A necessary shakeup at the White House

In an abrupt ouster Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was fired Tuesday via a presidential tweet. The firing should come as no surprise, since reports of their disagreement on the 2015 disastrous Iran nuclear deal entered into by Barack Obama, have been an obstacle in their relationship.

Globalist Obama submitted the deal — which included more than $100 billion, including $1.8  billion in cash — to the United Nations prior to sending it to congress.

President Trump issued this unequivocal statement early this year.

Coupled with the firing of Tillerson, President Trump announced his intention to nominate CIA Director Mike Pompeo, a former Kansas Congressman, to replace the former Exxon CEO.

Pompeo has called the Iran deal “disastrous.” Tillerson had pushed Trump to remain in the agreement.

CIA Deputy Director Gina Haspel, has been named to take over for Pompeo at the intelligence agency. If confirmed, Haspel would be the CIA’s first female director.

The Hoover Institution, a conservative think tank where Thomas Sowell was a senior fellow until his retirement, ran this illuminating column by Richard Epstein, exposing the risky Iran deal.


10 Responses to A necessary shakeup at the White House

  1. Dennis O'Connor says:

    Since he joined the Trump administration, I’ve viewed Rex Tillerson as a loose cannon. Not sorry to see him go.

  2. MacBeth says:

    Tillerson says that he was “unaware of the reason” for his firing, which he did not discuss with Trump before the president made the announcement.

    Pres. Trump acknowledged that no final discussion had taken place, but said the two of them had been “talking about this for for a long time.”

  3. Villanova says:

    Regardless of disagreements, tweeting a firing on this level is unbecoming the President of the United States. I voted for Donald Trump and will again if we have the opportunity, but someone needs to stop his cringe worthy twitter madness. .

    • Longtime GOP PC says:

      I agree. Moves like this make the president appear erratic and quite frankly, classless.

      I’m happy with Trump’s economic successes, tax reform, low joblessness for the first time in years, his commitment to the border wall and federal judicial appointments. Putting Neil Gorsuch on the U.S. Supreme Court makes me sleep well at night.
      Trump’s attempt to replace key portions of Obamacare was blindsided by the vicious RINO John McCain.

      But Pres. Trump’s pettiness in interpersonal relationships such as this twitter firing of the U.S. Secretary of State makes me shudder. I’m not questioning his decision, but his schoolyard technique.

      • Longtime GOP PC says:

        There’s more:
        Steve Goldstein, the top spokesman for fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, was also fired, reportedly for contradicting the official administration version of Tillerson’s dismissal. I don’t claim to know the backstory to any of these actions, but I wish they’d stop.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Tillerson worked to undermine Trump’s position on the Iran deal. If Tillerson can’t execute the president’s policy, he should go.

    The Iran “deal” is one of the worst things to happen in our history.

    For Iran vote, Obama seeks GOP ally [Jeff Flake]

    Flake finally came out against the Iran deal.

    • Seen It All says:

      The Flaky Flake betrayed his good friend Obama only because he was worried about his own political future. In the end, even changing his position couldn’t save him. He was polling at 14% approval, and ultimately had to reverse course and announce his retirement after a single senate term. The Flake despises conservatives, preferring illegal aliens to any Trump supporter. He and McCain have done more to undermine us than any democrats I can think of. It’s always worse to get screwed over by someone who claims Republican credentials than any dem.

      Their sham Republicanism flowed only from a desire to be elected. What I find mind-boggling is the fact that neither Flake nor McCain were ever reined in by the Arizona Republican Party leadership. What’s the point of the state party apparatus, when we are led down a rat hole by senate fakes and bogus chairmen Robert Graham and Jonathan Lines running things, while doing the bidding of these political thugs?

      • Conservative Since Birth says:

        Agree 100% with the above post. Whoever thought that living in Arizona as a Conservative would be so difficult? We have liberal Republicans thrust upon us by the Party leadership that shows contempt for Conservatives. And those THEY call Conservative isn’t my definition.

        Just another reason I voted for Trump. Because he isn’t one of them.

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Things we all knew, but fun to watch.
    After McCain Bashed Trump, His Own Steamy Sex Scandal Just Leaked
    https://youtu.be/mhElf1YytvA 4:50

  6. jojo says:

    IMO McCain single-handedly ruined the GOP in AZ. He should have been ousted because of the Keating 5. He, Flake, Kyl, McSally, ALL of them are RINO’s and fervent #nevertrumpers. If Republicans are stupid enough to put McSally (leading polls) in the Senate it goes to show we haven’t learned a thing and with lax election laws the state WILLl turn blue. Soros & McCain are in cahoots so that means the party is bought and paid for by global, elite far left socialists. Get out and support Ward so we have at least 1 Senator that is on citizens side.