Tobin switches jockeys late in the race

The Yellow Sheet confirms the rumor that Andy Tobin’s campaign manager, Craig Handzlik, has abruptly departed Tobin’s congressional campaign. Given his monthly salary of $7,500, it’s difficult to take seriously the spin that Handzlik has taken leave “to pursue other opportunities and remains supportive and helpful to the campaign.”

Tobin’s free-fall CD 1 campaign is hoping to revive itself by bringing on Bill Cortese, a senior associate at New Jersey’s Mercury Public Affairs. The group’s stated political strategy is, “Mobilize the message and unleash the power of persuasion. Take control. Define the issues. Frame the discussion. Win.”

Given Tobin’s penchant for pomposity, such tactics may fall on deaf ears. As seen in this Arizona Capitol Times piece, Tobin wants unbridled control, which is why he refused to engage in a Q & A 2014 legislative session wrap-up interview —- a first for the widely read publication.

Cortese, Tobin’s new manager recently worked as a political director for Chris Christie’s 2013 re-election campaign —- allowing Christie to be seen in a chummy stroll with Obama —- a move that won’t fly in Arizona. He was also campaign manager for hothead and ethically challenged U.S. Rep. Michael Grimm prior to leaving that campaign last month after Grimm was indicted by federal authorities on 20 counts relating to tax evasion and hiring illegals at his New York restaurant.

Seeing Red AZ recently covered some of Tobin’s own problems, including late payment of property taxes nearly 30 times between 2000 and 2014 and an embarrassing intra-party censure by Republican leaders. That accounts for the establishment team of Sens. McCain, Flake and Kyl coming to his aid by hosting a high dollar fundraiser for the union-supporting Tobin. John Boehner also headlined a fundraiser.

Bringing in eastern consultants likely gives a sense of assurance to the Stetson wearing New York native Tobin, who oddly poses as an Arizona cowboy.


5 Responses to Tobin switches jockeys late in the race

  1. Kent says:

    Tobin is now saying tea party influence is waning because only a few people showed up at an event where he was on the agenda.

    The fact that he was on the agenda is why there were so few in attendance. Tea party conservatives are not keen on wasting their time listening to the spew of RINO Tobin.

  2. CD 1 GOP says:

    If Tobin wasn’t the darling of the McEstablishment, his tax problems alone would be cause for the RINO kingpins to knock the stilts out from under him. Instead they host events for him as they turn a blind eye to his pattern of tax non-payments that would doom the rest of us with such lofty aspirations as a seat in congress. I don’t expect them to care about the censure, since McCain was censured in county after county across the state as well as by the elected Republican state committeemen for his liberal voting record. It made national news.

    In this New York newspaper coverage Jon Kyl steps up to declare McCain’s voting record was “very conservative.” The arrogant kinship is beyond belief.

    Most telling in the article is the praise McCain rates from liberal Fred DuVal, the Democrat candidate for governor, who called McCain’s censure an “outrageous response to the good work Sen. McCain did crafting a reasonable solution to fix our broken immigration system.”

    I fully expect DuVal to give a similar pat on the back to Tobin. He’s the one the liberals would prefer see go against leftwinger Ann Kirkpatrick. They’d rather have an old establishment union hack than the young economist and state Rep. Adam Kwasman.

  3. Chad Palmer says:

    I became a pc in Prescott in his old precinct. Sad really, I liked him. Abundance or the lack of Money and Power makes us more of who we really are and we don’t know who we are until one or the other happens to us. cap

  4. goodyearconservative says:

    The Navajo County Republican Committee just released a statement saying they oppose Andy Tobin’s run for congress due to his support for Obamacare’s medicaid expansion, killing union reform bills, and voting for corporate welfare.

    Oh and let’s not forget Tobin voted for the 1 cent sales tax increase. That does not sound like a voting record of a conservative.

  5. Borderhawk says:

    Michael Grimm is the 3rd most liberal Republican and is pro-amnesty. There is a good facebook page that outs his truly liberal voting record. Another “outsider candidate” like Kiehne pretending to be Tea Party.