Voter fraud? “We’re not the police”

Into which party’s hands does this outrage play?

As crucial elections approach, pay attention to these shocking conversations with election officials in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

According to the well-funded Pew Center on the States, Arizona’s most populous county — Maricopa County — has been at the forefront of technological advancements, implementing savings of more than $1 million over five years by providing online registration, reducing the county’s dependence on paper forms and manual data entry.

Swell. But the fundamental of issue of ballot security was mysteriously omitted from Pew’s report.

Americans must have confidence in the integrity of our voting process. Although we are required to provide state-issued photo ID for such mundane matters as cashing a check, renting a movie or purchasing alcohol, laxity is a by-product of the push to ensure more people vote. State-issued photo ID and proof of citizenship should be basic and reasonable requirements in order for a person to register as a voter or cast a ballot.

Yet where is the security in registering online and requesting an early ballot that allows for voting at your kitchen table? The ballot is then conveniently dropped in a mailbox — all without out ever encountering an election official to verify identification. This blatant hijacking of ballot integrity must be addressed.

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne has accused the Obama administration of impeding the state voter ID laws in a blatant attempt to enable illegal aliens to vote in the upcoming elections. Read more here.

H/T Project Veritas for video

5 Responses to Voter fraud? “We’re not the police”

  1. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    The lunatic-left d-cRAT socialists absolutely, positively need and want MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD to get their clowns into office – especially their chief clown OBOZO – and they don’t even care who commits the fraud: ACORN, unions, dead people, ILLEGALS, convicted felons, destitute people who will vote-for-cash-or-booze, etc. The socialists are particularly focused on states that do not protect the right to vote with a voter ID requirement and/or have same day registration, as that makes it extremely easy for them to commit massive fraud at the polls and distort the results in their favor. These d-cRAT losers realize than no sane American will be duped again by their lies, failed policies and radical anti-American ideology, and in Nov 2012 American citizens will vote to remove each and every one of the d-cRAT socialist extremists that have worked to destroy our economy and our country.

  2. Stanford says:

    These imbecilic women should be fired and the elections department officials should be out on their asses. This is about as outrageous as anything I’ve seen! Dollars to donuts those in charge are Democrats.

  3. ZOO says:

    There can be no question that the forces behind “no I.D.” voting are out to destroy the voting process and load it with unqualified ballot filers, aka illegal aliens. How anybody in this day and age can be fooled by claims of “minority discrimination” by required photo I.D.s is astonishing. Are the American people so naive that they don’t believe anyone qualified to vote absolutely can do so? If such a qualified person has not taken the steps to acquire proper I.D. before an election, then why would there inability to vote be of concern? It’s all a fabrication to allow non-qualified persons to vote, and no U.S. court anywhere should be allowed to rule against proper voter requirements. The vote must be protected above all other things, and that is the infinite wisdom of Arizona’s 2004 Proposition 200. Russell Pearce, Kathy McKee, Rusty Childress, and Randy Graf knew what the hell they were doing.

  4. garvan says:

    It was Stalin who said it doesn’t matter how people vote. It matters who COUNTS the votes.

    If Obama wins, it will be due to voter fraud:

    • Kent says:

      Just read your link, garvan. Good work!

      The horrifying video posted here clearly shows the deception of the left and evidences the fact that they ENCOURAGE voter fraud. Democrats despise photo ID to verify eligiblity to vote. That is not their concern. Re-electing Obama — by any means available — is all they care about.

      I agree with Stanford. These women should be fired immediately.