Chaos in Ferguson fueled by Obama, Holder

First black President and U.S. AG have incited, escalated racial tensions

By now we are all too aware of the racial unrest based in elevating a black street thug named Michael Brown into a choir boy amid chants of “Hand’s up, don’t shoot!”  —- words he never uttered. This past August, Brown was shot by Darren Wilson, a white police officer following a convenience store robbery.

In the aftermath, bedlam prevailed followed by days and nights of protests and threats. Brown’s step-father was videotaped calling for further violence, screaming, “Let’s burn this bitch down!“ referring to the town of Ferguson, Missouri. Barack Obama involved U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and sent White House emissaries to the 18-year-old’s funeral.

Looting, fires and pandemonium in cities across U.S. escalated in November after a county grand jury declined to prosecute Wilson. DOJ investigators concurred with that finding in a report released March 4.

The double standard, reported by the Washington Times, became ever more apparent as unarmed white 20-year-old Dillon Taylor was killed by a black police officer in Utah, with no White House representatives at his funeral and no federal probe underway.

Fast forward to Thursday. Two police officers were ambushed and shot —- one in the face, another in the shoulder,  outside the Ferguson police station —-  by a yet to be apprehended gunman, part of the mob further incited by the fact that the officer involved in Brown’s shooting was not charged. He has since left the police force.

Obama used Twitter to send his prayers to the officers and to denounce violence against police. “Path to justice is one all of us must travel together,” Obama wrote, not taxing his 114 character count.

Attorney General Holder called the gunman “a damn punk” who was “trying to sow discord in an area that was trying to get its act together, trying to bring together a community that had been fractured for too long.”

But Holder’s Justice Department also released a separate report asserting that racial profiling was at play in the city police force, and the municipal court system was driven by profit on the backs of the town’s predominantly low-income black residents. 

In the wake of the report, the police chief resigned on Wednesday. His was the sixth departure in the week since the release of the DOJ’s report. Ferguson’s court clerk was fired and the municipal judge, two police officers and the city manager willingly left their jobs.

Everyone in a position of authority ought to walk, and let the residents of Ferguson figure it out.


9 Responses to Chaos in Ferguson fueled by Obama, Holder

  1. John Liberty says:

    When the inmates run the society within Ferguson, after the cops all quit, maybe only then will they respect to job of being a Law ENFORCEMENT Officer. That is … after all the government benefits are cut and the grocery store owners say I’m otta here.
    It is the lack of respect and the lack of responsibility that has made Ferguson like so many other communities such a cesspool of humanity. Now live with what you have created by your bigotry and hate for those who wanted a “civilized” community, for in Socialism all are equal IN POVERTY and the city of Detroit is your model.

    • American Dad says:

      My thoughts are in line with yours, John.

      The people of Ferguson have already burned down and destroyed huge portions of their small town. If they act like feral anminals, they should be treated like feral animals. The government they so despise should shut down, including the police department, allowing them to run rampant through their own streets. No deliveries should be made to the still existing stores, no gas should be trucked into the service stations. Health care facilities should relocate. The decent folks among the 21,000 population will either suffer for the actions of the rest or be forced to leave. America now has predominantly black cities across the country, all with low high school graduation rates and soaring crime. The residents of these cities will have to commit to repairing the problems themselves or nothing changes. They can start by educating themselves and not having fatherless households, the single biggest contributor to poverty and crime.

  2. Kathy says:

    Holder, Obama, Sharpton, MSM, sports figures, Hollywood idiots ALL have blood on their hands. ALL put forth the hands up don’t shoot lie. On another note – Jeff Flake will vote for Loretta Lynch (who is worse than Holder) – running cover for McCain who said he will vote against. Don’t know why since he and Kyl both voted for Holder even know they knew his terrorist ties with FARC back in the Clinton years.

  3. SmallGovt says:

    I am not sure whether the best path is to vote against Lynch, which keeps Holder on, or confirm her and get rid of him. Either way, the Ferguson affair says much about this crew.

  4. East Valley Conservative says:

    We are moving toward anarchy. First undereducated Americans have twice elected an elitist Marxist of questionable background who would rather vacation and play golf than govern. Now minorities destroy the cities in which they live and shoot the police who they believe to be their enemies. They have been goaded on by both Obama and Holder, who are finally showing concern about the long term ramifications of their own racist actions.

  5. Sovereign Economist says:

    I know you at Seeing Red won’t print this, which is fine, it’s more for your own internal information… this story is almost 6 months old now. Where the hell have you people been??? One would think you are more aligned with the MSM which didn’t even have the decency to step outside their propaganda box and label this a ‘color revolution’ by the US government against America and her people. Seeing red, YOU have been asleep at the switch. You and the Arizona Republic are two peas in a pod on this one.

  6. Frankly Speaking says:

    Barack Obama appeared on comedian Jimmy Kimmel’s show last night before moving on to a Democrat fundraising event and said this after two police officers were shot:
    “What had been happening in Ferguson was oppressive and objectionable and was worthy of protest. And whoever fired those shots shouldn’t detract from the issue. They’re criminals. They need to be arrested.”

    Still, he sticks to the black narrative that they had every right to burn down stores and overturn police cars, characterizing any authority as something that needs to be assaulted and destroyed.

    I agree with the last sentence of this post. Let these wild animals have at it. Give them Ferguson as an experiment and let’s see how it becomes a “shining city.” I’d bet the farm that won’t happen.