By George! McCain & Hillary have a lot in common

Billionaire leftist George Soros is their common bond

McCain_lovingly_HillaryFor starters, we’ll remind readers of John McCain’s longtime close association with Hillary Clinton and his stated admiration of the devious snake-oil saleswoman. In 2013 he called her arock starhe could support for president in 2016. McCain referred to conservative Sens. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul as representing an obsolete “isolationist, America-Firsters” mindset element of the Republican Party for wanting to enforce our nation’s sovereign border. Republican pretender McCain even took potshots at America’s iconic President Ronald Reagan, sarcastically saying his presidency was “perfect, without ever a problem.”

In Jan. 2014, Seeing Red AZ posted John McCain cavorts with pal George $oros, exposing the deep ties McCain has cultivated with the extremist, America-hating, anti-capitalist. George_Soros_John_McCain

Discover the Guide to the Political Left uses this page to direct its focus on multi-billionaire George Soros and the left-wing organizations he has long been instrumental in funding. Tucked in near the bottom of the lengthy list is an entity known as the Shadow Party which was principally conceived and organized by George Soros, Hillary Clinton and Harold McEwan Ickes — all identified with the far left element of the Democrat Party. Other key players included: Morton H. Halperin, Director of Soros’ Open Society Institute and John Podesta, Democrat strategist and former chief of staff for Bill Clinton.

Under the heading Follow the Money, John McCain’s involvement is revealed. Richard Poe, a New York Times-best selling author and award-winning journalist, writes “John McCain Gets Soros Cash.” Why would McCain be the willing recipient of money from Soros — who funded Barack Obama’s 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns?

We posted McCain joins Soros pushing “refugee” invasion, Nov. 2015 — filled with excellent links that further expose the man who is seeking a sixth, six-year senate term at age 80. The depth of McCain’s deception is mind-boggling.

Soros_and_HillaryThe Daily Caller reports Hillary Clinton is the beneficiary of a $6 million donation from Soros Sunday, in an attempt to save her on the eve of the Iowa caucus — and bringing his total haul to pro-Clinton groups to $8 million. The first paragraph of the report contains a stunning Hillaryism.

Conservative Human Events lists the Top 10 Reasons George Soros Is Dangerous.

If John McCain lived in Iowa, it’s not a leap to imagine he’d be caucusing for Hillary today. The duo are joined by Soros’ tainted and strings-attached generosity.   


9 Responses to By George! McCain & Hillary have a lot in common

  1. jakesez says:

    Is there ever going to be an end to the reasons not to support John McCain. It has become an overload.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      John McCain’s arrogance coupled with his abject ignorance on a wide range of issues should have been enough to have relegated him to the sidelines decades ago. Now we find that he is supported by the same anti-American commie that funds LaRaza and the countless other leftwing organizations, even agitating the Ferguson race riots and it becomes clear why he positions himself the way he does. John McCain has long been for sale.

  2. MacBeth says:

    McCain’s connections to the radical extremists at La Raza might explain why he and former Sen. Jon Kyl supported Obama appointee Mary Murguia for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Her twin sister is the head of the racist National Council of LaRaza. Their brother is also a federal judge. Don’t have time to look for that information now but found the vote for confirmation:
    This confirmation was in 2010. McCain’s been taking money from Soros (who also funds LaRaza) since 2001.

  3. Villanova says:

    That overwhelming vote for another liberal federal judge shows the farce of “bi-partisanship” at work. I don’t vote for go-along-to-get-along RINOs to join in support of liberals and their causes. I attempt vote for people of character and integrity. I’m usually disappointed.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    George Soros has flown under the radar too long.
    His actions, from the time he was a young boy, makes me wonder if he’s the anti-Christ. (I am not kidding.) He turned in his Jewish friends and neighbors to the Nazis and then stole their possessions.
    Not to mention the perks he received from the Nazis.

    His father was the one who proposed the concept of
    one world government.

    George practiced on Europe. Brought it to its knees. Manipulated the economies of multiple European countries. Destroyed the concept of sovereignty. Collapsed borders and brought in a army of evil to slaughter Christians.

    The information about Agenda 21 has been known for awhile, very few people are aware of the plans that have been laid out and are now being implemented.

    The whole idea of Agenda 21 is to collapse all borders throughout the world and destroy economies. It calls for a public education system that will ultimately be used for indoctrination of the young.
    It also involves reducing the population of the world. (Please pay close attention to the information coming out regarding the Zika virus. It affects pregnant women and their unborn babies in a catastrophic way. The World Health Organization has known about Zika for at least two years and refused to assist the one researcher in Brazil who identified it. He has zero funding from his home country of Brazil, and been forced to abandon further research.
    And the WHO and other governments in Central American countries are urging women to Not become pregnant, or to consider having an abortion if they are pregnant.)

    Check out the documentary “Grinding American Down” by Curtis Bowers. He has spent decades researching this intricate, long term plan that has come to fruition. All the pieces of the puzzle are identified and have now fallen into place.

    They were waiting for their Barack Obama.

    There is also much information in the documentary about Hillary Rodham Clinton. She was mentored and radicalized while she was still in high school.

    The only thing that will stop it now is the mighty Hand of God.

    Guard your soul.

  5. William Heuisler says:

    Alex Meluskey “fired” The PT Burton of the paid-for, but non-event with Presidential Candidates in Scottsdale (with no refund). But his “Corporate Partners” are still in charge of Meluskey’s campaign. Proof? Please look up PT Burton’s Linked-In Profile:
    Please read under “National Campaign Advisor” where Burton admits Meluskey’s campaign was/is controlled by the same people (Bergman, Saul, etc. of Robert Morris Group).
    Please read the 9/25/15 Washington Times article about the 10th annual Value Voters Summit at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in DC where Meluskey was introduced around and attended meetings with “Presidential Candidate”, Graham. Also read his Facebook entries where he admits and fondly recounts additional meetings with Lindsay Graham at the recent Fair Tax Convention in S. Carolina.
    Take special notice of Lindsay Graham’s position as Director/advisor in McCain’s “Reform Institute” Super PAC. Graham’s “West Main Street Values” PAC has been closely entwined with the Reform Institute – money in, and money out – for twenty years and quite particularly during Graham’s recent S.C. reelection.
    Graham is McCain’s closest friend/ally in Washington.
    Finally, review all 91 pages of Meluskey’s FEC Report (of interest on this item is page 57 where he lists his Omni Shoreham $273.66 stay in September).
    Call me at 520-403-2939

  6. Frankly Speaking says:

    Although Donald Trump has given bundles of cash to the Clinton Foundation, Hillary has said, “I will do everything I can to appoint Supreme Court justices who protect the right to vote and do not protect the right of billionaires to buy elections,” even as she took billionaire Trump’s money and millions from the despicable George Soros just yesterday. They are not giving her money because of her lovely voice and swell personality…..they’re buying access!

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