Governmental jumble as SCOTUS Justices legislate

Speculation on opinions pointless since liberal justices vote as a bloc

Americans, as young students have been taught that the U.S. Constitution provides a separation of powers via three distinct branches of government. The Legislative branch makes laws, the Executive branch carries them out, and the Judicial branch evaluates them.

Our Founders created a Constitution with an ingenious and intricate system of checks and balances to guard the people’s liberty against combinations of government power. It structured the Legislative, Executive, and Judiciary separate and wholly independent, yet coordinated for proper operation, with safeguards to prevent usurpations of power.

The Tenth Amendment clearly delineates the separation of powers —- creating a federal government with enumerated and limited powers, designed to keep government as close to the people as possible. 

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”

James Madison stressed the necessity to reserve all possible authority in the states and people saying, “The powers delegated by the Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite.”

With these thoughts as background, take time today to enlighten yourself by reading Andrew C. McCarthy’s heard-hitting assessment of the past week’s U.S. Supreme Court actions. Then brace yourself for those still to come on Monday.

McCarthy’s insightful article, printed in National Review, is titled: “Let’s Drop the Charade: The Supreme Court Is a Political Branch, Not a Judicial One.”

Background: Arizona Senator John McCain voted to confirm liberals Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen G. Breyer to the Supreme Court. McCain and Kyl joined the group of 36 GOP senators and one Democrat in opposing Elena Kagan’s nomination to the high court. The Huffington Post has the statements each of the senators gave as their reason.

9 Responses to Governmental jumble as SCOTUS Justices legislate

  1. azgary says:

    another failure by republicans who, when appointing judges tell us they cannot try to nominate true conservatives or they will not be confirmed, yet demonkkkrats have no problem with nominating insane leftist.

    republicans in actuality do not want true conservatives or constitutionalist on scotus, it would limit their power and the power of lobbyist paying them.

    the current batch of elected republicans may be showing dismay at the court publicly, but are celebrating in private. they want obamacare, they want to eliminate homos marrying as an issue, and im sure they are hopeful that if and when it gets there the supreme court of the chambers of commerce allow full open borders and amnesty.

    and Andy Biggs, (R)? will still not even allow debate on a convention of the states.

    republicans are not the solution, they too are the problem, as is voting for them under the stupidity of “lesser of two evils” when they tell you flat out they will be doing what we oppose only reinforces the knowledge that that do not have to bend to our will, but we have to bend to their paymasters, the lobbyist.

    until the voters decide to tell the politicians NO, they will never do what we want.

    • American Dad says:

      Public schools were once reliable and parents could trust that their children were being taught American history correctly. That is no longer the case in government schools run by liberal unionist teachers who have overwhelmingly supported leftists with their dues while indoctrinating our kids with liberalism. If you want your children or grandchildren to know the truth without the imposition of historical revisionism, you have to teach it to them yourself.
      Verify the facts yourself:. Scroll through this site and look at the charts:

      Teachers are not benign. They spend more “quality” time with American children each day than most distracted parents do, and are implementing the leftist agenda exactly as planned.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    Off Topic, but important to see:

    Look what happened with Sheriff Joe, as he attended an event in Oregon.

    • American Dad says:

      Saguaro Sam:
      I posted what I had written before I read the information you included. Thank you for informing us.

      We only need to read the signs being held by the uneducated Hispanic sheeple to see what Obama wants America to be. Like him, they despise capitalism and love Communism, yet they invade America and sap our benefits paid for by American taxpaying citizens. After watching the videos that were linked, I’m thoroughly disgusted.

  3. State Delegate says:

    McCain routinely votes to confirm liberals to various posts. He thinks the president has the right to inflict whomever he wants on the American people. What is the point of having “checks and balances” when the “checkers” have no spine?

    • azgary says:

      its not that they have no spine, they just play for the same team and its not us.

      McCain has plenty of spine when he is opposing conservatives or conservative values and a spine of steel when he represents illegal aliens and chambers of commerce over American citizens

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I get more cynical everyday, but I’m still falling behind.

  5. jake sez says:

    A third party is something most of us do not want due to it taking years to become affective. However, if you have a car that isn’t reliable and keeps leaving you stranded in strange places, you can only try to repair it so many times before it become apparent that you need a new car.

  6. John Liberty says:

    “The federal government is now an alliance of branches, devoted to the preservation of government itself, separate, not from each other, but from the American people and dedicated to tyranny.”

    This is a MUST read :