McCain skips convention to dine with open borders CofC

Chambers of Commerce have an agenda to import low wage foreign workers and McCain fulfills it

If you’re wondering where John McCain is during the Republican National Convention set to endorse the presidential nomination of Donald Trump, wonder no more. At age 80, McCain is desperately trying to hang on to the U.S. Senate seat he’s occupied for another 6-year term. 

McCain was first elected in 1982, before many Arizona voters were even born.

The convention-boycotting McCain spoke at a luncheon hosted by the Prescott, Prescott Valley and Chino Valley Chambers of Commerce on Monday. Today McCain is speaking at a luncheon put on by Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce, and on Thursday he’ll be chowing down at another lunch event sponsored by the Kingman Area Chamber of Commerce.

Amnesty supporting John McCain has the support of the dangerous Open Border U.S. Chambers of Commerce and a ‘who’s who’ list of special interest lobbyists * in Washington, D.C.

Despite wildly outspending his conservative challenger Dr. Kelli Ward, McCain finds himself in a  in a dead heat with her and facing an embarrassing forced retirement.  We all know it’s past time to retire the ancient deceiver who runs as a Republican and votes with the Democrats while advancing Obama’s agenda. Kelli Ward needs to get her message out.  You can be a valuable asset in helping make U.S. Senator Kelli Ward a reality.  Do what you can. This is vitally important.

* Information provided by Open Secrets.


9 Responses to McCain skips convention to dine with open borders CofC

  1. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Jeff Flake says convention chasing voters away from GOP – Washington Times

    Not a day goes by when he isn’t bashing Trump. He has no right to kibitz from the sidelines if he’s sitting it out. Somebody shut the man up.

    (McCain and Ann Kirkpatrick are each staying away from their respective conventions also.)

  2. AZ Conservative Guy says:

    John McCain is a disgrace. It’s long past time for him to go. His arrogance in running for another 6 year term at his age is astonishing. He’s not only a liberal, but he’s a disgrace. He aligns himself with dark money left wing PACs to bash and distort Kelli Ward’s reputation and record. I pray she beats the socks off Señor Juan McAmnesty. He has never represented me.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    Do the dining venues offer pureed food or Ensure or Boost?
    Will he be using a huge bib, tied behind his neck by one of his interns? Does he bring a food taster with him, or maybe two?

    On another more serious note:
    Did you watch the gut-wrenching speech given by the Mom of Sean Smith, who was killed in Benghazi? (it’s all over the internet, if you missed it yesterday)
    Well, first up to call her a liar was lily-livered Chris Matthews on MSNBC.

    Now, the editor of GQ magazine has stated that he would like to kill Pat Smith, Mom of Sean.
    The same GQ magazine that has always been in business to objectify women now has its editor issuing a threat of violence.

    Need a really good laugh to change it up?
    This is awesome. Watch the video imbedded in the story.
    Kerry gets out of his massive motorcade,
    looks around like he is lost,
    ambles up to the door marked number 10,
    turns around for a photo op ,
    clasps his hands together is some weird Buddhist-type peace sign, and promptly bangs his head on the door!

    Somebody needs to put a helmet on this guy.

    Worth a mouse click.

    • Doc says:

      I’ll bet a case of Maker’s Mark that Mrs. Smith could beat th’ ever-luvin’ $#!+ outta’ this hack “editor”! I give my dog more respect than he gives women…

  4. Dennis O'Brien says:

    Thanks SRAZ for exposing the true agenda of the Chambers of Commerce. For a long time, I foolishly believed they were a benign social/business group similar to the old Jaycees to which I once belonged. In truth, the Chambers are Chambers of death for American workers who are being undermined by imported foreigner workers, many illegal, paid under the table, and who work for less while ensuring greater profits for the Chamber members. I no longer vote for anyone who flaunts a Chamber of Commerce endorsement.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Cindy McCain crawls out of her casa to say that Melania Trump was “misserved” by Trump speech writers.

    Well, Miss Cindy, All Arizonans have been misserved by your husband.

    • Braveheart says:

      Cindy McCain’s husband publicly called her a cunt and trollop (whore) in front of his staffers. It was widely reported at the time. She’s the multimillionaire beer heiress. She should have kicked him out of all of the houses and the penthouse that she owns, but even with that humiliation, she gets the perks pf being married to a US Senator, disgusting as he is. Concessions. concessions… the name of prestige.

  6. William Heuisler says:

    McCain spends millions, gets laughs
    Next time you see a John McCain Prime-Time TV ad attacking Kelli Ward pay close attention and you’ll have a good laugh.

    The infamously expensive Arizona (AZ) Grassroots Action Super PAC attack ads against Kelli Ward make very revealing factual mistakes that show how their boss, John McCain thinks we AZ Voters cannot tell the difference between AZ State Lawmakers and US Federal Lawmakers.

    We brought this up a month ago, exposing McCain’s own “AZ Grassroots Action PAC” and his smarmy “Friends of McCain” trying to create the silly, disconnected illusion that State Legislators in Phoenix – like AZ State Senator Kelli Ward – voted in Washington DC on Federal Funding Bills.

    John McCain’s latest attack ad creates a scene portraying US “veterans” acting angry because AZ State Senator Kelli Ward supposedly voted against Federal Funding for our US Armed Forces. This Anti-Ward ad makes supposedly angry Veterans look stupid, while treating AZ Voters as though we are ignorant rubes too dumb to know basic Civics.

    But alert AZ voters will just laugh as expensive TV propaganda exposes John McCain as an arrogant old man with more money than brains.
    Slipshod commercials show the careless contempt McCain has for Voters. The ads also reinforce my information from trusted sources that McCain’s Alexandria Virginia money people like buying and producing costly TV ads and ripping off their ignorant boss. McCain should know better. He doesn’t care; he’s got plenty of Liberal Democrat and George Soros money.

    McCain’s pathetic charade would be funny as Hell if it weren’t so important.
    AZ voters and Kelli Ward deserve better. At the very least, we deserve the truth and Kelli Ward should only be judged on her very authentic merits.
    Pass the word about McCain’s monumentally foolish prime-time screw up.
    Bill Heuisler, Marine Vet, Author of 3 books, Tucson Cop and Arizona DPS licensed Investigator for over thirty years. Questions? 520-403-2939

  7. azcatsclaw says:

    US Chamber of Commerce just sent out an e-mail pushing for the TPP urging local chambers to push their elected officials to get it through. They are afraid time is running out