Disgusted with Maverick McCain? Obama’s not


Politico is reporting on the “new power triangle.” Think of it as Obama’s McDream Team.

The article exposes the John McCain Arizonans know too well and conservatives hold in total disdain. It begins: “Barack Obama, to hear his advisers tell it, has finally found The One he has been looking for: John McCain.

We have been looking literally for years for someone we can cut deals with, and finally someone has stepped up,” a White House official said. West Wing aides say they now talk with McCain roughly every other day.”

McCain ‘stepped up” because that’s who he is.

Widely regarded as an Arizona carpetbagger in 1982, John McCain had to be persuaded to run as a Republican during his initial House race in what was then Arizona’s First Congressional District. McCain hoped to succeed steady Republican U. S. Rep. John J. Rhodes, the highly respected U.S. House Minority Leader — elected to that post by acclamation.  A popular conservative, Rhodes served the district for 30 years until his retirement.

Squishy McCain was informed by powerful state Republican Party leaders that their support would be contingent upon his party commitment.  He acquiesced and won. But his alliances have always been in left field. McCain was able to come to terms with his deceit by reconfiguring himself as “a maverick.”

16 Responses to Disgusted with Maverick McCain? Obama’s not

  1. sgtflapjaw says:

    Please! Someone who can use Photo Shop move them closer to- gether in this picture so that they can lip kiss. I am sure that they do it when the camera is not present.

  2. GOP PC says:

    John McCain has all the ethics of a snake. As a relative Arizona newcomer (coming up on a dozen years), I appreciate the background on McCain. When I first became involved politically here I was surprised to find that the Arizona conservatives I met nearly uniformly detest him. It didn’t take me long to understand why and join the legions.

  3. pcrcPC says:

    but he keeps getting elected.

    that’s what we get when we favor party “unity” over principles and the platform.

    if we do not have the strength to say “no” that’s what we will get, and its exactly what we deserve.

    • Fought For My Country says:

      McCain keeps getting elected for several reasons.
      One: AZ newcomers, of which there are many, know his name and very often no others on the ballot.
      Two: Senior citizens identify with him and far too many older vets believe his tales of heroism. This is not to take away from his years as a POW, but some of those who were imprisoned with him dispute his self serving stories. They even made an anti-McCain video during one of his campaigns for the presidency.
      Three: There are those who don’t realize that his concept of maverickism is continuingly aligning with the Democrats and AGAINST Republicans.
      Four: He has money. Lots of it! It comes with incumbency, and his also comes from the left. And let’s not forget he is married to a beer heiress.

      • Justin says:

        This might be the video you’re talking about. If it’s not, it’s damn good and still worth watching. My dad was a Vietnam vet and hates McCain.

  4. CD 9 says:

    Ask Rob Haney about Mcliar and the investigation into the Mia/POW issue. Since we know McTraitor is really a Democrat and Kerry is a Democrat, can we then say all Cowardly Traitors are Democrats?

  5. Doc says:

    So, to ALL th’ folks who voted for mcStain over Consistant Conservative JD Hayworth, I just have 1 word for you…

  6. Doc says:

    From the POLITICO article: “They now talk on the phone five or six times each day. “I run out of juice,” McCain said.”

    …THAT was probably a little more info than we needed…

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      I’d venture a guess that what McAwful has actually”run out of” are brain cells. He’s been low on them most of his life…he graduated at the bottom of his US Naval Academy class….and the condition has only become more pronounced with age. He is incoherent much of the time. The perfect guy for Obama to bring onboard.

  7. East Valley PC says:

    McCain has always partnered with the far left. Obama is part of that matrix. They are each using the other for their own ends. Obama can say he’s acting in a bi-partisan manner by canoodling with McCain. McCain gets whatever his deranged mind believes to be reflective glory by being on the a president’s inner team. It obviously matters not who or what the president is. What a disgusting and core-less creature.Aren’t those of you who voted for him over conservative former Congressman JD Hayworth proud of yourselves?

  8. Clementine says:

    Today Obama announced his nomination of Caroline Kennedy (Schlossberg) as U.S. ambassador to Japan. This gig is Kennedy’s reward for helping put Obama in the White House. She helped propel Obama to the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination after she endorsed him over Hillary Clinton.

    Kennedy has no known ties to Japan, a key ally in dealing with North Korea’s nuclear ambitions. Obama’s current ambassador to Japan is John Roos, a wealthy former Silicon Valley lawyer and top Obama campaign fundraiser.

    Since McCain was BFF with her far left uncle Ted, he probably put in a good word for her. Let’s see how he and Flake vote on this absurd nomination.

    Nothing changes. Kennedy is Roos wearing a skirt and heels.

    Here is the WH announcement, tucked in among others:

  9. Ellsworth says:

    If you just ate, wait until you’ve digested your food before you click on the Politico link. It’s stomach turning, although not surprising. This is pure John McMaverick — the liberal’s best friend and enemy of any conservative thinkers. Watch as Jeff the Flake outdoes him. It won’t take long. And where is Robert Graham our state Republican chairman? Has he lost his voice? Will he expect support for these two and the traitorous state legislators when elections roll around? He can count me out!

  10. Philip Alu says:

    Recall this liar

  11. California Dreamer says:

    Why doesn’t he show his real maverick spirit and reregister as the Democrat he is? John McCain has always been a fraud. Now he’s a senile one. Couple that with his banal stupidity and arrogance and Arizonans have a serious problem—but then I guess you know that. What I’ve never understood is why this jerk gets reelected. That’s the real problem with lengthy incumbency along with the idea that seniority is paramount. The moneyed lobbying community is happy to keep the campaign contributions flowing even to tricksters like McCain, as long as the tricksters continue to kowtow to their wishes. With congressional term limits, there would be no sonority. That fact alone would level the playing field. US Senators serve overly long six year terms while House members are always on the campaign trail with two year terms.

    PS I lived in Arizona several years ago, so have more than a passing knowledge of scumbag John McCain. Know this: His amnesty proposals will do for the entire United States what we are experiencing here in Mexifornia. If you intend to vote for him again, pay a quick visit to Los Angeles. I can assure you, you won’t want to stay long and you won’t want to pay the astronomical taxes it takes to sustain this nightmare.

  12. Fed Up In LD28 says:

    I just received an email message from AZ GOP Chairman Robert Graham which I imagine went out to all elected Republican precinct committeemen in which he makes this “bold” (should I call it hilarious?) declaration, “We are absolutely opposed to voter fraud.”
    I’d much prefer to see him take a stand against those who defraud us in Washington DC (McCain and Flake) and in our state legislature. (Brewer’s Medicaid Expansionist traitors).
    Everyone is against voter fraud. How about the frauds we get when we think we are voting for Republicans?

    • pcrcPC says:

      graham is one of the frauds, they will never turn against each other, they only turn against us.