McCain’s corruption still haunts AZ GOP in advance of state meeting

National publicity is the mother’s milk of those seeking to make an impact. And what is more important in the political realm than energizing the base as they gear up for the next election cycle?  Dirty laundry, it is said, should be aired in private. But when it is downright filthy, sunlight is the best disinfectant.

Gateway Pundit, a nationally well-respected conservative site provides that sunlight as it exposes the internecine chaos via a shocking, leaked, Arizona Republican Party internal memo which raises serious concerns about unethical use of party resources and systematic failures that Deputy Communications Director Robert Maxwell fears will lead to a loss in 2020. The two-page memo to Executive Director Kyle Pierce can be read here.

Which brings us to the Statutory Meeting of the State Committee of the Arizona Republican Party on Saturday, January 26, 2019.  Elected state committeemen will, in turn, elect party officers and vote on resolutions. The magnitude of these events cannot be overstated as we approach the all important 2020 election cycle.

But all is not copacetic as the meeting date approaches. Current AZ GOP chairman Jonathan Lines, who oversaw unparalleled Republican losses in November, is shamelessly running for reelection. Two other lesser known men have been campaigning. All of them are linked to the establishment syndicate, with longtime ties to John McCain — and now, his surrogates. Lines was put in place by former chairman, Robert Graham, a slickster still pulling Lines’ strings.  Lines lives nearly 200 miles away in Yuma, runs a roofing business, parents his 11 children and seldom shows up at the once vibrant Republican headquarters. The phones are rarely answered and messages are returned with the same infrequency.  Pressure to exit has been applied to candidate Frank Thorwald who works with Graham. He is now dutifully falling in line with Lines.

As pointed out in this post-election report, the red state of Arizona is now veering purple, having lost a U.S. Senate seat, Secretary of State — next in line of ascendancy to the governor, Superintendent of Public Instruction, and one of the two seats on the utility rate-setting Corporation Commission. Greg Stanton, the leftist former mayor of Phoenix won in Congressional District 9. Dems now hold five of Arizona’s nine CD seats.

Republicans Paul Gosar (CD-4), Andy Biggs (CD-5), David Schweikert (CD-6), and Debbie Lesko (CD-8) are currently the minority in the delegation.

Fortunately, there is an outstanding choice to lead the Arizona Republican Party. Dr. Kelli Ward, a physician and constitutional conservative who served two terms in the state senate. She’s rock solid, has no puppet master and needs no learning curve. Arizona’s political future depends on getting this right.

12 Responses to McCain’s corruption still haunts AZ GOP in advance of state meeting

  1. Tucson GOP says:

    This is important information in advance of tomorrow’s State meeting meeting. It’s difficult to admit we’ve been duped, but facts are indisputable. We were at an election night party at the home of friends. As the totals were coming in and Republican candidates were neck in neck with Democrats, or losing, there was stunned silence.

    The leftwing teacher’s unions and their organized Red for Ed strikers pulled off a coup. But they were aided and abetted by the limp AZ GOP leadership. The absent Jonathan Lines has been a disaster. My wife and I are coming up from Tucson for the express purpose of voting for Kelli Ward. Sorry to say this, but we trust no one with our proxies.

  2. LD 23 PC says:

    Jonathan Lines should be ashamed to show his face, let alone run for another term. He’s either pathetically ignorant or foolishly arrogant. Probably both. I do know he’s never in Phoenix which led to Republican losses. You can’t lead if you’re not available. Kelli Ward has traveled the state connecting with PCs in every county. I’m happy to support her.

    • Doc says:

      LD 23 PC-1st, Thank You for your service.

      2nd…The answer to your supposition is…both.

      Getting ASS’s evil tentacles out of Arizona’s business is gonna be Hard to do…but a victory for Dr. Ward will have him spinning in his velvet lined box…and have everyone ASSociated with him pulling their hair out! It’s gonna’ be a HOOT to watch!

  3. Realist says:

    The con guys, ventriloquist Graham and his puppet Lines must think they’ve duped us. Tonight’s dinner will be their last attempt to shore up their failed act. Most of the state committeemen I know will not fall for their pretenses. We’re boycotting the dinner. It will just give them something to point to to show they’ve raised money.

  4. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    The Arizona Daily Independent reports about the lawsuit against Jonathan Lines in this report titled, “Lawsuit against AZGOP and Chairman Lines no laughing matter.”

    It’s a must read!!

  5. Patriot Mom says:

    The Arizona Capitol Times also has an in-depth, full report on the lawsuit against Jonathan Lines:

    If you’re a state committeeman, please vote for Dr.Kelli Ward. The future of our Arizona Republican Party is at stake. We’ve got to get rid of the deceivers who are leading our party to ruin.

  6. D.B. Cooper says:

    There is a new, late entry into the race for state chair. It’s a good bet you’ve never heard of Doyel Shamley. He’s a recruited ringer, intending to split the votes sufficiently to deliver the party back to those who have provided nothing more than words. Actions are what we need and are the only thing that will bring recovery to the very ill AZ Republican Party. He lost a 2018 race to TWO DEMOCRATS in LD 7. Sounds like just the guy we need to elect other Republicans.

    There is an actual doctor in the house. Her name is Dr. Kelli Ward. She’s the real deal!

  7. Saguaro Sam says:

    Wonder if the FAKE AZGOP will hire some off-duty types to keep conservatives away.

    Be safe. Stay alert.

    Remember, even your facial expression could get you in trouble, now. (As written by George Orwell in his “1984”, and as witnessed with the media coverage of the Covington Catholic high school teen.)

  8. Fed Up says:

    This SRAZ post shows the deceptive mailer Jonathan Lines sent out from Republican Headquarters, It omitted the conservative incumbent state Rep. Maria Syms and had the ultimate effect of electing two Democrats in LD 28. Jonathan Lines has caused what I hope is not irreparable harm to the Republican Party in Arizona.
    THIS swindle alone should disqualify him.

  9. East Valley Conservative says:

    If you are a state committeeman unable to attend the statutory meeting tomorrow, be sure to give your proxy to a trustworthy carrier. This election is too important to leave to chance. Jonathan Lines has got to be replaced. Make sure your vote goes to Kelli Ward!!

  10. Ellsworth says:

    Wearing body armor might be necessary. The RINOs will try to roll us. It could get brutal. Kevlar vests are a striking accessory.

  11. East Valley Conservative says:

    On my way to the Republican Statutory meeting. Going to vote for Dr. Kelli Ward — the lone conservative running for state chairman.