for reelection, explains where we’ve been and the future ahead:

“In 2020, Arizona faced a political reckoning. The Mainstream Media, the Left, and the D.C. Pundit Class breathlessly predicted that this would finally be the year that Arizona turned blue. The Democrats and their national allies went all-in to try and flip our state. To put it bluntly, Democrats were aiming for a knockout punch. But once all the dust settled, it was clear that Republicans held the line. Now begins the war for the heart and soul of Arizona.”

Dr. Kelli Ward a former two-term state senator and family practice physician, has capably led our party and done so graciously and with boundless energy. There is no learning curve for this exceptional woman, who has won the endorsement of President Trump as seen in this video. She has earned and deserves your vote.

AZ Republicans have a great Foundation to build upon

January 22, 2021

Dr. Kelli Ward, chairwoman of the Arizona Republican Party is a featured Townhall columnist today. This is an especially important read since she is running for reelection to the state GOP’s top post tomorrow, Saturday, January 23.

Take a few minutes to acquaint yourself with the many accomplishments under her skilled leadership, including the three-pronged approach that focuses on fundraising, candidate support, and activating the grassroots. She reminds us that congressional redistricting is approaching and Arizona Republicans are well-positioned to pick up another seat in the U.S. House of Representatives and regain our majority in Arizona’s congressional delegation. This is of paramount importance as we move forward.

If you are an elected state committeeman, Dr. Kelli Ward deserves your vote. This is not a time for untested leadership. If you are a grassroots activist, Arizona needs your support to accomplish the goals ahead. The backbone of our party are the precinct committeemen.  Become one! (This page will be updated.)

Read Chairman Kelli Ward’s enlightening column HERE.