DACA: The devious scam

On Friday we shared information on the farcicalDreamers,” a sympathy inducing acronym that is a construct of the left.

Today, we direct you to FrontPage Mag’sDACA: The Immigration Trojan Horse,” by Michael Cutler, whose 30-year career credentials on the illegal invasion are impeccable.

Make time to read this informative article.

Knowledge is power.


3 Responses to DACA: The devious scam

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    It’s not just the Democrats who are trying to pull a fast one on this crucial issue. The GOP establishment is hard at work on promoting this insanity.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    Folks, this is very important. Off-topic, but important.

    Here’s the latest stats from ADHS regarding the flu.
    It is epidemic and now 46 States have confirmed (by laboratory findings, using strict standards).

    “ARIZONA – INFLUENZA SUMMARY Week 1 (12/31/2017 – 1/06/2018)

    “. . .This past week there were 2,455 laboratory confirmed cases, nearly 2,200 more cases compared to the same week last season. There have been a total of 10,400 more cases to date this season compared to last season. . . ”

    “. . .The numbers in this report are based on processed cases. There are a large number of reports that are still being processed. • 2,455 laboratory-confirmed cases of influenza were reported in the past week, from 15 counties. 11,515 cases have been reported this season, with laboratory-confirmed cases identified in 15 counties. • 10,543 (92%) reports this season are influenza A, 874 (7%) are influenza B, and 131 (1%) are of unknown type. • One influenza-associated pediatric death has been reported for the 2017–2018 season in a Maricopa County resident. This case was PCR positive for influenza A (H3). . . ”

    There have been 85 deaths reported, nationwide, which were influenza caused and confirmed by lab findings.

    What you don’t know:
    Last week, in hospitals across the country, ambulances have stacked up outside of emergency department entrances because there are no exam rooms available. That means that the ambulance is essentially out of service until it can off-load the patient and give report to ER personnel.

    Some hospitals (not in AZ) set up tents in the parking lots to treat the cases presenting with flu-like symptoms. Those tents have now been taken down due to the panic they caused when the word got out.

    This flu is attacking people across the age spectrum.
    It is morphing from flu to bacterial infection and/or pneumonia within a day or two.

    Flu shots are still being pushed, although the reports reveal they missed the mark on this one. 10-30% effective = poor outcomes.

    Snowbirds and illegals are contributing to an already difficult situation. And we still have baseball spring training visitors to bring us their garden variety of germs.

    I could give you a hundred suggestions on how to help protect yourself. Two things that most people never consider are these:
    Money (paper or coin) and the soles of your shoes are germ-laden.

    Still, we are more fortunate that the folks in Britain, where ambulances have been stacking for up to 15 HOURS and physicians are standing at the ER entrance doors, turning people away who they do not deem to be ill, bases on mere physical appearance.

  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    These DACA illegal aliens have no right to anything in this country. They aren’t citizens. Judging by the signs they carry saying they have a right to stay here – and other signs that aren’t so civil – their ‘hearts’ aren’t why they want to stay – it’s because it’s the best place on earth with all kinds of opportunities, especially for ‘minorities’ and they would never have it so good anywhere else. They should reacquaint themselves with their home countries and apply for U.S. citizenship the way everyone else does.

    The Democrats couldn’t care less about these DACA ‘kids.’ They’re using them as a way to get votes. Republicans/Trump have nothing against them. It’s about the rule of law. Don’t use scams/deception/deceit to live here.

    Andy Biggs was on the Seth & Chris show the other day and was very good on the subject. He was asked if there might be a good number in the House who feel like he does and he didn’t seem very optimistic. Said others are into “fairness” and all that B.S. that they use. I hope Trump can come out a winner. It’s in his hands.