Kyrsten Sinema: Far-left radical AZ CD 9 Dem exposed

Guy Benson, Political Editor, has written a must read commentary titled, Moderate” Arizona Democrat Has Deep Ties to Left-Wing Radicals, Obama White House. The revealing piece was written in early May — long before Kyrsten Sinema captured the Democrat primary nomination in a three-way race in Arizona’s new Congressional District 9. She held her closest challenger, David Schapira at bay by an 11-point lead.

Four of the crowded field of seven Republicans vying for the nomination were within 5 percentage points of one another, with Vernon Parker sprinting ahead by a mere 802 votes. 

A bit of Sinematic history is in order: In 2005, Sinema, a committed pro-abortion and open-borders advocate, lost her initial legislative race as a Green Party candidate. The lawyer, social worker and self proclaimed bi-sexual then set out re-crafting herself as a Democrat.

It worked. By 2007 she was elected to the Arizona House. Sinema was one of eight Dems who introduced HB 2286, an appalling bill that imposed mandatory minimum jail sentences on members of the civilian Minutemen trying to get a negligent U.S. government to simply enforce existing immigration laws by alerting authorities to the flow of illegal invaders crossing our southern border. She referred to these citizens as “domestic terrorists.”

An ardent supporter of same-sex marriage, she mockingly blasted women who devote themselves to their families rather than working outside the home. Her foul-mouthed comment was:

“These women who act like staying at home, leeching off their husbands or boyfriends and just cashing the checks is some sort of feminism because they’re choosing to live that life. That’s bulls**t. I mean, what the f**k are we really talking about here?” Following the spirit of unity Dems claim to embrace, Sinema derided conservatives “Neanderthals.”

After last week’s primary,  The Advocate, a LGBT site, cheered that “Kyrsten Sinema defeated two Democratic challengers, moving one step closer to becoming the first openly bisexual member of Congress.”

As a state senator Sinema further curbed her far-left anti-capitalist, political extremism in order to advance within grabbing distance of the congressional brass ring.  Through a well honed relationship with Arizona’s former governor and current Homeland Security chieftain Janet Napolitano, Sinema has gained access to the White House and ingratiated herself with the Obama administration.

Benson writes, “She was an Obama delegate at the 2008 Democratic National Convention, has made nearly two-dozen visits to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and was appointed to the official White House Health Reform Task Force, which helped shape ObamaCare.” She was on hand for the eventual bill signing.

This past January, Seeing Red AZ wrote: AZ’s Big Red: Kyrsten Sinema’s Commie ties revealed. Then hop over to Moonbattery which reveals Sinema’s ties to the Communist Party — displaying her name in greetings to members of the failed collectivist system committed  to toppling freedom loving nations.

Of interest is the fact that left-of-center Phoenix New Times’ Stephen Lemons writes of Sinema’s “persistent verbal flubbery” warning that her “propensity for making dumb statements is troubling.”  Lemons predicts a Republican win in the 2012 General Election, saying “The Dems should consider themselves warned. I’m not looking forward to saying, “I told you so,” on this one.”

We expect Obama — already mainstreaming Marxism and again endorsed by the Communist Party USA as reported in the Canadian Free Press — to promote like-thinking extremist Sinema, and high dollar leftists to donate heavily to her campaign of American destruction.

She’s out of the closet again.

14 Responses to Kyrsten Sinema: Far-left radical AZ CD 9 Dem exposed

  1. patriotmom says:

    Yikes! Who are the idiot Dems living in that district? I would vote for anyone over a bisexual communist!

    • Chandler GOP says:

      District 9 is a massive and completely disconnected area that includes Ahwatukee Foothills, west Chandler, west Mesa, Tempe, parts of Paradise Valley, south Scottsdale and north-central Phoenix.

      As far as voting for anyone over a bisexual communist, that’s exactly what the choice is now. Parker is no great shakes, but he’s better than Sinema.

  2. ZOO says:

    And who could forget the Enema’s 15 minutes of fame when she called for the Border Partrol to arrest Sean Hannity. Back in 2005, Hannity did his live show from the Arizona/Mexico border, stepped over into Mexico and back. Enema went berserk and issued a “press release” demanding Hannity’s arrest.

    • chick20112011 says:

      Nails on a chalkboard with her shrill, shrieking about Hannity. ugh
      Wendy Rogers had a great example as to NOT vote for the “top two” (scam). District 9. 5 or 6 repubs in primary. Two dems. The top 3 or 4 repubs very close, dividing the votes.Dems Sinema received 15,535 votes and Schapira received 11,418 votes in the primary election. The Repubs primary election, Vernon Parker, received 11,183 votes the second-place Republican, Wendy Rogers, received 10,473 votes. Sepulvada was some hundreds less. By these numbers, the top two in this district, (not by the republicans that voted, but by votes garnered by each candidate determined the top two), would be Sinema and Schapira (as repub votes divided among the top 4 and two others) is this fair? no Is this what the dems are hoping for, YES.
      (example came from an opinion on az central,but this is the BEST example out there why NOT to vote for this scam.

  3. Joe M. says:

    As imperfect a candidate as Vernon Parker might be, we have to get behind him and stop the radical leftist.

  4. Maggie says:

    Interesting that New Times’ Lemon is no fan of Sinema. Maybe she isn’t liberal enough for him?

  5. Chickaboom says:

    What a lovely couple JNo and Sinema make. Janet looks like a grinning bridegroom.

    • chick20112011 says:

      Krysten is certainly younger than Donna, Dora, whatever Janet’s BFF, the former head of the Dept. of Corrections. Janet looks pretty happy in this pic. Krysten has fixed her self up some.

  6. Kimball says:

    She’s also a self loathing Mormon. Hates the church. Hates any church.

  7. patriotmom says:

    Gad, the picture almost looks like they went to Prom together!

  8. Saguaro Sam says:

    Wonder what put the big smile on their faces? All that’s missing is the cigarette.

    • PV Voter says:

      What a disgusting picture you paint, Sam!!

      Another case of having to vote for the lesser of two evils. How did we end up with such morally deficient choices? I won’t be voting for a bi-sexual Commie, but I know Parker and he’s not only no conservative, but he couldn’t find the truth in a dimly lit room using both hands.

  9. blained13 says:

    We have Parker coming to our tea party in a couple of weeks, he’s not in my district but would vote for him over her for sure. Anybody who is endorsed by Big SIs isn’t worth voting for.