Fearing the flu, McCain stays in Cornville

We finally have an answer regarding John McCain’s month’s long absence from Washington, D.C.  According to his refined daughter Meghan, it has nothing to do with what his Mayo doctors described as Stage 4 glioblastoma, “a particularly aggressive” form of brain cancer, diagnosed in July. In fact, she tells Stephen Colbert he’s made acrazy, amazing recovery.’

Meghan says it’s the fear of contracting the flu that is keeping the 81-year-old away from his senate office, claiming he continues to stay actively involved in events and sends out numerous tweets from his compound in Cornville, AZ. Recently that location has been described as the more upscale Sedona, though having a ranch in rural, adjoining Cornville is nothing to turn up one’s nose at.  He is also a co-sponsor of yet another of his attempts to grant citizenship to illegals. This time he’s ditched his ‘Gang of Eight’ liberals and Republicrats and is partnering with Delaware Democrat Chris Coons on his signature issue of putting nearly 2 million illegals above American citizens and increasing the Democrat voting base, ultimately rendering Republicans to Whig status.

The reason to oppose this latest amnesty scheme have not varied from this 2013 list put out by FAIR.— the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

Lies easily spew from McCain’s mouth. Few will forget this con job when he was in campaign mode. Jeff Flake engaged in the same flagrant deceit when elections rolled around. Dropping his senate reelection due to abysmally low polling numbers, Flake now spends his time auditioning for a job on one of the alphabet networks, who will happily hire a GOP defector.

The fact is, it is the staff of Arizona’s Senior Senator (ASS) who are acting in his stead, turning to Twitter (like the President he so reviles) to announce the latest machinations to push through what they dishonestly refer to as a “bi-partisan immigration compromise.” The seriously ill McCain is not staying out of D.C. due to fear of the flu.  This is another trickery being peddled by his mostly left leaning ideologues providing themselves cover and paychecks in his auto-pilot office.


9 Responses to Fearing the flu, McCain stays in Cornville

  1. Ajo Joe says:

    Señor Juan McAmnesty has no intention of funding the wall. He is a Class A fraud and always has been. He’s still the Democrat he originally wanted to run as. Unfortunately, the Phoenix 40, a powerful group of business execs who ran the city at the time, persuaded him to run as a Republican, since his initial US House campaign was to replace respected conservative John J. Rhodes, Sr., who was retiring and democrat McCain never would have been electable in the East Valley. If only they would have let him do his thing. He would have lost, and we wouldn’t have had to deal with this lying, liberal sociopath for decades.

  2. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Where is it said that when your senator is eyeball-deep in the #1 dirty politics story of the year, along with the opposition party to undermine the president of the U.S., that you can micromanage it from a safe perch a couple thousand miles away, giving no details on a supposed dire health condition. Either he’s ok enough to go to work – or he’s desperately ill. Which is it? We don’t have an honest enough senator to know.

    I understand there is no way to reach his offices in AZ – nobody answers phones and email box is full. Isn’t that what staff is for?

    The “bipartisan” immigration bill was dead on arrival. It was amnesty. Nothing else. What’s ‘bipartisan’ about that? The crazy guy from Delaware, Chris Coons, is an avowed socialist. Somebody’s not thinking straight here.

  3. Trevor says:

    When McCain steps down this year who will the Governor appoint I know Gosar or Biggs probably won’t get it cause they are not establishment though both of them are well qualified to be a Senator.

    • Braveheart says:

      Maybe Ducey will appoint himself, thereby leaving the amnesty supporter Secretary of State Michele Reagan as successor. What a nightmare scenario!!

      In the outlandish case that happens,the SOS vacancy should be filled by Republican National Committeewoman Lori Klein Corbin.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    McCain has 99 problems, and the cancer issue is one of them.

    I’ll break it down like this, leaving politics out if the equation:

    McCain and members of his family have stated that he was diagnosed with the very aggressive cancer known as glioblastoma multiforme. Brain cancer.
    The esteemed medical professionals at the Mayo Hospital in Arizona (the condiment hospital) are stated to have rendered the diagnosis and at least some treatment. McCain had his photo taken with staff from the condiment hospital and it was posted on social media.

    Almost all adult patients, and especially geriatric patients, with this diagnosis are given a life expectancy of 6 to 15 months, depending on a multitude of factors including how quickly treatment was begun.

    Children in the U.S. who have been given this diagnosis and who are treated at major teaching/research hospitals may have a 5 year window. (May God bless each of them.)

    Think of it:
    If McCain continues to tout his miraculous recovery, then every oncologist and cancer researcher in the world will want to study the case. Condiment physicians will be asked by major healthcare journals to publish their clinical evidence. And it is a Major privilege to be invited to submit for publication.

    How embarrassing and troublesome will it be for the Condiment facilities nationwide to either
    1). Have to admit that their initial diagnosis was wrong, or
    2). Be unable to produce clinical evidence of an “amazing recovery.”

    Either way, the Condiment loses.


    there is a Major Cash Infusion to purchase more Condiments

    or give them the gift of Land on which to put more Condiments.


    There may very well be a cure that is being suppressed.

    Because, after all, big pharma would be out of business if there was a cure for cancer.

  5. Kathy says:

    Last night FoxNews interrupted Hannity due to the budget vote – what a joke!! Anyway, the Fox guy explaining the vote an procedures state that McCain has not been there to vote for a year?? If correct – where is our representation??? Of course, we really don’t have any with ASS and Flake there. But why is McCain collecting a paycheck????

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      We have no representation. He’s working on representing the DACA’s and other illegal aliens. When you think about, he never did represent us – so he’ll ‘go out’ still not representing us. He represents himself. And illegal aliens.

  6. D.B. Cooper says:

    It’s 2018. We all have access to vast information sources, medical and otherwise, that make it clear an “aggressive form of brain cancer” is not something anyone makes a “crazy, amazing recovery” from. Those are the words of a wishful thinking daughter and/or wool puller.

  7. Doc says:

    Maybe he’s already passed away, & “sweet dear meghan” & his staffers are just riding his tidal wave via twitter. It’s just a theory.