Why is AZ Senate challenger Daniel McCarthy allowed to use slogan on ballot?

With the arrival of their official primary election ballots, Republican voters have observed a never-before-seen irregularity, in the form of a candidate incorporating his campaign slogan into his name on the ballot.

How this blunder passed what should be the Secretary of State’s watchful eye is anyone’s guess, but will likely be blamed on the fact that the COVID-19 virus istemporarily suspending all in-person services at the Election‘s Division, including federal filers.

Incumbent Sen. Martha McSally’s U.S. Senate not-ready-for-prime-time challenger (video evidence) Daniel McCarthy has filed his official documents with the Federal Election Commission using the name of his campaign committee, which is his prerogative.

His campaign signs have the words Demand Daniel prominently displayed above his inconspicuous last name McCarthy, also his choice.

But the official ballot is an entirely different matter, The candidate is listed, MCCARTHY, DANIEL “DEMAND DANIEL.” This is not a nickname, as Dan or Danny would be. It is his campaign slogan, which has no place on the ballot.

Imagine the uproar if Pres. Trump tried to put the letters MAGA next to his name. Though it would be disallowed, even such an attempt would have rated constant negative coverage on the Trump-hating networks.

It’s not difficult to imagine why the far left local newspaper has been silent on this. It supports radical leftist Mark Kelly, who has deep business ties to China and heads two gun control PACs. We’ve exposed both in this recent post: “Sen. Martha McSally’s slippery rivals aid her campaign.”

Before marking your ballot, we also urge you to read,Facts expose Daniel McCarthy’s distortions of Sen. Martha McSally.”

20 Responses to Why is AZ Senate challenger Daniel McCarthy allowed to use slogan on ballot?

  1. East Valley Conservative says:

    The Secretary of State is a Democrat. She’d be predisposed to putting the weakest Republican senate candidate on the ballot with his campaign slogan attached. I have no doubt she’ll be voting for gun grabbing extremist Mark Kelly. I’m a Trump supporting conservative and will be voting for Martha McSally, as the president has urged.

    • Trevor says:

      No doubt the Secretary is voting for Kelly. Katie is very close friends with Kyrsten Sinema, they were in the same LD full of radical dems where Hobbs was a state rep, and Sinema was a state senator. These leftists are so connected it’s crazy.

      • Longtime GOP PC says:

        The senate terms are staggered. Sinema won a six year term in 2018. Hobbs will be voting for Mark Kelly this cycle.

  2. Trevor says:

    If Trump put MAGA next to his name the media would freak! Daniel shows his arrogance as usual with this. But what’s more concerning is Fontes is allowing vote fraud again because if you make a mistake on your ballot you have to get a new one. But Fontes’s office is ENCOURAGING to cross off a name and fill in another bubble if you mess up.

    • Maggie says:

      Obviously those will all be discarded ballots! I was unaware of this “advice,” Trevor. Thanks!

      • Trevor says:

        No problem. Thank Warren Petersen our Majority Leader in the state house he brought it to my attention.

      • lyle tuttle says:

        I am not so sure they will be discarded – it is true, the counting machines will kick them out, but those ballots are then given to the party observers inside the counting room, and those party representatives will determine “the intent of the voter”….and, IMHO, having been one of those observers for several years, the ballot WILL be counted. This shows EXACTLY WHY Republicans MUST have volunteers willing to spend time inside the counting room. I can also tell you the Dims ALWAYS have their two people there, but R’s do not!!! What a potential problem that is — The AZGOP Chair is the person who gives the credentials to our Republican Observers within that counting room — I can only hope we have a full complement every day!!! DO WE????

  3. State Committeeman says:

    Arizona can’t afford to lose this crucial senate seat. Imagine the chaos if dems were in control of both the House and Senate.

    Daniel McCarthy is completely unqualified for the US Senate. He has nothing to recommend him other than an outsized ego and a business based in China. Great qualifications!

    I’ve heard him speak and he’s pathetic.

  4. Lou Dudas says:

    Those ballots should be declared invalid. Demand Daniel McCarthy is not his legal name.

    • lyle tuttle says:

      Not so fast!! Do you recall filling out your form to be an elected PC?? You can use whatever name or nickname of your choosing and it will be used on the ballot – and as Daniel has consistently used “Demand Daniel” throughout his campaign I think it is a smart move on his part. Wake up people, there are rules, and they will be followed – please show me within the ARS where that is NOT permitted….

      • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

        It’s all too clear where your sentiments lie. You are backing a loser.

      • Trump Supporter says:

        Is THIS the guy you think will make Arizona proud as a United States Senator? Tell me you’re kidding…please. If you’ve never see this, you should.

        I support Pres. Trump, and he has repeatedly endorsed Sen. Martha McSally.

  5. D.B. Cooper says:

    Marginal McCarthy’s arrogance is preposterous. He should stick to reaping the rewards of his Chinese made product that he sells for massive multiples of what it costs him to have made by slave laborers. When he was asked about his manufacturing in China on the video, his inane answer was, “that’s irrelevant.”

  6. Strom says:

    Mc Sally will win her primary….but what then?

    • MAGA Hat Man says:

      Then what? Get out and work for her, unless you’re OK with Arizona having two democrats in the senate and disastrously tipping the balance to Schumer and his cronies in DC.

      The last time two dems represented AZ in the US Senate was in the 1940’s and 50’s when Carl Hayden and Ernest McFarland served together. That was a different breed of democrat.

  7. Ellsworth says:

    Just finished scrolling through Demand Daniel’s FEC filings. Except for the initial money he dropped into this gathering no steam effort, he has a very slim list of donors.

  8. jojo says:

    LOL This is such a biased blog against Daniel. He’s beating McSally in a head to head poll against Mr. Giffords. If you want a chance to keep this seat you’ll go with a fighter instead of a McCain syscophant that lost us 2 seats in the last election. Wake up GOPe.

    • Strom says:

      Mc Sally has been a loser since day 1 and then after she was beaten was reappointed. What was Ducey thinking?

      Daniel doesnt have the experience either so is no answer.

    • No Funny Stuff says:

      If McSally is a “McCain sycophant,” why are so many McCain allies and associates backing Mark Kelly? McCain was a leftie who used the Republican Party to advance himself. He had no allegiance to anything that was tied to conservatism.

      Daniel McCarthy is a moron.

      The only thing McCain and McSally have in common is the “Mc” in their last names. That should also taint McCarthy!

      • Strom says:

        But it was the people in every type of uniform who saluted and fell in behind Mc Cain and said “Sir, Yes Sir” and kept him in office. And I guess most conservative Republicans went along to keep a Dem out.