John McCain’s latest border security deceit

McCain’s entire career has been marked by partnering with the most liberal Democrats — along with Jon Kyl and now Jeff Flake — to promote amnesty for illegals. The most recent charade was the infamous Gang of Eight, orchestrated by the AZ duo and their leftist Senate cohorts Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, Robert Menendez and Michael Bennet. They were joined by by Republicrats Lindsey Grahamnesty and double talker Marco Rubio.

A recent press release from John McCain’s senate office contains a joint self-congratulatory I’ll-slap-your-back-if-you-slap-mine routine with AZ CD 2 Rep. Martha McSally.

Since the issue is about the duo’s Border Security Technology Accountability Act, conservative’s antenna should be rising, since we know McCain has long been in the forefront of amnesty proposals  — not implementing security to stop illegal invaders. The deceptive press release is up on his website, which we have no reason to link to. The bill can be read here.

John McCain is working to deflect his now admitted involvement in the effort to dismantle President-elect Donald Trump before he is even inaugurated, by delivering vile and unverified allegations with shady origins against Trump to FBI director James Comey.  McCain still hasn’t gotten over his colossal loss to Barack Obama and his visceral hatred/jealousy of Donald Trump capturing the American imagination has consumed him. McCain withdrew his iffy endorsement of the Republican nominee. Jeff Flake appeared wherever a camera would train on him, to declare he wasn’t voting for Trump. That means both of Arizona’s marginal senators, either by acts of omission or commission,  voted for Hillary Clinton.

Returning to the Border Security Technology Accountability Act, we’ve been down this path before. McSally introduced a bill with the same title July 27, 2015. And technology has been tried and failed since the days of the first Homeland Security chief, Judge Michael Chertoff’s efforts to get a 28-mile  “virtual fence” that pledged to use radar and surveillance cameras. That was during  the George W. Bush administration, which also gave a wink and a nod to illegals crossing into the U.S.

It was a costly farce then and it will be a costly farce now.  Donald Trump is committed to a border wall and so are most Americans who were moved to support him on that compelling issue. SRAZ wrote,” Virtual fence is a virtual flop,” in April 2008. Earlier, in Feb. 2008, we covered,Virtual fence “looks good” to Homeland Insecurity Chief Chertoff,” regarding the technical malfunctions, glitches and postponements carrying $ multimillion price tags. This postand we’ve got a bridge to sell you,” which includes a list of just some of the terror sponsoring nations breaching our border plainly illustrates nothing has changed.

Believe these practiced liars at your own peril.


5 Responses to John McCain’s latest border security deceit

  1. Conservative Since Birth says:

    We’ve had practiced liars on the border security issue since Ronald Reagan was tricked into signing an amnesty bill by Ted Kennedy who undermined Reagan throughout his presidency. GWBush had a lot of Americans up in arms over doing nothing about border security, especially after 9/11/01. He just jived the very people who put him in office while the illegal immigration problem grew. Obama has worked to keep the flow of people from other countries coming into the U.S. Without approval, he drops Middle Eastern “migrants” (Muslims) into small towns across America. “Unaccompanied Minors” from Central America have been rolling across the border for a few years now. Where did that come from?!

    And not a peep out of McCain or Flake. They keep getting elected even though they work against the majority of Arizona Republicans.
    This has to change. McCain just stepped in it over the fake dossier to take Trump down. He fell for a complete lie – or he wanted to ‘make it so.’ He spent taxpayer money sending his lackey to London to get something that was already in the hands of Comey here. McCain needs to be laughed at and shunned. He’s spinning around in a circle. Nothing he does makes sense or helps the country. If anything, he’s detrimental to the country and getting worse.

  2. Kathy says:

    McCain is a liar. Flake is a liar. enough said.

  3. azgary says:

    The GOP does not want illegals deported or the flow stopped period. Ryan was elected speaker for the 2017-2018 congressional term with 239 (out of 240) Republican votes.


    they by far prefer foreigners, legal or illegal and lobbyist bribes to American Citizens.

    President Elect Paul Ryan is in lockstep with the gop/uniparty in this….

    Drudge Headlines:


    Push to protect ‘Dreamers’…

    When the gop’ers in leadership ignore a Presidential election outcome and plot against the very voters that put them in office, is there really ANY reason to continue to support a party that does not support us or the country?

    • Longtime GOP PC says:

      I was at the Maricopa County Republican Committee statutory meeting today where we elected new party officers. Reps. Gosar, Franks, Schweikert and Biggs all spoke. Not one of them addressed the issue of Paul Ryan’s sweeping reelection as Speaker of the House and what it actually foretells. Ryan is anathema to conservative ideals, yet those who claim to be conservatives support him.

  4. Kent says:

    John McCain is a disgrace and the ill-informed Republicans who continue to elect him are no better. He has a record, folks, and it isn’t good. Most importantly he lies and no one calls him out on it. He’s called himself a “maverick” because he frequently votes with the Democrats. Jeff Flake, who refused to support or vote for our Republican nominee Donald Trump, is no better. McCain withdrew his short lived endorsement and Flake very publicly refused to give it, saying he wouldn’t vote for Trump. These are both egomaniacal liberals who run as Republicans in red AZ, so they can get elected.