Educrats offer sticks & stones to protect kids from violence

These administrators don’t have their party affiliation revealed, but we’re betting they’re liberal Democrat teacher’s union members *

Have you heard the good news?  Shootings taking the lives of innocent students and teachers are a thing of the past, thanks to the wisdom of William Hall, Millcreek School District Superintendent in Erie, Pennsylvania. The man is nothing if not innovative. Assumedly he devised this strategy himself, since we haven’t heard of anyone else wanting to share credit for it.

The Washington Free Beacon reports on the sheer brilliance of Hall’s foolproof idea to bring safety to our schools.


The 16-inch bats were recently distributed to each teacher following an in-service training day on how to respond to school shootings.

“This is a tool to have in the event we have nothing else,” said Millcreek Education Association president Jon Cacchione.  “Part of the formula now, is to fight back, and so I think the bats that were provided for the staff were symbolic of that.” Cacchione says he supports the decision to arm teachers with bats, which will be locked up in each classroom.

Hasn’t the “formula” always been to fight back? “Symbols” of retaliation against a shooter, are irrelevant to those who think lucidly.

Even though the school district he oversees is in Erie, you’ll notice the spelling is the same as the canal, not eerie, as in darkly sinister. The bats aren’t the nocturnal sort, either. They are small. and incapable of inflicting damage to a person with a gun.

Gong Erie’s Millcreek Distict even one better, the Hill reports David Helsel, the superintendent of Blue Mountain School District in rural Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania has armed students with buckets of rocks as a “last resort” against armed intruders.

Bucket of rocks! 

Every classroom now has a five-gallon bucket of rocks that students can hurl in the event there is an active shooter.

Our Constitutional framers, who enshrined the Second Amendment immediately following the guarantees of free speech and assembly in the First Amendment would be appalled by the blatant ignorance of these educrats. In 2008, the Second Amendment rights of the individual to keep and bear arms were upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in  the case of District of Columbia v. Heller.

Several years ago conservative radio personality Michael Savage wrote a book titled,Liberalism is a mental disorder.” His words ring of brilliance.

*Center for Responsive Politics


6 Responses to Educrats offer sticks & stones to protect kids from violence

  1. Kent says:

    There is nothing that compares with gaggable libtard dimwits. They put our children at risk not only by implementing their absurd “security” ideas, but by influencing students at impressionable ages, who regard them as knowledgeable authority figures. They’ve probably already been taught that the Second Amendment is dangerous.and outmoded.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    If you really want to prove that Liberalism is a mental disorder, this will do it:

    Take a look at what Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote in 1977 in a book that she co-authored with feminist Brenda Feigen-Fasteau, entitled
    “Sex Bias and the U.S. Code”.

    Insisting that there be a “gender-free society” by Changing LAWS to bring about a change in human nature, social mores and the relationships between men and women.

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote that the AGE OF CONSENT FOR SEXUAL ACTS should be changed to 12 years old and called for the elimination of the phrase “carnal knowledge of any female. . .” and substitute it with a Federal Sex Neutral Definition.

    Ruth Bad Girl wrote that Bigamists MUST have special privileges that other felons are not given.

    She insisted that prostitution be Legalized using the U.S. Code.

    RBG called for prisons to be “sex-integrated”. (Yeah, that works well currently in third world countries)

    And perhaps that most troubling is that she called for the Mann Act to be repealed ——-stating that females should NOT be protected from “bad” men. (This essentially Allows for human sex trafficking.)


    FYI: The meeting on the Sky Harbor tarmac on a hot day in June had a lot to do with Ruthie. She had agreed to retire to make way for Loretta Lynch. Antonin Scalia’s vacated seat was being saved for someone with Body Odor, as a post mortem slap in the face to a true Conservative and to the U.S. Constitution.

    Please Pray for our President Trump and his family and team.

    You have NO idea what BHO; Australia, and the UK have teamed up to do.

    Extremely dangerous times.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      Thank God she’ll be gone soon and President Trump will name her replacement. The US Supreme Court is why the Democrats want to impeach him.

  3. Maggie says:

    Education and those who supposedly deliver it are in the toilet. A recent poll showed the majority of millennials prefer Socialism over Capitalism. They overwhelmingly supported self described Socialist Bernie Sanders for president.

  4. Braveheart says:

    These Pennsylvanians are worse than fools. They make my skin crawl. Parents in those districts should pull their children out of the public schools as fast as they can. They are not social experiments for the left. They are defenseless children who should be able to rely on the adults in charge to act responsibly.

    The only deterrent to an active shooter is a gun. An armed school officer on patrol is the best idea.

  5. Enuff says:

    Home schooling keeps them safe and better educated. Many of the Spelling and Geography Bee winners have been home schooled. They also excel in history, language arts and math. Homeschooling isn’t mom at the kitchen table anymore. There are small communities of kids who are taught by parents who work in the fields, such a CPA teaching math, a nurse teaching health ed, a lawyer parent teaching the Constitution,a parent who speaks French or Spanish teaching their native language etc. My neighbors are involved in such a group and are extremely satisfied. Two years ago their oldest daughter received a full scholarship to a prestigious university. They’re not worried about her at this point, since she is armed with facts to dispute liberalism.