Did you donate money to McCain’s presidential campaign?

John McCain has been using money stockpiled from his failed 2008 presidential bid to barrage conservative senatorial candidate J.D. Hayworth with a relentless and malicious ad campaign.

If you donated to the lesser of two evils — the McCain over Obama campaign — you are entitled to request a refund.

Donations that were intended for use in one campaign were not meant by their contributors to be transferred to bashing J.D. Hayworth. Ask for a refund and send it where it makes a difference: to the campaign of J. D. HayworthTime is short. 

Early voting for this crucial primary election begins July 29, 2010. The actual election day is August 24.

To request your refund, contact McCain headquarters:

1702 E. Highland Ave, Suite 101
Phoenix, AZ 85016

46 Responses to Did you donate money to McCain’s presidential campaign?

  1. Joe Evans says:

    And it hasn’t stopped. During the debate, when McCain was rightfully called out for these vicious ads and reminded that he chose “lying over losing,” McCain responds by calling Hayworth a pig.

    • Robert says:

      I called and requested a refund. They are suppose to call me back, probably want to talk me out of the refund. Forget it John,time for you start spending your wife’s money something other than getting you elected.

  2. Chickaboom says:

    In “Worth the Fighting For”(sold as McCain’s book but actually written by his aide Mark Salter) McCain admitted that in the 2000 presidential primary there was an issue that gave him heartburn. “I didn’t want to do this,” he says. “But I could tell from the desperate looks of my staff that we had an enormous problem. And that it could come down to lying or losing. I chose lying.”

    That’s our senator!

    Check the exact quote out in the New York magazine article:


  3. Kathy says:

    A vote for McCain is a vote for Obama! Obama & McCain yes on amnesty, Obama & McCain yes on TARP, Obama & McCain yes on Cap & Tax – the list goes on & on.

  4. seeingredaz says:

    LD 20er caught us in a date snafu, which we have corrected. Thanks for watching out for Seeing Red AZ. Your vigilance is appreciated.

  5. Chuck says:

    What a great idea! I imagine there are plenty of people who fall into this category. Ask for your money back and give it to JD!!

  6. Charlie Conservative says:

    OKay, Patriots, let’s get this out to our conservative address book friends across the country!
    What a travesty that he has money left over in the first place from his lame competition with Obama. Using it against a great, proven conservative like J.D. when his donors expected him to use it to expose Obama’s extremism is political treachery of the worst kind. Figures McCain would stoop to it!

  7. Shelby Magnuson-Hawkins says:

    I donated a rather large amount of money, at least it was large to me. Upon hearing this news, putting it mildly, I was “ticked”. The money I donated was for the 2008 presidential campaign, not for McCain’s senate campaign. My question is, is this the type of person we want representing us? Is McCain there for only himself? If so, dang. Mr. McCain, that doesn’t work for me and I would say it may not work for others either.

    • Doc says:

      And won’t the hopefully unemployed in the near future ?senator? mCcain be just thrilled with this little post?

      GOOD!!! Remember…”Character…matters…”

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  9. wanumba says:

    A reminder too, that Palin wanted to campaign in Michigan. She thought it was worth an effort, but she was rebuffed by the McCain campaign – reason: they argued didn’t have the funds to waste in Michigan. She was chastised for not being a team player because of that.
    Now we find out McCain has millions left over.

    • Silentmoviefan says:

      wanumba — you are so right! I remember this incident too…vividily, and I was livid! After all, I had donated to McCain’s campaign because I wanted results, results as in that McCain (the lesser of two evils) would be dragged kicking and screaming across the finish line (as Rush would often say). To see that the true Maverick in the campaign was being dragged down by the Lib in Wolf’s Clothing still has me grinding my teeth.


    • BS61 says:

      But I hold Palin responsible. I wouldn’t vote for her – ever – based on he stumping for McCain and Perry!

  10. Cape Conservative says:

    We sent our money to the RNC the day after Sarah Palin was chosen. Can we request a refund from them?

    We have contributed to JD’s campaign and live on the opposite side of the country!!! His victory is important for the good of AMERICA!!!!

    Congress needs TERM LIMITS! Let citizens serve for the good of their country, not for their OWN political career!!!!!

  11. Jane Horton-Leasman says:

    McCain would not have gotten the votes he did in the Presidential campaign if it had not been for Sarah Palin. However, I am very disappointed that Palin still believes in McCain and is supporting his run for a return to the Senate. McCain’s re-election will mean the resurrection of “Kennedy/McCain Immigration Reform”…obvious to anyone familiar with illegal immigration is long for “AMNESTY”. We Arizonan’s have borne the bills for illegals for too long. No bill until we have a double wall, with a patrol road down the center…then lets talk real, factual IMMIGRATION REFORM. Only J.D. can give us that Senator who will represent the best interest of Arizona and the entire U.S.A. VOTE J.D. IN THE PRIMARY AND IN NOVEMBER.

  12. Vance Keaton says:

    We the people are just plain tired of the corruption in washington…Period
    John McCain is a flip flopper and is only hard on the border now because of an election.
    He is a power grabber and an amnesty lover.
    GO JD!!!!

  13. Hank Hallmark says:

    I would think an email would be just as effective as a letter but if the purpose of the letter is to measure the response please advise and I will send a written request.

    Here is a copy of the email I sent recently to John McCain’s Phoenix campaign headquarters:

    “It is my understanding McCain has been using contributions to his 2008 presidential campaign in his current campaign for reelection.

    My contribution of $250 on 9/3/2008 [ck # 12226] to the McCain-Palin Victory 2008 was not intended to be used in any reelection campaign.

    As such I respectfully request a refund of my contribution.

    Please mail my check to: [mailing address removed]”

  14. Joel says:

    The “Bait and Switch” theme is a good one. However, this ad does not utilize it as effectively as it could be used. Another approach to using it would be to show one of McCain’s many campaign promises (througout the last two decades)and label it “The Bait”. And then, show one of the many itmes he has screwed the people of Arizona by collaborating with Feingold or Kennedy or some other liberal loon and label it “The Switch”. I cannot understand how the people of Arizona can continue to elect a guy who has come home disguised as a conservative and, after the election, goes back to Washington and takes off his constume to rejoin the liberals. Very strange.

  15. Cindy says:

    As far as contributing to any of McCain’s campaigns, I sent $50 to the Campaign ONLY BECAUSE Sarah Palin
    was running. But if that money went to McCain, can I get it back? I could never support McCain himself. That would be like throwing mud at a pig.

  16. Bill says:

    I also donated to McCain the day after he pick Sarah Palin. I never supported him in the Republican primary, but against nobama he was (barely) the lesser of 2 evils!! I also want my money back!! I should be able to request it online and not have to call his headquarters.

    • Stanford says:

      Online requests get dumped by volunteers clearing email. Pick up the phone and ask to talk to someone in charge. Be firm. it’s YOUR money!

      Phoenix Office
      1702 E. Highland Avenue, #101
      Phoenix, AZ 85016
      Phone: 602-604-2010

      Tucson Office
      2945 E. Grant Road
      Tucson, AZ 85716
      Phone: 520-327-2773

  17. Don Schwarz says:

    Wow … the post by Cindy 7/24/10 at 12:46 pm could have been written by me, word for word, except I donated $100 & I am not a wealthy person. I called McCains headquarters requesting a refund … they said they are working on this & someone would call me back. When I get my refund, I will send it right over to “J.D.”

    • El Segundo says:

      I called 7/24 & again today, only now those weasels aren’t answering their phones. I guess too many people have been calling for refunds. I will follow up with a letter & I’m going to write to every newspaper I can think of. If enough of us do that, some WILL run the story.

  18. Kirly says:

    This is not just an Arizona issue! I have a small number of readers from around the country so i reposted, with full credit, what you have said here.


    • Kirly says:

      Sorry, what i meant was that people from all over the country contributed to the ’08 Presidential campaign and probably aren’t well-informed that McCain is now using that money to bash a Conservative Repubican far worse than he fought against a leftwing radical and the deserve the right to demand their contributions back as well.

      One thing that doesn’t make a lot of sense to a lot of people is that McCain will be 79 by the time of the next Senate (January 2011). Now, what could possibly motivate someone to fight this hard for a job which would have him working until he was 85?? Power and control. The very thing that everyone complains about with regard to McCain… all those “reaching across the aisle” to “my friends” the leftwing of the democrat party to pass leftist bills! The man is either corrupt or his logic has been completely muddled. I for one will never vote for McCain again. My vote for him in 2008 was really a vote AGAINST obama and the left and a vote FOR Palin. In fact, i’ve been responding to all solicitations from McCain for the last decade with “PLEASE RETIRE NOW” written in huge black marker on the return note.

  19. Jerome Borden says:

    Way to go! Besides the all too polite campaign, I also remember all those “McCain-democrat” bills that all had two things in common, expansion of government and curtailment of Liberty. Watch out for that DISCLOSE Act that would require posting the top five supporters of this website. If it gets to the Senate, one guess what McShamus would do.

  20. Stewart M Bestwick says:

    I have thought that McCain was a Patriot and American Hero, the problem with this belief is that the actions of the Arizona Senator for a good number of years. Whatever Honor, Valor, Patriotism, Moral Fiber there once was has been, regretably, lost, At least in this former Naval Aviator, Officer and Prisoner of War, what a shame and disgrace. That he hoarded contributions from the 2008 presidential campaign to his bid for re-election to the US Senate is, to the best of my knowledge, in violation of the elections laws and guidelines. Perhaps since he’s sided with Obama laws and guidelines don’t mean anything. After watching his video comments to JD Hayworth was no-class, punkish and a disgraceful action. Not what the US Naval Academy standards are of a former US Naval Officer. It’s obvious that he is no-longer what he once was! Now he’s the “PIG”!

  21. Stewart M Bestwick says:

    Please excuse my gramatical and spelling errors. I got rather upset when I watched and listened to Mr. McCain’s comments to JD. Loosing respect for someone is rather unsettling.

  22. Silentmoviefan says:

    I had refused to donate to the McCain campaign when he was “chosen” as the nominee, because I was never a fan (one of my personal peeves being that he was more friendly with the other side of the aisle than with his fellow Republicans, or even Conservatives; and I felt a underlying hatred for then-President George W. Bush). When McCain chose Sarah Palin and I heard her “introduction” to the American people, I was so excited over having a real conservative on McCain’s team that I broke my own promise and donated an hour after she spoke!! I was even set-up on a monthly donation plan, and remember being surprised when I received a notice at one point stating that due to Campaign Finance laws…well, I was confused as it seemed to be telling me that no more funding could go to the ACTUAL McCain-Palin campaign but would go elsewhere. (Two years later and I was still scratching my head, puzzled as to why my donation to their campaign would not actually go into the campaign as it had reached some sort of ridiculous maximum). Despite his own self-delusional status, McCain would NOT have received one “red cent” from me had he not chosen Palin! Learning now that this less than “gentlemanly” gentleman may be using those Presidential funds for his Senatorial campaign has me remembering why I disliked Senator McCain in the first place, and recalling what a lousy, self-destructive campaign he ran. So no, I am not happy. (I am SO glad that someone else recalled Sarah wanting to campaign in Michigan and the campaign chastising her for wishing to do so. I still maintain that he would NEVER have received the votes he did had the governor not been on the ballot with him, and he is a fool if he believes otherwise).

    So yes, I would love a refund, although I doubt I will get one, but I’d love trying. And if they try to talk me out of it, I will repeat what I have here. What little respect I had for McCain — as a patriot and a hero — was lost a long time ago! It’s time the “mainstream” Republicans learned that too! (These would be the ones that pushed Specter on us as being a ‘real’ Republican; told us Charlie Crist would NEVER run as an indie if he couldn’t win as a Republican, and keep telling us that Lindsey Graham is a conservative!!!)

  23. Chris K. says:

    Yes, as a combat veteran I can say that I supported McCain…and I feel duped. That reason alone no longer holds sway with me. McCain is a RINO, and we need to remove all those who have used the Republican Party to advance their own professional politicking careers. Retire McCain and bring forth statesmen and women who ARE conservative, fiscally responsible, and strong leaders…elect those who WON’T compromise the health, wealth and industrial capacity of our nation.

  24. Norman Shapp says:


  25. Patmaninaz says:

    Everyone who lives in Arizona pays federal income taxes and everyone of those folks has a right to see some of those federal dollars come back to their state to fund projects and security. These dollars only come back through earmarked bills. John McCain’s refusal to earmark has left Arizona 49th out of 50 on the list of states who see federal dollars come back to their state. His inaction has exacerbated Arizona’s security problems.

  26. El Segundo says:

    McCain is a typical politician, i.e., he will say & do anything to get elected. His only principles are: do whatever it takes to get elected. Until Sarah Palin came along, I didn’t think he stood a snow balls chance in hell. What really galls me is the fact that he & his staff think Palin was the reason he lost, when in fact, he would have wound up with only 15% of the vote without her. I have called & followed up with a letter requesting a refund that will go straight to “JD.” The nerve of this guy pocketing money he only received because of Sarah Palin, and not letting her campaign in Michigan & other places because he alleged there wasn’t enough money. Isn’t there a law against this?

  27. John B says:

    Do you have an email address or FAX number for the McCain Headquarters address you gave on this page? I don’t want to spend over $.42 in postage to the Federal Government. After all I made the contribution on line and I should be able to apply for a refund on line.

  28. Monica C. says:

    i just found this interesting answer to the question, “What happens to unused campaign contributions?”

    [Unused campaign contributions usually are banked for further political campaigns. For example when Hillary ran for Senate she had left over campaign funds those have been transfered into he new bid. However it also can be donated to charities or other poliical campaigns.
    Some politicians keep the money in the “bank” and use it for the potential of running for office again. For example, when they would have lunch or need a club membership, they could use the funds to maintain those contacts for political office. This of course gets miss used by some as they have no intention of running again. However all the funds and fund uses are public record and can be reviewed, but nobody really cares enough to make a stink and the election boards don’t look into funds unless there are complaints.]

    sooooooooo, it appears that perhaps we all need to make a stink w/ the election boards in AZ to look at the funds he’s using in this campaign since the contributions were made in his bid to run for “president,” NOT for “senator.”

    • Sgt. Preston says:

      Monica C:
      Election boards are manned by the people who work the polls on election day, basically volunteers who get minimum pay for that specific day of work. I have a feeling you mean the FEC — the Federal Elections Commission.

      Put your ire where it matters and make a call.

      • Monica C. says:

        Sgt. Preston:

        actually, i was referring to the state board of elections (election board) … which is NOT manned by people who work the polls on election day (although, they do hire the poll workers); it is comprised of state govt workers who have daily jobs (and, i believe each district has one)… one of the areas they cover is “campaign finance.”

        perhaps the FEC would be the appropriate place to lodge a complaint; but one might get more mileage out of the AZ SBOE. (btw… i didn’t write the comments posted within the brackets, i copied them from another website.)

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  30. Gini says:

    I’m so relieved to hear so many people voice ligitmate complaints against McCain. I’ve been furious with him for a very long time and only worked for his campaign and voted for him last time because of (you guessed it Sarah). And also because I don’t want a dem to get a toe hole on the senate seat here in AZ. (Remember Deconcini? He’s still around here with that hateful look on his face.) If McCain had campaigned against Obama anywhere near as agressively as he has against JD he would have won. I called his office and told them not to call my home anymore because of his ugliness towards JD and they haven’t.
    Go after your donations to him with all you’ve got and I say good luck to you all.

  31. Cindy says:

    I do wish someone could explain to me how the people of Arizona continue to elect McCain. How many times are they going to send him back to Washington where he will immediately begin to stab them in the back OR
    spit in their face. McCain is so utterly unreliable and such an enormous embarrassment to Arizona, I am mystified that Arizona can seriously consider having him represent them.

  32. Joel says:

    And by the way JD, there may come the magic moment when you should consider running as a third party/candidate. Call yourself the Arizona Conservative Party. After all, McCain (like Florida’s Crist and other RINO weasles)has NO HONOR.(and I’m not referring to him squeeling like a pig in the North Vietnam prison camp). The man is a self-serving piece of crap who would, in all likelihood, run as an independent under similar circumstances. At some point conservatives must take a stand at any cost and challenging that little weasle as a third candidate would explain things to him as they have never been explained before. I hope you fully understand that every KOOK LIBERAL in Arizona is going to be voting for McCain just to defeat you.

  33. Gini says:

    Joel is so right, the dems really will jump in on this one any way they can. And to Cindy’s question about the Arizonians sending McCain back to D.C. repeatedly – it’s the same answer I gave before. We don’t want a dem in so he’s the lesser of the evils. He made sure to get his last competing challenger off the ballot immediately. He seems to feel, because of his war record, that he is owed this senate office. I hope and pray the voters will show him different this time.

  34. Barbara Parks says:

    McCain has had long enough in the Senate.
    It is amazing to me that McCain hasn’t listened to the people of Arizona. We were asking the hard questions about illegal immigration 10 yrs ago. We asked, How much is illegal immigration costing Arizona every year? He never answered.
    John McCain has had more than enough terms to fix Arizona. He has failed. He does NOT deserve another term. He IS part of the problem. Check out his voting record. Let us not forget that Republicans controlled the house and senate and got NOTHING DONE.

    Go get em J.D.!!!!!!!! ARIZONA needs you NOW more than ever.

    Let’s clear the slate and VOTE OUT ALL incumbents.

  35. Joel says:

    I’ll cut Palin some slack on that issue although I would have preferred that she would have done her rogue thing where McCain is concerned. But, politics being what it is and considering the irony in the source of her emergence on the political scene, I feel as though she was stuck between a rock and a hard place. he jury is still out on her. I want to see if she is the real McCoy where the emerging Conservatism is concerned. If she turns out to be just another opportunist politicians, she’s off my radar screen. I want to start hearing from Conservative Candidates – including Palin – about the need for Amendments to the Constitution. The Marxists on the Supreme Court will always find ways to twist the Constitution to fit their agenda. A few well chosen Amendments to the Constitution will cut them off at the knees. Balanced Budget Amendment is just one. How about repealing and replacing the Commerce Clause – a big government and Marxist favorite where finding excuses for socialism are concerned. There are other ideas. An amendment to abolish ALL taxes EXCEPT for one tax with specific limits on it. I don’t care if that turned out to be a VAT Tax. As long as it is only ONE form of taxation AND FEE GENERATION with specific limits on it. And NOW is a great time to get that sort of movement rolling since so many people seem to be entirely fed up with the direction things have taken.

    And AGAIN, JD – if circumstances warrant – run against the little weasle as a third party candidate. CONSERVATISM HAS NOTHING TO LOSE BY DOING SO. Remember, any DEM cannot be any worse than McCain. Apparently, McCain doesn’t understand who he needs to be elected.