Republicrats align with Dems on amnesty bills

Invaders have unlikely friends in high places

While they think that Americans aren’t paying attention, eighteen Republican members of congress have signed a “discharge petition” in an effort to bring numerous liberal immigration bills to the floor for a vote. In doing so, they are intentionally defying President Trump and House leadership, while weakening GOP unity and demoralizing the base of GOP voters prior to the upcoming midterm elections.

Their motivation remains murky.

One of the bills in the package will grant full amnesty to those given DACA status by Barack Obama, even as he repeatedly stated he was legally unable to force such actions. 

The outrageous effort is being shepherded by Reps. Carlos Curbelo (FL) and Jeff Denham (CA). Charlie Dent (PA), will have his signature count despite the fact he resigned from Congress this month. View the complete list of signers of H.Res. 774 – “Providing for consideration of the bill (H.R. 4760) to amend the immigration laws and the homeland security laws, and for other purposes,” Yes. That’s the brassy and vague title. Good luck trying to find the actual text.

The discharge petition process is normally used by the minority party to force votes the majority won’t allow, making it all the more bizarre that Republicans who still hold the majority are pushing this legislation in tandem with the most liberal Democrats.

Donald Trump won the GOP nomination over 16 other Republican primary challengers — based in large measure on his commitment to securing our border and building a wall. This is clearly what the majority of American citizens want.

The 7th District Dent represented is currently a top Democrat target, especially after it became more competitive under the new congressional map imposed by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. The court threw out the old map in January, ruling it was an unconstitutional partisan gerrymander. This is their 138-page opinion. The justices are elected on partisan ballots and serve ten-year terms. Only two of the seven justices — Chief Justice Thomas G. Saylor and Associate Justice Sallie Updyke Munday — are Republicans.

The Sanctuary State of California has become Ground Zero for illegal aliens. They are welcomed  by Gov. Jerry Brown, though the citizens have had their fill.  A recent poll shows a majority of Californians want more deportations as their state devolves into what author Victor Davis Hanson so aptly named “Mexifornia,” in his visionary 2003 book,

In 2007 writing for City Journal, Hanson wrote this bleak assessment, “Mexifornia, Five Years Later.” Do yourself a favor and read it.  We have just been warned by the organizers of the last “caravan” of illiterate and unskilled Central Americans, who blatantly disrespect the United States, that they are replicating their last invasion effort, aided and abetted by Mexico, which allowed them safe passage on their way to the United States.

The leftwing local newspaper softly refers to the invaders asmigrants” and “asylum-seekers.


10 Responses to Republicrats align with Dems on amnesty bills

  1. Ajo Joe says:

    This is lunacy! Call your Republican members of congress and ask what’s being done to halt this madness.

    2nd District: Martha McSallyL 202) 225-2542 Washington office, 520-459-3115 in Sierra Vista, (520) 322-9490 in Tucson;

    4th District: Paul Gosar: (202) 225-2315 Washington office, 480-882-2697 in Gold Canyon, (928) 445-1683 in Prescott;

    5th District: Andy Biggs:, (202) 225-2635 Washington office, 480-699-8239 in Mesa;

    6th District: David Schweikert: (202) 225-2190 Washington office, 480-946-2411 in Scottsdale;

    8th District: Debbie Lesko: (202) 225-4576 Washington office,

    • Jig says:

      If you receive anything back from Debbie Lesko besides a request for campaign contribution I would be amazed. The 2nd she left her other job to run for this one her interest in her constituents vanished on issues before the AZ Legislature. I would not vote for her for rat catcher….she is all promo and that’s it.

      • Braveheart says:

        I hope your rethink your opposition to Debbie Lesko. I agree, she’s not perfect. She accepted Jon Kyl’s endorsement, which is the same as taking McCain or Flake’s.

        As to the requests for donations. she has to run again in November and the reality is, that takes money. The Dems are salivating for that seat. We have to vote wisely, not based on single irritations. Her votes as a state legislative leader were solid.

        Would you rather have another liberal Democrat representing Arizona? I sure don’t!

      • Realist says:

        Short sighted thinking will be our death knell. I agree with Braveheart. This is a seat we can’t afford to lose. No democrat is worth a Republican loss. Lesko is serving with AZ U.S. Reps. Gosar, Biggs and Schweikert now and they are dependable mentors.

  2. State Delegate says:

    It’s more imperative than ever that Arizonans sent conservative senate candidate Dr. Kelli Ward to D.C. to represent us. Get involved in her campaign. Send her a donation. The alternative is unacceptable.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    It’s not so much about amnesty as it is about a
    replacement population. Like Europe, only with a different group of uneducated, unskilled, and unhygienic people who like free stuff.

    When you read published material from people like HRC; Kissinger; Prince Charles, GHW Bush, and the rest of the New World Order cabal, there is one common thread: They are convinced that there are Too Many of Us. And their plans go Way Back. . . .

    You may or may not be aware that Jeff Sessions and President Trump had it on the top of their list that they would eradicate MS 13. Although the media is not covering it, there are raids and arrests going on nationwide–very coordinated.

    There now seems to be a connection between MS 13 and the DNC, or the Democrat hierarchy.

    Did you see, or read a transcript of, President Trump’s speech at the law enforcement officers tribute yesterday in D.C.? He Very specifically gave much time to NYPD officer Miosotis Familia (end of watch 07-05-17). President Trump knows exactly what happened.

    MS 13 was sent to do a specific job, just as they were sent to eliminate DNC staffer Seth Rich. In the case of Seth Rich, who actually was alive and sailed through surgery until the men in black showed up hours later, the two MS 13 guys were shot to death the next day and left in a old van in Myrtle Beach because they had botched the job.

    Make no mistake, the Dems are destroyers.
    They don’t have the stomach or the balls to do it themselves, but they sure know who to call.

    • Kathy says:

      Sam, yes President Triump’s speech was powerful. The pic of his holding the grieving Mother is priceless! Yes the truth will be known. WWG1WGA.

      • Saguaro Sam says:

        hopefully, there will be a great awakening

        Let’s pray to God for the protection and safety of President Trump; his family; his loyal team and our great military.
        7 attempts.

        The majority of people have NO idea regarding the extreme seriousness of this.

        We’ve been living in the Matrix and didn’t even know it.

  4. Jake sez says:

    This is why we the people must look at each and every candidate who seeks our support. We are now waiting for Flake and McCain to get out so we can concentrate on bringing forth true conservatives who worry about this country and its citizens. If we don’t choose well, we will be replacing incompetence with incompetence. No more vote for me or you will get those arguments. If we vote for the wrong person we get them no matter which party wins the elections.

  5. Trevor says:

    Charlie Dent’s district is turning more left due to the redistricting, a communist is the dem nominee for that vacant seat.