The real Raul Grijalva: At war with Arizona citizens

Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Jerry Kammer writes: From Chicano Radical to Congressman.

Take the time to acquaint yourself with Arizona’s District 3 Congressman Raul Grijalva. He is the stellar liberal who exhibits greater allegiance to illegal aliens than his state’s own citizens, calling for a “boycott of Arizona goods, services and tourism,” as a response to the new law making it a state crime to be in the country illegally.

“I support some very targeted economic sanctions on the state of Arizona,” Grijalva recently told the radical left-wing Democracy Now! broadcast. “We will be asking national organizations — civil, religious, political — not to have conferences and conventions in the State of Arizona. There has to be an economic consequence to this action and to this legislation.”

Using the signature Alinskyite tactics of the community organizer he once was, the law had to be fought at “a political, legal and economic level,” he said. Aside from a boycott, he also wants the federal government to stop cooperating with Arizona, a move he says “would render much of this legislation moot and ineffective,” according to a blistering editorial in Investor’s Business Daily.

With Arizona’s unemployment rate currently at 9.4%, the citizens of his southwest Arizona district must be thrilled with the representation they are getting.

Watch as Congressman Grijalva, whose district includes 300 miles of the U.S. Mexico border,  walks away from a CNS News reporter asking about his commitment to sealing the border and protecting American youth from the influx of illegal drugs.

11 Responses to The real Raul Grijalva: At war with Arizona citizens

  1. Jon Altmann, ISCS, USN (Ret.) says:

    Respectfully, I have decided to boycott Raul Grijalva.

  2. sherriaz says:

    Considering where his district is located, I don’t know how likely it will be that he is thrown out of office. However, I would personally be willing to send money to a Republican opponent who takes this creep on. This guy is all about power for himself at the cost of the safety of the people of his district. If they are too thick to get that and are more concerned about the continuation of illegals crossing into this country, then they deserve the representation they get.

    He may be a perfect fit for his district, but I guess I’d like to believe that there would be enough Americans in his district more concerned with border safety than hysterical posturing of supposed racial profiling.

  3. Kent says:

    You’re kidding, right? This guy isn’t actually a Congressman. He looks like a refugee.

  4. Maggie says:

    Quite an article by Mr. Kammer and quite a video clip. He’s one scary guy. It’s amazing he gets reelected.

  5. American Dad says:

    Why “respectfully,” Mr. Altmann? Grijalva has no respect for any citizen in this state. His allegiances lie with the illegals coming across our border in violation of our laws. Did you watch that video or read the article linked in the first sentence of the post? Those should make you rethink who you respect. I care more about the future of my children than to give this slug an iota of respect.

    • Jon Altmann, ISCS, USN (Ret.) says:

      American Dad: “respectfully” because he’s a U.S. Congressman and I try to have some manners, regardless of the opponent. If Arizona loses a seat in Congress due to the census … perhaps it would be the one being held by a Congressman who wants to boycott his own state, its economy and its workers.

      If we don’t maintain some respect, who will?

  6. dad says:

    1. Jon, send a check to Ruth McClung.

    2. Sherriaz:

    3. Others: This year, we have an opportunity to rid ourselves of an embarrassment serving (I use the word loosly) us in Washington. Send money; support Ruth.

  7. American Dad says:

    Mr. Altmann:
    Respect is earned.

    As to your question, “If we don’t maintain some respect who will?” Do you have any limits on who qualifies as recipients of your lavish concept of respect? Would you agree there are many who are not worthy? I would certainly withhold respect from one who disrespects the very citizens he is pledged to represent.

    I suspect you think such grandiose statements make you sound thoughtful and a cut above the hoi polloi. In fact they make you sound thoughtLESS.

  8. MacBeth says:

    I’ve always thought Grijalva was a jerk. Now I realize I was wrong. He is a racist who puts Mexico and illegals before America and her citizens. He needs to be tossed out. I hope he has a viable challenger.

  9. Connecticut Yankee says:

    My brother sent me a link to this site last year, so although I live outside of Arizona, I read Seeing Red AZ with regularity. I was amazed to see this man and read he is a Congressman. What a treat for those of you who must feel a profound sense of embarrassment.

  10. sherriaz says:

    Thanks, Dad , for the link. I will send off a check this weekend! I advise others to do the same if you wish to rid Arizona of a REAL racist.