Bob Worsley: Hypocrite-in-Chief

Defends vulgar tabloid but silent on threats against restaurants

Conservative voters in Legislative District 25 don’t need a nudge to remember the feigned outrage that AZ Senate candidate Bob Worsley exhibited in support of the Phoenix New Times when he attacked former AZ Senate President Russell Pearce for calling for a boycott of the tabloid.

According to media reports, The Village Voice and its family of newspapers — including the Phoenix New Timesaccount for 70% of all prostitution advertising in the United States. The sex ads generated over $25 million during the last year alone. Forty-eight state Attorneys General and 19 U.S. Senators — both Republicans and Democrats — have called on the corporation to stop running the ads, which have been tied to child sex trafficking, and collectively finance a national operation of hate campaigns against conservative individuals, organizations and elected officials.

Yet Bob Worsley jumped to the defense of the raunchy tabloid, demanding an end to calls for a boycott. Sean Noble, Worsley’s campaign consultant, even declared it “incomprehensible that anyone would call for a boycott that aims to damage Arizona business when our economy is still hurting.”

So how did Worsley react when his radical open-borders allies such as Randy Parraz, Dee Dee Blase and their amnesty-bent cohorts threatened Macayo’s and Oaxaca restaurants with boycotts, protests and business disruption, forcing them to cancel confirmed reservations for a Russell Pearce fundraising event?

With deafening silence.

Apparently such Arizona landmark restaurants, which cater to families, do not deserve the same protection from Bob Worsley and his campaign that the sordid, anti-family Phoenix New Times does.

Worsley attacked Pearce on the New Times story because he was desperate to put a “pro-business” face on his purely political attack.

Don’t be fooled. Worsley’s crass hypocrisy clearly defines his integrity-challenged campaign.

14 Responses to Bob Worsley: Hypocrite-in-Chief

  1. blained13 says:

    The New Times is only good for one thing, when you’re out of toilet paper. Worsley declined to debate Pearce at the Red Mountain Tea Party when we asked him, what is he afraid of?

  2. teapartypatriot says:

    “The Village Voice and its family of newspapers — including the Phoenix New Times — account for 70% of all prostitution advertising in the United States.”

    …of course, Worsley is going to support the Phoenix New Times – he needs it to find his “dates”.

  3. Kimball says:

    No wonder Bob Worsley is the darling of the illegal alien/amnesty cabal. On his church’s website, he cites that for over 7 years he has been the president of a 150 Hispanic member branch of our Church in Mesa, AZ, speaks Spanish fluently and served a 2 year mission in Uruguay and Paraguay in South America in the mid 1970’s.

    “I grew to love and appreciate the cultures south of the border. I am honored to serve with great men and women from Peru, Mexico, Argentina and other Latin American countries. We are all God’s children. We are all immigrants to this great country,” Worsley says. Slickster Worsley omits the single important fact that the United States has one of the most generous LEGAL immigration policies in the industrialized world. Legal immigration strengthens our nation. Criminal entry (ILLEGAL) does not. Criminal entry facilitates more criminality in trafficking stolen and forged ID, Social Security numbers, birth certificates, driver’s licenses and messing up citizen’s lives through theft of their individual personal information/property.
    This is the culture Bob Worsley learned to “love and appreciate“:

  4. CD9 says:

    I am sure many of them are wonderful people and their culture is wonderful for them. I like my culture just the way it is, if they want their culture stay in Mexico, Argentina and Peru. That settles that, they do not belong here unless they have come here legally and if they did they nee to be able to accept our culture or go home. Please tell me Bob, where am I wrong? The people who have immigrated here in the new world knew what they were giving up and did so, this is how we became a great nation, why do Liberals like you want to change that?

  5. Brandy Baron says:

    Parraz and his twits managed to get Russell’s fundraiser turned away from those sad locations but that just made way for a nicer location… FUNDRAISER FOR LESTER & RUSSELL PEARCE…. SATURDAY – JULY 21…4PM-8PM – FREE SNACKS – DONATIONS ENCOURAGED. Address of the Fundraiser: Holiday Inn Fountain Hills 12800 N Saguaro Blvd, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268. RSVP’s are recommended. Please call 602-810-7447 to confirm.
    Parraz is welcome to try to

  6. East Valley Voter says:

    “We are all God’s children” is straight out of the McCain amnesty handbook. Since God confounded the language of those on the Tower of Babel when they tried to reach him, Worsley may soon be speaking an incomprehensible language. God also created the various continents and races. The Bible clearly states that the laws of sovereign nations should be honored. Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s (taxes) and unto the Lord that which is his (prayer and moral obligations). Mary and Joseph were on their way to pay their taxes when Jesus was born.

  7. Jim says:

    When the people who recruited Worsley and who are his major contributors (Democrats and Amnestyactivists), is any one really surprised that he is taking the positions of opposing our Sovereignty and only selectively enforce some of our laws? He has sold out worse than the Tories in the American Revolution. Worsley was born and lived under our Constitution and cannot claim some fallatious loyalty conflict.

    He is a traitor to our founding principles – either our of personal beliefs or because he is being duped. Either way, the result is the same and he needs to be called out on this issue.

    Thanks SeeingRed for keeping us informed on this and a multitude of other issues.

  8. Frances Majors says:

    Worsley has been invited to debate Senator Pearce and each invitation is returned by Worsley’s “handlers” with the comment “it is not in Mr. Worsley’s best interest to debate Mr. Pearce” Really??
    So to Worsley, Montagues, Clarksons, etc al

  9. John Q says:

    Worsley is such a puppet of the establishment amnesty supporters that even when he protests boycotts, he is duplicitous. RE: his June 15 Obama-like “denouncement of boycotts” statement.

    Worsley: “On April 10th, 2012 I issued a press release stating my opposition to a small business boycott organized by Ban Amnesty Now president Russell Pearce against 200+ Arizona businesses who had advertised in a publication often critical of my opponent. Likewise, I oppose any sort of organized boycott of any business patronized by my opponent. We should be able to exchange ideas and conduct our campaigns with civility, and without harming businesses and the employees who depend on them for income. Likewise, private businesses should be able to set their own policies and legally refuse service to any individual or group without fear of reprisal.”

    Note that he strongly criticizes Pearce’s call for people of conscience to stop supporting companies that make profitable an anti-capitalist, anti-family purveyor of pornographic and prostitution sites. The New Times is able to distribute its filth free of charge only because of income from advertisers. In addition it is distributed openly on our streets and is available to our youth without restraint. This publication should at the very least be kept behind the counter like Hustler and other like publications. Advertising in such publications only increases the distribution and further erodes our society.

    Then he has the audacity to compare the threats by HIS SUPPORTERS to family run small businesses that cater to pro-family patrons in the same slimy attack piece. He has NO integrity for pursuing such a deceptive statement created by his ethically challenged campaign staff.

    Bob, the noble thing to do would be to fire your advisors who have led you to such a sorry place. If not, it would be better for Arizona if you just left the political scene until you become wiser. We deserve better.

  10. MacBeth says:

    If Mr. Worsley is active in his church, why does he parse his words like Bill Clinton?
    Who doesn’t remember this high-sounding and indignant sound-bite which hid the facts?

  11. Ellen Brewer says:

    I’ve known Bob Worsley for nearly 30 years. I will tell you that he has no social conscience at all. He was emotionally and verbally abusive to his children and wife, has done whatever it takes to make his fortune, and has no love for his fellowman. He is the perfect definition of “Hypocrite”. Senator? He will open the doors (like Obama) for illegal aliens, stunt the growth of small business, and whine when the people of this state cry REPENTANCE for ever voting for him. The above comment is so true. When one uses this form of speech, it is because they are being careful to appear truthful and authoritative. This man has NO business in our politics. Trust me!….and I’m a Mormon.

  12. Hagar says:

    I saw Worsley for the first time in person at the LD25 election meeting last month. He was given a minute to introduce himself. For someone who is supposed to be so accomplished I was amazed at how ineffectual he appeared. He was obviously in over his head. I trust my fellow Mormons will see through this blatant attempt by the pro-amnesty/illegal immigration radicals to promote another useful idiot to divide our Church.