Deakin not ready for prime time

U. S. Senate challenger Jim Deakin demonstrated again that he’s not ready for prime time as he virtually collapsed while making his own closing statement during last night‘s televised debate. If he is unable hold up under the pressure of a debate, how would he manage in the rough and tumble world of Washington, D.C.?

Yet John McCain complimented him, saying “Jim you did a good job tonight, your first time out.”

The gratuitous compliment lends credibility to the buzz that Deakin is an integral part of the McCain strategy, to siphon enough votes from Hayworth to ensure a victory for the McMaverick — a man who can be counted on to continually stick his finger in the eye of his own party.

Deakin supporters should remember that a vote for Jimmie Lee Deakin is the same as a vote for Ross Perot was in 1992. Each of those votes translated to a boost for Bill Clinton. Votes for Deakin will ensure McCain another six-year term.

Believe it.


8 Responses to Deakin not ready for prime time

  1. BarnStormer7 says:

    Hey, the guy is the shorter one of the bunch – and short guys can put up the best fight. He’s right – the other two are professional politicians and need to take blame for the junk that happened on their watches.
    I know Deakin is a far stretch, but a lot of folks I know will vote for him because they don’t want Johnny MacAttack and they don’t see JD as much different.
    I’m going to flip a coin when I get my ballot, but I am having a problem finding a three-sided coin.

  2. LD 7 PC says:

    So you’re ready to sacrifice American children’s future? That’s what you’re advocating if you aid McCain’s quest for a 35 year career. He will revert back to his gifts of amnesty for millions of lawbreakers and our own Americans will grow up in a third world country, which you seem to think is just a hoot.

    JD Hayworth is a knowledgable and decent man. He is also far superior to Mccain in intellect. I know and trust him. I also know John McCain and wouldn’t support him under any circumstances. This is serious business. Three-sided coins have no place in this discussion.

  3. Sigmund Freud says:

    There is but one word to describe Jimmie Deakin: SPOILER.

    I find him an appallingly arrogant little man, who is in this race solely to bolster McCain.

  4. savetheusa says:

    Perot never elected Clinton. If you look at the data is show that the Perot vote was made up of 38% Republican and 38% Democrats. If Perot was not in the race they would have went back to their own parties. The very fact that Bush 41 demanded that Perot be included in the debates show that Bush needed Perot to take votes away from Clinton. If Prot was not in the race in 92 all data shows that Bush would have lost by a larger margin. Jim Deakin will not cost anyone any votes. A vot for Jim is a vote for Jim. A vote for JD is a vot for JD. A vote for McCain is a vote for McCain. It is time to stop al of this nonsense about swinging elctions because someone is in the race! Both have bankrupted the nation.

  5. charlotteW says:


    You very accurately described Jimmy Lee. Many months ago I said he was getting support from McCain and his 10 suppoters attacked me for it telling me to prove it. I am sure we will.

    I sound like a broken record but Deakin himself told me he thinks Mccain is more Conservative than Hayworth. Any fool knows Deakin is lying. His wife told me if JD gets in the race Jim will stay in so McCain will win. Lets hope after last nights performance his remaining supporters will get him out the race.

  6. LD20er says:

    From the beginning, it was clear that two candidates have the goal of re-electing John McCain. The third candidate is JD Hayworth.

    Deakin NEVER criticized McCain alone, only when he could piggy-back JD on the criticism.

    Mr. Deakin may hope to benefit from the gratitude of John McCain, but he’ll soon learn that what he says about incumbents applies to Jim Deakin as well. John McCain won’t give him the time of day, and every Arizonan will have 6 years to show their opinion of Jim Deakin for helping to re-elect John McCain.

    I notice that Deakin didn’t try to rerun his attempt to brand JD as a cap-and-trade supporter with the 2005 resolution HR6. The video was edited for the Deakin website but those who attended the LD session know how JD pinned Deakin to the wall on that one.

    With such tactics, Deakin shows that any rumor of his alliance with McCain is well-founded.

    Mr. Deakin, you’ll find Arizonans have long memories. You’ll get the cold shoulder at your LD meetings (assuming you even continue as a PC), and the Tea Parties will largely fizzle out with their lackluster achievement record here in Arizona.

    We need informed activists who can do more than shout and wave signs at rallies–who can exercise informed votes and mobilize to defeat measures like Prop 100-the “temporary tax increase.”

    U.S. Senator is NOT an entry-level job, no matter what slogans activist wannabes chant.

    Too bad Mr. Deakin didn’t get a little experience and knowledge before he jumped in at the deep end.

  7. Kate says:

    McCain should give Little Jimmy Dickens the “McCain Medal of Honor” for playing the fool for McCain. We had the chance to rid ourselves of this anchor holding the Republican Party in decline and up pops the snake out of the ground to diminish our chances. Where are the tar and feathers?