Flake waffles on SCOTUS vote, longs to be center of attention

In waning days of his D.C. career, lame duck Republicrat desperately struggles for relevancy, seeks center stage with what could be pivotal vote

In one of his many oratorical  attempts to sound high-minded while bashing Pres. Trump, Jeff Flake went on a pomposity rant, stating, “If we compromise the truth for the sake of our politics, we are lost.”

The quote is instructive in view of Flake’s waffling leading up to the confirmation vote on Judge Brett Kavanaugh. The federal district judge has suffered savage partisan attacks on his integrity since being nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court by Pres. Trump. Thursday’s hearing was a despicable unified display of partisan bile spewed by the left.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, a longtime McCain sidekick, has found his own voice and expressed outrage over the abuse being thrown at Judge Kavanaugh, (video) mincing no words.  Graham’s impassioned statement was the highlight of the day.

But Flake, true to the form that caused him to alienate Arizona Republicans to the point of garnering only an 18% approval rating and realizing he couldn’t win reelection to his single term senate seat, equivocated as late as yesterday, saying both Judge Kavanaugh and his accuser “gave compelling testimony.“  This, despite the fact that Christine Ford had no reliable recollections of where or when the assault she claimed she suffered as a teen 36 years ago took place, who was there at the time and even lied about her fear of flying, as she delayed the hearing for purely partisan reasons. Those she asked to corroborate her account refused to do so.

Jeff Flake is reminiscent of Narcissus, the Greek character of myth, who became enchanted with his own reflection in a body of water, leaned in to get a closer look and drowned trying to pursue himself. Who can forget Flake’s solo escapade on a deserted island years ago, taking only the barest of necessities to sustain life along with a camera and tripod to film himself. Is this egomaniacal lightweight, unable to discern fact from fiction, someone to entrust with a crucial vote on a U.S. Supreme Court Justice? 

Watch the live proceedings HERE.

18 Responses to Flake waffles on SCOTUS vote, longs to be center of attention

  1. Kimball says:

    This is Jeff Flake’s political swan song. Proving his disconnect, he still envisions himself as presenting a viable challenge to President Trump in 2020. No Trump supporter would ever vote for Flake. If my relatives are any indication, Flake couldn’t even carry Utah.

  2. Braveheart says:

    Once we’re rid of this Flake, maybe he can move back to Namibia and resume his lobbying career in Africa, where he lobbied in DC on behalf of a uranium mining company with ties to Iran. As former senator, he should be able to make even more money selling us out.


  3. Trevor says:

    No surprise RINO Grant Woods is supporting Sinema he backed Janet!

  4. PC and State Committeeman says:

    As the McSlime’s parting gesture to us was the middle finger with his thumbs down on Obummacare we can only hope that there is a tiny shred of decency at least left by this poor excuse for a man to do the right thing, I heard on media he will vote for Kavanaugh but that remains to be seen and in watching the proceedings since 6:30 am I can’t listen to the Dims and mute the tv as they make me want to puke. God help us, but it is us that must help ourselves as the old adage pray for a good harvest but KEEP ON hoeing seems most apropos. GOTV~Register R voters~ and recruit PCs and make that active and informed ones! We are on the cliff hanging on by our nails let us not screw this up. Fight and never give up let’s keep AZ blood red in honor of those that bled for us. Freedom isn’t free it is up to us.

    • PC and State Committeeman says:

      Graham was never a fav of mine but he is our hero right now let us hope he can keep the Flakey one in check!

  5. Clementine says:

    Elections have consequences. The Dims just can’t get it through their heads that Hillary lost. That fact remains inconceivable to them.

    America was being watched over by a higher power in 2016.

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    Graham was “freed” by President Trump, Nov-Dec 2017, along with Grassley and others.

    Those who are not seeking reelection or who have chosen to resign either did not accept Trump’s help or were not deemed to be worthy of help.

    Since the Clinton years, blackmail has been the way they roll.
    Why do you think that a much younger Hillary Clinton was FIRED from the Watergate investigation by her boss, who was a rabid Leftie? Even he could not fathom that she was stealing documentary evidence as her own personal “insurance plan”.
    Watergate wasn’t what is was made out to be. Something entirely different.

    And Lindsay, well a lot of politicians (and businessmen) have been caught on tape at that house on St. Charles in New Orleans. A Lot.

    There is a house in New Orleans. . . . . .

    Last evening after the R’s meet, DiFiChi-Com waited for fence-sitter Lisa Murkowski and ominously blocked the doorway so that Murk could not exit. Blocked the doorway with her entire body, even extending her left arm up on the door frame and then leaning in to Murk. DiFiChi-Com be stone-faced. And screwed.

  7. Attila The Hunny says:

    This is Jeff the Flake’s version of our National Anthem:

    My Country, ’Tis of ME…
    Of ME and ONLY ME…of ME I SING!

    ME of my strange “self love…”
    on whom the Press won’t lay a GLOVE…

    When out of office you will see …ME
    on NBC!

  8. Kathy says:

    Flake badly wants his McCain “No” re: Obamacare moment. Flake is a fool and continually exposing himself as a liar. All he wants is attention no matter who he destroys. Soros’ bought and paid for man.

  9. Patriot Mom says:

    Flake has flaked again. He voted with the R’s on the senate judiciary committee, but now wants to stall the full senate vote pending an FBI investigation which is the obvious partisan political game the Dems have been playing.

    What “evidence” is there to investigate of a questionable incident that a liberal partisan claims happened 36 years ago, while admitting her memory is fuzzy and there are no substantiating witnesses?

    Either Flake is schizophrenic and needs to be medicated or he’s actually a not very concealed Democrat. I was furious at him for aligning with McCain on amnesty, and my feelings have only worsened as he’s continued with the con. What he peddles has nothing to do with the word, “conservative.”

  10. Doc says:

    Video 1st:


    …why in the WORLD would some strange victim demand that mcFlake look at her when she’s talkin’ to him? Arizonans have been demanding that this moron both “Look at (us)” and Listen to us for 6 YEARS?!?!?!

    mcFlake vote on Judge Kavanaugh after he was a confirmed yea vote yesterday…”I (he) Lied…”

  11. JCF says:

    Send messages to Trump at https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/ (phone line closed ’til Monday) to convince McConnell NOT to allow delay on vote. Let Manchin et al tempt election defeat!! Make EVERY senator vote.

  12. Saguaro Sam says:

    Conservative leader Candace Owens dropped this truth bomb on Flake after today’s vote.

    Candace Owens: “Jeff Flake has just indicated that mob rule and radical feminism are the manner in which our republic shall be brought to its knees.”

    “He is proving that any and every man’s life can be crushed by the whim of an emotional woman.
    He is a true American coward.
    #DefendOurBoys ”

    Please Take Note:
    The threats regarding civil disobedience and random attacks on—
    well, anybody—–are credible.

    Soros has people giving out wads of cash to anyone who will join their ranks.

    Major cities. Watch out. Be prepared.

    Her evil goes all the way to the deepest recesses of hell.
    you’ll find out

  13. Michael Schmitz says:

    Conscience of Conservative, a book title plagiarized from the true conservative Barry Goldwater is a total oxymoron for the low life, egotistical, self centered, narcissistic, useless jellyfish spined, yellow bellied lying snake Sen Jeff Flake.

    Conservatives have been trying to get the Supreme Court back to center since FDR appointed Klu Klux Klan member Hugo Black in 1937 and tilted the court left to get his socialist New Deal platforms through. The grandstanding Conservative without a Conscience nor common sense nor loyalty to Republicans or his voters managed to blow the whole deal today.

    Jeff Flake cares about nothing except how much money he can negotiate for his next book deal and his future analyst gigs with a left leaning channels by getting all the attention he can before he loses his seat.

    Jeff Flake assaulted conservatives today far worse than the drunken lying Dr Ford ever imagined in her vivid dreams.

  14. Pima Pal says:

    Jeff Flake is worthy of contempt. He’s lower than a slithering snake. He’s a self absorbed wretch in the mold of John McAwful.. Arizona will be well rid of him.

    Whether she was your first choice in the primary or not, we must vote for Martha McSally in the upcoming election. Then we’ve got to relentlessly hold her feet to the fire.

    Kyrsten Sinema is calling herself an Independent, though she’s a radical liberal. The choice is imperfect, but it’s the hand we’ve been dealt,

  15. PC and State Committeeman says:

    As I expected we are receiving the bird from Jeffe Flakey (*_+_I)*&)-. His parting message just like McSlime “screw you”. So Grassley conceded to a weeks delay what bs. We are in deep doodoo and as we turn that dark shade of Blue here in AZ I will continue the fight we need more folks to get off their butts. BTW Facebook just got hacked they got personal info I’m signing off all the hackable media I can.